The Prayer That Changed My Life...

Hi, Ryan Hart here. I’m excited to share with you the prayer that changed my life.

Each morning I read this prayer before I open my planner and start my day. This has become an important part of my morning routine, which I call the Pray & Plan Method.

I encourage you to try it as well.

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The 100 Year Old Prayer That Changed My Life

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me bring love.
Where there is offense, let me bring pardon.
Where there is discord, let me bring union.
Where there is error, let me bring truth.
Where there is doubt, let me bring faith.
Where there is despair, let me bring hope.
Where there is darkness, let me bring your light.
Where there is sadness, let me bring joy.
O Master, let me not seek as much
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love,
for it is in giving that one receives,
it is in self-forgetting that one finds,
it is in pardoning that one is pardoned,
it is in dying that one is raised to eternal life.
In Jesus' name.

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Ryan Hart ([email protected])

p.s. I look forward to sharing my Pray & Plan method with you. If you’ve tried other prayer strategies that failed, it’s not your fault. There’s a lot of information out there, and it can be confusing. Many times that information overload keeps you from success. It’s okay.

If you’ve been concerned in the past that you just can’t attract the abundance you deserve, I want to put those fears to rest. You can do this. You just need the right person to explain it to you.

The spiritual gurus want you to think that you need memorize confusing verses or spend hours meditating on the word. I’m here to tell you they’re wrong. They have their own reasons for wanting you to think that, but it’s not true.

If you’ve ever thought that your boss, coworkers or spouse actually want you to fail, you’re probably right. They don’t benefit from you succeeding. They want to keep you working for them, not above them.

The difference with me is that I actually care about your well-being and truly want to see you living a life of abundance.

So that’s what I’m here for. I know you have a dream to finally get ahead in life, and I want to show you how to make that happen.