What Does it Mean When You Dream About Fish?

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School of fish

Have you ever had a dream about fish and wondered what it meant?

You’re not alone.

Lately, I’ve been having fish dreams, too. So, I did some research to find out exactly what these dreams mean.

During my investigation, I discovered there are 3 possible spiritual meanings behind having dreams about fish.

Ready to find out what I learned?

Let’s get started.

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3 Spiritual Meanings of Having Dreams About Fish

Fish are mentioned many times throughout the Bible and are very symbolic of good fortune. When you dream about fish they can represent abundance, wealth, fertility, and forgiveness.

On the fifth day of creation, God filled the ocean with sea life, including whales and fish. He blessed them saying “Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas” (Genesis 1:22 KJV).

Later, God said “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea…” (Genesis 1:26 ESV).

This is an important point to remember:

Fish are symbolic of abundance but man has “dominion” or control over the fish in the sea. This is especially important if you have dreams about catching, cooking, or eating fish.

When you frequently dream about fish, this tells me much about the struggles you are currently having. I’ll explain more below.

Here are 3 spiritual reasons why you might dream about fish:

You Will Receive a Financial Blessing

Man Holding Money

Having dreams about fish is a very good sign. In the Bible, as well as in many cultures around the world, fish are symbolic of wealth and good fortune.

However, sometimes fish appear in dreams when you are dealing with money or debt problems.

Matthew 17:24-27 tells the story of Jesus and his disciples on their journey to the town of Capernaum, on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

When Jesus and Peter arrive, they are asked to pay the temple tax.

Not wanting to offend the debt collectors by refusing to pay, Jesus sends Peter to go fishing.

Jesus says “go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours” (Matthew 17:24-27).

This is a clear example of how God provides for his children. Jesus and Peter did not have the money to pay the tax. But miraculously, the money to pay the bill appeared in the mouth of a fish.

Seeing a fish in your dreams might mean that you will receive a financial blessing soon, just as Peter found money in the mouth of a fish.

When you have faith that God will provide during tough times, help is likely to appear in the most unexpected places.

You Are Generous with Your Time or Money

Woman Carrying Blankets

When fish appear in your dreams, this is often a sign that you are very generous with your time or money.

While you might not have as much money left over at the end of the month as you would like, you still enjoy giving to others.

Sometimes your generosity is in the form of money. Other times it’s in the form of your time or energy.

Over time you have come to realize that money doesn’t buy happiness. But the feeling you get when you give to others is priceless.

Matthew 14 tells the story of how 5,000 people came from all around to see Jesus. When the day was over, the disciples were ready to send the people home to find something to eat.

Jesus ordered the disciples to feed the people. They responded that they only had 5 loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus took the food, looked up toward heaven and blessed it.

The disciples passed an abundance of food around for the crowd to eat. When everyone was full there were still 12 baskets full of food left!

This is a great example of the power of generosity. Sometimes it feels like we don’t have enough to give.

The most important part of the story to remember is that a little generosity will go a long way to helping someone else who has nothing.

You Should Forgive Someone Close to You

Hands Holding a Yellow Flower

When you see a fish in your dreams it is often a symbol of forgiveness. Having dreams about fish might be a sign that you should forgive the person in your life that recently caused you pain.

It might be hard to forgive them. And you probably don’t want to.

But the fish in your dream could be a message from your guardian angel that it is time to stop feeling angry or resentful toward this person.

Maybe the person has already apologized for their mistake, but you are reluctant to forgive them.

For example, the Bible tells the story of Jonah on a ship in a rough storm. He admits that the storm is his fault. To put an end the storm all the sailors need to do is throw Jonah overboard.

Interesting idea, Jonah.

When they toss him in the water, Jonah is swallowed by a large fish, where he spends three days and nights. After Jonah prays for forgiveness, God commands the fish to spit him out (Jonah 2:9-14).

In this case, the fish in your dreams symbolizes a grudge you are holding against someone else.

Maybe they’ve already apologized, or maybe not. But don’t you think it’s time that they stop suffering in the mouth of the fish?

Let the fish spit them out.

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Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

When was the last time you had a dream about fish?

