Mercury in Taurus Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mercury in Taurus people are stubborn, practical, realistic, sensual, and determined. They are capable of giving and receiving affection but they sometimes find it difficult to express their emotions openly.

They strive to have control over their surroundings and have a desire to create a stable world around them. Mercury in Taurus people are not usually risk takers but they do have a penchant for orderliness.

They are methodical and patient. They are sensual and enjoy the good things in life. These individuals generally can be counted on to remember birthdays and other special events, and do their best to make sure others around them are happy.

What Does Mercury in Taurus Mean?

The planet Mercury is associated with thinking, communication, logic and reasoning.

Mercury in the Zodiac is the planet closest to the Sun, often referred to as the “Hermes of the Gods.” In astrology, when it is retrograde in our skies, it is believed that there is a disruption in communications and travel.

In astrology, Mercury is traditionally said to be the planet of communication but in recent times has also been associated with thinking, analysis, logic and rationality. It is the closest planet to the Sun and as such this is where we can connect with it.

Mercury is the planet that rules the mind. It is connected to communication and written words. The people ruled by this planet often have a love for study and learning, they tend to have an appreciation for art and music as well.

Mercury people are often curious and inquisitive by nature, they thrive on new ideas and knowledge as they are the smoothest communicators of any of the planets, although they can also be argumentative.

Mercury rules your emotions and communications, so the position of Mercury in your Birth Chart has a major bearing on your communication skills. When Mercury is in Taurus, you’ll be strong-willed and tenacious.

You’ll always speak your mind and you may never do things by half measures. You’re very industrious and as well as being creative, you’re good at managing money. You like to make sure that any task is finished properly so don’t be afraid to spend a little time making sure your work is error-free.

Mercury in Taurus is a sign that indicates a love of money, a talent for finance and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

This is a unique combination of pragmatism and productivity. As a highly focused communicator with a determined set of goals, you require reliability, details, and a sense of stability in all aspects of your life. You think in terms of “what works” rather than “what could work,” and you have the opportunity to build a foundation of experience on which to build new enterprises.

Mercury in Taurus people are practical, slow and steady, and cautious. They are attentive to detail, are wise, reliable, practical, stable, and persistent. They can be stubborn and bossy. In larger groups they often work behind the scenes. They often have a lot of money.

They value money, comfort, and security. They love creature comforts and pay great attention to detail. They’re reliable and persistent but can be overly cautious.

Mercury in Taurus individuals are highly protective of their possessions and strive to keep them safe, so they tend to be careful spenders. They’re not likely to spend money wildly but will purchase only the finest of goods if they choose to spend at all. These people prefer luxury over necessity and have deep appreciation for quality craftsmanship.

They are sensitive to all sensory input and take their surroundings in whole. The curiosity of Mercury is tempered by Taurus' deliberation. This produces a mentality which is able to consider all factors prior to making a decision.

The Mercury in Taurus individual is methodical and thorough, with a tendency to overdo things. They are generally artistic and creative thinkers who relish details and can be extremely conscientious. They like to take their time, doing each thing within its proper turn.

Mercury in Taurus Woman

The Mercury in Taurus woman is a deep thinker and they appreciate anything that attracts their attention to deeper issues, such as beauty in music or even the stars and celestial bodies of outer space. Mercury in Taurus women are very quick thinkers. They have excellent memory when it comes to looking at something once, and then remembering all its details afterward.

They are attracted by the material side of life and possess a great fondness for beautiful things. They love luxury and the good life, which includes fine food, expensive clothes, and money to spend on little luxuries.

They tend to be extravagant and over-indulgent, but they are not extravagant with their emotions. Rather, they save that for the public they must face each day.

The Mercury in Taurus woman possesses intuition and understanding and uses these traits to make friends quickly. She is a peacemaker but will defend her beliefs, even in disagreement with her husband’s views.

They are mysterious, guarded women who keep their own counsel. You so often feel as if you are taking a surface glance at them because they come across as quite unforthcoming.

They are practical, down to earth and realistic. They have a great work ethic and are good at making money. They are not as good at spending it. Mercury in Taurus women are very sensual, romantic and possessive of their men.

She is a decent, comfortable friend who loves to socialize, enjoy the finer things in life as well as quality time with close family and friends. She possesses qualities that make her easy to get along with, yet much like her namesake she has her own mind and is willing to partake in heated debates.

The Mercury in Taurus lady is a loving, caring partner. She adores security and comfort and is very protective of her home and family. Her natural love of order, routine, and details makes her very well adapted to homemaking.

She has excellent practical skills; she thoroughly enjoys planning, making decisions, and organizing everything from big events to toothpicks. If she’s forced to live in chaos and confusion, she can become cranky and whiny.

Mercury in Taurus Man

The Mercury in Taurus man is very worldly considering his age, for he takes a serious interest in the events of the world. Being generous by nature, he loves to share his wealth and comfort with others, knowing that all he has comes from mother nature.

He enjoys simple pleasures and material comforts which add to his comfortable life. The Mercury in Taurus man is exceptionally good at making money, and no one can accuse him of not earning it as he has a tremendous capacity for hard work.

He is a man who likes to do things his way. He can become deeply involved in his work and may like to travel often, usually for business. He likes to be financially independent and self-reliant. He is very stubborn and this creates friction when he wants his own way.

He is a quiet and modest person. His manners are old-fashioned, he’s shy and awkward with no desire to show off or attract attention. He can be stubborn.

He is the kind of person who will not openly compliment someone, but do something for them without expecting anything in return. While he has very few friends, he keeps friends for life and depends on them more than anybody else.

Mercury in Taurus men are very considerate of the other person’s feelings and will gravitate towards situations that involve caring for others. They are very loving, caring, and supportive husbands, but they are also caring fathers. They know how to care for everyone in his life on a physical and emotional level.

These men are inherently ruled by their hearts, not their heads, as the rest of the population. While this can ultimately lead to heartbreak and leaves them unable to keep their emotions in check during times of stress or conflict, these men are well aware of their shortcomings and are often compassionate towards others who find themselves in the same situation.

Mercury in Taurus Transit

Mercury is a planet of communication and mobility. Mercury affects our ability to think and communicate clearly. When Mercury travels through Taurus, it can affect your personal relationships and help create long-lasting bonds.

A Mercury in Taurus transit is a period of time when you may encounter obstacles and delays to your communications. It can also present a great opportunity for increased productivity, especially in regard to your practical sense of understanding or any form of research.

This transit brings a patient, steady and methodical approach to daily life. Thoughtful and thorough, you are prepared to wait out the slower pace this transit offers.

Yet this is also an excellent time for Taurus to learn new skills or research topics of interest. During Mercury in Taurus there is abundant material resources, so this may be the perfect time to do some shopping for yourself.

Mercury in Taurus can be frustrating. You’ll become obsessed with what you are trying to accomplish and everything else will take a back seat. This is an excellent position for completing long-term projects and dealing with domestic issues.

It’s slow, methodical, and very detail-oriented. The fixed earth energy of this transit means that there is no rush and you may feel less inclined to speak than usual.

Mercury in Taurus means you are in a very practical, cautious, and stable period that lets you access your inner creativity. It’s a time when you can take on any kind of task that requires a lot of thought or planning. You are likely to be quite disciplined about the long-term goals you aspire to achieve.

Mercury transiting through Taurus can bring about a change of mind regarding financial affairs. In other words, you may finally decide to retire or take early retirement or you may choose to work in the service industry. You might get involved in the stock market or decide to study business and economics.

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