Aries and Cancer Compatibility

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In this post, I will reveal the compatibility of Aries and Cancer sun signs in love.

When you think about the idea of an emotional Cancer and a fiery, passionate Aries becoming a couple, does it even sound plausible?

Well, in my research, I discovered something shocking about Aries Cancer relationships. I’m excited to share this with you.

Even though there are apparent challenges in this relationship, you will be surprised how this couple can work well together.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Let’s get started.

Are Aries and Cancer Compatible in Love?

When you mix Aries with Cancer, you are mixing a fire sign with a water sign. Traditionally, fire signs are compatible with fire and air signs. As you can imagine the fire’s flame requires oxygen to burn.

At the same time, earth and water signs are compatible with one another as well. The plants and crops you grow need rain and water to thrive. But, what happens when you mix fire and water signs?

You can imagine the fire’s passion and the emotions from the water can become dramatic with one another. Until the fire becomes out of control and the water is the thing to put the flames out. The compatibility does lack.

However, can the couple that has these clashing elements work?

Let’s focus on that more because both signs are cardinal by nature, making them excellent initiators. They both will act on impulse as passion fuels the actions of Aries, and emotions fuel the efforts of Cancer. That can cause a clash.

Aries wants to be active, and Cancer does not want the same thing. Aries wants to go out running or do something exciting, and Cancer is just too content staying at home.

Do Aries and Cancer Get Along?

It does not take much for an argument between both to spark based on that fact alone. For instance, Aries finds the inspiration to go out for a hiking outing and wants Cancer to join them. However, Cancer does not want to go. Cancer is very content with lying around the sofa and watching a movie.

Aries tells Cancer that they need to go out and get some exercise. Cancer immediately becomes offended and feels judged by Aries. Aries did not intend to make assumptions about Cancer.

The next thing you know, Cancer accuses Aries of not being emotional and sensitive enough. Even though Aries isn’t known for being personal and sensitive, there is no malice with their actions.

Unfortunately, Cancer does not see it that way.

You can see that this couple has plenty of challenges since they aren’t compatible naturally. Can they make their relationship work? If they put effort into making it work, yes, they can be great together.

Let’s talk about how the Aries man and Cancer woman can make their relationship work.

Aries Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

When you pair an Aries man and a Cancer woman together, the positive traits can work well together with effort. Both the man and woman have to put effort into making their relationship work.

Therefore, the Aries man has some positive traits as he is known to be optimistic, energetic, motivating, forgiving, craving for adventure, and spontaneous.

Cancer women are creative and artistic, tenderhearted; they are hard workers, family-oriented, intuitive, empathetic, and caring.

The one thing that can help this couple’s work is that because Cancer is naturally compassionate, she will see the Aries as someone who can’t help himself. He is the way he is, and she accepts that she cannot change that.

However, the Aries man also has to put effort into the relationship as well. He has to accept that he may have to do many of his activities solo because his Cancer partner is not going to be up for a lot of that.

As an Aries, he does have a creative side. Therefore, he can enjoy doing some creative projects with her, as well. The bottom line is that this couple can work if they both accept that they will not have much in common and can look past that fact.

Will it work if with the reversed role?

Cancer Man Aries Woman Compatibility

The Cancer man is highly sensitive and intuitive and will always put the needs of his partner first. He always comes off as shy initially but will quickly warm up to his partner once he sees he can trust her.

He is also very affectionate, gentle, nurturing, protective, and very committed to his relationship. He only wants his partner to feel comfortable, and the bottom line is that he does care.

The Aries woman is known to be high-achieving, has plenty of physical and emotional stamina, has a great deal with creativity, knows how to be bold, and has confidence. She is generous, honest, and independent as well.

The one thing that differs between the Aries man and the Aries woman is that she is more naive than he is. Therefore, having a Cancer man as a partner can be a good thing in this case. He has no plan for her and will never take advantage of her naivety.

However, he also will make her feel comfortable and will respect her need to be independent. She can be somewhat too blunt for him, and that is one thing she will have to work on to realize that his feelings can get hurt easily.

The one thing that the Cancer man will not need to worry about is her being dishonest with him as Aries women and men are too honest to a fault.

How do they do in bed together?

Aries and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

The Aries and Cancer in bed can face some challenges. After having a flirtatious session and finding that their chemistry is working well with one another, Aries will be ready to jump into bed.

Still, Cancer may not necessarily be in the mood. That can frustrate Aries, and that is one thing Aries will have to respect when it comes to the wishes of their Cancer partner.

However, when both of them are ready to have fun in bed, Cancer can find the increased passion the Aries has overwhelming. Therefore, Aries is not known to be gentle, which does not make Cancer very comfortable.

Aries sees sex as a purely physical experience, whereas Cancer sees it as an emotional experience. If both the Aries and Cancer can make compromises in bed, they can have an exciting time. However, it will take a lot of work.

Aries has to find a way to slow down and be gentle, whereas Cancer has to embrace the physical aspect of sex and the emotional aspect.

Now it’s Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Do you think Aries and Cancer are compatible?

Have you ever been in an Aries Cancer relationship?

Either way, please leave a comment below right now.

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