What do you think it means when you see fish in your dreams?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you had a dream about fish? Please leave a comment and let me know.
I dream two big white fish seasoned, steamed and wrapped in a foil placed in a table of church entrance foyer. Family and friends entered the church and service started by singing a song of prayers
I had a dream of an eel protecting alive fish on land. The eel protected the fish from a bear and a dog, but not a man, for later in my dream a man was holding the fish in his arms.
I had a dream that I was watching one fish swallow up another. They were around the same size too. One just up and swallowed the other as I watched.
Karlien Kaufman
Had a dream where I layed in a grass field full of yellow flowers and a grey bird came and gave me a fish
I dreamed that a nasty ex was dressed as a fish, he was be photographed on his bed by his new gf It wasn't sexual but I was aware he couldnt move
i saw a big fish two days ago i saw that when me and my friend sweaming in fresh water stream suddenly a big fish like a dolphin jumped up and i caught that one of my friend come and he slay fish and suddenly a stranger come with cooking items and try too cooked the fish we stand like its mine than i just bite the un cooked fish and it was so tasty and i feel like some thing most pressious like a dimmond in stomach of fish but i cant find that and awake whats its mean and what should i do
I had a weird dream about seeing a man sending 3 baby fishes out into the sea world to never stop spreading the truth. The baby fish grew instantly large. They had bags over their heads and swam away with faces of warriors.
Ryan Hart
Hi Valerie, thank you for sharing your dream. That sounds like a very timely message about God's desire to spread truth throughout the world. Isn't that encouraging?
Thank you for sharing such knowledge about fish, I do appreciated it. My dream of fish was very complicated so does several of my dreams. At times my dream heals me from certain things thats been happening to me in my daily life and I thank God for that. Thank you again.
Thanks Ryan this is quite enlightening. All these three address my situation. God bles you.
I had a dream of my girlfriend asking me to get a fish for her. She said bring me a fish. I don't know what it means. I don't remember ever dream about a fish.
I dreamt that I went into a grocery and sore my brother and cosin cleaning a big fish,then I ask where you all got this big fish can I get pice then my cosin cut it open and different size fishes came out I choose the biggest and best one then I help them scale them. what do this mean
I dreamed yesterday my mum died five months back bh I had a dream her asking me whether I enjoy eating fish or nt so that she adds me..
Someone is know has just asked me what it means to dream of lots of fresh fish in a basin? The fish was dead. What does that mean? She recently got divorced.
I had a dream that we were being served smoked fish self service, unfortunately, the one I wanted to pick was picked by someone else but I ended up picking very well smoked with full of oil
Adriana Anthony
I had a dream i was on a date and holding a live fish with my two hands by the tail and the fish kept moving. my date and the catcher said that it was ok to toss it back out. My first toss didn't go very smoothly this was going to be my second toss.
Last night I dreamt that I was catching fish, little, little fishes, I got so much, and some where leftover, the place I was catching them
Lakitadrain Tyler
I dropped my purse in the water and there were a lot of fish Big Fish Little Fish and I was reaching down trying to get it in my purse down at the bottom up under the fish and then I they were swimming over the purse every time I tried to get it they went over it so I stopped and then I woke up
Hello, Last night 7/10/20, I had a dream about letting orange gold fish free into bins. There was a huge bin of them all and I went along a row and let out a few at a time. Doing it several times. Three to four fish at a time were released. Odd as their colors were very clear and orange. Um. Thanks
Aryan robea isidro
I dreamed about fish last night..I'm putting the fishes in the jeep very nicely..
Hello sir. I dream fishes displayed some are whole and some are sliced fish. What does it mean?
Sipho kaanje Malumo
I dream about fish often, last was yesterday were I was selling with an old woman the fish was quite alot
Last night ...I was dreaming fishes falling coming from heaven ...big fishes and small..later I start to dream when am at saints the were singing....
I dreamed of two live beautiful tropical colored fishes. Interestingly I noticed the calmness and complete surrender of the two fishes as my friend and I dipped each fish in the water as though to rinse them than place each one in the bag. The feeling around that whole scene was of calmness.
