What Does it Mean When a Bird Hits Your Window?

by Ryan Hart | Updated on March 16, 2019 | Post may contain affiliate links

Bird Hitting Window Illustration

In this post, you’ll discover what it means when a bird hits your window. What I learned during my research was really surprising.

In fact:

I found out that there’s a deep spiritual meaning when you see birds flying into windows.

Plus, at the end of this article I’m going to share the most common signs from heaven that a deceased loved one is still with you.

Ready to find out what it means?

Let’s get started.

3 Spiritual Meanings of Bird Hitting Windows

Why Do Birds Fly into Windows?

Birds to fly into windows for many different reasons such as getting confused by reflections in the glass, seeing indoor plants, or being mysteriously drawn to lights at night.

However, each time it happens they carry a very important message. Bird’s are often thought of as messengers of God.

The fact that this has happened to you tells me much about the stress and difficulties you are currently going through in life.

The next time a bird hits your window, write down the exact time and date it happens. This is part of the message they are delivering.

Think carefully about what this date means to you. The bird might be trying to communicate about someone or something that happened in the past. Or they might be letting you know that something is about to happen in the future.

Image of Bird Hitting Window

Here’s what it means when birds fly into your window:

You Are Worried About Money

Birds are very symbolic in the bible. They are considered messengers of God and are very special to him.

When a bird hits your window, this is likely a sign that you are worried about money. In Matthew 6:26 Jesus asks us to think of the birds. Everything they need is provided by God. They do not need to sow crops or labor in the field to eat. God gives them everything required to live.

A bird flying into your window might be a sign that you are worried about how you will pay your bills or where your next paycheck will come from.

This could be a sign that God wants you to remember that He will provide for you, just as he does for the birds.

Someone in Heaven is Sending You a Message

During creation, God separated the heavens from the waters of the earth. Yet, he allowed the “birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the heavens” (Genesis 1:20). Birds are often thought of as messengers of God.

When a bird hits your window this could be a message from someone in heaven. Pay attention to when this happens as it could help you figure out who this message is from. Write down the date and time in your journal or on the calendar.

Birds might deliver messages on birthdays of the deceased, on the day they died, or other significant holidays.

You should feel relieved to know that someone in heaven is thinking about you.

Change is Coming Soon

When you see a bird hit a window, this means you are about to experience a positive change in your life.

Genesis 8:8-9 tells the story of when the great flood ended and Noah was able to return to land. Noah sent a dove to see if the flood waters had subsided, but the dove immediately returned because there was no place for her to land. Later, Noah sent the dove again and when she did not return, he knew the flood was ending.

A bird hitting your window might be a sign that the trouble in your life has not yet passed. There is no place for the bird to safely land. However, this might mean that change is coming soon.

Continue to be patient and have faith in God. He has plans for you that are in the works.

How to Prevent Birds From Flying into Windows

A recent study found that between 365 and 988 million birds are killed each year from window collisions in the United States!

During the daytime birds often fly into windows because they see the reflection of trees, plants, flowers, and other vegetation in the glass. They are unable to distinguish between the reflection in the window and real life.

Indoor plants can also confuse birds, causing them to hit your window while trying to get inside.

Birds may also repeatedly hit your window if they see their reflection. During the springtime when birds are territorial, they will fly into your window to attack the bird they see in the glass.

At nighttime, the causes of birds flying into windows are less understood. Experts are still studying the effects of light from windows on nocturnal birds. One study found that birds are mysteriously attracted to the light and can cause them to detour from their flight path.

If you have birds hitting your window frequently, the good news is that there are steps you can take to prevent it from happening again.

The most common way to reduce window reflection seen by birds is to apply horizontal or vertical markings on the outside of your windows. The markings must be about 2-4 inches apart in each direction for best results.

Here are a few easy ways to prevent birds from hitting your window:

  • Stickers
  • Decals
  • Window art
  • Tempera paint
  • Tape
  • Screens
  • Netting
  • Zen curtains
  • External sun shades
  • Interior vertical blinds
  • Light-colored window blinds
  • Shiny objects

If you have birds flying into a specific window often, consider adding a screen or stickers to deter other birds from making the same mistake.

Also, take note of what time this usually happens.

Go outside and look at the window from a bird’s perspective. What do you see and how can you reduce the reflection in your windows?

The birds in your backyard will be very grateful!

Signs From Heaven That a Deceased Loved One is with You

Here are the 15 most common signs that a deceased loved one is with you:

1. Feathers on the Ground

The next time you pass by a feather on the ground, don’t ignore it. Feathers are one of the most common ways to receive messages from angels and deceased loved ones in heaven.

2. Finding Pennies and Dimes

One way that a deceased loved one might send you a sign is by placing pennies, dimes or quarters on the ground in front of you. I like to call them “pennies from heaven” and they are a special way to remember loved ones that have passed away.

Click here to see the entire list of signs from heaven

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Did a bird hit your window? What happened next?

