The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon tarot card is associated with intuition, dreams and psychic sensitivity. It is related to our emotions and it often indicates change in mood or feelings of being lost.

In some instances, this card also refers to illusion or confusion.

In this article, I reveal what the Moon card means in upright and reversed positions for love, career, and financial situations.

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The Moon Tarot Card Description

The card depicts a moon shining brightly in the night sky, illuminating a full circle with a crescent within. Two pillars of stone stand tall, and two wolves howl as they watch waves crash into shoreline rocks.

At the bottom of the card is a small stream running between the stones, leading to ocean waters that break against the edge of land. There is a crayfish emerging from the water to explore its new environment.

The Moon card in the Rider Waite Tarot deck is a symbol of intuition, mystery and allure. It is a card of inspiration and creative urges but also one of illusion and uncertainty.

The Moon represents the dream state, instinctual desires, hidden emotions and the subconscious mind. This card often indicates that it is time to release old habits that are no longer serving you in order to make room for something new to emerge from within you.

It can also represent spontaneity, impulsiveness or acting on impulse. Sometimes the Moon can indicate vulnerability or feeling vulnerable.

The Moon is a tarot card that represents the subconscious, hidden intentions, instincts, and intuition. It also represents the imagination, dreams, mystery, and the world of unknown possibilities.

The Moon is a feminine card and its energy is cool and calming. It helps us to develop our psychic abilities and to use them wisely for our own good. This card can also indicate a time of emotional sensitivity or confusion.

The Moon Card Reading Interpretation

The best way to understand this card is by comparing it with the Sun, which is the opposite card.

The Sun is all about having fun and enjoying life to the fullest. It represents great happiness and satisfaction. The Moon card, on the other hand, deals with solitude and sadness.

It means that you are going through a time of loneliness, where you feel lost and alone. This may be caused by a change in your life or by circumstances beyond your control.

But don’t be discouraged! This is actually an excellent time for introspection, growth, and self-development.

Turning inward helps you see yourself as you really are; what makes you happy and what doesn’t. You can also gain new insights into your own personality that will help you find the right path in life to be more fulfilled and happy.

This will be a good day to have some time for yourself, and do something relaxing. After all of your hard work recently, you deserve it!

The Moon Upright Meaning

The Moon is a card that reminds us to be gentle with ourselves. It is a time of reflection and rest, of dreaming and planning.

It’s when we connect with our intuition, our inner voice and understand the things we may be feeling and thinking but aren’t sure how to express them. The moon is also linked to motherhood – the primal instinct of nurturing, protecting, loving and nourishing.

When it comes to tarot readings, this card refers to situations where we need to take time out for ourselves or our relationship. We can contemplate recent events in order to make better decisions now on how we feel about them or what they mean for us in the future.

This card also suggests that if you are feeling overwhelmed by life right now then this could be the time when you need some quiet time alone or spend more time with family or friends. This may not seem like an ideal situation in terms of meeting your goals or getting things done but it will help you reflect on what you really want from your life.

Love Meaning

The Moon is a card of hidden things, the dark side of the psyche. It represents our deepest fears and the unknown or unconscious.

This card can also represent secrets, confusion, miscommunication, and complicated feelings about someone or something. A big part of this card is learning to trust your instincts and finding the confidence to embrace your emotions.

It’s an easy mistake to make - you think you know someone well enough to get into a relationship with them, but there’s always something else there.

Something you missed because you didn’t look hard enough. Something they hid from you because it wasn’t pretty. Something that changed everything between the two of you forever when you found out about it.

In this reading we see the moon as a warning against putting too much faith in people who haven’t proven themselves trustworthy yet - at least not enough to invest in them emotionally.

Maybe they’re not ready for a relationship now (no matter how much they might want one). They might not be capable of experiencing love with anyone in a healthy way - maybe they’re just not capable of love at all!

This card is telling us to slow down and really think about what we want from this person before we allow it any more power over our mind than it already has.

Career Meaning

When the Moon shows that the questioner is going through a time of painful transition. The questioner may be on the move, or taking a trip that seems to be about getting away from things.

The questioner also may be moving into a new job or trying out a new job in order to find out if they want to commit more time and effort to it. It could also signify feeling lost and confused during this transition.

The card can also indicate that the questioner needs to go somewhere where they can fully relax or get away from people for a while.