Whoa I woke up crying just now!! Dreamt I caught a 12” pink fish. Almost like a Red Sea Bass or Sculpin. I put my hands under the water and into the sand. I felt something smooth. So I used two hands to picked it up and held it close to my chest. It was a little girl fish hiding under the silt of the ocean from Scientist. She was the only one of her kind with human teeth, and instead of fins she had human hands, but so small like that from an infant. So tiny and frail. I remember holding them gently. Her eyes were big & doughy, like a young deer but sad. She never spoke but I could read her mind. She asked me to protect her from those that wanted to study her. I promised her, I would. Shortly after, we were both captured. I was chained up and she was in a huge tank in some Lab on the beach. I was enraged and felt hopeless. Eventually, I broke free and rescued her. I carried her for miles and miles. Till I found a secret lagoon with an estuary leading out to the ocean. Saying our goodbyes with out saying a word. I set her down at the shoreline. She smiled with those big human teeth and eyes bright. Then magically she grew legs arms & long dark hair, and suddenly she was older. Like maybe 8 or 9. Then like a mermaid, she ran through the white wash. Finally diving in the sea. I was sad to see her go but happy to know she was finally safe. That’s when I woke up and my face and pillow were wet with tears. So what does this all mean? I never remember my dreams. As it is right now my heart still feels kinda heavy. I can’t stop thinking about it.
Chioma Obinna
I heard a dream I was giving enough dry fish to eat
Mauricio valdez
Tank you no doubt God put these interpretations of the fishes dream I had . It was a real blessing.no doubt God is using you in a powerful way. Tank you Mauricio
I had a dream this morning about fish they were small ones but when I tried to catch them they fly away and when I look down to my feet it's like they are accumulated into more fish
I had a dream almost exactly like this one. I open the front door, there are the tiniest of two fish at my feet. They are so small I am having trouble picking them up with my fingers. They are moving. Then I catch one. Then while trying to catch another I look in my hand and the first tiny fish is gone. The scene changed and I remember a grassy yard and still trying to catch these fish on the grass.
I dream of seeing a fishermen catches a big fish
I had a dream of small fishes. I don't really know why I have it on my hand and I am setting them free in the water. Can u help me interpret my dream. Thank u.
Thank you for the word on fish. I just had a dream wed night about a fish, I was sitting in a lane to go straight and when the light change a fish came towards me(no water) almost a smile it headed straight to meet me face to face and I wonder where did this fish come from and no water then I woke up
Desmond freeman
I dream where i catch a big fish with my bare hands in the river, when i draw it out of the water and kill it I open the mouth of the big fish and i saw another fish in the mouth of the big fish.
Selina N
That was today, in the dream l was picking up fishes into a basket whiles it was raining
Christol Lawrence
Hi Ryan I dreamt that I took one fish from the refrigerator to cook and when I was ready to clean it I couldn't find it. I later found it when I finished cooked something else. What does that mean?
My girlfriend dreamt on seeing three fishes on a clean surface after seeing she passed her exam in the dream please what does that mean
In my dream I was outside on my patio and I turned around facing my door and I heard two loud thuds and I turned back around to see what it was and I looked over at the ground to see two small to medium size fish had hit the ground leaving holes.. I thought what in the world and almost just went inside but I thought no ill take pictures but before I could they disappeared, now mind you it was raining but not very hard and I wasn't getting wet..I then had an umbrella and was walking twards where the holes were but I could no longer tell where they were because the rain had made puddles and I was moving the water around with my feet to try and find the fish but they were gone.. I was wearing boots.. I noticed there was alot of water and I was now above the water holding my umbrella my feet were still moving the water around to see if I could find the fish but I couldn't and I became nervous that someone would see me... I finally felt myself giving up looking for them and I woke up from the dream feeling a vibration feeling..
L k
I had a dream of 3 red fishes on my right side. They were alive not in sea but swimming. I was not scared. Please advice
I dreamt when people where serving food and i was serving them both fish stew and Fish in gnuts. what does this mean?
weird and disturbing dream that I had a small hole in my left hand by my thumb and as I squeezed it small fish were coming out at first a couple small silver ones then bigger ones the biggest was gold looking and when it came out it started sucking on my thigh. They were all alive a total if 5 to 6 fish came out and I felt scared that they were in my hand alive
I was in the market to buy dried fish from fish seller, a woman just came and insisted of buying the one I the seller shed for me and the seller sold it to her. He told me not to worry, he opened his basket of fish and brought out good ones for me and told me that my joy has come.
Hi Sir, I'm dolphy, hope your doing good..I wanna share my dream with u You, in my dream myself and the guy I like we both were standing at the sea shore and enjoying our holiday trip ..the place was so beautiful and there were fishes and dolphins all over so beautifully jumping around , then finally there was very big wave started coming towards the sea shore I was calling to get back and then I saw a very big pole on my right side I took him towards the pole and we were holding the pole and we both started praying loudly , then the water became still and everything is normal... But the fishes are on the shore , we both went to that and started throwing fishes back into the water and the fishes where back to life happily swimming... I really wanna know what it exactly means ..?? And what kind of relationship we both are holding there???
