The Star Tarot Card Meaning

The Star tarot card signifies the beginning of a new life cycle. A time of optimism, new beginnings, and opportunities.

In this guide I reveal what the Star card means in the upright and reversed position for love, finances, and career readings.

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The Star Tarot Card Description

The Star card is one of the most beautiful cards in the Tarot deck. It shows a woman kneeling by a stream, pouring water from a golden pitcher into the clear water.

The sky is starry and bright, and there’s just enough light to illuminate the scene. This card indicates that peace, happiness, and contentment are present now.

This card represents love as well as hope:

The Star card also speaks of spirituality and enlightenment, so if you feel spiritually dry right now this card may indicate that an opportunity for growth is at hand.

If something has come to an end then this card may mean you have come full circle in some way – it might be time to move on.

The Star Upright Meaning

This is the card of hope. It is the promise that all things work toward good if we have faith.

The Star card represents your goals and aspirations. It shows up when you are ready to achieve something great, something you’ve been working towards for a while. It can also indicate a need for change in order to live a more fulfilling life.

This is a card of hope and healing. A symbol of divine love, it speaks to us of a time when all will be well, when all will be healed.

The Star also symbolizes inner strength and optimism; whatever difficulties you are experiencing at present there will be a positive outcome if you face them with courage and determination (which we all know comes from within).

Don’t give up! Everything will work out fine in the end!

The Star as a Person

This person will be highly sensitive to the needs of others and will strive to satisfy their needs before their own. Their life purpose involves doing something bigger than themselves and they are willing to suffer for it.

They are spiritually inclined and have a strong sense of destiny about them. They are most likely a creative individual who will use their talents to help others. They can also be very naive at times but a good heart lies beneath it all. This person may need more time and space alone than someone else in order to recharge their batteries.

The Star as Feelings

In a reading, The Star means that you are experiencing very positive feelings and emotions. But don’t expect this to last for long.

Just like the mysterious woman on the card, these feelings will soon disappear and something else will appear in their place. It is important to be aware of this in order to enjoy the moment and make the most of it.

The Star as Advice

This card suggests that you must be careful not to let yourself get carried away by your emotions. Remember that everything in life is transitory. Nothing is eternal and when things are going well for you, it’s best to enjoy them while they last. In order to do this, you mustn’t hesitate to make the most of every moment.

You need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes along but don’t let yourself be carried away by your emotions or you may end up regretting it later on. Make sure you think carefully before taking any decisions or making commitments.

The Star: Yes or No

YES: If you have trouble making decisions, or feel that you are blocked from moving forward, then this card is telling you that you need to take a step back and look at your situation with fresh eyes.

There is a solution to whatever it is that is stopping you from moving forward. Look at everything around you and see if there are any new ideas that can help you move forward with greater clarity.

If not, then try ignoring it for the time being, because worrying about it will only lead to stress and anxiety that will stop any new ideas from coming to mind.

When the Star comes up in a reading as a yes or no card, it’s telling you to think of positive things and imagine yourself achieving them in your future.

This could be anything from acquiring a new skill or talent to experiencing something amazing. The star means clarity of thought and understanding what’s most important in your life, so let these ideas flow through your mind today and picture yourself achieving them while staying positive about each one.

The Star Love Meaning

The Star is a card of hope, guidance and inspiration. It also represents faith, spirituality, creativity and good health. The Star is also connected with miracles and wishes coming true.

The Star tarot card is the card for you if you feel that optimism and positivity have left your life. You feel stuck in a rut and need inspiration to get back on track. The Star tarot card can help give you renewed hope and energy, as well as clear guidance on what steps you need to take to move forward.

This is the time to think big and break free from old patterns of behavior that are holding you back. When the Star comes up in a love reading it brings new people into your life who will shake things up for the better, but only if you let them!

If you’re currently single, this is not the time to settle for less than what you want or need from your potential mate; be brave enough to hold out for someone who matches your ideals of perfection!

