Chiron in Pisces Meaning and Personality Traits

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Chiron in Pisces persons are highly sensitive and artistic individuals who possess a strong inspirational and creative inner life.

This placement imbues individuals with the ability to understand others psychically, and to sense intuitively when they are being lied, too.

They can be very graceful, compassionate and understanding people who have a profound sensitivity to others feelings.

Chiron in Pisces is a challenging placement to say the least. They cannot escape a foggy sea of confusion which will be brought to them by the Chiron energy. This placement also indicates an individuals self-forgiveness and higher consciousness.

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What Does Chiron in Pisces Mean?

Chiron is the planet associated with healing and personal growth. Pisces is known for being compassionate and empathetic. When these two forces join together in a natal chart, there can be an emphasis on healing others.

Those who have this placement may feel they have had a perfect example of something from their earliest days, as though they were patterned after some archetypal ideal.

They have been imitating the behavior of others in their family or roots scene, and an interest in healing became early apparent.

Chiron in Pisces predicts an emotional wound that requires compassion and the capacity to feel this with someone else who has the same wound.

They are a free spirited, dreamy sensualist who is intensely high strung and melodramatic. Intuitive’s are always drawn to this mystical personality.

The Chiron in Pisces individual is detail oriented but because they are so sensitive, they pay a high attention to details that other people often overlook.

They have an excellent memory and recall details from the past, like a broken promise or missed dinner together.

They can also be critical of themselves and they tend to have trouble admitting mistakes. Chiron in Pisces people must improve their self-esteem to their benefit.

They are very curious about life, and open to new ideas and experiences. Because of their open-mindedness, these individuals can be molded in any direction by the people that are close to them.

This is because they seek out other people for guidance or association. They enjoy being around friends and are always willing to try new things; in fact, they love expanding their horizons.

Chiron in Pisces pursues spirituality and is very philosophical. They can be very sensitive and compassionate and they often feel out of place because they don’t quite understand their destiny.

They are a blessing to the world and can help the masses reach a higher plane of consciousness.

They are empathetic and caring but also have the ability to put up walls when they feel threatened. They are quick to express their emotions and art reflect that quality.

These beings are naturally drawn to helping others, as they do not have much interest in material things or power for its own sake. Their need to help others is very deep-seated and will often resonate across generations.

Sensitive, empathetic, and compassionate, Chiron in Pisces individuals are often involved in the healing arts and philanthropic endeavors.

When well aspected, they have beautiful singing voices or artistic abilities, and tend to be involved in music and dance. These individuals connect easily and deeply with others, but when poorly aspected they can be mistrusting, timid, or self-absorbed.

Chiron in Pisces Woman

Vulnerable, sensitive, and self-effacing, Chiron in Pisces women often find it difficult to live up to their ideals. The positive side of this chart is the ability to sense and feel from another’s experience that allows us to embrace human diversity.

The negative side of this placement is a tendency to be overly sensitive to criticism, making us more vulnerable in a world that can be harsh or insulting.

Chiron in Pisces women are crisis people. They thrive on helping others and often attract the negative energy of those who choose to suffer.

When the energy is too much for them they can lose faith in humanity and turn inward in hopes of an escape.

At the very least, Chiron in Pisces women feel intense emotional pain which they hope others will relieve by giving them sympathy or needing their support. It’s a cycle that hard for them to break, especially when everyone needs them to be compassionate.

She is a romantic, who loves to create a cozy, homey atmosphere for her family and friends.

She is always busy with a project, either big or small. No one can match the Chiron in Pisces woman when it comes to having a welcoming home.

Born in the most powerful water sign of the zodiac, Pisces, there will come a time when you feel an incredible urge to take action.

You’ll no doubt want to use your immense creative powers to their fullest potential, but the challenge might be finding out how you must tweak and change your way of thinking to accomplish this task.

The Chiron in Pisces woman is one who is marked by many different traits. It is often hard to determine which of her traits are genuine and which are manipulated.