I dreamt my mom paid forty dollars for me to see a baby fish inside the mommy fish and I put on scuba gear and walked inside a big tank and I looked up and saw a white light and the baby fish was at the end of that light. I told my mother I didn't understand and that I only observed.
Oghogho Emesiri
I dreamt about my brother and I buying 3heads of fresh fishes to cook with. I was the one pointing at the fishes to be sold to us
Lucia Makhubele
Hi its my first time dreamed about fish and i think it means two things, first its time to forgive people who wrong my family and secondly for me its lucky and to save souls, thank you.
Hi Ryan, Last night I dreamt of a grey fish with gummy lips and small sharp teeth, it was about 20cm long. It was in my backyard chasing me but didn't SEEM to want to harm me. It was very very fast but couldn't catch me...I woke up😲
I dreamt about big red/burgundy fish. I was taking or receiving these big fresh fish from a man, although they were all big the man took them from his pockets and he was standing near a water.
I dreamt i saw seven fish when we come near them the one in the middle grows bigger and this made us very excited we were happy
Angela J
I dreamt I was walking back to shore after watching my husband and daughter go off swimming. As I passed a group of people about thigh deep I bumped into someone and somehow a 10 inch black fish bit me and stuck into my stomach. No one helped get it off. I felt troubled and immediately woke up. Interesting note is that I wear an insulin pump in that spot on my belly.
ann wangui
I dreamt giving ma three kids fish ma first ad second son gave them very big fish ad ma lst born daughter gave her two small fish ad i also was left with one small fish
I had a dream about this huge aquarium with large beautiful fish swimming around. Someone was shooting guns around but I marveled how the aquarium was unharmed.
I dream about five big fish and I dont know why. It was jumping in a little canal. And then someone says the underground must be opened wide enough for a fish to come out.😄
Daniel Fernando White
I dreamed I was sweating. And the sweat turned into fishes. Two sprung out of my back. A Black fish. It was said in the dream he is turning into a fish.
Olayiwola Omolara
I had a dream that I bought fish from a pregnant woman and the woman told me that I should clean the fish very well and I do that
I dreamt about a elderly lady that was my neighbor that is no longer living that I brought her a bag of fish that were already cleaned and ready to try. When I got to her house, she was cooking fish and they laid out fried pretty on a large plate on the table. I had a lot in the bag and she had a lot on the table. I didn't understand why she had fried so many fish when there was only her and her son.
I dreamed lots of fishes playing in the lake.... There were many colourful fishes n lot of variety... And i have rescued some of them those were caught in bag by someone else
I had a dream of cutting boiled fishes with knife. What does it mean.
Towanda Beasley
I think the dream I had about Fish is definitelyy about Unforgiveness I was recently Divorced and I keep saying I forgive My Ex- Husband in my prayers but tend to think negative things alot I will then pray for him then ask God to help me in that area, followed by I forgive him
Thank you so much for the explanation.🙏🙏
Evelyn garcia
I dream many fish and i wash swimming with a big fish like wales whst is that mean?
Felix D
last night i dreamt of seeing someone with many big fish
Ronia John
At night I just had dream that I'm making fish for two pastor's and their names are already same.... They already running their ministries... The one is the principal of bible college and the took classes of Grace foundation... I saw them both in my dream I'm cooking fish for them but my fish cooked late but I did I give them to eat
I dreamed last night I was waiting at the side of a pond for someone, with a baited fishing pole. I tossed the line in the long and a huge gold dish jumped up so I yanked the bait out... as it was for someone else to fish. the fish then jumped out of the water and bit me in the thigh. I don't recall how I got him off, but soon after a 2nd huge, ugly gray fish leaped out and bit me also.... then I was worried the fish may snag a child
I'm standing on the river side then I saw the fish laying down like sleeping the size of the fish small medium large the water is clear can see the under of the river.
I dreamt that fish are falling from the sky along with rain
Brown Tembo
The message has really helped me and I believe that, I need to forgive my wife, but to be honest o have forgiven her now I can't do anything with her I am still experiencing pain. And she not willing to realized what Pain she has caused on me.....
Orlanda West
My last time dreaming about a fish was this morning and was out fishing a caught 1 fish truly believe it's about forgiveness.
Jay doe
I dreamed about fishes came out from a faucet with a hose pipe in a kitchen sink.. I was going to wash my hands and then suddenly lots of fish came out from a faucet with a hose pipe and fishes swimming on that kitchen sink. What does that mean?