What do you think it means when birds fly into windows?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you saw a bird hit a window? Please leave a comment and let me know.
A bird flew into my window and woke me up out of a dead sleep, I believe he was chased by two crows outside my window looking for him for about ten minutes. It happened today 7:00 am ,July 18,2020.
Betty Ricketts
Have had bird fly in my window same one and have been a death each time I have closed curtain and still flew if window I wrote down each time sone time will fly in same window 2 times
Deborah Smith
Mockingbird hit slider Tuesday, September 15, 2020 @ 1342
kandy cripps
A bird hit my window at 7;52 pm then flew away
A few days ago in the middle of the day a bird repeatedly flew into my bedroom window, I was alarmed and concerned about the well being of the bird. Wondering why it continued to fly into my window. The next day I was in my home office and the same bird began flying into the window, again initially my concern was for the bird. Followed by stressed confusion as to why a bird would do such a thing. Well my life is full of stressed filled situations that I am currently powerless over resolving. This is concerning as the bird, which appears to be the same bird continues to fly into my windows. After reading your article I am wondering why God would send messages in such a negative way? There are no significance to the day’s and if it is just a message, what could the message be? That I’m financially stressed? Well I’m aware of that. Why would God be reminding me of my misfortune, would rather get a message about possible positive change with my tribulations.....
A bird just flew into my window and fell to the ground. Time was 4:40pm mtn time, Dec. 2, 2020. I'm unsure what it may mean?
Joseph Weydemann
First you are confused about Heaven. No one has gone up to be judged yet. It wont happen until the second coming of Jesus has occurred. If people were in Heaven they will not be allowed to look down. How would you be living in bliss and harmony while looking down at relative struggling with life. Or a war that crops up. Thanks for this website. I just found it today. I did not see the other part 10 birds in five days. Today I was in my kitchen I have 3 windows at the end of my kitchen 3 birds at the same time hit each window. I have been told it is my electrical out put that calls animals to me. And other events.
Three pigeons hit simultaneously a window when I was at work. It happened at 9:30 am, March 22, 2021.
In the last 2 weeks the same bird Keeps hitting the same window. I have stood there and looked at it. I have plant’s that I thought it maybe trying to get to. Raising the window to talk to the bird and it just sits there on tree branch looking at me. When I walk away it starts hitting the window again. I walked outside to get closer and it flys away. Today is my Husband birthday, 2 and half yrs he has passed. I have ask myself many questions because he passed in our yard. I have interest in someone Recently that I ask in prayers if I should. Is this a sign of positive or negative?
A pigeon just hit and pooped on my window today the 04/ 04 2021 at 03:00pm and flew away. Then a black bird just walked by the window and looked in at 03:35pm.
I was at the dentist yesterday when a bird flew into the window. The dentist and hygienist were elsewhere for the moment and I was the only person in the room. I had just moved the day before and broken a crown in the process. This occurred on 5/27/21 at about 9:45am CST.
I was at the dentist yesterday when a bird flew into the window. The dentist and hygienist were elsewhere for the moment and I was the only person in the room. I had just moved the day before and broken a crown in the process. This occurred on 5/27/21 at about 9:45am CST.
Raven Harris
A bird hit my car window while driving to a orientation around 6 am on 6/12/21 some say it could mean death and some say it could be a message from someone in heaven please I have to know ?
Traci Turner
Tonight a bird hit my room window and scared both me and my dog..today is 31st August at 7.45pm. I am quite poorly with covid right now and worried about being off work too long due to money worries. The bird stunned it's self but flew off onto the fence , poor love looked shook up. It worried me incase it was a sign of death , probably due to being poorly .x
lonnie lenarcik
A bird hit the upstairs window around 6pm. I was shocked, I left it for a few mins, then got a box and towl. But it died. I took the bird out back and told it to have peace. I covered the bird with a towl and left it in the box under a tree. I pray it has peace.
Ryan Hart
I'm sorry to hear that happened. May the bird rest in peace.
Stacey M
I was under a terrible amount of stress this morning as I was trying to head out and get fans to dry up a flooded floor at my parents house. I was angry at my husband who I had just spoke with on the phone as I was driving. As soon as I hung up the phone a bird hit the windshield. I immediately thought about the devil sitting on my shoulder and provoking the situation. Two hours later after everything was calm for the most part in the same vicinity but A little ways down the road I almost his another bird. I barley missed it. I’ve driven this road for years and this is a first. We are suppose to travel in the am to a friends place on the lake for weekend fun but everything is in the air because of my parents water issue. That was part of me and my husband’s conversation that made me frustrated . My teenager was also putting a lot of pressure on me to go as well. I feel like this is all connected and think it’s a intervention to stop us for whatever reason. I am a Christian and have a close relationship to god. I have had Specific encounters with God not long ago when I went through cancer. I was diagnosed in June 2016. Today is June 19. I’m not going since every sign has told me to stay. How lucky and blessed am I to be warned.
Ryan Hart
Hi Stacey, thanks for sharing your story. It definitely sounds like you have a close relationship with God and are very blessed to be receiving this message.
I always have this bird picking on my window every morning , even as I write now, it’s still going on
This is crazy! I've been searching the web because today I had a VERY similar thing happen. I've traveled the same route hm for 3 years. NEVER have I seen anything other than a hawk or 2 in the distance, today a femal crackle literally fell from the sky onto my upper passenger windshield on the highway in the middle of nothing, no trees, food source etc. Less than 20 min. before that I almost hit a Mourning Dove in the midddle of the street, I ALMOST hit the dove, it blended so well with the pavement! I thought" fhew I dodged that" just to have one fly at my windshield while going 80 mph ..smh I had to pull over to cry. This has been a day!!
Valerie Webber
A bird hit my window in the morning just got a call in found out my sister is in the hospital dont know why as yet.
Ryan Hart
Hi Valerie, I am sorry to hear about your sister. I will keep your family in my prayers. 🙏❤️
I was driving and a flock of birds flew past & one fell to the ground and had a hard time getting up so I got out of my car to help it thinking maybe one of its wings were injured. As soon as I got close the bird regained strength and flew right over my head! I was lucky it didn’t hit me. Needless to say, I was relieved the bird was able to get back up.
Ryan Hart
What a miracle you witnessed!
Troy Bush
Had a bird hit our window at 12:30pm June 30 and then June 31st at the same time.
Ryan Hart
Your guardian angel is sending you a very important message in response to your thoughts or prayers. Change is coming soon!
We have had at least 4 birds hit our windows in the last couple months. 2 flew away, one was slightly injured and couldn’t fly for a few days, and finally flew away, and the last one sadly died when it hit the window. We’re not really sure what this all means. Kind of strange.
Ryan Hart
Hi Laura, I'm sorry to hear one of the birds did not survive. I believe the birds could be delivering a message in response to your thoughts or prayers that a big change is coming in your life. May God bless you.
Hello a bird been hitting my window and recently my daughter and grandkids died in a deadly car accident it’s still hitting my den window as i type this to u i wonder why he or she been doing it all night and it’s 1130 am and it’s still hitting the window
Delores dyer
The bird was a 'Chat', brown & yellow/green belly. It wasn't 'hitting' the window, but pecking at the screen. I tried taking a picture of it, but scared it away, it landed on a branch in a tree not 5 feet away, just sitting there watching the window, then when I moved away, it flew back, this happened 3-4 times, untill finally just flew away, but I did not see which direction it went.
Ryan Hart
That is very interesting! I would be curious to know if this happens again. Please keep in touch. 🕊
Diadra Henderson
I was at work June 24,2020, and this bird kept flying into the window. The whole front is glass and it went down one side running into the glass. No plants are visible. Unexplainable
Ryan Hart
WOW! This could be a very urgent message from God in response to your thoughts or prayers. Thank you for sharing.
Debbie Webb
My husband of 46 years just recently passed away on June 3rd. I was standing here in front of the kitchen window and a bird flew up to the window sill and kept looking in. It stayed at least 30 seconds it serms, then flew to our larger window in the kitchen. When I moved to the bathroom I heard fluttering wings at the bathroom window. I wondered if it was him trying to send me a message. I have been very distressed about finances and bills. I'm losing most of our income...No life insurance. Plus I miss him so much. Not for those reasons.
Ryan Hart
Hi Debbie, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your husband. I will keep you in my prayers. The bird at your window could be a message from God to not stress about your finances. Matthew 6:34 says "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." May God bless you.
Thank you for your interesting explanation. If it hadn't happened to me 2 days in a row, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought. Today's experience was memorable. While I was eating breakfast a little bird flew into the window. I immediately went outside to check if it was ok. It lay upside down on the grass. I picked it up and held it against my chest, cupping my hand over it to help calm it. I left it in the bathroom with the window open and it flew away. My first thought was of my late mother who adored birds, asking myself if she's trying to tell me something. A Christian myself, I was taught that the dead do not know of our comings and goings (Ecclesiastes 9:5,6) So how does this scripture tie in with the above, that a deceased loved one is sending a message?
That is in the Old Testament. Jesus came, died, rose from the grave! That is the victory! Jesus left us with the Comforter, The Holy “Spirit”. The rich man in Hades asked if he could visit is living brothers. He knew he had brothers even though he was dead. We don’t die if we are his chosen ones, the elect. The brain is to the body as The mind is to the Soul. We are a Soul that has a body.
I was driving on the hwy on my way to work Sunday June 14, 2020. A bird slammed onto my front hood and left blood as well. I felt horrible and in shock as I obviously couldn’t stop being as I was on the hwy. what does this mean? Is this a bad or good omen?
Ryan Hart
I am sorry that happened to you. It sounds like a horrible experience. This could be an urgent message from God in response to your thoughts or prayers that a big change is coming for you. Please let us know what happens next.
Thursday King
The bird hit my window and flew off. On June 14, 2020. My Mom died on June 15, 2015 in my apartment. I have been going through some obstacles and I believe it was a sign that some positive changes are to occur. I believe and trust in God and have strong faith. I was led to your website by divine appointment. My mom used to feed the birds bread on her windowsill where we used to live. That was a symbolic message from my mom in heaven. God bless you.
Ryan Hart
I am sorry to hear about the passing of your mom. I will keep you in my prayers. You are right that this could be a message about positive changes in your life. God has great plans for you! May God bless you.
Thursday King
