5 Miracle Prayers to Win the Lottery Jackpot

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Lottery Prayers Illustration

In this post you’ll discover a few miracle prayers for winning the lottery. God said if there’s something you want, “ask, and it shall be given” (Matthew 7:7).

In fact:

Many people have had their lottery prayers answered after God blessed them with a Mega Millions jackpot or Powerball winning numbers.

Ready to learn a prayer to win big money?

Let’s get started!

What percentage of lottery winners go broke?

Image of Prayers for Winning the Lottery

Prayer to Win the Lottery Jackpot

You are in charge.
You can do anything you want.
I am your most loyal servant,
good and faithful.
Ready for a new task.
Ready to take care of your wealth.
Ready to grow it.
Give according to my ability.
I've been faithful with a few things.
Make me a ruler of many things.
Leave me 5 bags of gold.
I will turn it into 10.
Reveal your trust in me.
Show me a sign.
Let me win the lottery.
Let me prove my worth.
Let me bring you glory.
You say that whoever has,
will be given more.
Whoever does not have,
will have it taken from them.
I have all I need in Jesus Christ.
Please give me more.
In your name I pray.

Prayer for Winning the Mega Millions Lottery

Lottery Drawing Numbers

Our Father in heaven, You have always been there for me and I must ask for your help again. Every Tuesday and Friday evening you bless someone with a Mega Millions jackpot. I am humbled by your generosity and the abundance in this world. I ask that you send an angel to the WSB-TV studio in Atlanta, Georgia where the Mega Millions drawing is held. Please have the angel draw these 5 numbers and Megaball:

[Read your lottery ticket numbers out loud]

Know that I intend to share the winnings with those that need it most. I will use the jackpot to glorify you in all ways. In your name I pray. Amen.

Powerball Lottery Prayer

Image of Powerball Lottery Prayer
Lord, today I would like to pray on Matthew chapter 25, verses 14 to 30. I am your loyal servant, ready to take care of your wealth. Every Wednesday and Saturday you entrust somebody with a Powerball jackpot. How generous are thee! I have been faithful with the small amount of money I earn at my job. I am ready to be put in charge of more wealth. Please pick these numbers during the Powerball drawing:

[Read your lottery ticket numbers out loud]

Lord, I ask that you give according to my ability. Give me 1 bag of gold and I will turn it into 2 bags. Give me 5 bags and I will bring you 5 more. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

The Lord's Lottery Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this lottery jackpot.
And forgive us our debts,
as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
forever. Amen.

Prayer to Win Big Money

Slot Machine in Casino
Heavenly Father,
you are so generous.
You fill my heart
and soul completely.
I overflow with your love,
kindness, and grace.
I work hard each day to bring you glory.
I give all of my energy to others
without expecting anything in return.
Yet my bank account is empty.
Please share a large sum of money
with me and my family.
Your money will help so many people
and relieve the stress I feel each month.
Know that I am your
good and faithful servant.
In Jesus' name.

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Which lottery games do you play?