Thank you for this! I had a dream where I entered a house and dark red fish where swimming in the air, no water and they were all coming at me and I pushed them away & one bit my ankle. My husband was sitting next to me and said I was being mean and the fish were hungry. Some started to swim away but some were still coming at me. - ?? My husband thinks this could mean I need to share the gospel with someone..? I was afraid of the fish so I don’t know. What do you think? God Bless
Today had a dream about fish.
I had a dream about big fishes entering into my farm swimming on the clean water, the fishes were uncountable,
Colleen Hayles
I dream that I have alot of fish.and it seems like they were dead but they inventual become alive..and I put them in two bags to put in the freezer so I can cook them two times..and my mom ask me for one and I said yes....what does this dream means
I had 2 fish dreams in the last week. The first was small fish that grow very large and was getting out of the tank and fighting. I was trying to save them but they were everywhere and there was a dominant one still in the tank. The second dream I was trying to save fish in a small tank by putting them in a larger tank temporarily. The fish in the large tank killed and was eating one of the fish before I could get it out. There was a dominant crab in the larger tank.
I just recently dreamed of a cat fish swimming up shore through my sons dad legs. We were on a beach and he was standing in the water with his legs apart & his arms lifted in a prayer setting. I was a few feet away but behind him. I could see the fish and new that they were catfish and I was going to catch them but I didn’t.
Veronica Amegavi
I have a dream about fish
Hi, I dream that I was at the beach fishing with two children a boy and a girl. I caught a small fish but throw it back it was too small to take and cook. In the dream the children were partners.
Stacie P
Dreamt about fish in my fish-tank were being attacked by a black bird. Now I do have a 55 gallon fish tank with small fish: Gourami, parrot fish, danio and red-eye tetras. In my dream, I saw bigger fish (size of tilapia fish) that were attacked and left for dead. Wounded and out of the fish tank, dead! What is the meaning of this?
Janet Yumba Kasanda
I have been dreaming about catching fish, right I'm from dreaming that someone is giving fresh fish to me and to my friend.
Hi Ryan, I dreamt a gold and bronze bream fish was in a clear pond sparkling! It recognized me and came out of the water and kissed my cheek! I did this twice but the second time it kissed me harder like it was thanking me. Any ideas? Xx
Ademola Tosin
I heard a dream that I catch many fish in the stream, this is my second time of having such dream.
I dream me and my partner and daughter went to the beach and he found a doctor fish in the sand its average size then a turbit that big and a butter fish not dead he scald them there was also a igloo and in it have lots of average size doctor and wrenchman fish also in the dream the water clean and pretty but we never go in and I see a owl in the dream also
I had a dream where many fish (dead?) lay on the ground blocking the path I was taking to reach the house I grew up in. I did not want to step near the fish because I did not want my cloth shoes to smell of fish. I backed up and took a long, unfamiliar, and unfriendly route to my house.
I had a dream where I went for a church occasion and I was given a whole lot of fish.
I dreamt that fish was given to me as a gift alongside my friends mine was bigger and they were envious of me. In December 2020
Maria Lopez
Hi! I had a dream last night.. but i had fish inside of me I was trying to take them out of my legs I was able to see them inside me..and when I took them out they where big fish
I dream of puffer fish just like alive and stick in my left legs ....just like we are one that puffer fish half..
Tamika Love
I had a dream there were a lot of fish two aquariums a small one and a large one both filled with fish. The small one sat next to my plants and a lot of the fish were in my plants . My son and daughter were both trying to get them and put them back in the tanks. They were also on the floor as I pick them up I was putting some in the big tank and the huge fish in there ate one and I felt bad. They were following us around the house the bigger ones were I was scared!
Last night I dream many fish I am just watching them in the water
Frances Forbes
Dreamed of a man who stole my betas and I found them in his house, the water was thick and I hurried and changed the water before I was cought, 2 fish white 2 black and one was several colors of blue, they all had long flowing fins, and I wanted my fish back but decided not to, since they were bigger and healthier, was satisfied with changing the water
Ulamila naio
I dreamt that i caught alot of fish in a net and there were still plenty but i managed to catch them all
Suzette Swarts
I dreamt that my children and I swim in a big pool with beautiful fish,bt its was kind of big nt that big bt also nt small.orange in color
Thomas Ansah
I always dream about fishing big fishies And I was told it means blessed I never knew it means so much about forgiveness etc Well am okay with my life The fact is I give more than anything but nobody give me when I need it Life isn’t fear with such peaceful person like me Well I cannot change it so am grateful for them all Thanks
