3 Spiritual Meanings of Grey Eyes

by Ryan Hart | Updated on July 15, 2019 | Post may contain affiliate links

Woman with Grey Eyes

Curious what it means when you have grey eyes?

I’ve always been fascinated by eye color. Recently, I went on a journey to learn more about one of the rarest eye colors in humans: grey.

Today I’m excited to share what I discovered.

Ready to find out what it means when you have grey eyes?

Let’s get started!

What Does it Mean When You Have Grey Eyes?

Recent studies at Edinburg University found that eye color may be linked to brain development. Meaning that having grey eyes may actually reveal a little bit about who you are on the inside.

Incredible, right?

With this idea in mind, I began researching the spiritual significance of grey eyes and what they can tell us about people with such a rare eye color.

Here are 3 possible meanings of having grey eyes:

You Are Mysterious Spirit

Looking into your dark grey eyes feels like walking into a maze. You are mysterious and complex.

It is impossible for others to know exactly what you are thinking or what you are going to do next. You actually prefer it this way.

The mystery that surrounds you seems to attract people to you almost instantly. To them, you are like a puzzle.

People probably can’t quite explain why they are drawn to your steel grey eyes. They are mesmerized by your aura and the vibes that surround you.

When you walk into a room you always seem to hold the attention of those around you. The funny thing is you don’t really like all of this attention. Inside, you are reserved and enjoy your alone time away from large crowds.

You are clearly a conundrum: a difficult problem that cannot be solved.

While you may be willing to be honest and vulnerable around your close group of friends, you still like to keep your secrets close to the vest.

Even when someone thinks they have you figured out, you always have a surprise up your sleeve.

Freedom is Your Favorite Word

Your silver eyes are an instant giveaway that you are a free spirit. You take pride in being an independent thinker.

Freedom is the keyword that describes your career, lifestyle, and even relationship choices.

"You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love." Galatians 5:13 NIV

You enjoy making your own trails, not following a map like everyone else.

But, behind those grey eyes, you are also a hopeless romantic. Balancing the needs of your adventurous soul and your delicate heart has been a tough task.

It is no secret that your choice of partners has been confusing to those around you. People often ask when you will settle down and get serious about finding your soulmate.

If only it were that easy, right?

Those light grey eyes might be your own worst enemy when it comes to love. You find yourself attracted to those with rough edges and a little mysterious like yourself.

When it doesn’t work out, you are always the one that gets hurts the most.

From the outside, your mysterious grey eyes might look like a steel vault that can’t be broken. But you know from past failed relationships that your heart is more sensitive than others realize.

Deep down you struggle with balancing your desire for freedom but also finding a partner that is secure and consistent.

At this point in your life, you are looking for someone who will be there to support you during the ups and downs of the crazy ride you call life.

The good news is, that person may already be in your life, you just don’t realize it yet.

You Are Creative and Spontaneous

If your blue-grey or grey-green eyes didn’t already give it away, it’s obvious that you are a very creative spirit.

You have lots of ideas and you dream about the day when you will finally get to unleash your vision to the world.

When you look around, you see so many problems that could easily be fixed with a little creativity. This is inspiring and sad at the same time.

In the past, you tried to share your passion with the world only to be met with criticism. Or worse, crickets.

But this hasn’t stopped you from trying. A look around your living room will probably reveal a wide range of interests. Such as half-finished projects, musical instruments, or books on a wide range of topics.

You love learning about new things, so you often jump from subject to subject to avoid becoming bored.

Finding a career that allows you to use your creativity has been difficult. When you go to work you feel like you have so much unused potential within you.

Your boss may see you as just another employee, but your grey eyes say it all: You should not be underestimated.

One day your talents will be “discovered” by others and you will finally get the recognition you deserve.

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Do you or someone you know have grey eyes?

