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Daily Horoscopes

My astrology blog offers daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. Learn more about your personality with the help of a live astrologer, receive answers to specific questions, and leave comments with others! It is a fun way to explore your horoscope and connect with other astrology enthusiasts all at the same time.

Zodiac Compatibility

Astrology has been making predictions about compatibility since the beginning of time, but I see it as my duty to take this ancient art of prediction to a completely new level. At the heart of my compatibility system is a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account all the relevant astrological factors, and then applies a proprietary weighting system based on user feedback. The result? An unambiguous guide to perfect love match for you and your beloved.

Planets in Astrology

The positions of the planets in the sky are highly symbolic and have special significance in astrology. The placement of the planets affects people and societies in major ways. Some Astrologers say that the symbolism around the planets is actually deeper than we often give it credit. Below are some of the larger meanings associated with each of the major planets in the astrological solar system as well as some interesting facts and history behind each.

Houses in Astrology

Astrology is a way of explaining the past, present and future influences on our lives by the position of celestial bodies at the time of our birth. Just as a horoscope can provide probabilities for events by month, an astrological house can give probabilities for important life changes by sign. Each astrological house opens a different area of life to your awareness. Use this information to gain insights into your personality, relationships with others, home environment, career path and more.

Popular Articles:

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