What Does it Mean When You Dream About Finding Money?

by Ryan Hart | Updated on September 23, 2019 | Post may contain affiliate links

Money on the ground

Have you ever had a dream about finding money? Curious what it means?

Last week I had a dream of finding money on the ground. When I woke up I went on a mission to find out what it meant.

When I discovered the spiritual meaning of my dream, I knew I had to share it with others. Now I’d like to share it with you.

Ready to find out what it means when you dream about money?

Let’s get started!

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3 Spiritual Meanings of Having Dreams About Finding Money

Many people believe that dreams are messages from God in response to our thoughts or prayers. Having dreams about finding money is considered to be a positive sign that you will receive a financial breakthrough in your life.

Philippians 4:19 KJV says “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” The money you receive in a dream could be a spiritual message about your financial future.

Want to know exactly how God plans to supply your needs?

Here are 3 possible spiritual meanings of having dreams about finding money:

1. You Will Receive an Unexpected Gift

When you have a dream about finding money, this is thought to be a spiritual sign that you will receive an unexpected gift.

Bible verse 1 Peter 4:10 ESV says, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”

Gifts may appear in your life in many forms. While receiving a gift of money is the most common, you may receive other blessings such as awards, prizes, discounts, or special recognition for your efforts.

It is important to watch closely for these gifts as they may appear without any warning or announcement. God may present you will unexpected opportunities at any time.

After you have a dream like this, be grateful for God’s generosity and grace in your life. Remember to use God’s gifts to serve others and bring Him glory in all ways.

2. You Are Worried About Paying Your Bills

If you are having dreams about finding money, this tells me much about what you are currently going through in life. You may be experiencing stress in your life about a financial situation.

Many people have money dreams when they are worried about how they will pay their bills or save for the future.

Are having a difficult time making ends meet? Turn to scripture for guidance.

The Bible tells us that God has plans to prosper you, give you hope, and a future (Jeremiah 29:11-13 NIV).

When you dream about finding money, this is a simple reminder that God will provide all you need. While it may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope.

Just as money appears easily in your dreams, a financial breakthrough can arrive just as quickly in real life.

3. You Wonder if You Made the Right Decision

Having a dream about finding money is likely a message from God about a recent decision you made. This is confirmation that God is guiding you on the right path.

If you’ve been worried about whether you made a good financial decision, this is a great sign about what is to come.

Isaiah 30:21 ESV says “And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.”

God is always guiding us down a path that will fulfill your true purpose and bring Him glory. Sometimes we are given choices that require us to walk in faith. Other times God shows us the correct path and we must continue to take a step forward.

While you may have spent a long time worrying about your future, God has been quietly pushing you in the right direction. You are on a path that leads to abundance.

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Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

When was the last time you had a dream about finding money?