Often her ability to feign friendship, and then back-stab those same people when she feels that she can no longer use them is a trait shared by many Chiron women.

There are people who talk, and then there are Chiron in Pisces women. They know how to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Though they don’t always speak with words, their minds whisper a thousand thoughts.

Chiron in Pisces Man

The Chiron in Pisces man is different than your average Pisces man, and may never be fully understood.

They have a deep need to develop their sense of purpose and will often work hard to prove to themselves and others that they are worthy of admiration.

Their identity is rooted in their artistic pursuits. They are driven to express themselves through progressive thought and positively impact the world around them through their work.

Understanding a Chiron in Pisces man begins with appreciating that, since his identity is largely based on his artistic pursuits, he must develop a strong relationship with himself––before he can develop them with another person.

They are intensely sensitive people. Their emotions are deeper than the ocean, and they can be very giving and sympathetic towards others.

A Chiron in Pisces man is gentler than his counterparts even though he may step on a few toes now and then.

He will throw his arms around you when he sees you because he’s so happy to see a friend he’s missed. But don’t worry, it only lasts for a second, and then he realizes he might have crossed the line.

Chiron in Pisces is a blessing and also a curse at times. These men can be very well suited for spiritual paths and the healing arts.

They also make great motivational speakers and teachers. Some of these men are destined to work with the sick, addicts, alcoholics or the mentally ill to help guide them into discovery their true purpose and shine as an individual.

He has deep and intense emotions. Pure love is his goal, while he tries to understand spiritual matters, which can be confusing for him in the beginning. Magic holds no interest for him, though he is driven by a desire to reach spiritual heights.

Chiron in Pisces is the compassionate healer who enters the world of humans with genuine compassion.

He is a source of deep healing for those who are struggling in life or need an optimistic view on their situation to improve.

The Chiron man is sympathetic and can relate to pain and suffering. He is always giving, but he often finds himself in need of affection and support.

The man with this placement is spiritual, sensitive, and compassionate. This person often projects an air of mystery that may make others feel a bit uncomfortable.

Although there is nothing to fear about this person, he does tend to keep his emotions bottled up, which could present problems down the road.

He is strong and sensitive at the same time and has a great vulnerability for sacrifice. He can be very empathic. The Water element in his chart makes him easy going, compassionate, intuitive, able to understand his fellow men.

He is rather reserved, not superficial. His curiosity is rich about the unknown.

He may have problems with jealousy if he does not know how to handle it. His life lesson is to understand selflessness or to love on a wider scale than ever before.

Transit Meaning

Chiron in Pisces transit brings about fantasy, sensitivity for others' suffering and mood fluctuations. This transit will come across an entire life of ups and downs to the individual.

This transit brings challenges if you are attached to your family, your home, your country, or even to all the possessions that fit neatly into a nice little box. This transit will bring both healing and opportunities for transcendence.

When Chiron moves into Pisces it will create an energy which will cause people to seek out more meaning in their lives. This transit has intensified the issue of finding deep spiritual fulfillment in the life of a Pisces.

The energy of this transit will force changes in areas of your life that will place a deeper meaning or purpose within your existence.

During the Chiron in Pisces transit you are likely to experience a time when you have to re-evaluate the role that your emotional expression plays in life.

You may feel this transit most strongly when you participate (or are forced to participate) in situations where you need to express yourself creatively.

You might have to deal with an artistic situation where the work of others has been criticized, or review how well you communicated a solution or idea at work.

Chiron in Pisces typically denotes an interest in the spirituality or mysticism associated with the higher mind, psychic phenomena, and any subject dealing with collective consciousness and/or the human spirit.

This transit indicates a desire to become more deeply self-aware in order to share one’s gifts with others from a place of authenticity.

This transit brings up any suffering that we have been trying hard to avoid thinking about—the kind of suffering that goes deep, and the kind of suffering that we might find really difficult to bring to consciousness during this particular transit.

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Is your natal Chiron in Pisces?

What does this placement say about your personality?

Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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