What Does it Mean When a Bird Hits Your Window?

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In this post, you’ll discover what it means when a bird hits your window. What I learned during my research was really surprising.

In fact:

I found out that there’s a deep spiritual meaning when you see birds flying into windows.

Plus, at the end of this article I’m going to share the most common signs from heaven that a deceased loved one is still with you.

Ready to find out what it means?

Let’s get started.

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Why Do Birds Fly into Windows?


Birds to fly into windows for many different reasons such as getting confused by reflections in the glass, seeing indoor plants, or being mysteriously drawn to lights at night.

However, each time it happens they carry a very important message. Bird’s are often thought of as messengers of God.

The fact that this has happened to you tells me much about the stress and difficulties you are currently going through in life.

The next time a bird hits your window, write down the exact time and date it happens. This is part of the message they are delivering.

Think carefully about what this date means to you. The bird might be trying to communicate about someone or something that happened in the past. Or they might be letting you know that something is about to happen in the future.

Image of Bird Hitting Window

Here’s what it means when birds fly into your window:

You Are Worried About Money


Birds are very symbolic in the bible. They are considered messengers of God and are very special to him.

When a bird hits your window, this is likely a sign that you are worried about money. In Matthew 6:26 Jesus asks us to think of the birds. Everything they need is provided by God. They do not need to sow crops or labor in the field to eat. God gives them everything required to live.

A bird flying into your window might be a sign that you are worried about how you will pay your bills or where your next paycheck will come from.

This could be a sign that God wants you to remember that He will provide for you, just as he does for the birds.

Someone in Heaven is Sending You a Message


During creation, God separated the heavens from the waters of the earth. Yet, he allowed the “birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the heavens” (Genesis 1:20). Birds are often thought of as messengers of God.

When a bird hits your window this could be a message from someone in heaven. Pay attention to when this happens as it could help you figure out who this message is from. Write down the date and time in your journal or on the calendar.

Birds might deliver messages on birthdays of the deceased, on the day they died, or other significant holidays.

You should feel relieved to know that someone in heaven is thinking about you.

Change is Coming Soon


When you see a bird hit a window, this means you are about to experience a positive change in your life.

Genesis 8:8-9 tells the story of when the great flood ended and Noah was able to return to land. Noah sent a dove to see if the flood waters had subsided, but the dove immediately returned because there was no place for her to land. Later, Noah sent the dove again and when she did not return, he knew the flood was ending.

A bird hitting your window might be a sign that the trouble in your life has not yet passed. There is no place for the bird to safely land. However, this might mean that change is coming soon.

Continue to be patient and have faith in God. He has plans for you that are in the works.

How to Prevent Birds From Flying into Windows

Birds in clouds

A recent study found that between 365 and 988 million birds are killed each year from window collisions in the United States!

During the daytime birds often fly into windows because they see the reflection of trees, plants, flowers, and other vegetation in the glass. They are unable to distinguish between the reflection in the window and real life.

Indoor plants can also confuse birds, causing them to hit your window while trying to get inside.

Birds may also repeatedly hit your window if they see their reflection. During the springtime when birds are territorial, they will fly into your window to attack the bird they see in the glass.

At nighttime, the causes of birds flying into windows are less understood. Experts are still studying the effects of light from windows on nocturnal birds. One study found that birds are mysteriously attracted to the light and can cause them to detour from their flight path.

If you have birds hitting your window frequently, the good news is that there are steps you can take to bird-proof your home.

The most common way to reduce window reflection seen by birds is to apply horizontal or vertical markings on the outside of your windows. The markings must be about 2-4 inches apart in each direction for best results.

Here are a few easy ways to prevent birds from hitting your window:

  • Stickers
  • Decals
  • Window art
  • Tempera paint
  • Tape
  • Screens
  • Netting
  • Zen curtains
  • External sun shades
  • Interior vertical blinds
  • Light-colored window blinds
  • Shiny objects

If you have birds flying into a specific window often, consider adding a screen or stickers to deter other birds from making the same mistake.

Also, take note of what time this usually happens.

Go outside and look at the window from a bird’s perspective. What do you see and how can you reduce the reflection in your windows?

The birds in your backyard will be very grateful!

3 Spiritual Meanings of Bird Hitting Windows

Signs From Heaven That a Deceased Loved One is with You

Here are the 15 most common signs that a deceased loved one is with you:

1. Feathers on the Ground

The next time you pass by a feather on the ground, don’t ignore it. Feathers are one of the most common ways to receive messages from angels and deceased loved ones in heaven.

2. Finding Pennies and Dimes

One way that a deceased loved one might send you a sign is by placing pennies, dimes or quarters on the ground in front of you. I like to call them “pennies from heaven” and they are a special way to remember loved ones that have passed away.

Click here to see the entire list of signs from heaven

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Did a bird hit your window? What happened next?

What do you think it means when birds fly into windows?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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