The bird hit my window and flew off. On June 14, 2020. My Mom died on June 15, 2015 in my apartment. I have been going through some obstacles and I believe it was a sign that some positive changes are to occur. I believe and trust in God and have strong faith. I was led to your website by divine appointment. My mom used to feed the birds bread on her windowsill where we used to live. That was a symbolic message from my mom in heaven. God bless you.
Romila Sharma
I am going through a difficult and stressful period right now with the uncertainty in the virus situation. I prayed fervently in the early morning asking God to reach out and help. After praying I closed my eyes and laid down in my bed. In a few minutes I heard a something tapping at my window. I could sense it was a bird. I woke up and sure enough, it was a tiny black bird with a blue tail. It kept pecking and flurrying up and down my bedroom window for close to 10 mins. It was very persistent and seemed like knocking, trying for me to open up. Then it was gone. I have had this happen once earlier last year. But now when I'm facing professional and personal challenges in life, I hope it will bring peace and a good change and blessing and protection from the Lord.
The Robin (I think robin) flew into my front door. He tried to get into the house for about a minute. Then he stopped and began to walk back and forth on my welcome mat chirping at me nonstop. Then the bird just walked off.
I have a parakeet that has come to my bedroom window every morning around 6am. He pecks at the window for a few minutes, leaves and comes back frequently until the afternoon then is not seen until the next morning. I’m not sure what this means or if I should do something to help it.
Thank you for the facts about birds flying up to or into a window. I had one fly up to mine this morning while I have my coffee with God as I call it. Was a little sparrow, I think It just looked in for a minute then flew off. What beautiful creatures God makes. I have heard several explanations on this, and I like yours the best. Thank you again.
Doriece Jones
The bird died when it hit our patio window. I need to put something on it to stop this from happening.
Anna Colter
Hello...I heard something outside my double doors yo my bedroom early this morning. I thought it was the wind brushing the tree leaves on the doors but later I opened the blinds to see a persistent grey/white bird trying to get in repeatedly at different places. In my spirit I knew it was my deceased husband, Robert, then later it was two birds...my deceased dad too looking in at me. They could not get in do they would fly yo the tree branches to rest. Then there was only one bird trying to get in. They both left but Robert kept returning (4 times). AMAZING!!! Today is Wednesday which is the day my husband was off from work!! AMAZING!!!
God speak to you in signs miracle & wonders always be on alert for God..🙂
George Thomson
I've been feeding the providing fresh water for the wild birds for a good five or six years now, probably longer. Yesterday after I fed and watered them, as per usual, I sat on the decking to watch them enjoying there peanuts and seeds. Suddenly a pigeon landed on top of my head, I Couldn't believe it and my younger sister went to take a pic of it with her phone, but because I was flapping about and saying what the F*** is going on? The pigeon flew up to the tall tree and proceeded to make cooing noises. 🌳 Also there's hardly a day goes by that the starlings and little finches don't smacking themselves of my Windows, like yesterday the afternoon the kitchen window and the day before the living room window. it's pretty much regulation everyday occurrence. I just want Tokyo's now to stop it happening, it must be really sore on there little bodies. As for a spiritual meanng, my Gran passed away on the 2nd April from a heart and , out of all the grandchildren I was s the one who visited, about once a fortnight, however I hadn't visited her for about three year's, my feet have been swollen varicose veins and arthritis on my knees, can't wear trainers or socks, they dig in to my feet and ankles. she must have been wondering 😔 why I hadn't been down in so long, cause I used to go down once a fortnight, after signing on, as she lived about five minutes away from the job centre. Even when my Dad, her son died also of a heart ❤attack I didn't visit her. Now I feel rotten about it, but my feet are swollen, can't wear trainers or socks, and I wear slippers, but can't wear them outside, and anyway now with covid19 going on, we're shielding in the house, as my mum is vulnerable, she has C.O.P.D and also with health issues, morbidly obese, over 400lb perhaps with type 2 diabetes, as I don't feel right when waking ⏰up hungry and shaking in the mornings. Was tested for it before, a good five or six years ago, and the results came back that I was borderline.
A red bird has been hitting our shed window everyday in mornings thru day and into evenings we opened the window but the bird doesn’t go inside this is the same bird day after day it flies to the window than flies to the fence or the picnic table that’s near the shed for a few seconds than back to the window
E. Joyce
I have pigeon for the past 3 days morning and evening that comes to my bedroom windows knocks it's annoying.
Krysten Teague
My gal pal and I just dropped her boyfriend/my brother off at work and decided to go across the street to sit in parking lot. She figure out what our next move was for the day and I was on iTunes adding to our playlist we just created together yesterday. The sun is not out. In fact it’s rainy. Both of my front windows are cracked to get some air flow. I’m in driver. Gal pal is in passenger seat. Today’s date is May 27, 2020 and bird to window was 08:48am-08:49am. The bird (dove ... not white though) out of no where scared us by trying to make its way into the 3-4 inch crack of my driver side window. We decided to go ahead and get going and when we turned my vehicle on, my battery was dead. Crazy thing is ... this is a brand new battery 2 months old and was not the cheap one either, $90.00 plus forever warranty. We were sitting in my car for no longer than 45 min to 1 hour key turned on half of time. We looked at each other and both mentioned there may be a spiritual message behind this incident. Well, not even a second goes by after we say our thought out loud, my car is now making a constant clicking sound coming from under my steering wheel. (For you jokesters....no it’s not a clicky time bomb) What are your thoughts bc we are currently sitting here with a few of our own personal theories in our mind?
a bird hit my window on monday, a man on a motorbike, hit the parked car i was overtaking on tue, he is in hospital in icu, the shape ov the inprint bird left was consistent this mans injuries, i leave no name im still in shock the man was drunk and had been smoking drugs i and my passengers are lucky he only clipped my car.
Pauline Burns
Well im in shock wat ive been reading..i only googled it as i was jus curious...but this afternoon..i was chilling on my bed n had a big bang on my window i was shocked thinking wat the hells going on..so i looked out 2 c a dead pigoun.on the floor..i was scared as not a fan ov birds..i had2 get my neighbour 2get it n throw it in a bag n tik it out 4 me..but now reading these quotes my dad passed away on the 28th may hes fureneral 20 july..crimation..hes also irish..me and my brother not gettin along well none ov my irish family am i talkin with..ive not been gud with drinkin..everythings just been a mess..Tbh..Hope It Means Something Gud 4me as ive not been well...🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ryan Good morning at 5:47 AM just around sunrise a hawk flew into my window and died I did have a window covering that was down so it is kind of odd the sad part is it's meat was in the tree and I could hear it making noise looking for its friend
Myron M
For the last two days a small green bird came to a window in the south side of the house, but then the very next day it came to the west window around the same time. It was acting like he was trying to get in. Now my mom went on to heaven on June 27 2017. What could that mean the same bird come around her passing away?
I yellow Gold Finch is relentlessly pecking and flying into the patio doors this morning. After awhile, it flew to the other side of the house near the front door to try the window there! It is now back to the patio doors and just won't quit. I've been grieving the passing of my mother about 7 weeks ago. How interesting that you say this could be a message from heaven to let me know all is well. I hope you are right.
Myron M
For the last two days a small green bird came to a window in the south side of the house, but then the very next day it came to the west window around the same time. It was acting like he was trying to get in. Now my mom went on to heaven on June 27 2017. What could that mean the same bird come around her passing away?
Good morning! I was in the laundry and a black and white bird was flying into the window a few times And the while In the kitchen I was making coffee another bird was sitting on the window ledge I’m a firm believer of messages As we have moved and the house we in has such a positive vibe and I’m a very positive person of lately Is this a positive message for me
At 515 am this morning a baby Robin hit my front bay window ...it fell on its back on my deck. I turned it over amd wrapped a towel around it it is very stunned but seems to be improving it's been about 2 hours now.
I got scared cos the bird it my bedroom window and then when I went down stairs it hit the kitchen window but I lost my son 9 months ago and I can't sleep I cry all the time cause he past away suddenly age 33 I miss him so much so I didn't no what it meant.
A male cardinal hit our window everyday from October 30 to June 2 2019. Then it came back October 31 -March 17, 2020. It was reluctant and even tried our deck windows. We have videos. And the bird was visible to us. Now this week I hear some bird hit windows but only one time a day and I can’t see it
I was on my way shopping today at 12:30, I saw a crowd of people tending to a man who was hit off a bike emergency services helped the man,shortly after that a bird hit my side of the car on the windscreen, what could this mean?
I was on my way shopping today at 12:30, I saw a crowd of people tending to a man who was hit off a bike emergency services helped the man,shortly after that a bird hit my side of the car on the windscreen, what could this mean?
Caitlynn Alexandra Leathers
I recently had two birds hit my window, look like pigeons around 8:30am to 8:34am. Hit the same window with a millisecond difference from impact and just flew off almost like nothing happened.
Sarah ward
Hi, for the past 2 weeks birds have been hitting the same window EVERYDAY. Its my bedroom window. Every time they hit the window I go outside to check and there's no dead birds. its starting to worrie me because of this happening everyday only when I'm on my own.. It is a warning or i think its a spiritual guardian but I'm keeping note of it. I wish I knew what it ment just in case somethimg happens. Please let me k ow what this means coz its concerning the amount of times its happening
I had a red bird hit the right side of my car windshield while I was driving this morning. It was around 715ish. Scared the crap outta me lol
Donna Gordon
A real pretty bird flew up to my glass door and tapped on it twice e as if he wanted to come in. He is still outside .
For some reason birds have been running into my same window one to two birds after each other. Scares me just a little they hit it hard ! I just dont want the birds hurt there shelfs. My grandson 3 yrs feed the birds and squirrels and rabbit when I babysit. He puts ritz crackers and pieces of popcorn or bread. I just ask God keep them safe where there going and Becarefull of windows.
P Family
2 days in a row, hawks have flown in front of my car.. 1st time my wife was driving, and the bird lived. at hiting the front of the van at at least 55mph. day 2. Driving home from work and a hawk flew in front of my truck, and i stopped.. sadly this time the hawk didnt make it an i pulled him out of the road an said a prayer for him. What could this mean? im creeped out!
I'm currently writing this outside the mall where this happened. 8 bird slammed into the windows above me and fell to the ground, 6 died instantly. One, the first one, shook it off and flew away, I was able to revive one and it flew away. What does that mean..?