Money and Finance Meaning

This is a card about the power of your imagination. You are looking at your future and seeing what you want to see, not always what others want you to see.

This is a card about embracing your dreams and reaching for the sky, even if that means facing the sky falling on your head in doing so. It’s not always easy to visualize yourself doing something this big, but it’s amazing what you can do when you believe in yourself and believe that you can do it.

It’s important that you not let anyone tell you that what you want isn’t possible or that it isn’t worth trying for. The Moon tarot card means creativity and vision are at play here. If there was ever a time for us all to reach out and make our dreams come true, now is certainly the time!

You have an idea or concept which is forming in your mind as a mental image or dream of some kind which is very focused on one particular outcome or goal. This could be anything from an inspiration for writing a song or book right through to a new business plan or artistic project of some kind.

If this concept has been around for some time then this would be good news because it means things are finally starting to grow and develop within your mind. If the idea has just suddenly sprung into life then it would suggest that there will be much more coming in the near future. It may seem impossible at first but trust me will happen very soon.

The Moon Reversed Meaning

The Moon card reversed indicates that part of you is hidden or “behind the scenes”; perhaps a talent that you are not using. There may be resistance to your feelings and emotions, and this can lead to deception, hurt feelings, or even self-deception.

There may be trouble in relationships, especially with your partner. You might keep some parts of yourself hidden when dealing with others.

The Moon reversed can mean that you are feeling out of touch with your emotional needs and wants in a relationship, and this will cause problems for you in the future.

People who have this card reversed in their Tarot readings tend to deal with issues on the subconscious level rather than confronting them head on like they should. If you have this card reversed in your reading it is time to confront those issues instead of avoiding them for fear of upsetting others or causing problems in your relationship.

Acknowledge your innermost feelings and don’t worry about hurting anyone else by being honest about what they are!

The Moon Reversed Love Meaning

A reversed Moon can indicate that you are feeling stressed and not in control. You may feel that you are being manipulated by others or that you have lost your sense of purpose.

Sometimes when we’re really upset about something we push all those feelings down deep into our subconscious where they can fester and come back up stronger than ever later on when we least expect them.

The reversed Moon tarot card also denotes the need for forgiveness of yourself or someone else involved in the situation or a lack of self-forgiveness. If there is any work to be done within yourself regarding forgiveness, this is an important time to take care of it.

The Reversed Moon can also be a sign of depression or sadness. You may have been feeling this way for some time but have not recognised it for what it is.

The Moon asks us to get in touch with our feelings; our intuition, our instincts, and our bodies. The Moon reversed is inviting them into connection with the experience of the body-mind-emotion as one – rather than seeing mind and body as two separate entities.

The Moon Reversed Career Meaning

The reversed Moon can mean that you need to take a holiday or break from work in order to restore your energy. It is time to reflect on where you are going with your life and what will make you happy.

This card means that a period of quietness is necessary for you, or the completion of some project. You are seeking clarity on some issue, and must work through this time of quiet reflection until you can see the situation with new eyes and a new mind.

This is not a time to jump in and start over again, but a time to stop and consider what has happened so far. This can be challenging if you are a person who likes to keep busy and active, as it may feel like you are “doing nothing” during this time.

But stop, sleep on it, think about it before taking action.

The Moon reversed indicates that things have happened that have upset your equilibrium. There will be a great deal going on beneath the surface during this time.

The need for quiet contemplation will bring things up from your subconscious mind that could easily be ignored during other times. It might seem like everything is fine right now.

The Moon Reversed Money and Finances Meaning

The moon card reversed is a card of great frustration, of feeling unable to ‘see’ things clearly. It can tell you that you are having trouble making financial decisions.

It is important to move forward with decisions and not wait for the perfect opportunity because change needs to happen now.

This difficulty in decision making often relates back to a fear of loss, or a fear of success, rather than an inability to make up your mind on what you want.

The Moon card reversed may also be telling you that there is some deception around money at the moment, and someone close by has some hidden motives or secret plans that they don’t want you to know about.

A friend or partner may have debts or financial difficulties but not be telling you about it. They may even be pretending they have money when they don’t. They may even be pretending they are happy with their money situation when actually they want more!

Be open with people about your own financial situation if this resonates for you so that there are no misunderstandings on this issue.

Try not to worry unduly about this as there will be time later in the year for any money concerns to materialise. Focus on how much control you have over your finances and use this time of confusion and frustration as an opportunity for self-reflection

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