I dream that rain was falling and fish was falling from the sky we are many but I'm the first see them so I was picking it and I told them not to pick it because I'm the first person that saw them so nobody take it except me
Today on January 18,2021 I had a dream about flying fish attacking me Sucking on my face Nd Hans
Last night, i dreamed about having to cross a pond full of piranhas. And my father was on the other side of the pond. When i tried to cross, i was bitten by one of 'em so i decided to take the other way and i made it. My father and I caught 3 colorful fishes and i was excited to go home but as we arrived, there was a flashflood (the pond full of piranhas might've overflowed). So we tried to stop the piranhas from coming in. In waking life, my father cheated on my mom. It was devastating for me as I was the closest to my father. Even until now, he haven't apologized to my mom yet. So even if i don't wanna hold any grudges, the pain outweighs it...making it hard for me to forgive him.
Hi Ryan, I dreamt last night I was in a high rise building looking at the ocean, the waves were huge and very dark, I 2as scared but it did not come near me. Then the next morning I looked out and the beach was right up against us...the water now calm but the beach had slivers of open spaces with a little of water where lots of gold fish were swimming in shallow waters ...
I had dream just last night that I'm riding in a boat in the sea, I saw big colorful fishes as I pass few of them, come near the boat and I try to reach my hand to touch the water, one of the big fish come near and kiss my right hand .
Last time I dreamt about fish December Dreaming about fish means a symbol of forgiveness nd generosity
I dreamed there were a bunch of fish that washed up on the shore some were still alive and some were dead I was looking out a cabin window and saw them all in the bushes and grass
I dreamed there were a bunch of fish that washed up on the shore some were still alive and some were dead I was looking out a cabin window and saw them all in the bushes and grass
Someone has caused me pain pain awhile back and am not sure if I have forgiven him. But I wish him all the best I just dont want to have anything to do with him
I had a dream today some one caught a lot of fishes and fill them in a basin and gave to me
Hi, I got a dream in which first I saw too much of water because of rain and in that water I can see tiny fishes group throught the water and then I saw the environment is became too cloudy and darky. I saw a little cat (which looks like a cat in my house) has given birth and I was shocked by looking at her age. How is that possible. while it is drizzling or raining people are staying or getting sheltered on a place and waiting for the rain to be stopped and then some group of insects also came on the sky and surprisingly I was filming all of that. All of sudden people left to their places slowly and so the environment looks dark but so subtlety. Someone said in my dream women/wifes was there situation was like that and they went and this situation turned normal. I ws laughing and wake up from the dream. I couldn't understand nehat this mean
Hi, I got a dream in which first I saw too much of water because of rain and in that water I can see tiny fishes group throught the water and then I saw the environment is became too cloudy and darky. I saw a little cat (which looks like a cat in my house) has given birth and I was shocked by looking at her age. How is that possible. while it is drizzling or raining people are staying or getting sheltered on a place and waiting for the rain to be stopped and then some group of insects also came on the sky and surprisingly I was filming all of that. All of sudden people left to their places slowly and so the environment looks dark but so subtlety. Someone said in my dream women/wifes was there situation was like that and they went and this situation turned normal. I ws laughing and wake up from the dream. I couldn't understand nehat this mean
, I have a dream about my husband he was leaving me years ago, I saw him cooking three fish and offered me to eat some on his cook fish.
Isabel kunda
I dreamt of eating fish,today.prayer point financial break through.
I dream a small fishes last night
In my dream I remember jumping into the lake and I swam into current where there was a ton of trout fish. One trout,or maybe two was sucking on my arm. I was in so much pain in the water and tried to get it to stop. Eventually the fish just stopped sucking and I had two huge marks on the top of my arm....
I had a dream of a truck load of fish passed by me , then I saw myself cleaning them.
Fidelis Ndubuisi
I had a dream where a brand new car was presented to me as a gift and I saw plenty of both fillet and non-fillet fish in the boot and also on each of the seat. Then I started packing them into the boot then left: I was so excited in that dream because the fish was kinda much
