Next Step

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Have you ever felt stressed and completely overwhelmed? Or thought to yourself that there are just not enough hours in the day to get through your to do list?

That was me not too long ago.

And to be honest, I was stuck in this state for a long time, unsure how to get out of this slump. But one day I couldn’t take it any more and I decided to ask for help. I got down on my knees and asked God to help me find clarity in my life.

But I didn’t do this just once. I did it every day.

Each morning I would sit down with my prayer journal and my daily planner. Slowly, this simple routine helped me grow closer to God and helped me become more productive.

We were put on this earth to glorify God and demonstrate his character for others. That is our only responsibility. However, it is almost impossible to bring glory to God when we have our to do lists scattered around the house and our calendar completely full.

Maybe you can relate.

When you feel overwhelmed and are running around from morning ‘til night, our relationship with God suffers. This is a sure sign that the devil is actively working to keep you from God.

But the good news is that we are in control of our schedule, not the devil.

In order to make time for God in our lives we need to plan. The best way to keep your to do list and calendar in order is with a simple planner. I use the Glorious Planner and I invite you to try it out with me.

One reason I love it is because it is an undated weekly planner with enough pages to last me an entire year. That means I can include birthdays of family and friends when the year starts, then never worry about missing another birthday again.

If you are a planner addict like me, I encourage you to try it out. You can find it here on Amazon.

Before you go, let’s pray together:

Lord, thank you for bringing this person into my life. Please look over my new friend as they continue on with their day. Give them the strength to overcome obstacles in their path. Show them that in order to glorify You they must shine their light for others to see. If they need courage, show them that it is already inside of them ready to be deployed. If they need energy, remind them that you already provide them with an enless supply to carry out your mission. In your name we pray, Amen.