What do you think it means when you see money in your dream?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you had a dream about finding money? Please leave a comment and let me know.
Last night I had the dream of finding money
I dreamt last night that I had one tickets for a movie. With those tickets I was also given the opportunity to dig for buried treasure for free popcorn. I don’t like popcorn so since my husband does like popcorn I let him have the honor of digging for the treasure of finding the popcorn treasure. When he found the treasure I went to see what he got and he showed me what he found. It was a check for $1,653,000.00. We have been looking to open a school for Orphans. I am hopeful this means God is going to provide the means.
Joanna Evans
I dreamed last night,that I found alot of stashed money in my step granddad's home. He has been dead over 20 years. I left his home with money all stashed in my jacket. I went back to lock home door and saw a flashlight on in home. It was being held by someone,who I never saw. I locked door,and as I was walking down stairs,a small group of people started attacking me from beachfront, My intuition made it seem as though the flashlight holder and people were ghosts.
i like to know what my dream mean
I think it depends on how you came about the money and how you felt when you took the money. If you are busy picking coins and worn our notes, this may actually denote a spirit of poverty or affliction. If you felt guilty and had to hide the money, then you were aware that you were stealing - and that's not good. Most important, focus on how you came about it and how you felt taking it.
I dreamed I was on my way to the market to buy stuffs so my wife can prepare food for us to eat. While on my way I came across several Nigerian currencies on the way, notes of 100 naira, 50 Naira and 200 naira, I was picking them off the ground. At certain point, I stopped because I was unsure if they were real bills. I came across a police check point on the road and gave them the notes so they can verify them for me, they did and told me that these were real money and not fake. So I took them and found myself climbing on something like high like a staircase or ladder to the other way where the market was. What could this dream be?
This is a goos dream. Maybe depending on your current financial situation you will find legit ways to get money to get what you need and going to the market shows that you are heading in the right direction to get what you need. If your financial situation is good maybe it is just that you are worries about making money and feeling like it isn't legit but it really is legit and you are going to be fine. It all depends are what is going on in your life. But I think it is a message of not to worry God will provide.
Mandela Xeflide
I dream last night finding money 200 Ghana cedis on ground.
I dreamt of on my way to a convenient store to buy things. While on my way i came across 100 ringgit and a few 1 ringgit. I pick it up but i saw people sitting afar and they did not notice the money that im picking up. I do wonder why they did not saw the money on the ground. Then i pick up and walk to the store. Later i spend it at the store. What could this dream be?
Its just yesterday night. I dreamt I discovered this whole that seemed to have been like an underground safe for some company. But seemed like it either had been forgotten or something. So on top of the hole, there were notes of money that poked out of the soil. When I realised. I decided to dig deeper because I expected there would be lots under there. So when I reached bottom..Jesus..there was lots of money. Lots of them. I was very excited, I collected, I was with a friend who too collected but still there was much. So we just made an effort to clear it all so we could leave before anybody came.
David M. Jr.
I just dreamed last night 7/11/2020 in the early A.M. after praying to God for an increase in my finances. I prayed the 1 Chronicles 4:10 prayer of Jabez along with some other things I am believing God to do for my family and I. I am a pastor who has experienced quite a bit of set backs. I trust and believe that it is God who gives us power to get wealth. I believe the dream I had was God's answer to me that He is watching and taking care of my family and I. Thank you for this article. I promise to share what happens in my financial future. I just have the faith that God is up to something grand. May He bless you exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond your greatest expectations!
Yesterday yesterday
In my dream, i had dipped 50 RS. Money in tea and I ate like buiscuit. what does it mean??
Last night I dreamt of finding money at a gas station on a shelf. It was hanging out like it was for me. I took it and wandered if this was from spirit or a person left it to bless someone so I left after taking it.
I had a dream when someone giving me a $50 note then his $200 fell from his wallet and blown by wind then i secretely picked it
I dreamed I was walking down the street and I kept finding money on the ground in the dirt under a brush etc. and I have had this dream a few times before
Just now 23/08/20 I woke up dreaming picking a note of R10.00 on the ground that other people next to it could see.
In my dream I found a US 20 age then a bunch of builds from Puerto Rico... I've never been or thought about going... wondering what that means. 🤔
Maria puente]
I dream about I found alot of money but with a friend I work with. And I give to this person
Marjorie Gasparotti
Last night I had a dream finding money that I once hid in my car cabin box But to my surprise I did not remember how many bundles I hid bse someone had stolen some What does it mean
Martin Ntulume Festus
Thanks for the work of God . Was checking about the meaning of picking money in a dream, actually I picked money from different points i.e from the ground, other notes from water tank, while the most notes from a fuel tank but in all situations it took the by passers by surprise that it's only me who saw the money and picked it up.
I just woke up now as I am typing I was dreaming, I was about to climb the bus n a stranger said u dropped money behold a ball of shrieked money notes is on the ground I picked up put it in my trouser, there was another notes of money in my other pocket the other one i put it in my Jacket. I felt it was a financial breakthrough. Upon waking up I prayed and thanked God to broke all financial doors that where closed. Money in my dream is a blessing beyond measure