I was driving to work, and on the highway a bird hit my windshield and died. I was so shaken and scared! June 16th around 745 am. I am still waiting to see what it means, but then my husband and I were both let go from our part time jobs for no reason at all on Friday July 10. We thought of it as one door closes and another one opens! We know God will make a way for us! #strongtogether
Ryan Hart
That sounds so scary! I am sorry to hear that you and your husband were let go from your jobs. I will keep you in my prayers. God has plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).
Elizabeth Rampmeier
Last week early morning about 7:30 a female cardinal hit my window and broke her neck. It made me cry for I love birds. Saturday July 11 another bird hit the same window and dies. This was a different kind of bird, small but beautiful dark blue feathers on its tail.
An injured bird almost flew into me and instead flew into my storm door then flew away in distress.
Hey. So i have signs that happen to me often. My brother usually sends me messages with cardinals. Mainly hawks and owls though. This particular day I woke up from a weird foreboding dream which had me perplexed. Tucking my daughter in tightly to an unfamiliar bed. Then my plan was to go hiking. So, I was cleaning out my car for this trip which was about a 2 hour drive. So i have to stop here and explain. While i was cleaning my car, i got the familiar faint wind that tells me things are about to change. Its uncomfortable because it has been tragedy mostly when i feel this. I try and be optimistic because i know God also gives us blessings through tradgedy. I felt so many times and recently month before this corona virus and the year before my brother passed. So now im here again. Feeling this feeling. We finally make it to Little River Canyon and a cardinal runs right into my car. For anyone else this means little.. Most people think im weird or interesting or fascinating, depending on the person. So i look at my friend and i said that was a Cardinal wasnt it? So i was so stunned, i couldnt drive any further. We turned around and picked it up. Actually drove off with it to see if maybe there was a rescue and there wasnt so we turned around and found a safe place in the habitat it was flying in. He was flying across the street. I have also been feeling weird because all these people are contacting me and it honestly scares me. I dont know what to think... i just cried and prayed after i read this. i will look up the date now and maybe read your message that saved you. Thank you for posting this. Carrie
Yesterday morning I heard a thump...later when I was leaving there was a bird lying sadly dead at my door...I have not long ago heard the same familiar thump...another bird has flown into the door again...I have not gone and checked...but I looked out my bedroom window and saw a bird same as yesterday hopping away...this has never happened before...x
Me and my Fiancé was having a discussion i was standing at the car i walked back into the house up into the bedroom and closed the door behind me i have a two bedroom out of no where i hear him say its a bird i come out the bed room and walks into the next bedroom and there ot was. Ot was pretty calm we opened the window and it flew out unharmed
I remember when I was homeless for a year , I was under alot of stress. I was staying in my car , on other people couch and even stayed a night in the shelter. I was at my friend's house and a bird hit the window and died...I took it ass god putting all my sorrows to death . A month later I moved into my place.
Leon cedras
There's a bird keeps on coming and hitting my window. I try to chase it away then it flys away but comes back later and tries to get in my house trough the window. It's been happening all day what do u think this means?
Leon cedras
There's a bed keeps on comig and hitting my window. I try to chase it away then it flys away but comes back later and tries toet in my house trough the window. It's been happening all day what do u think this means?
Almost daily birds fly into various windows of my home. Usually they get up and fly away again. I do have a very trying life map it WOULD make me feel very good if it meant good things 🙏🏻
In the past month I have has several birds fly into 3 different windows, my screen door and my sliding glass door. None have died but I'm concerned about what's going on.
A bird flew into my kitchen window yesterday morning when I was washing up at 8.40 am 25th July. Then at 8.40 26th of July I was watching TV lying on the setee and another bird flew into my living room window. Very odd. I've have a very important interview tomorrow for a good job, could this be linked???
Yesterday a bird hit 2 didfent patto doors now sure what time or what kind 7-25-2020 help
We are on a family vacation in Emerald Isle. This morning a bird hit our patio window. About a year ago we unexpectedly lost my father in law. We didn't let our youngest son go to his funeral, since he was young and it was such a sundden loss. Last week he kept asking why he wasn't able to go funeral and say bye, even though it had been a year. We explained that he was too young then. Today is my sons birthday. When I read this article I couldn't believe it! My father in law is definitely stopping by to say Happy Birthday to him today! As we sat outside and talked to the bird as if it was him. The bird is alive and I'm certain he will fly again. He just wanted to watch over us for the day. Thank you for sharing this article you wrote. I adore it!
My mom passed away 17 days ago. This morning as I worked from home with my desk against the window I heard a small bird "bonk" into the window. As I stood up to check outside the window I saw 2 small brown birds (sparrows??) on the railing "chirp chirp chirping" and one looked my way , then both flew away just as fast as they came. It was so odd. Never experienced that before, but I was glad they both were not hurt. I wonder what it means.
What does it mean when the same Bird ( male cardinal ) has been tapping repeatedly on the same window for a couple months now? Some days he will come several times ,and some days not at all. It's almost like he wants in. It's on the shaded, western face of home.
Paula Funk
This is very interesting as we recently put a new window in overlooking the bird garden so far 8 times that birds have hit the glass with 1 fatality. My Mom died 12-28-18 and my Dad 08-25-61 I was about 2 years old I never got to say "my mom and dad" in my whole life something so small but, since my Mom died these 2 beautiful cardinals have been here every day. I was thrilled when I read the meaning of the cardnails visit and I will hang on to the belief that they are a connection for me to my Mom and Dad. Every morning I tell them "good morning Mom & Dad" God is good. Thanks, Paula
Helen Acevez
Today, as I was praying, I asked God if he can give me a sign that all will be ok. Then a bird came my window in the family room, fluttering, with wings hitting the window and somehow stood at the window with nowhere to stand and as I looked at it, in flew away in seconds. Yes I’m worried about finances, praying for a great job opportunity I interviewed for, and trying to leave faith in His hands. I’ve been blessed countless times the last year and He continues to answer my prayers but right now I am stressed. So I looked online about the meaning of birds while in prayer and I come across your article. Thank you! This is exactly what I’m experiencing. I’ll overcome no matter what. He has a plan and path for me, in faith, I know I will prosper. Amen.
Carol Landaeta
This morning while waiting in my car for my eye dr. appointment, a beautiful red cardinal landed on my side view passenger side mirror. It then tried to get into my passenger window, trying to grip the side door, but kept getting stopped because my window was up. Glad that it was up, otherwise the cardinal would have flown into my car. I took a picture, then when tried to take a video it flew away again. 5 minutes or so later, the cardinal came back and did the same thing all over again. It first landed on my passenger side view mirror, then tried to land on my window, unable to land because of the window being up. Very strange, interesting and wonderful all at the same time. What does it mean?
Around 1pm I was sitting in my lounge, the net curtain was closed and it's not see through. I heard a loud thud on the glass which made me jump. I went to the bathroom to get my glasses, came back and looked outside. I saw a pigeon on the path; as soon as I saw it, it walked away. This happened the day after the 11th anniversary of my mum passing away.
venigalla ramalingeswararao
Bird entered into my house through at night 11.30 pm, on friday. Sunday night my son died, that is with three days of incident. Pl comment
Marcelle Belanger
A bird hit my window on Aug 7th friday afternoon...got up and flew away...didn't have a chance to see what kind it was. Another hit the same window on Aug 9th Sunday afternoon...died in my hands...identified it as a North American Robin. I'm trying to figure out what this means. Can you help me out?? Please.
Aisha maureen saidy
Around 3 pm today thurs 13 th Aug ...A pigeon hit my window and sat on the ledge just looking at me ....see,Ed a while then when I moved it flew away .last year one hit but didn’t have date etc....I have been of some ill health for a while now ...at the time I was chatting with my husband in Gambia we are married just over tow years .i pay my final visa payment tomorrow and he has the rest to catch up on ..but says it’s no problem he has it in hand .this I just wondered what the bird means as some of the omens are bad....Thankyou
Sarah Jane
Little bird flew into my window at 12:05 14th august just buried my dad on the 11th so hope it’s a sign from him x he died on the 24th of July
Dave Burpee
My wife got a call @8.40 this morning. Her brother had passed away. @ 1.40 this afternoon a cardinal crashed into our glass door and died?
On August 15, 2020 around 9 am my grandson and I heard a loud thump against the LR window. Later on found a dead dove on ground Below this window and buried it. I’m not superstitious or religious but felt a sense of sadness for this bird. It was beautiful and looked at such peace. Unlike myself who is heartbroken over my sick son who was undergoing medical tests around this same time. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a sign from someone or my mom in heaven whose bday was 7 days ago trying to tell me something? I noted this event down in my calendar anyways, hopefully it is a good message that’s much needed right now.
A bird was pecking at my window the day of my fathers burial. It was pecking at the window of the room that his coffin in. I couldn’t make the type of bird it was. The time was in the afternoon
Robin L Weddington
A bird flew into my storm door window on August 19 at 6:33 pm I went to check and the bird flew off in a few minutes What does this mean for me
Kandy Miles
A bird just hit my kitchen window...and died...I was in another room and heard it.. I had just been talking about how miserable my restless legs syndrome has gotten.. when it happened,,, Ive always heard that it means a death in the family....I immediately wrapped him up and buried him... I just cant help but worry about the meaning behind it...
Husband in ICU , brain injured. I worry how our live has changed in a second. Sad, came back from seeing him, bird flew in window at 7.05pm Aug 25th . My cat ate it
Joyce Griffing-Roberts
My sons father passed away. They were with him. He passed at 6:53 pm.Aug.23 2020 A bird hit the window in the room they were with their father. Then there was lighting outside his window. Mmmmm
Jeannine La Brie
A brown dove flew into my window on Sunday morning after zooming church. It stayed on my patio for a few minutes. I am a 1st floor condo with a patio above not sure how the bird saw a reflection. I have plants outside to try and prevent this.
Marion MacDonald
A bird just hit my window & died, & fell on on my balcony! 😞😳 At 4.45pm Aug 30, 2020
Jazzy pine
I was just sitting with my son watching his wheels on the bus and out of no where, this little brown bird slammed into the window almost killing her self. But then two seconds later she flew into her nest with her babies. But my question is, is that a sign or a mistake? I'm skeptical but also very into the meanings of birds flying into windows. I also have this one humming bird follow me time to time, I believe it's my father watching over me 😊
