How a Mysterious 2,000-Year-Old Map of the Stars Changed My Life

This is the story of how a mysterious 2,000-year-old “map of the stars” completely changed my life and led me to my soulmate.

I hope sharing my story will inspire others who have yet to meet the person of their dreams…

A few years ago I was in a deep slump after I broke up with my girlfriend, again.

I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning and when I got home from work I just wanted to sink into the couch.

This wasn’t the type of person I knew I was on the inside and I wanted to change.

Man looking up at the stars

You see, I thought she was “the one.” It seemed like we were meant to be together.

Soulmates, if you will.

I’m not going to lie, finding your soulmate is difficult as you get older because it seems like everyone you meet is already in a relationship.

I began to wonder if I missed my one opportunity to find true love?

At this point, most of my friends were married and having kids, but I was returning to the dating pool. I was beginning to feel so far behind.

I felt like I was trying to figure my life out, while others had it all together.

I wanted to find my soulmate and share my life with her, but I honestly didn’t know what to do next.

What I did know was that the dating scene can be unpredictable, time consuming, and frankly exhausting.

Just meeting other normal adults is hard work, let alone meeting someone you want to spend the rest of your life with:

My evenings were filled with going out to bars, joining meetup groups, and wasting hours on dating apps trying to find the perfect match.

But then, once I did meet someone interesting, there was an entire other set of problems to deal with:

The other person might be playing mind games, not responding, ghosting, not committing, seeing other people, getting too serious too soon, giving off weird vibes, constantly standing me up, and acting like someone they’re not.

Finally, once I made it through all of these obstacles, it could still take months or even years of dating before I would know if the relationship would last.

There had to be a better way

In order to avoid getting my heart broken again, I started reading every book I could about relationships and chemistry. I even took personality tests, quizzes, and psychology assessments.

My hope was that I could use this information to find out if my date and I were actually compatible before we spent months dating, only to find out it wasn’t going to work out.

Well, let me just say that I discovered quickly that asking your date to take an Enneagram assessment is a surefire way to ruin any chemistry I thought we had.

At this point I was starting to lose hope…

However, in my heart, I knew that there had to be a way I could get out of my rut and get back on the right path to finding love quickly.

But then, something magical happened.

The moment everything changed

When I was at my lowest point I met a wise woman who had the answers I had been looking for all along.

She said she could determine my compatibility with any person by only knowing our birth dates.

This is known as a method called synastry in astrology. It compares the location of the stars at the time of birth for each person to find out whether they are destined to be together.

Just for fun I gave her my ex-girlfriends birthday and asked her to see if we were compatible. However, I failed to mention that we had just broken up. ;)

What she said next blew me away…

According to this compatibility chart she could see there was distance and coldness between us.

She said that I likely felt misunderstood by my (ex) girlfriend and was not able to express myself clearly due to a powerful planetary influence on our relationship.

How did she know this?

Well, simply because we had a challenging Venus and Saturn placement in our synastry chart.

Venus is the planet of love and romance. Whereas, Saturn symbolizes the challenges of life.

This spelled disaster from the start of our relationship. If only I had known sooner, we both could have avoided the painful heartbreak!

I knew this was the secret to understanding chemistry I had been missing all along.

Sharing this gift with the world

From that day on I began building a tool that would allow me to create compatibility charts for any two people. It works for non-romantic relationships, too.

This tool would eventually be known as the SoulmateSignals Compatibility Report that I’m going to share with you today.

Once I had this tool in my hands, I tested out the compatibility of friends and family members. It was incredibly accurate, and at the same time, almost scary.

It predicted which couples would have relationship troubles, and whether their marriage would last or not.

I struggled with what to do with this information and decided that I would only share it with those that would promise to only use this information for good.

In a few moments I will show you how to get access to your very own compatibility report, like the one I created.

But, I want to end this story on a positive note.

Not too long after I discovered the incredible power of synastry, I met my future wife.

I knew when we first started dating that she was my soulmate. We had chemistry from the very beginning.

But just to be safe I decided to run a compatibility report for our relationship. I input our birth dates and my heart pounded as I pressed the button to generate the report.

The result?

We were soulmates. It was incredible.

From that moment on I knew I had to share this powerful technology with others.

I believe that there are no coincidences in life. If you are reading this then that means you were guided here today by a higher power.

This information may be the key you have been missing in your relationships and I don’t want you to walk away empty handed.

I normally offer my SoulmateSignals compatibility report for $249, but I want to make this affordable to as many people as possible.

So, for a limited time only, you can save $150 (60% off) by using the coupon code SOULMATE at checkout.

Now I’d like to invite you to join me on the next page where you’ll have the opportunity to generate your own personalized compatibility report.

This software will scan for 69 proprietary “Soulmate Signals” to determine if two people are compatible in friendship or love. Then, it will create a customized report detailing the results.

What you do with this information is completely up to you. I provide this service for information and entertainment purposes only.

But, I must say that this technology changed my life and I knew I had to share it with others.

My hope is that you will take the chance to see if this could work for you. If you’re ready, let’s go.

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