Aries and Leo Compatibility

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In this post, I will reveal the compatibility of Aries and Leo sun signs in love.

When you think of Leo and Aries together, an image of sparks emerges that provides plenty of warmth around you. That is one hot couple in so many ways. Combining the Sun’s energies, which rules Leo, and the energies from Mars, which rules Aries, creates something significantly dynamic.

In my research, I discovered something shocking about Aries Leo relationships.

I’m excited to share my discoveries about Leo and Aries with you.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Let’s get started.

Are Aries and Leo Compatible in Love?

Aries and Leo are both fire signs. When you mix fire and fire, you have instant compatibility.

You cannot start a fire without sparking the flame first. Think about how a small candle can cause a significant fire.

When you have two planets in different signs that share the same element in astrology, the energies flow freely and smoothly.

That is why Aries and Leo work very well together. The other modalities of both fire signs complement one another as well.

Aries is a cardinal sign and they are the initiators of the zodiac. They make excellent leaders and are quite dynamic and forceful.

On the other hand, Leo is a fixed sign. They will maintain anything established as they are known for their persistence, tenacity, and determination.

Therefore, Aries is there to initiate anything, and Leo is there to maintain what they establish.

Do Aries And Leo Get Along?

Both signs are boisterous and energetic. The Aries Leo couple will find plenty of high-energy activities to do together. That does not necessarily mean both will be into sports, but they will find new adventures to go on together.

What makes the relationship work as well as the mutual understanding they have with one another. However, the challenges they face have to do with both of their egos getting into the way.

Aries tend to think of themselves and think about the things they want to do before they meet others' needs. Leo has a strong desire to be in the spotlight all of the time.

Both signs are strong-willed. If Leo thinks that Aries is taking something from them, they will become insanely territorial or jealous. The same applies to reversed roles.

Since both signs have intense egos, they can quickly become rubbed the wrong way, resulting in heated arguments. These arguments often do not last for very long.

Leo is less forgiving than Aries, which is a fixed-sign trait. However, this is a passionate and highly determined couple.

Once again, they have a mutual understanding of one another and are not the type to give up on their relationship. Both can build security and trust easily as well with each other.

Let’s take a look into the compatibility of the Aries man and Leo woman.

Aries Man Leo Woman Compatibility

How compatible are the Aries man and Leo woman? I’d say exceptionally well matched. Let’s look into the positive traits of both.

The Aries man’s positive characteristics include his ability to motivate others, leadership skills, protectiveness, passion, energy, and independence. The lioness’s positive traits are that she is bold, creative, vibrant, full of life, enthusiastic, and independent.

You can immediately see what a lively and robust couple, the Aries man and Leo woman make. They both live passionately and enthusiastically.

The lioness is bold but is slightly more submissive than the lion or the Leo male. That means she will allow her Aries man to lead the way, as long as she approves of what he does.

Remember that both signs are headstrong and can clash if they don’t see eye to eye about something. However, any difference they have with one another dies quickly, and they immediately forgive each other.

What about the reversed role couple?

Leo Man Aries Woman Compatibility

How do the Leo man or the lion and the Aries woman do as a couple?

You are talking about a passionate and dynamic couple in the same way as the reversed role couple.

Leos can be quite dazzling and charming, romantic, vibrant, and bold. Their partners, the Aries women, are creative, independent, fearless, energetic, and display passionate traits themselves. The Leo man Aries woman pair does well together as this couple is full of passion, energy, and a lot in common.

The only issue they will often face is that both are dominant as they both know what they want. Fortunately, both like the same things, so that means there is less clashing. However, if they want different things, that will turn into a heated argument.

These arguments are short-lived as they will find something else to distract them, which means they kiss and make up quickly.

What about how the Leo Aries couple are in bed?

Aries and Leo Sexual Compatibility

You already know that fire signs are full of passion, and you can only imagine the intensity that happens whenever Leo and Aries are under the covers together.

There is so much intense chemistry with this couple, and they give off a lot of heat when they are intimate with each other.

Both of them are not into foreplay and are not into the sensual aspect of sex. There is pure excitement and energy when it comes to Leo and Aries playing around in bed.

Sparks are flying when this couple is having fun. They are spontaneous as well. Leo may be stubborn by nature, but if Aries is in the mood to have some fun, Leo is game.

Now it's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Do you think Aries and Leo are compatible?

Have you ever been in an Aries Leo relationship?

Either way, please leave a comment below right now.

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