Jacqueline Kelly
My dad died in my house. The undertaker came, the undertaker got my dad ready and brought him back to me to wake him for two days in my home. The two days he was waked birds flew into all the windows of my home, crashing against them.
poet Francis
The lord bless and keep you safe It's all okay now.
I thought of my brother girlfriend mom will pass away as she went to the hospital this morning With a blood cloth in her leg 84 and smoke alot ,and refuses to eat,85 lbs
Carol Brouwer
This bird hit so hard it cracked my window (bay) I am deeply concerned about money as I am a diabetic and have been furloughed since March. I am worried about my family. I do have faith in God and no one can take that away.
Jae Edmondson
Its good to know rhat it could be my hisband but also better to know that the relationship im in will soon come to an end as i can not trust the man im with relationship wise. He needs validation from a variety of women to validate his existence.
I’ve had many birds hit my windows over the years . I believe they are message s from the other side. But today a Dove hit my kitchen window so hard I screamed. Thank goodness it flew away unharmed but shook me up.something it telling me something. Can places any thing with today’s date or time I wrote it on calendar time will tell.Thanks for have a great site of info. Enjoy your day
A bird hit my window and I was led to your page. You mentioned it could be a sign from a loved one and to write the time and date down. Immediately when I saw what day it was, it was the day my mother passed away. I told her I loved her as I do many nights. Not sure if this still means anything else as I’m going through a tough time now but just thought I would share. Thank you 😊
2 birds hit my front window in a 24 hour period. Both have died. What does that mean???
Two birds just flew into my window. I went out to see if they were ok. They were in shock. So I put them by each other. One eventually flew off. The other is still sitting there. He his one of his eyes on the window. Today is my 40th work anniversary. I am hoping its a sign from my mom and dad in heaven.
It was early in the morning at about between 7am and 8am this bird with a greyish long hard beak came to my bedroom window tapping as I open the catuirns to look it flew bt went to my bathroom window and did the same when went to look for the noise it went to the roof this happen for about 30 minutes or more well Lt felt too long and was terrified was so skurd didn't even go outside till later at 10am and it was the first time I experience such I even ask myself what was going on or what does tht mean.
Noel McCoy
Two birds hit my window the last week of August 2020. First time any bird hit any window of my house. I have lived for twenty-eight years in this house. The same week two people close to me have died after these incidents.
Lana D R
This is so cool! When visiting my folks' house earlier on in the year, this one bird seemed really persistent and kept aggressively 'beak tapping' the window over & over again. We saw the bird then sitting on the branches a rulers length away from said window just sat there, I opened the window to see if he would fly in the house to prevent it getting distressed or injured but he just buggered off. The window is partially obscured by branches so me and my mom thought what the hells happening? I felt it had a deeper meaning behind it. Interesting indeed.
Becky Murphy
I was in my living room today and a Dove hit the window. I went outside to check on the Dove. She was on her back and whenI got close the dove turned over. I held it for awhile. She looked just fine. I put her in a box with a soft part of a T shirt and she relaxed. Still would not fly away. I called the Wildlife Center and they took the dove in who I named Precious. Now my husband said he saw on the internet it is a bad omen for a bird to hit the window. I don’t want to believe that. Help me please.
Bird hit my window today Sept .14.2020 at 1:15 noon. A chickadee. A lovely green feathered tiny puff ball. I looked out and it was sitting upright on the walkway looking up at me. I put gloves on went outside to help it. Put my hand in front of it. It appeared stunned. But once on my hand it wasn't letting go. There are 2 Alberta spruce trees in front of my front doorway. I convinced it to perch on a branch close to a nest. After 5 minutes it left the the tree and flew to the other tree as if to say I'm ok. I believe it was a message from a loved one. For me to remember to be kind and understand weakness in another. An interesting site you have here. Stay safe and god bless
Bird hit my window today Sept .14.2020 at 1:15 noon. A chickadee. A lovely green feathered tiny puff ball. I looked out and it was sitting upright on the walkway looking up at me. I put gloves on went outside to help it. Put my hand in front of it. It appeared stunned. But once on my hand it wasn't letting go. There are 2 Alberta spruce trees in front of my front doorway. I convinced it to perch on a branch close to a nest. After 5 minutes it left the the tree and flew to the other tree as if to say I'm ok. I believe it was a message from a loved one. For me to remember to be kind and understand weakness in another. An interesting site you have here. Stay safe and god bless
Hi Ryan, This just happened to me while cooking dinner. I heard a big bang on my patio door window and looked and there is a feather on my window. Im very worried about money and how I can my pay-my bills. I do pray to God to help me with the money. So I googled why birds do this. I got my answers. Thank you.
It's like the 3rd day it comes every morning but the 1st day the bird came like 3 times a day but now it comes every morning around the same time I do nothing until it leaves I'd really wanna know what it means.
Mary Childers
A duck just hit my glass office building window today at 9:00 am 9.17.2020. It unfortunately died. Thank you for this article reminding me that birds are messengers. I wished it peace and peace to its partner it was flying with and who is now alone.
Beaulah Jean Blanchard
Hi this little bird I’ve never seen before he has been at my window for two weeks now and pecks on the window ... only wen I’m in the room He follows me around wen I’m in the yard as well
At 1:30 pm 9-21-20 my husband saw a bird hit the window. We went outside and to our surprise there were 2 birds a few feet apart. My 1st thought was a message from God but as I read I saw other reasons
I have had 4 birds so far hit my windows, in 3 different windows. All lived and one even flew away into a car with it's windows down. Was so funny seeing the people run out of the car. But I knew it was my bird that just hit my window. I saw it fly away after that event too. We have had no deaths over the summer and no changes in our lives so far. Now I wonder if my house is jinxed. It has never happened in the last 7 years. Last bird was Step 24 2020. 3:30 pm
Nontobeko Xulu
I was sitting in the living area and I heard a knock on my bedroom window today (Sept 25, 2020; at 19h) but I ignored it. About 2min later, I hear the same sound but now on the window of where I was sitting. I look outside and I see a sparrow bumping on the window, I go outside to check it out and I found one more sparrow but this one is sitting on a pole next to the door. The one which had hit the window then instantly goes to join the sparrow on the pole. It was an interesting sighting and I hope it signifies positive change.
Joanne Milton
For about 2weeks now I have had birds hit my bedroom window. The window is tucked in a corner of the house and I would think it would be difficult for birds to run into it. Usually happens when I am alone but today my husband was home. There has been spirits around me lately. Sept. 25,2020.
Liss fernander
I was sitting outside crying feeling all alone and a bird flew into the window and it hit so hard i stopped crying and looked up to see the bird upside down dead it was sept.26th at 2pm
Courtney Cook
A bird just hit my window on September 27, 2020 at 11:27am He sadly passed away 😔 and i tried to recuse a little bird just like it the other day. I found it sitting on the ground and it didn't try to fly away when i picked it up. But sadly he passed away yesterday on the 26th. I'm wanting to sell my house but not sure if I should or if it's the right time. And I've been having issues with people at my job that's been causing a lot of stress.
Last Tuesday morning as I was preparing to go to my doctor for a Covid test necessary for a surgical procedure I have upcoming a small yellow bird hit my window and died. I found it on my cellar board from my window. I thought it might have been just stunned so I left the little bird there for a while but unfortunately the sweet innocent bird died. When I opened my back door to go in my yard to pick it up there was a huge flock of little blackbirds all sitting on a wire in the back of my backyard. I received a call this morning from my nephew 6 days after I found the poor little bird that my beloved sister passed away from Alzheimer’s after an extended stay in a rehab center. Could the death of that poor little bird hitting my window and the flock of blackbirds have some meaning or significance related to my sister’s passing? I also lost my mother to Alzheimer’s a few years ago. I’m heartbroken.
sharon lemieux
A robin hit my window today, 29th September 2020 at just after 12noon. It was alive for a few moments when I picked it up then it died in my hands. It's just happened. So sad to see a robin die, any bird in fact. Not sure what this could mean...my life has been crazy lately, with worry, concern for others...I do think this is a sign or someone there for me, but why and what? And why did the Robin have to die :(
Thursday September 24th afternoon, while dog-sitting at my cousin's, noticed an immature dead Robin outside the patio door. I believe it hit the window above. My mom had been unwell for over a week, but felt much better that morning. By Saturday tho she'd gotten worse and she's been in hospital since. Is there a bird message for me or for my cousin?
A bird hit my window on June 28 at about 12:57 pm. Yes I have been really stressed about finding a new job and worried about money. I trust in God always. If this is a sign, I am listening❤
Sandra R. Cox
This afternoon a bird tap my window twice.I took it to be a good omen.It gave me hope.
Morgan Gainor
I read your article seeking 'the record' for longest bird bashing in NC. We have had the same Cardinal smack our windows (upstairs, downstairs, back and side) beginning an 8 month span. This is am & pm and goes on for HOURS. Sometimes this is somewhat headfirst and other times a full body blow. Today is 9/30/20 (October begins 8 months). There is more to this but probably no room. Thanks
Today October 1, 2020 around 6:55am I was siting in my living room and heard a bang on my kitchen window which is at the back of my building. I took a look out the window and seen a bird just sitting on the back porch after he hit my window. I went outside to check on it and it just looked at me and didn’t move. I went back in for 20 minutes or little longer. I decided to go back and check on the bird and it had flown away.
In the last 2 days i have had about 12 birds fly into my windows near the living room where i usually sit. This has happened mostly durning the day but also at night. 2 of the birds have died!. My birthday was 2 days ago and i also recently lost my husband and father. Not sure exactly what this means.
On my birthday September 27, 2020 at 12:30 or 12:45 I believe a green yellow bird hit my window do you know what it means I also buried it and put flowers in it
I've had a bird to follow me to whatever room I'm in and peck on the window. This has happened the last two days. It's not the first time something like this has happened. I've always thought of it as something good or bad is taking place or will soon....or maybe God sending me a message to lift me up and let me know he is there for me. 10/03/20 @ 3:45
On 4th October at about 4:45pm there was a very loud bang from the front window of my house which startled me as I was sitting right next to the window. Through the window I saw a white pigeon or dove standing and panting on my front lawn. I went outside and then it walked off and across the road. I didn’t see where it went as I had looked away. The bird left a mark on the window which outlined the bird with its wings up and spread out where you can see that it had flown into the window. What does these mean? Thanks so much.
