Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

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When you see an Aries and Aquarius couple, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are dynamic. They are a powerful couple.

You have a passionate Mars that rules Aries and revolutionary Uranus ruling Aquarius mixing. Sparks will fly. In this post, I will reveal the compatibility of Aries and Aquarius sun signs in love.

In my research, I discovered something astonishing about Aries and Aquarius relationships. I’m looking forward to sharing this with you.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Let’s get started.

Are Aries and Aquarius Compatible in Love?

Aries is passionate and Aquarius is innovative. These traits work well together. Aries is a fire sign and Aquarius is an air sign, which are two compatible elements. Air and fire signs are both very outgoing and social.

There is a mutual understanding between these signs since they are both extroverts. However, the way that Aries and Aquarius express those natures are different.

Aries is very outgoing and is the one to initiate friendships, relationships, and is highly energetic.

Aquarius is also vibrant and outgoing; however, at the same time, they still like to maintain some distance from others.

Aquarius is outgoing in the sense that they like to involve themselves in communities and charitable events. That in itself can create some challenges for this couple.

Aries is a cardinal sign, which means those who have this sun sign are excellent initiators. Aquarius is a fixed sign, which means they like to maintain anything that the cardinal sign establishes.

Fixed sign personalities like Aquarius are known to be tenacious, determined, and persistent.

Do Aries and Aquarius Get Along?

Aries and Aquarius can have a fascinating conversation lasting for hours. Aries will be the one to bring up a topic of conversation, and Aquarius can keep it going and make it engaging no matter what.

Both signs may find that they have plenty of things in common, even though they value different things. That is because Aries can spark a conversation about any topic, and Aquarius can run with it and expand on it, which Aries likes.

The same thing applies to Aries, starting something that Aquarius can build upon, whether it is a joint business or a project.

Given those facts this couple will get along very well. However, this couple, like any other couple, will run into challenges.

For example, Aquarius tends to make jokes and is a little sarcastic. Aries personalities often take things a little too personally. Therefore, Aquarius could insult Aries without intending to do so.

If Aries gets offended often, Aquarius will become annoyed with their partner quickly. However, if Aries doesn’t take the things that Aquarius says personally, they could have a great time together.

There can also be trust issues. Aquarius values freedom, and so does Aries. However, they want to have space in different ways.

Aquarius likes the idea of having an open relationship, whereas Aries does not. Just because Aquarius likes the idea of having an open relationship does not mean they are cheating on Aries.

However, Aries could fear that happening and can show signs of jealousy.

Since both signs value different things and are dynamic individuals, they can end up getting into plenty of arguments. However, those arguments die down once they realize the importance of their relationship with one another.

Let’s take a look at the compatibility of the Aries man and Aquarius woman.

Aries Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The Aries man and Aquarius woman have the potential of making their relationship work. The Aries man’s positive traits include his passion, independence, leadership, optimism, energy, and determination.

The characteristics you would see from an Aquarius woman include her independence, friendly manner, intelligence, creativity, and unconventional ways. Both signs are about wanting freedom.

As long as this couple understands where their relationship stands, whether they have an open relationship or not, their desire for freedom will work well together.

The couple will give each other the space needed to do their own thing. Therefore, neither Aries nor Aquarius will feel as if they are smothering one another.

And when this couple is together, they can enjoy having intellectual conversations with one another.

Aries and Aquarius will find one another stimulating. In addition to that, they can explore different places and create their adventures together. Life will never be boring for this couple.

Let’s take a look at how the compatibility is in reversed roles.

Aquarius Man Aries Woman Compatibility

The Aquarius man and Aries woman are very compatible in love.

An Aquarius man’s characteristics include his brains as he will come up with brilliant ideas and charisma, thoughtfulness, communication, and creativity. The Aries woman is independent, creative, initiating, energetic, motivating, and trusting.

The one thing that the Aquarius man struggles with is bringing his brilliant ideas to fruition. And the great thing about the Aries woman as she can do that for him.

For instance, if the man has exciting ideas to decorate the house in a certain way, he will not be the one to make that happen. However, if he tells his Arian partner about his ideas, then she will be the one to run with it.

Communication is essential to the Aries woman, and since Aquarius is a truth-teller, then there is little to worry about there. Even if they get into arguments, they will respect each other’s honesty and willingness to communicate.

There is strong potential for this couple to work well together.

How will Aries and Aquarius do in bed?

Aries and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Aries and Aquarius have excellent chemistry with one another, and their sexual experience can be both frustrating and exciting.

Both signs are energetic, which means that the time in bed they spend together can be a lot of fun. Aquarius can also be the one to give Aries some fun sexual ideas, and Aries would go for it because of their adventurous nature.

However, the frustration that can occur is that sexual experience can lack emotion. Aries will express plenty of passion and warmth, but Aquarius can appear cold due to their naturally aloof nature.

Aries will be frustrated over the fact that Aquarius does not express emotions while they are having fun in bed. Aquarius does care and enjoys their time together, even though there aren’t any expressions of emotion.

The misunderstandings between Aries and Aquarius about expressing emotion in bed can be a source of friction for this couple.

The couple must take time to express their feelings in bed. That can help them adjust their expectations of each other. A mutual understanding will go a long way.

Now it’s Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Do you think Aries and Aquarius are compatible?

Have you ever been in an Aries Aquarius relationship?

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