What do you think is the meaning or symbolism of grey eyes?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
Do you know someone that has grey eyes? Please leave a comment and let me know.
Me in a nutshell 😀 Still figuring myself out so hardly surprising no one else can. I’m extremely empathetic often neglecting my own needs that said I’m working on myself and now always trust my intuition even if the result at the time isn’t what I thought it would be things always work out for the better. Think I’m bless and regularly share my gift with others to ease suffering and discontent. I feel the energy from people and know when I’m being lied to because the vibes tell me so. Thank you for writing your article I hope many more comment 🙏🏻
I definately feel that we are empathic, most of us do have a lot of those traits, and freedom is a big thing.. my eyes are a deep gray.. some say silver? I can’t find this colour on any of the charts, but having central hetrochomia and the big amber ‘flame’ around the pupil seems to make them more intense. We are definately a rare breed so to speak...:)
I used to have blue eyes as a child. As a teenager they changed to green. Now I'm almost 30 and realized my eyes are now grey. No idea what this means for me.
I don’t know how this is possible but....I have grey eyes and this article perfectly described every aspect of me....even my room, which is honestly frightening.
I have grey eyes and u just described me- scary.
Sarah shearer
This is incredibly accurate the spiritual part and how I am. Yes I have grey eyes. Thank you
I could send a picture and I have very Greg eyes which are so unusual I am looking it up online but what you say does not make sense because i have been with my partner since 19 and i am now 34 and we are doing good and have an amazing son. K will agree i am very personal so you got that right
I have gray eyes and this seems to be true for me!
Joni Moorhead
My son has grey eyes, but he just turned 13. Very kind and thoughtful young man. There's some truth to what you've said about the personality, but can't confirm the job and relationship traits.
Sam cano
Yes I do have grey eyes
Are all of us with grey eyes the same?! This was incredibly accurate to a T, including my recent relationship issues. Also, the living room description gave me chills.
Holy Hera. Everything you said describes me perfectly. I have grey eyes.
I know someone with grayish blue eyes.. he’s everything on here. Been through so much, I adore him to death
Yep, i have grey eyes and this is me: "You love learning about new things, so you often jump from subject to subject to avoid becoming bored."
I found this interesting I have 3diffrent eye colours. Brown Green and steely grey and so far this article explains me very well.
Kathryn Kidd
Wow. This has literally described me so well. As if you actually know me!
I have 1 grey eye and one mostly blue but just a sliver of grey in the other eye and all of these are true but to someone like me who has 2 different colored eyes its half of my mind that wants to do this but the other half doesn't its very confusing and frustrating
What if you have all three? Like change color quickly. To dark deep blue. To grey. To dark deep green. With spots if white and though show a six star pattern? Mind control seems really easy. Don’t know why it’s annoying people don’t listen at all in those states
I have grey eyes, but it’s not a silver. They’re more of a dark grey. Not brown, because in certain lights or depending on my mood, they can look more blue or green. Also as beautiful as grey eyes can be, there is a downside. They have close to no melanin. Melanin is the substance that is a brown pigment and protects the back of your eye from things like UV rays and background radiation.
Siobhan Bartz
I have grey-blue eyes and this explains me very accurately but I actually love the attention and everything.
I’m really surprised by this article. It felt like you were talking about me, and made me a little uncomfortable if I’m being honest lol but wow!
alan heathcoe
have gray eyes and was told by a wiccan i have the "eyes of the walking dead."
Absolutely got me to a “T”.. your article is Awesome and Amazing to say the least.. I have light grey eyes with an orangey ring round my pupil I’ve been called many times of being a very deeply mysterious person and are you sure your of this world!. And that’s not a joke!. And as a psychic medium once said.. you attack People to you!. Like a moth to a light!.. thank you for your wonderful amazing research into “Us Grey Eyed People” Your work is very much appreciated.. thank you again..
This article describes me perfectly. Just recently realized I have grey eyes. Since I was young I always new I was different. I am an empath, I literally take on the feelings of others and have a hard time distinguishing which are my own, which can be frustrating. I can see events that are going to happen, but want so badly to prevent these things from happening. When it comes to giving advice and guidance for others I'm a pro, but when it comes to my own life I have no direction, I see signs everywhere, I'll start on one thing, but never finish bc I'm onto the next big thing. I just don't know what to do with all these abilities I have. I can talk to my fiancee about these things, but he's always asking for proof and for some reason I draw a blank to let him know I'm telling the truth about everything!! Advice? Anyone?
Jennifer Buschman
You’ve described my grey eyed persona quite adeptly. I have a question for you. I feel that the God you’re speaking of wouldn’t want people to worship him. At all. If a supermen being is truly enlightened wouldn’t he want us to Emulate And learn from his teachings yet not need to be adored? I feel that God would be almost embarrassed to be worshipped, that his humility wouldn’t need or care about adoration. I would be interested in hearing if there are others who feel that humans have got it all wrong when it comes to the purportedly most enlightened spirit of all time. Let me know . Blessedly aware of my ignorance , Jennifer