I dreamt Early this morning 2/17/2021...that I was in a beautiful clear shallow ocean and there was a lot of beautiful tropical fish of all sizes swimming around my feet I was so amazed and fascinated with the fishes I started to follow them play with them and as I did that I was in deeper water (it was up to my waist )it was still nice beautiful Clearwater that I can see all the fishes however the fishes at this time, two in particular, was very gigantic ,very big fishes. The two big ones were yellow and white and they were blocking my way and at first I was a little scared but then I was like no don’t be afraid...I had a wand in my hand so I use it part the fishes and walk through them as I got out of the water I was telling my man (Who was on the shore waiting for me )that there is a lot of big fishes and we should go and catch them ...This is an amazing dream I woke up remembering and so fascinated.. by how many and how Big they were... 💕 I know that fishes represents fertility, abundance and also forgiveness so I’m excited to see what is in store for my life🙏🏽💕thanks everyone for sharing 🙏🏽
April Buford
This was very intriguing; your last interpretation touched my heart, spirit the most....... Thank you. Peace
I dreamed I was in a bedroom (a clean room) full of fish from the sea of all types. All the sizes were the size of my hand no matter the type of fish, even sharks and dolphins. They were all swimming in the air as if in water but there was no water. I seemed to be in charge of taking care of them. There was a man in the room with me which in my dream, I knew. I then picked up a torch lighter off the dresser and lit it. It would not go out so I took it to the man for him to put it out. He could or would not either. So, I took the lit lighter out of the bedroom. As I exited the bedroom into the remainder of the house (still carrying the light) in the dim house, I noticed how messy the house was everywhere, down the hall, in the kitchen and finally in the living room. It was extremely messy, especially compared to the very clean bedroom. Finally noticing in the living room that the television was missing and I stated that Wayne (my ex-husband) had better return it. And, then I woke up. I've been praying for God to reveal the meaning of this dream to me. I'm not quite sure, but I feel as if the fish-are other souls around me in my life maybe, the bedroom-my temple, my body, the man-the Holy Spirit, the remainder of the house-the outside world around me.....and then ending with the perplexing missing tv taken by the ex. And a few nights later, I was dreaming a normal dream about nothing in particular and all of a sudden it was interrupted by a very large yellow angelfish (about the size of a basketball) right in front of my face, swimming in the air, no water again, seemingly floating, staring me right in the eyes....as if to say, "Well? What are you waiting for?" or "Well, Are you going to do what was asked of you?" It's as if it was a follow up from the previous dream. And, after about a minute of the stare into my eyes, it disappeared and my dream about nothing in particular resumed where it had left off. Your theories?
This was great information and was spot on because I had a dream about a week ago concerning riding over fish while paddling with my hands in a lake while sitting down on top of the water with a lot of fish passing under me. It was all kinds of big fish and when I put my hand in the water, I caught a strange looking silver colored fish! It was hard like metal also. So, this has helped me.
I dream about we were traveling then it started raining then we saw fish coming from heaven we moved out of a car to take some when I took one it bite my hand .please help
Terry Niles Jones
I had a dream about three aquariums, one with just water in it and was beside a car and the other two were mounted on the front of the car, each had one black and mostly red fish it, what does that mean?
I had a dream lastnight and I've come to terms with an ex of mine who left me after I found out we were expecting. Just afew days ago. He posted a picture of my daughter that he hasn't met. Without my consent he uploaded a picture of my daughter. Whom he denied in the beginning of my pregnancy. I was so angered by that. It was to a point where I didn't care if he said it wasnt his baby. I just knew I needed to protect her and keep her safe from harm. Coming across his post made me cry. Acknowledging his child and pretending like he knew her and not letting me know. It was like a big slap to my face. That he would denie her and make me feel worthless for carrying our creation. I lost it and and said all I needed to say. So frustrated by him telling me. He wasnt planning on taking the picture down. I prayed to God lastnight before bed and I'm very close with the clouds that are in the sky. My spiritual name is "holiness of the clouds that take form" I cried and cried. Wondering why now, would he want to pretend of such things like being a good father to gain (likes on facebook) I fell asleep and was dreaming of water at a very exotic island. Super private place. In my dream only afew people knew of the island. The waters had a glow of turquoise and green water. A sat near this small little pool of water and looked into it. Seeing 2 big fish. One a Rare Violet Betta and the other a Gold fish. Just swimming in this pool of water. Now these fish are normally the size of a juice box. But these fish were so big and so beautiful. Their fin's were so huge compared to their bodies alone. Flipping and swirling in the waters I was incomplete awe. Not a one person said a thing they just swam and relaxed as if we could hear each others voices in our minds. I feel like I observed to much what I was seeing in my dream I forgot so many parts. And peicing it together is almost impossible. But reading about those 3 main reasons of why must I dream of these fish. The forgiveness reflected on me so much I thought I'd share my story. Because I've been researching all day trying to figure my dream out. Nonetheless the escape of reality was one main point here. Thanks for reading