This morning I dreamt that as I was going to work I had a money with me ,then someone told me that the money with me is dangerous,so I decide to throw away the money and run to a far distant ,then I realized that the money is not dangerous ,so I had to run back where I threw the money and I picked it up on the ground,then waking up immediately ,I had an unknown number calling me , she's trying to talk about the business I register in Facebook
Denora Morales
I drramed lastnight i was in city hall people were everywhere and money was on the floor like everywhere i lookes there was a 4 dollars here 2 dollars there and a 5 dollar bill here i felt excited lol people.were not paying attention it was like being in Manhattan with people everywhere i jad the same dream multiple times in different places i loved it
I dreamed of constantly picking up money from the ground that every corner that I turned it got even better.
Same with me. I usually picking Naira note, Euro and dollars.
Mrs Ugochukwu A. Eseoghene
I just had dream concerning picking money 19th Nov, 2020 At around 11am. I saw one thousand naira note close to one stair case, so i decided to climb the stair case to know what they do up. To my surprise when I got to d open, I saw sum persons sitting, the setting was like office. But i discovered dat the stair case was not strong, I was afraid to climb down but i summon courage, carrying one little boy ( that I said I will ask to pick the money for me) I carried him then we came down (I think d stair case was an obstacle but thank God i came without fear). Then I saw another book on the ground, when I picked the book, money fell out from it, and I saw plenty money, immediately I packed all the money and went to the first one I saw earlier on and picked it also. When I was going out, I saw another one tied inside black cellophine den i want to pick it also but i discovered that dey tied d tin inside with beads, so i dropped that one, I didn't go with it. Then I left the place, and ask the small boy to go and meet his mum. Then I was planning on how to use the money. Their are sum tins dat i need money for in real life.
Thembi Hadebe
Last night I had a dream picking up $2 but I picked the first $1 as I was on my way up crossing the river on my right hand and the seocond $1 on my left hand
Fundi Yuba
I had this dream last night. What was strange is that I was with an old colleague who was Muslim and was telling me of his new attendance at the Methodist church. We kept on walking and finding R100 notes in the bushes. Then when I walked, I saw a large stack of notes but it felt like we were stealing as other people didn’t see them and we wanted to not be seen picking the notes.
I was dreaming about it now. I was in the same house as last time but in a floor higher. Lots and lots of papermoney, and I could do magic and make them Worth even more if I wanted to. Last time I dreamt of a red rubin and I inheritated money.
Latonya Roane
I don't recall ever having a dream about finding money. I found it a blessing however to run across your message. I have no money worries concerning paying my bills, so I am not sure of the meaning. I am grateful for all that God continues to do in my life.
olumimde olukokun
last night i had dream about finding money on the ground and on that dream it me and one of the street brother that i know
Sibungo phyllis
Last nighty I had a dream of picking money and it was just me who was getting that money my thoughts was like will I get something big maybe
Abraham J mccarnley
I dream I found money, on Wednesday night
Melanie Cummings
Lasnight i dreamt me and my boyfriend was by our home and we found lone $ 1 US on the floor in stacks and also a $20 Bz i feel good about my dream because i know if has a spiritual meaning and i know god is listening to my prayers i know he powerful i feel it and believe in him everyday.
Valeria Urio
Thank you for your good dream interpretation regarding TV inding money on the ground. Actually this kind of dream it many time apper to me and other spiritual dream some were realand some I never knew how to interact it. Hope you will be my spiritual brother
Just last night I had a vivid dream that I walking.. idk where to but along the way I happened to look down and right in like the corner of this building and the ground was a Thick WAD of Cash wrapped in a rubber band 100s 50s 20s ALOT I couldn't believe it!!. I remember being so Happy bc I needed it for surviving essentially..and waking up..remembering that THAT happened.. whew chile it was Great. :)
After I find such a big amount I quickly settele all my debts, buy things I needed for my house my children's, and donate some money to the orphanage home. And I will thank to the lord and Universe as I am so grateful in my life.
Ryan Faulk
I had dream I was finding money
Cally Wijesiri
last week i dream money if i get money from gods wish first thing i will do charity. those who dont have shelter i make them sheltered al ways my mission to help poor i am a very generous person since my young age so hope my believe comes true with god our lady and my guardian angel god bless you
I had a vivid dream of finding money on the ground in various larger denominations, 50s, 100, and strangely 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 dollar bills which they have stopped using by the 1940s. Besides these large bills were only really used in real estate deals and bank to bank transactions. Pretty sure they had very limited use, so why I dreamt about 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 bills I have know idea. In this very depressing time in America I have been listing to positive affirmations, listing to multiple ones several times a day and night. The current one I’ve been listing to for the past few days has been about having a positive financial mindset. So I’m pretty sure my actions of listing to various affirmations and bilateral beats has effectively brought on this subconscious dream as well as other dreams I have had in the past year. I was so desperate to get away from the enormous outward negativity were subjected to everyday and the average person experiencing 70% negative thoughts a day. And I live in Northern Michigan and the long long walk I would have needed to take in this really cold weather in order to clear my head didn’t sound all that appealing, also church is still closed so that wasn’t a option either to go and clear my head. So I went on a search and found on YouTube hundreds of positive affirmations, bilateral beats, hypnosis on all matter of subjects. So to be quite honest I had a good laugh at first and the self help type videos on YouTube. But I did eventually get over it and tried listening and found some good videos. Not all YouTube videos are created equal. Some people are really talented in their affirmations/hypnosis/bilateral beats, however many of them are not so much. But when you do find a good YouTuber I gotta say it really helps. You do have to listen to this stuff multiple times a day for months but it definitely helps. And seems to cause some vivid dreams from time to time. It totally works, I feel much more relaxed and not very anxious anymore.
