7 Best Dating Apps for Widows and Widowers [2023]

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As a widow or widower, it can be hard to get back out there and start dating again. You may feel like you're not ready for that kind of commitment, or you may need more time to heal before considering getting involved with anyone else.

But what if we told you there was another way?

What if we told you that plenty of other singles like yourself are looking for someone to share their life with? And what if they were just around the corner?

That's right—dating apps like eharmony have made it easier for widows and widowers to meet other singles in their area looking for the same thing: love.

Ready to meet local singles near you? Zoosk has over 35 million members that are looking for love.

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What is the Best Dating Site for Widows and Widowers?

Here are the best dating sites for widows and widowers. Each of these sites has advantages that make them worth considering, especially those focused on older users or directly on widowed individuals.

Read the reviews below to better understand what each dating site has to offer.

1. Zoosk

Zoosk website

Have you looked through other dating apps for seniors and were disappointed with what you saw?

You're not alone, and sorting through that mess can be a frustrating experience. Zoosk is an excellent option as a widow dating site because it focuses on a more effective dating process.

Like eHarmony, Zoosk uses a personality test to identify various shared interests, personality types, and much more. They then help you sort through your options carefully to find someone like you. Their customer service is particularly renowned for its attention to detail and quality.

Zoosk also carefully vets its applicants to ensure that no scams or bots are on the site. As a result, you won't get your heart broken when that perfect someone starts asking for your bank account information out of the blue.

Try Zoosk

2. eHarmony

eHarmony website

eHarmony is one of the most popular dating sites for widows and widowers and has been in operation for over 20 years. It was founded by a clinical psychologist and uses a complex algorithm to match you with people who may suit you. This unique approach can help you find someone who may be your next love.

It is often the best option for people more interested in serious dating and includes higher fees. You can set up your profile to highlight your status, including the fact that you are widowed. You can also sort through people based on their status, including those looking for long-term relationships.

It's worth noting that eHarmony does reject applications if someone is already married, provides inconsistent answers, or is over 60 and has been married more than four times. That shouldn't discourage you because eHarmony also publishes articles and advice that can help you find love after losing that special someone.

Try eHarmony

3. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle website

The dating app world can be a barren wasteland morally, filled with people who are in "open relationships" or who are "ethically non-monogamous." There's nothing necessarily wrong with that dating style, but you're Christian and want someone with monogamous values.

Christian Mingle is probably the best widow dating site for you. It is filled with Christians looking for like-minded people who share their values and beliefs. You can sort through people based on their religious preferences and find someone who shares important views with you.

This site also lets you choose people based on age and other preferences, including long-term relationships or marriage. This option stands out from other dating apps for widows and widowers looking to move on with a new Christian partner.

Try Christian Mingle

4. Silver Singles

Silver Singles website

Dating apps for seniors often focus on long-term relationships and finding partners who match your desire for fun and excitement. Getting older doesn't have to be a drag if you have a partner who loves exploring the world with you! In this context,Silver Singles is perhaps the top choice for dating apps for seniors.

Unlike many dating websites that cater to a younger crowd, Silver Seniors will only let people join if they're 50 years or older. That ensures that you don't have to worry about younger people who, while perhaps looking nice, may not be quite at your maturity level.

You'll take a personality test and get 3-7 new matches daily based on your personality. These include people around the world, letting you match with a broad range of potential partners. The world can be your oyster when using Silver Singles.

Try Silver Singles

5. DateMyAge

DateMyAge website

Many widows and widowers may be discouraged by dating websites that focus on young people or make it hard to find people their age. DateMyAge is the best dating site for widows and widowers looking for someone in their age range.

This site focuses heavily on more mature individuals, particularly those over 45 years old. It includes a global approach that lets you seek out people worldwide. DateMyAge has a unique pay model that eschews monthly payments in lieu of a "pay for features" service.

As a result, you pay only for services you use, such as email, chats, and video chats. That can help widows and widowers save money by giving them access only to services they use. It is an excellent option for people seeking more serious dating beyond a limited dating pool.

Try DateMyAge

6. OurTime

OurTime website

OurTime is focused on providing a safe and effective dating option for people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. It is designed to help people like widows and widowers find love late in life. Dating apps for seniors like this often focus on fostering a deeper connection based on real shared interests.

Like more youth-centered apps, you can sign up for free and even communicate in a limited fashion without paying money. However, you can upgrade your account to get unlimited matches and messages, which helps you connect with more people.

OurTime also hosts various events, such as dating meetups, that can help you meet new people. You can connect with new friends or find the love of your life at these physical meetups. That makes it a unique option for seniors who want to get out and meet someone new.

Try OurTime

7. Widows and Widowers

Widows and Widowers website

Maybe you want to cut right to the chase and join a widow dating site catered specifically to you. Widows and Widowers is an excellent option because it is only for people who have lost their partner. Their unique experience is designed to help you find someone who makes your life better.

Its streamlined process lets you identify potential dating partners who interest you and works you through a widow- and widower-friendly experience. Regular check-ins during the dating process can help you process what may be a tough situation to understand.

Advanced search options let you choose whether you want a partner who smokes, has children or falls within a specific age group. You can also sort by interest, so if you love traveling, you can find a partner who will follow you wherever you want to go.

Try Widows and Widowers

Is there a dating site for widowed people?

There are many ways to meet people online, but if you're looking for something a little more serious and long-term, eHarmony is the best dating site for widows.

eHarmony matches your personality with other people who share the same values, so you can find someone with the same interests as you and who shares your outlook on life.

You'll also find yourself surrounded by people who understand what it's like to be single as a senior—and they're all looking for love, too!

Plus, eHarmony has been around since 2000 and has been helping singles find their soulmates. So when you sign up for eHarmony instead of just swiping right on Tinder, you know you're joining a community that cares about finding true love for its members.

How do widows start dating again?

Online dating websites are a great way to get started if you're looking for love after being widowed. They provide you with access to a wide variety of profiles and the chance to connect with people who share your interests and values.

We recommend eharmony and SilverSingles as two of the best sites for widows dating again. Both sites offer high-quality matches based on their unique algorithms, which consider compatibility, location, and age range.

Are widows hard to date?

Widowers and widows are often stigmatized as being difficult to date. But they're just like any other person—they want companionship, someone to share their life with. The difference is that they've already had a partner and are now looking for someone new.

To successfully date a widow or widower, you want to focus on being sensitive to their needs and feelings. This is especially important if you are dating someone who has recently lost their spouse.

It's normal for them to feel sad, angry, or guilty when dating again. And sometimes, they may not even be aware of how they feel because they aren't used to being single again.

Bottom Line

Senior singles on a date

Losing your spouse after many years together is a devastating experience and may require many years to recover. However, when you're ready to get out there and meet someone new, we recommend trying online dating.

Unfortunately, you haven't dated in many years, and you feel rusty or uncertain of how to meet people your age interested in the same things.

Thankfully, dating sites for widows and widowers are available to help you find love. Don't think dating apps are just for kids these days!

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