At 8:10 this morning a bird flew into my patio door plate glass door he fell and was stunned on his back then he flipped over and I could see that his beak looked broken so I was going to help him I was going to try to help him and then when I turned around and looked he was gone. 10/5/20
I had 3 birds in the same day lightly hit and a total of 6 in less than a week. A dragon fly as well today! I knew they were trying to get my attention but I went into the fear and ignored. And yes I did go outside to look at the window reflection that may be fooling them because I needed to rationalize this. I was finally doing something I meant to do for over 20 years at the time and felt pride after doing a complete 180 in my life.
Hello I really don't know where start. I've had a cardinal hitting my windows for a week now. Same windows. Also has started on my car windows. I've begin to wonder if this is a spiritual sign or coincidence. It appears to be the same bird. opinions are welcomed as to what it could mean or just a nature thing.. thanks for any responses..
A Robin has been coming to my garden for the last 3 days it spends all day out there eating drinking etc it comes to my window and it's like it's looking at me it does not attack or hit the glass
Ciji Ripoll
A bird flew into my bedroom window within 24 hours of my brother's death. It succeeded and preceded several other mysterious signs all within the same 24 hour period. I had also just broken it off with the guy that I was seeing within the same time period.
I have had 4 birds at least hit 3 different windows in the past 3 days all at different times of the day and 2 windows were in shade at the time. 2 birds dyed after impact one immediately flew off after and the other i had to pick it up but after a minute it took off. I've never knowingly had any birds hit the windows in the year and a half we have lived here .
A sparrow hit my window on may 30, 2021 around 9 or 9:30 am. What does that mean
Hi, It is very strange but a little bird started hitting my window the day before and also the next day when my cousin died. I was very close to her and I think this visit was related to my cousin. The bird was not hungry, he didn't eat the food and water we offered him and neither he was scared of us. He was just visiting the window of my office and staying there. I don't know exactly what he wanted from me and I keep thinking abut this
A Robin flew into my door which is black & white, at about 11:50a.m. on 10/09 and was stunt for about 20 minutes. I read what you said about birds flying into windows, but what about flying into the door is that the same meaning?
Yesterday 10/08/20 a pigeon landed on my windshield and was on my hood riding for 2 mins. Despite us driving it held on until my husband pulled over to shoo it away.
A bird flew into my window and flew off Saturday October 13 2020 at 1:30 pm I wonder the meaning
My brother experienced the bird hitting his window so he went outside and took the bird in his hands and helped him to recover .. so this bird opened his eyes and he was all ok . The bird wasn’t hot that bad but once the bird was conscious he was still sitting on my brothers hand .. after another few days it happened again with another bird . My brother went outside to check again booking he could help but the bird died , sadly . Is this a message for my brother ? Does it mean anything ? One bird survived , another bird has died .
A brown bird hit my window in the evening at 6 pm and left! He returned The next evening chirping so loud and my flag pool was bouncing but no wind! Day 3 he returned and was pecking at my window screen till I turned to look at him and he left! Each time it was around 6 pm and no other bird in sight! Waiting to see what happens tonight
Shavon Hill
I had a bird smacked up against my living room window with a loud thump. I went to go check on it but it was gone! Thank God it didn't die.. I love animals but this was scary for me because I was raised being told that when birds fly into your window that means death. But I'll pay for the better
Colleen Long
We have a woodpecker that has spent the last two weeks hitting our window , fluttering into the window , over and over and over and over again. All day long. I have put stickers up I have done a lot of different things to help the reflection, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? 🐦
Patrick Flournoy
I'm not sure what to think. Some say its a negative sign and some say its a warning while others say its a message from heaven. I want to believe the latter. I do have worries that i face on a daily basis with my health and my financial situation, and basically with the way this country is being directed. Its depressing to me. So what can this mean? I haven't a clue.
Pandora Farrell
I have had a bird constantly flying at my window all day. It will flap its wing, sit on the windowsill and peck the window. Its the craziest thing!
I saw a bird hit my window on Thursday of this week and again today. Read up on what it can mean... looking forward to finding out!
Linda Richard
Yesterday I heard something by my front door, I have my chair in front of it, so I turn around to see what it might be ,I saw a small blackbird fly by. After awhile like 10 min , I heard it in the back of the house ,it didn't sound like a bird hitting the window ,but pecking on the siding of the house peck 3 times, I see the blackbird fly by after, still not long it was back in the front of the house and did the same thing ,don't know what it could mean
Kelly Lepori
Idk what kind bird it was looked like young eagle or hawk- It hit my window & was on grass outside looking around, when tapped the window it had flew off with something in its grasp be it a small bird or a mice- Happened today Oct 18 @ like 4:55 pm
Today Oct 18 2020 a bird has hit the window 3 times. Each time I walk into a different room. First the bedroom (back of the house) then the kitchen, and now the living room and its only 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
Cheyanne Dupuis
A bird hit my sliding glad door at 10:15 pm, Oct 22. It happened within a minute of me walking into the house, thankfully he bounced around and flew Off.
Yes i had a bird today hit my glass sliding doors in my back yard then a bird flew into my window in front of my house same day different times
Jamie King
This is a great article and this happened to me today around 1...
A sparrow hit my window today and I found him dead. Made me feel so bad for this creature of God. I started googling meanings behind this and came to your blog. Loved it. When I read your paragraph about how dates can be significant I chose to google Bible verses with this date 10:31..... that lead me to Matthew 10:31 “ 31 So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” I felt it was too coincidental. God is always there for us and always listening. We just have to be listening for His call. I felt this was a sign He was letting me know how much he cares and loves me. Very comforting.
Tina Laudermilt
It is November 6th 2020 and a bird just hit my window at 9 25 a.m. was wondering what this could mean it is sunny and it is Shady I don't know if this is a message from my mom and Heaven I hope it is and I hope it's good news that she is looking out for me I have been stressed I've been worried I haven't felt good at all I've been sick a lot lately so I hope this is a good message from my mother
Demetria Frye
A bird flew in my mother's bathroom today 11/8/20 @10:47a.m
Tina Phillips
It's Friday the 13th, November 2020. 9am. A bird just flew into my window. I am worried about money right now due to being laid off due to the virus. But it's also my estranged sister's birthday, who was born on Friday the 13th, 1967. She has MS. So I'm not sure.
Sharal B.
For the past week the same bird has selected two windows at my home, different locations but near each other, to run into and peck throughout the day. The pecking starts around 6:30 a.m., CST, and ends when the sun goes down which is around 5:30 p.m. CST. It would be a job within itself to log all of the times, they are so frequent I find it so annoying. At first I thought the bird was having issues, but then it has returned for the past 4 days. Today is day number 5. I'm not sure what to think of it.
In 2 days 3 things happened: 1. Sparrow sat in the security frame of my window looked at me for about 3 seconds and flew out 2. Sparrow flew inside the house halfway and out again 3. Dove flew crashed into window but recovered and flew away. Kindly let me know the meaning
I had a sparrow knocking on my living room window after sun down and it looked at me and then flew off. A few days later a dove was banging on my kitchen window at about 830 am until I went outside and then flew a ways away and watched me. What does this mean?
Sharon Poe
Each year from November till March a bird taps on each window of our house. A good while before my mother passed in 03’ I asked her after she’s gone to send me a sign, she said like what I said a bird. I don’t remember what year this started some time after she passed.
Bird was fluttering by my wind
Stephanie Harris
It’s 2:00 pm Saturday December 5th 2020! I’m sitting in my Salon quietly reading on my cellphone then I hear a bumped on my glass door where clients enter. Clearly I see a bird fly away I get up to see if he was hurt but he was flying still unharmed. It got my attention and I can’t help to think what now we are in the middle of this pandemic 😷 only GOD knows and I still TRUST HIM. 🙏🏽
Judy Maxwell
My deceased husband would have had a birthday yesterday, today is the second time that I have watched a bird fly into a window in 3 weeks!
A finch bird has been pecking at my bedroom window for the past month. I realize that it’s a spiritual sign that I’m going through some type of transition. Then recently I haven’t heard the bird come back for 2 weeks until my husband said he saw him pecking on our car window trying to get in every side of the window and two day ago flew in our garage. The message I suppose is to let me know that there’s a significant change coming but it’s either positive or negative?
Every morning, a bird hits my window several times, what could it mean? Its kinda green with a black beak. It happens every morning my window tho is very reflective literally like a mirror from outside.
Vicki Chadwick
I always heard from my grandmother it was a sign of death. I hope I’m wrong.
A red bird always fly into my window every morning starting at 6:30 am .. after he taps it a few times he sits there and He will do this all day some days.
Jocelynn Smith
So I’ve been seeing the number 23 EVERYWHERE. I have been seeing it everywhere. My fiancé and I broke up on the 23rd. And a day or two later I was in the kitchen and two birds tangled together smacked my sliding glass door.
Meghan K.
Today, January 1st, 2021, it was around 7 am. I had just layed my infant son back down after a feeding, and was trying to catch a few extra minutes of sleep myself. I was just about to sleep when I heard this huge bang at my bedroom window, followed by what sounded like a lot of clawing noises. Like something was trying to get in. After the noises had stopped, I got up to see what all the noise was about. When I opened up my curtain, I saw a beautiful hawk just sitting there at my window staring at me. The only thing separating us was the glass from the window. It sat there looking at me for a good 30 seconds, then flew off into the tree next to my house and stayed there. I believe it was a sign from my fiance, who had passed away from cancer, on the 1st of December. Exactly a month since he has passed. I have been asking him repeatedly to show me he is still with me, and his children. A bird has never once hit any of my windows. Let alone a giant hawk, trying to claw his way into my bedroom. I have found a sort of comfort with this whole experience, and am very grateful for it.
Today is new years day 2021. While sitting in my livingroom at approximately 1pm a bird hit my window. While this was startling at first we brushed it off hoping it was ok and a good omen. 5 to 8 minutes later....a second bird hit my window! Now I'm a little unnerved. When I read about the meaning or omen of a bird hitting the window, I have yet to find what 2 birds may mean and on new years day! Hoping it's a good thing? Thank you!