Shan Kellier
Hello, how are you doing? Last night I have a dream about finding paper money and coins on the ground. It goes like this, I was walking on the road and when I look I see a lot of paper money on the ground so i started to pick them up. When I look on the other side of the road there were a massive amount of coin , I was so happy so I started picking them up in a hurry. That moment was the happiest moment of my life because I had no money. I would love to know what my dream is about. Thank you
Ochen Stephen Agida
I had a dream when someone place money on my head and was praying or chanting. Though in the dream it was I promise him that if he makes me rich I will give him hecter of land in my village. Cross River State. I don't really know if it's the financials situation am passing through that is what is making me to see such dreams.
I had a dream on the 19th March 2021 finding a treasure box hidden in a driveway filled with gold bars and lots of thick bundles of money in a rubber band made of R200 notes and R100 notes.I have been financially struggling. I am a single mom, work on commission only, in real estate, daily working very hard putting in a lot of effort but no results for months now..while the market is active and everyone else around me is making money except me. I started getting discouraged not knowing how we are going to survive and pay the rent and survive while speaking and praying daily declarations over my life for financial breakthrough then I had this dream and this is giving me hope now knowing my breakthrough is around the corner and God will come through for me.Thank you.
Latanzia Copeland
I dreamt of money last night. I kept finding five dollar bills in random places and things. I have been praying for strengthening my relationship with the Lord, so I don’t know how this would relate.
I was walking along the way when I met this old man who gave me a 50 Kenya shillings note. When I was about to leave he gave me a 1000 Kenya shillings note, but he told me to give him back the note as he does not have any other money. But after checking his pockets he found that he has more money and therefore he gave me a different one thousand Kenya shillings note. I then saw a lot of foreign currencies notes on the ground, when I told him that we share,he just took one hundred Kenya shillings note and told me to take the rest.what could be the meaning of the dream?
Last night I have did have a dream of picking money in a plastic bank bag,also money lying around in the garden in the same area of our yard
Gail Herold
Last night I was doing laundry and found money and i don’t think it was mine , but I kept on finding piles of money every place I turned around on the ground by rocks etc. then my dog woke me .
All the explanations tell it all, that's exactly what am passing through, I pray all is well in Jesus Christ name. Amen
I dreamt i checked my bag that i used to carry sometimes back and found endless money in its pockets. The more i continued checking its pockets the more i found money inlcuding a lost job ID from my previous job.Ive been praying to God for a job so that im able to take care of my needs and that of my family. There are opportunities presenting themselces but they havent come to fruition. God i hope you will bring this breakthrough in my life.
it just last night i got a dream that im picking up on ground like 20 500 1000 10 dirhams like that and this is my first time to have a dream about money and no idea what is that mean
Hi my dream goes like this. I was walking along a street and found a #1000 naira Nigerian note but I noticed something that the 2 people seated outside the street never noticed it even as they seem to be close. Few minutes walking by after I picked up the money I heard a voice calling me and when I looked up she was a friend I know in my waking life. Surprisingly after exchanging greetings & talking with her, I felt like helping her with the money to go home, but when I opened my hand to give her the money I noticed I had more 3 little extra note of different currencies I could not recognize. But I felt so happy giving the #1000 note to her. To my greatest surprise she gave the money back to me and say to me that I need it with all smiles on her face and I was still happy collecting it back from her. And that was how I walked away but my walking away was like looking for the best and more easy way to get to my destination. That was how I woke up and I was so excited at same I felt it that I met with an angel. even when I never understand it till now I came across your interpretation of finding money in a dream. Thanks for sharing I pray to God to bless every one of us sharing.
Thank you for this sharing. I just had this dream of finding dollar notes in a white Fila pouch on the ground last night (28/6/2021). All the above 3 points speaks to me, especially point 1 and 2. May our Lord Jesus continue to bless and anoints you from within. In Jesus name Amen
In my dream, last night, in the start of it, I found thick rolls of bills in a crack in the ground, these were thicker than my wrist, the main body of the dream is fuzzy, I don't recall it well, in the end of the dream, again I found rolls, in a crack in the ground, I counted 5 rolls before I stood up, then I woke up.
I dreamt I find money twice on my way and I was excited when I saw the money and picked it up.
After researching a lil this morning after my dream I immediately know GOD GOT ME and my prayers for abundance wealth and recognition for my spiritual talent is Coming in full circle. I think I KNOW God talks to me in Signs Energy And nothing is coincidence.. thanks for your article IT WAS THE ANSWER ANSWER I NEEDED