I dreamt I was busy working and studying and not interested in anything else in life. It was Day time As I walked out of the building, I started to see colourful fish swim through the air ( just the few). I just watched and kept going in my life but as more Colourful fish started to appear from the sky and then rain on me, I got scared, ran back into the building and kept going until I saw my children as Children playing ( reality they are grown teens) my eldest daughter wasn't smiling, but when I saw them as children I felt relieved and hugged my eldest daughter and she hugged me back. What does this mean?
Thsnkyou. I had a dream a vouple of nights ago. Multiple large fish i vould see there blavk backs. I caught one snd yanked him in. It was a large white silver basd looking fish
I had a dream about fish just this morning. I catched them but then I threw them back to the water. A lot of fish swimming.
Idreamed of a fish yesterday on on 13. 04.2021
Idreamed of a fish yesterday on on 13. 04.2021. It was a big fish, iwas cleaning it with water just washing it's body with clean water
I had a dream of taking two sardine looking fish out of the tin. I think I was going to cook them however cooking them wasn’t apart of my dream. I was with my ex boyfriend in a shop when I took the dead fish out of the tin. When we left, I was disputing with him although he didn’t dispute back. Disappointing dream.
Getting big fishs in water in dreams every time I dream
jo navar
i had a dream that i was seeing people catching fishes caught in the net in the seashore
Kalpna Bhagat
Hello Ryan, Thank you for the article on the fishes, I just had a fish dream and am trying to interpret this and I hope you can shed some light to it. The first part of the dream I could not remember, but I was fishing with a friend whom I could not see in this dream, but remember the presence. I caught one fish and was happy. The second fish I caught looked like it was spawning eggs or pregnant and thereby I asked my friend to unhook the fish I caught and return it to the water, so life can continue. I remember being happy about this decision in the dream. Your insights would be greatly appreciated as dreams often are not what they seem. Thank you in advance.
Benny Chongo
Very interesting and informative article about fish dream...
Charity hachilenge
God to take away all my suffering and bless me with a happy life,iam tired of bad things happening to me.
Laura Capili
All of your answer to the meaning of a fish dream is correct thank you so much
Laura Capili
All of your answer to the meaning of a fish dream is correct thank you so much
Mukosha Steven
I had a dream where fish was falling together with the rain. I gathered 7 of them and opened one and noticed that it was still alive and put the other 6 in the water and they brought back to life. Am having difficulties to translate this dream.
Dartrisha Wheeler
I just woke up from dreaming I was in the meat department looking for crap legs. As I looked to my right there were lots of large fish, with large eyes were moving. They were not in water, not dead, large dark in color over 20 in count.
joy okafor
Thanks for the interpretation. ..and as the meanings....I'm a single mum currently struggling for 3 things and asking God for: 1- financial help to take care of my three kids. 2- for a good shop cos I'm constantly being attack in my current shop by my neighbour. 3- for a genuine soul mate. Before the fish dream, I first dreamt of fighting that my shop neighbour twice....second was me feeling babies crawling all over me while I was sleeping on the floor....then third was this fish....I was standing in a particular position when I heard a voice that said I should shift, I obeyed and I started catching lots of fishes..then I woke up
I had a dream that I was in a church congregation and the prominent pastor was giving to some people fish as a gift. I was also picked and given a big fish! What could this be meaning?
I dream this morning about seeing my sister giving me a huge fish that she bought when she unfolded it was a long fat fish so surprised seeing that fish but I just read on this I've seen a fish I believe everything that I just read is so true because right now I am going through some financial issue right knowing my life a big financial problem I have in right now and someone hurt me and I told him I won't forgive them but when I read this I realize that I have that person in the wheels mode for so long and I need to speak them more meaning I need to forgive them so I'm going to do it OMG I can't believe all of what I just read it seems like it is talking to me I believe strongly all of what I read this morning that all of it is so true amen amen
I had a dream that I saw people diving inside a river and catching fish, at first I was afraid but I decided to join them, so I caught a lot of fish and at last everybody was tired and I was still diving in the river and catching fish, so later I caught the biggest fish I took everything home and then I woke up
Nege A Nicolas
Every month i dreams puting net & fish hanging on more than 2time, lastweek thesame. I dont know the meaning!
Saru lame
Today Thank you for your experience I had dreams lots of smol fish playing around me
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