Lynne Keeling
A robin hit my window today approximately 1pm sunday 3 1 2021 ....later I had a call saying my sister is in hospital..I am so worried because both my eldest sister has heart condition my other elder sister has terminal cancer. Please can you tell me what it means .the robin often visits but has never hit the window before ..
A bird hit my window today. Jan 3, 2021 @ 1:00pm. We have a 2 story house and it’s the only window with no screen or blinds. Makes sense when I read at the bottom of your article. We believe it’s a pigeon since they like to hang out on our roof. There is stuff on the glass stuck , but glass fell and shattered onto the driveway below. There was no sign of a dead bird anywhere. Which is very weird. No gun shot. No rocks. Nobody playing outside. @ we don’t have any trees in front of our house. We live in Las Vegas to give you an idea. Never had this happen before. It’s quite bazaar to not find anything dead because of it or why/ how it happened.
I often experienced birds come home and I catch them.After I let them fly. Just yesterday another bird come home and we took a Selfie again.Curious what message he want to brings.
Laura Moore
A mourning dove hit my sliding patio glass door at 1:00 ish PM on Friday January 15th 2021. It unfortunately died from the impact. This scared me from the sound!
Greetings from Connecticut -We’ve had raptors hunting our indoor birds all day -1/17/21! We have two birds (cockatiel and caiques) whose cages are in a bay window back of house that gets an hour of morning sun... today a Sharp-shinned hawk was watching our birds and I only realized it wasn’t the fox that crosses our yard every morning -which usually gets the birds dander up. As I witnessed the hawk put brakes on-feet first-backpedaling so to speak as he was coming towards the window and diverted left toward open air space. Later another hawk -much larger was just below our bay window in the front of our house…hunting a small something? There is a chipmunk hole near. But heck its Jan 17 in New England! And then tonight at 6 and again at 8:30 an owl flew into our bay window in the back of house where our two birds are -THUD three times! I have shivers. Sure the raptors are after my birds perhaps? But I can’t help but feel a very strong message is being sent! But today’s date means really nothing
I had a bird hit my window on January 18, 2021. It just hover there for a few minutes then flew away. I think it's my Grandma because I had been thinking about her for a while I think she came to tell me everything is going to be alright.
I had a bird hit my window on January 18, 2021. It just hover there for a few minutes then flew away. I think it's my Grandma because I had been thinking about her for a while I think she came to tell me everything is going to be alright.
Andrea Atkinson
At 1240 PM this afternoon, 1/19/2021, a cardinal hit my front porch bay window. I went outside to find him on my porch, sitting under the wind chime that was gifted to me when my father passed away. I walked up to him and saw that he was breathing, I reached down and he stepped up onto my fingers. I held him and petted him a few moments, then he flew away....Today is also the 24th anniversary of my grandfather's death.
I just walked out of a lunch meeting and the bushes are FILLED with chirping. I thought “how sweet”. Then all the birds raced out as if spooked and two flew into glass doors in front of me and fell on the ground. I’m so worried. They didn’t move but were breathing! I tried to correct one so it wasn’t laying on its side but was afraid I could do more harm. This isn’t the first time this has happened. HELP!
Today A bird hit my window. I don't Know what time But It scared Me. I Have Been Depressed Over Not Hearing from My 17yrs Old Grandson. I Know that Seems Petty But I Thought we had A Good Relationship. It Bothers me More Than Anything. Today I Felt Like A Ton Of Bricks Have Lifted From My Heart. I Think God Has Taken That From Me. Also The Bird Helped Too. Thanks
Sharon Elder
A cute little red cardinal hit my bedroom window he landed on the ledge shook it off and flew away around 9am jan27th 2021
Carolyn D Smith
On Saturday, February 20, 2021, 6:30 Am. When I awake the sun was rising. Then clouds came in and there were tons of red robins flying around in the back yard. Two on a branch looking unto the window as if they were watching me. They stay there for two hours and once my husband awakens starts looking out the window. Then one bird flies into the windows. February 22, 2021, at 14:00 and then again at 14:15 birds fly into windows in front of the house. Its a sunny day however the sun is in the back.
Just today February the 23 2021, around 2pmish, I think the same black bird which I suppose looked like a Magpie hit two windows in my room, one window of one side of my room, and the same I believe, but on another window on another side of the same room I was in. I heard that birds hitting your window could mean Death, but can please help to to try understand what this could mean?
Liberty Eguriase
A bird always comes to my window every morning by 08:06 am Ghana time What does it means?
My husband passed away few months before COVID lockdown. An explosive cancer that took him in two weeks. He had no signs prior to this and he never knew what happened. Beginning of March 2020 I have a male cardinal fling into our picture window at the porch where we enjoyed bird watching. He never stops ! From daylight till dusk. I have tried everything. Now I have lines drawn outside and foil strips hanging on window blowing in the breeze. He’s not as bad but still tries through out day. It’s March 2021 and this bird would drive anybody crazy, but , my neighbor told me about the birds from heaven. Being in isolation and alone....it just makes me wonder
Amber Whitt
So this morning when I was out with dog, a Male Cardinal flew into my garage then flew out safely. So I am writing this at work which I work in a warehouse with one window and I sit near it, I just had a Female cardinal fly into the window and she broke her neck, I have been working here for over 8 years and this has never happened before. I got one of my guys that work with me and we buried her together. What is so ironic is that my Fathers Birthday was yesterday and he has been gone for over 12 years.
Hi I have the exact same bird pecking on my kitchen window for about a week now different times off the day is small green breast white and grey what does this mean?
I was at my lunch break maybe around 1:30 when I heard the slammed. It was a brown bird hitting my workplace window. I checked the bird through the window, he seemed OK and walk away in a scene after an hour. Is there any spiritual meaning on this one?
It was in the morning around 07h00 when i noticed a dove sitting cuddly like in a nest on my sofa. Not sure what that means
March 29th I was watching TV and I heard a thump on my window, i turned my head towards the window to see a bird flying away from it. This was in the middle of a bright sunny warm day, and so I figured it saw a reflection of a flowering cherry tree it saw. Then two days later (witch is the birthday of my decreased father) I was awoken in the middle of the night ( I didn't check the time it happend) by the sound of someone or something knocking on my door. It was three knocks it was a soft knock not a loud pounding knock. (I wasn't scaredby it just confused and waited to hear it agian but it didn't happen so I fell back to sleep) I Have been having a spiritual change in my mind and heart, trying to let go of my past hurts in life and move on with a new path in the holly spirit. I have been struggling with family and friends trying to forgive then so I can take that next step to Jesus as my savior. This is all happing right now to me and is becoming a bit confusing to me. I will continue to observe happenings to try and figure this all out the meaning seems to be very important to me for some reason. Thanks for reading this... Love to all Teresa
4-1-21 just after 4pm. It was a pigeon hit my car window just after I pumped gas and just sat down to reset trip meter. The poor thing died. I prayed
A bird just flew into my closed window at work then flew away. I believe it was someone trying to communicate to me from Heaven or positive change is coming into my life
A grey dove hit our upstairs bedroom window and flew and sat on our fence to shake it off and then flew away. This morning. Just wondering what meaning this might hold?
[email protected]
I have a Robin that keeps flying into my window. I went out and ran it off. It has come back and keeps flying into the window. I truly believe it is a sign from heaven.
Donna Dickson
It was sometime before 8:pm on April 17 2021 I had the window open in my bedroom for the cool air to come in an I decided to go into my room to watch tv an thought I should close my window abit which I did an I walked away from window an set in my bed an looked up at window an a bird hit the window! I thought if I didn’t close the window that bird would have flown in my room! I did hear of sprituel stories that it wasn’t good when a bird hits your window! I pray it’s goodness or good luck! My family never seen to have good luck but we seem to get by in life meaning we’re able to make ends meet an my kids are grown with kids of there own . Myself I try an pray for my family an ask the lord to pray for my family an ask for good things for all like pray they are safe n bring happiness into there an my life and pray for families an friends that are dealing with sickness an having hard time an ask for forgiveness in my life. I ask for your prayers for my family an loved ones thank u.
Kristin Foster
Small bird repeatedly hitting my downstairs window everyday about the same time today is 4-19-20 at 6:10 p.m
Danielle Cormier
A bird flew into my window today, 21 April 2021 around 620pm. I rushed outside to find it under my rose bush. I stood watching for a moment and offered it a branch to check for injures. It was sweet and allowed me to pet it as it peaceful sat on the branch. I watch it for a few minutes after I placed it back under the bush. I left for a moment and it took flight and left before I returned. Not sure what it means but scared the heck outta me
Bird it my window on my nephew's birthday at seven o clock in the morning why
My sister's husband passed about 10 months ago n for the last few days a bird has been sitting on her window but it will then run into the window it's been happening for a week now what could it mean
Victoria Suchecki
Bird flying at my window for 3 days in a row in the morning time April Tuesday 27 2021 I saw one flying at my window at 10:00 am April 28 Wednesday 28 2021 bird keeps flying at the window April 29th Thursday 2021 bird keeps flying at the window the same spot There is no bird nest or anything it just looks through
In the past 5 days, early morning a Robin has been flying into the window of my French door. I covered the window with dark plastic and the next morning the bird flew into the window of my French door upstairs. Why is this happening?
Lexanne Southern
I visited my pawpaw and another important grave today’s day on the way to the graveyard, “Rocket Man” by Elton John was playing. On the way back from the graveyard to my Memaw’s house I notice this song come on once more, odd since it’s pandora and played within 30 minutes of me hearing it on the way. But as I’m noticing this song is on again I see something literally dropping from the sky and hit my right corner of the windshield. The thump startled me of course but I was more taken aback when I see the feather stuck in the liquid it left on my windshield. I of course was sad I hit a bird, I never have in my life and birds are very important to me spiritually already. But something told me not to mourn but to celebrate its life and not be afraid of death. I stumbled across this article and it just took my breath away as I’m in a very difficult place in life financially. I feel very blessed to have found this and that this happened to me. I will be putting some gloves on and burying the feather by a tree I planted with my pawpaw, just seems like the right thing to do. :) Thank you for writing this article, it really is special to me and probably so many others!
Joseph Martorana
I was in my truck today in a duct ran into my driver's door the second I turned to look out of my door when do the duck smacked right into it it had been a sign I didn't have a good feeling about it not even an hour later I ran my head into my garage door bleeding profusely and I do not go to the emergency room I just use super glue and her friends assistance