The Star Career Meaning

The Star is a card of hope, prophecy and spiritual knowledge. The Star is also a card of wishes being fulfilled.

It is common for the Star to represent hope, focus and attainment. It may also be a card of new endeavors, possibly even children or projects. This card often indicates that the old has been left behind and something magical will happen.

The Star Finances Meaning

The star card represents financial hope and renewal. It is also the star of passion and success. After we have faced our trials, we will emerge a stronger and more successful person.

This tarot card is about financial goals we have set for ourselves that can be achieved through hard work and determination. Our dreams can be realized if we believe in them enough to put forth the effort needed to make them happen.

The star is full of energy and optimism as it illuminates the darkness of doubt and depression. It encourages us to dream big as it helps us focus on what we want out of life rather than what we do not want.

The Star Reversed Meaning

This card is about your perception of the world. The Star tarot card reversed may indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by the force of your emotions. You may be experiencing a lot of anxiety or fear, that you can’t get a handle on.

When the Star tarot card is reversed, it can signify fears and anxieties and the effect they have on your life. The star reversed can suggest that you don’t feel supported by those around you in some way.

Perhaps you don’t feel safe or secure in this place where you find yourself or perhaps a situation has come up that has triggered old wounds for you. Things aren’t flowing smoothly for you now and your heart feels heavy because of it.

You are feeling anxious and fearful about what might happen next. If it starts to get too much, take a break from whatever situation has caused this anxiety in order to gather yourself as best as possible before moving forward again.

The Star tarot card reversed suggests that there is something going on right now that is causing fear and anxiety within you and making life difficult for you to handle at the moment.

It could have something to do with feelings of insecurity around love or finances, or even both areas together if they are connected somehow in your life right now (and often they are).

You could also be feeling weak in some area of your life right now where normally you feel strong and secure.

The Star Reversed Love Meaning

The Star reversed suggests that the querent must learn to expand their ideals, and not hold them so dear. This will allow them to find the balance between their idealistic and practical sides.

The Star reversed also indicates that one must be careful not to be overly optimistic about situations in which they may get hurt. You are running away from love, as you can’t let your guard down.

You won’t open your heart up again for fear of being hurt again. But you have been hurt enough—it is time to take a leap of faith.

The Star reversed is a card that can mean the querent is running from love, as they are afraid of being hurt again. They have been hurt too many times and are afraid to open their heart up.

The querent needs to let go of their fear, and take a leap of faith into the unknown. The querent needs to allow themselves to be vulnerable again.

This is not an easy card to interpret as it can mean the querent is running away from love, or that there is someone who has run away from the relationship with the querent. It could also mean that someone wishes for something more but doesn’t know how to express it.

The Star Reversed Career Meaning

The reversed Star indicates that there is confusion and uncertainty in your life, and you will be unable to understand the source of this manifestation.

This card suggests that you may have a feeling of being lost or confused about life’s direction. You may not know what you really want – or what is important to you.

Your mind may be filled with negative thoughts and feelings, which are not based on reality. You are likely feeling alone, misunderstood, disconnected from those around you, and unappreciated.

You should consider how your actions affect yourself and others.

The Star Reversed Finances Meaning

The Star reversed often indicates that you are looking at the situation from the wrong perspective. You may be seeing potential opportunities where there are only problems. You may be so focused on what you don’t have that you fail to recognize what you do have.

You feel you have to be perfect. You must do everything right and live at a very high level of consciousness, so that you don’t fall into any traps.

This can be an idealistic trap in which you convince yourself that nothing happens until you are perfect in every way. This can also be a self-fulfilling prophecy where you fail because of your own arrogance and pride, and then you are trapped in the belief that you will never succeed.

If this happens, try to believe that even if things do not go as planned it is still possible to succeed with the help of others.

The Star denotes financial loss. It may indicate that you don’t have enough money to fill your needs, or you are just spending too much. It can also mean that your plans for saving will be thwarted.

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