[email protected]
A bird knock at my window twice then when I got up he was still there then 1 minutes later he flew away. Please explain to me
[email protected]
A bird knock at my window twice then when I got up he was still there then 1 minutes later he flew away. Please explain to me
Brandy Lopez
My 1st born son died at age 37, he was my ROCK we had his service May 14, 2021. During the service the light above me was flickering and moving all the rest stayed still. On Monday May 12,2021 at 1 pm a bird hit my window, I had been worried on what to do next financially since my son is now gone. Although my faith is strong I didn’t care about the finances I just wanted my son back. A minute later I received a text from a relative asking if he could rent a room from me. This was god preparing me and a message from my son. Cried as I have been everyday for the past 3 weeks, screaming for him. I have to believe and stay in Faith with God and know my son is with me right now💔😭💖🙏😇
Hannah Austin
Just had a magpie fly into my window. All I heard was a tap on the window then when I looked up I saw the magpie trying to fly up again. Bird is nowhere to be seen now. Happened today at 11:18am.
Akvile Eugenija Kondratenko
A bird hit our kitchen window 20-05-2021 6:00 pm, a few minutes later it sat besides the window and just started at me for a minute
At 5.50am this morning, I heard tapping at the kitchen window. When I checked, there was a crow on the window sill pecking at the window. He would fly off, come back and peck some more. He eventually flew off but came back again a short while after. I'm staying at my parents house, both have died, my dad only a month ago. I spent last night worrying about financial matters and feeling very down. I'm glad I found your site. Perhaps it was Dad trying to comfort me and ease my worries. I'm hoping it's not the sign of another death. 😞
At 5.50am this morning, I heard tapping at the kitchen window. When I checked, there was a crow on the window sill pecking at the window. He would fly off, come back and peck some more. He eventually flew off but came back again a short while after. I'm staying at my parents house, both have died, my dad only a month ago. I spent last night worrying about financial matters and feeling very down. I'm glad I found your site. Perhaps it was Dad trying to comfort me and ease my worries. I'm hoping it's not the sign of another death. 😞
Ryan Shordee
I have had 3 birds hit my window in the past 2months , first one was a waxwing it died it hit my bedroom window, second one was a finch hit my bedroom window and it also woke me up....its like i felt it coming too during my dream!!! It stood on the ground breathing and didnt move for 5mins, i played some bird healing music frequency from youtube and guess what?? It healed and flew off!! Third one happened today!! It was a blackbird with the bit of orange on it...i was standing at my kitchen sink when it happened. It left poop on impact , it lived and flew off. I have been going through so much lately. I have been stressing financially over bills and have been abusing alcohol and drugs. I have been fighting depression and anxiety from the use and also fighting to change my life around. I want to be free from the toxic lifestyle j have been living the past 5 years. I also want to be free of stress anxiety, fear and doubt . I pray so much. I havent been this mentally out of wack ever. I hate my job and keep regreting past decisions. I want to move on qnd live in the present. I want peace and love.
I was driving home at night and a bird hit my car on the side right on my door ..I turned around and the bird was dead on the ground it was a nice bird with a white tail.what does this means why at night and right beside me
I was brought up to belie that when a bird hits the window, someone in the family has died
Myshell Nupponen
Last night close to midnight a brown bird flew into our front door window as 2 ambulance officers got to our place. They were taking my partner to the hospital due to broken ribs. 05/06/2021.
Carrie Beckham
I was driving and a bird flew across the front of my Jeep I guess I hit it and it flew in my drivers window , feathers going every where. It landed in my floor board. My window was only half cracked. I’m screaming I pull over and it’s dead in my floor board. This is the second time I have killed a bird in 2 months. And it’s never happened before that. The other one was splatted on my grill and stayed there for 2 weeks. So yes I’m a little freaked out. I have never killed an animal before 🤦‍♀️ Happened today June 8.2021 at 5:45 pm central time
I was at my daughters friday evening at 6 30PM when two pigeons flew to the patio door only 1 hit it I was staying icer looking after her dogs while she was away for wk end
I was at my daughters friday evening at 6 30PM when two pigeons flew to the patio door only 1 hit it I was staying icer looking after her dogs while she was away for wk end
Penny Diane Richardson
After being out of work just a little over a month my financial situation is grim. Today when I got my paycheck I was devastated because I've only been back to work a short time. I do not have enough to pay my bills. With more creeping up fast. I'm in the hole with owing family and have my daughters 4th birthday coming up. I get home after a long day of work sit down in my recliner and a bird flies into my sliding door I watch him take his last breaths.
Hope Cavazos
it scared me I have seen scary movies when birds fly into windows and never a good sign
Jessica Boon
I had a baby robin hit my window and fall to the floor underneath the bench I was sat on yesterday afternoon I held it for a while and it flew away I was sitting right by my nana memorial garden I have just made her does anybody know what this means
Lisa Roberts
I was on my bed watching TV and there was a band as a bird smashed against my window I went out side to see if it was OK but couldn't find it
About 10pm July 17 2021 at night i was doing the dishes alone in the kitchen and I heard a bird flying sound in my open kitchen and landed between the window bars, sitting there staring at me about 2.5metres away from me. Then I called up my hubby to come and look and we decide for my hubby to crap the pigeon from the back of the kitchen and we let the pigeon fly right away from our garden. What does this mean please.
The Bible likens death to sleep (an unconscious state) for all people. That means that Christians do not go anywhere upon death. Scripture does, however, reveal that God’s people will be resurrected at the return of Jesus Christ and will reign with Him on the earth. Daniel 12:2 “But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep [those who had died], lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 4:13-14). “For the living know that they will die; but the dead know nothing” (Ecclesiastes 9:5). So no deceased can send us messages from heaven. For no one except Jesus, Elijah and Enoch went to heaven. God also forbids us to speak to the dead. Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? Consult God’s instruction and the testimony of warning. If anyone does not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn. (Isaiah 8:19-20, NIV) Messages are only from God. And if they are not true or found in His word, then it is not from God. And His True Word is so much better than all these wrong signs people seek for their own comfort.
While in college, a classmate of mine mentioned her firm belief in a family death happening after one hits a bird while driving. I thought it was simply superstitious. Dishearteningly, I was driving and hit a bird flying across the road a few years later. I immediately thought of each member of my family and felt a sense of dread come over me. Exactly one week after that incident, my brother-in-law passed away and it greatly changed my family. Earlier this year, a bird flew into my bedroom window at home and while I read more into it, I discovered it could be a sign of change, but almost nothing positive has happened; only continuous trouble with extended family and relationships. Now as I type this, after a bird hit my office window this morning, I can only hope it means an end to this tormenting battle. I’m emotionally exhausted and don’t think I can handle another chapter of this negativity.
Been going through a very emotional time in my life and hurting so badly that I was having dark thoughts and suicidal thoughts. Been praying and praying for the answer on how to fix something and give me a sign. Last night was the worst and begged for a sign and again this morning. Been seeing robins landing on my deck that’s off my bedroom, this morning asking again for a sign .. a few minutes later a robin smashed into the patio door and looked like the neck was half snapped, I thought it was going to die , picked it up and fell to the ground making a horrible noise, as it started to slow down breathing, I left it and 1/2 hour later flew back up on my deck and just stood and looked at me for awhile jumped down and started eating… July 26, 2021 at 10:10 what does this mean?
Christy Esquibel
A bird suddenly hit my window as I was texting someone who has hurt me deeply. I am reaching out to her in the hopes that she will let me see my granddaughter. After three years of loving this little girl with my whole heart and soul, her mother decides to tell my son that he is not the biological father. This has shattered us. I was texting this message to her in the hopes that she’ll allow me to continue to have a relationship with Lilliana. The bird hitting the window, I don’t know if this is a good omen or a bad omen about me sending this message to this woman
Diane Graf
A female cardinal flew into my glass screen door and died immediately. It was July 31 2021. Not sure of time but was in the evening.
A bird hit my office window on 8/11/21 at 1:11pm. The verse Matthew 6:26 spoke to my heart.
Just now well 8:50 am EST Ahhhh it could mean so many things It made me cry 😢 , it was stunned for about 40 seconds then I watched and t was able to fly away 😁 That made me smile Happy Friday Aug 13 2021
I was just talking to my mom and I said I wonder where dad is and she said hopefully I’m heaven. Then I walked into the bedroom and a bird hit the window and flew away to I read this and ran down the stairs laughing to tell my mom.and it’s been almost 4 years since he passed lol
Thank you ..I thought as much about a visit or message from a passed loved one which only happened 2 weeks before ..it happened when we all have our Friday night get together ...You are also right about change as i talked about changing my future ..Being more positive and doing more for myself as i have put aside my needs to help others ..I think your right and thank you ...
Leslie Burgess
Hawk hit our window 8/15/2021 @ 9:50am My husband and I were in our house enjoying our Sunday coffee when suddenly a huge hawk slammed into our window. If startled us and immediately I knew there was a message for me. We ran outside to check on the bird and it was sitting on our fence, both cats seen the bird and were starting to stalk it. We walked towards the bird and it flew up and into our pine tree. There was another hawk up in the tree as well. As this all unfolded, I had a feeling that hawk brought me a message about my mom and what happened the night before. My father also passed away last June and I feel the message was from my dad 8/14/21 Yesterday Mom fell in her kitchen, smacked her head on the counter, split her eye open, bloodied up her arm, She lay on the floor for over an hour and then crawled into the front room to reach her phone to call her sister Jackie. My brother Chris came over and took mom to the ER. They examined her,cleaned her up and Chris brought her home around midnight. It’s time to get mom into assistant living to keep her safe.
In the last week I have had three birds fly into my window, I have woke up in the morning to see the lamp on the other side of my bed on, I woke up to someone knocking on my door but no one was, also two nights in a row I have smelled an aroma of beautiful flowers. This is all very strange.
I was sitting in the sunporch this morning when i noticed a large red truck driving by the house.then the doves scattered and one smacked into the big bay window. I was a little spooked, but the bird flew away,