What would you do if your prayer to win the lottery was answered?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Hi I play the Zambian lotto in southern Africa when I win the lotto I will give10percent tithe pay off my debt and donate towards the building of our church which is struggling with finances. Please help me pray my back is against the wall I really need this
I would give back, start two businesses, buy 5-10 acres of land, and enjoy my life.
Praise God, Sir Ryan, you are here to strengthen our faith in Him. Iโ€™m always thankful for whatever blessings God gives to me and to my families, He is always there to help and guide me in all my trials in life. I do always play lotteries - Mega Lotto, Powerball, Cash 4 Life, Take 5. Now Iโ€™m holding Megaball Lotto ticket to be played tonite- Sept 15, 2020. I claim it, I claim it, I claim it. Winnings from this lottery Iโ€™ll be very blessed and be thankful to God, I could pursue to finish renovation of my house and pay all my debts and will help my families of what their essential needs. I will share my winnings to the church where I used to contribute/donate before. Also I can continue again my long time doing/sharing whatever goods or foods my constituents needs as part of my advocacy every Christmas time. Sir Ryan please help me to pursue my dreams. God bless you and each and everyone of us ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€
I play scratch off tickets a lot I play powerball and fast picks if iwon I need a big home and I want my own car I would help the needy and my family I would give to churches in Jesus name I pray amen
I always play the South African Powerball. I want God to help me winning the jackpot. I want to finance the kingdom of God. Paying tithe. Buying stand for our church. Helping the needy and also my needs.
If I win the emirates lotto or big ticket, I promise to share some amount to the people who need it most and to donate some amount to church. This is my pledge when I am given a chance to win the lottery. I pray that God will bless me. I also wish to pay all my debts
Hi I play Wednesday and Saturday New Zealand Powerball Lotto. If I win the lottery I will send money to fiji for old people's home, disable people that care by the homes, children who are neglected by family's and staying under social welfare homes. Give donation to save the children's fund nz. Help my house girl in fiji who took care of my children when I was working. I will help my sister and her husband with 3 children who facing difficulties. To pay of my loan. Help my aunty and my other brothers and sisters. Send money to my mum and mother in law. Give my offering to god. Also to keep for my 2 daughters education. My husband only works and whatever he gets it paid for weekly rent, food, fuel, payments so it will my husband alot.
Paula J
I will give thanks to the most high first and foremost. Take care of my mom and remove the struggles she has gone through since coming to the uk to better herself. Whichever lottery I am blessed with I just pray god will guide me to do right with it and help those that are in need to make their time on this earth a beautiful and happy one.
Ryan Hart
If you won the lottery how would you spend the money? Please leave a comment and let me know.
I would give 10% to my God who are in heaven and help others forfil their there needs.
I would like to open a shelter for homeless woman and children. I have already written the vision and structure for it.
Prosper Nyandoro
When iwin Lotto I will put my 10% tithe paying and support poor familys please God bless me iwl do so as am saying
Joan small
My husband has always provided for our family someone came as a friend and took some of our money I can't tell my husband it would would destroy him please pray I get some way to put it back and help my family and give to the needy thank you Jesus amen
lorie ramulte
please pray for me to win 6/45 or 6/49 lottery games in the Philippines, once i got the jackpot prize, 10% of my winnings will be shared online thru my groups for those people who also badly need financial help
Tina Douglas
Start the business I have always wanted. Foster children. Open a youth center. Open a animal rescue. Help my family.
If I win the ohio classic lotto I would pay off all our bills and open up a recreational center for the kids and the homeless in our town and than I would help out our kids
Mark Villaruel
If I will win the lottery, I'll be able to payoff my debts, loans, and mortgages. I'll give 25% to the programs of the Church, and the other 25% to Non-Governmental Organizations.
I will pay my tithe first and then help the needy and start a business that will generate more profits. Will send you for helping me to pray this prayer for a breakthrough but need your account number if it happens first
If I won the lottery I would continue to give as I do now. I would buy a home for children whose parents are being deployed and have none to care for them until they return . Open a heavenly dollar store filled with inspirational things. I would start the church God told me to start .
I Would help everyone everyday because helping others would make my day brighter and there's and in the end they would offer something more meaningful back for the gratetude i would accept and because of that someone else would need it because it is a cycle I truely believe life is precious and everyone else is more important that I love every life and no hate should be shown
Nicster Qburg
My favorite game is Mega Millions but God can let me win either? My Heart goes out to helping Animals first. I beg God to help them all the time or let me win one of the Jack Pot Lottery's to help them ? There are so many Horses going to slaughter I would buy them all from those horrible places, Budget my spending's give to God what he tells me to do with the rest? I hope he lets me buy a Big Home In Chino Ca so my 6 Cats & 1 Dog can live There is a Church in Chino Ca Jack Hibbs Start going to his Church :)
I will make a small donation to my favourite charity organisation in India (St Anthonys Charity Institutes) and try to donate on a regular schedule. I will pay off my debts and house loans. I will help my siblings pay off their loans. I will set aside a small sum for my wife and son. I will work less and try to spend more of my time in spiritual activities.
Hi if I won the lotto I will help my brothers who are down on their luck but first I'll thank God for giving me this chance also I'll help my children who needs it so please pray for me thanks I play lotto Wednesday and Saturday thanks
i will buy two houses one for myself and for my daughter pay of some medical bills fix my teeth share with a few friends and coworkers
Hi I play the Zambian lotto in southern Africa when I win the lotto I will give10percent tithe pay off my debt and donate towards the building of our church which is struggling with finances. Please help me pray my back is against the wall I really need this.
Rev. Henry Gina Macavoray
I do play the powerball, megamillions and Euro million jackpot games. God willing I win I will give God 10% and you will have 3%. I will build a nice house and buy a car. I will help my extended family and others who need my help.
Hello Mr Hart, thanks for the prayers. I have an endless list of good things I'll do for myself,my family, my community, my church, and etcetera when I win lottery jackpot. I play Lotto and Powerball here in South Africa and many other different lottery games through lotteryheroes platform. I pray, hope, and believe that my prayers will be answered so that my enemies can see the full might of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that when he (JESUS) says yes, nobody can say no. Thanks!
If I win the emirates lotto or big ticket, I promise to share some amount to the people who need it most and to donate some amount to church. This is my pledge when I am given a chance to win the lottery. I pray that God will bless me. I also wish to pay all my debts.
I usually like to play South Africa national powerball on Tuesdays and Fridays. I will first give 10% to God, pay rent for my church for a year, help the needy, and pay all my debts and my children debt.
Arlan clack
Pleace Lord this is my last chance to to be happy in my last years in to do good for people that need help amen thank your lord
Good morning everyone precious here every Tuesday and Friday I play the South African Powerball my main reason I would to win is to help change and improve the life of my people back in my village..... pray with me to win.....I will like to offer them a quality life.
Dear sir pls help me to strike big the jackpot number im taking pls help me so that i can go thru with my financial needs and at the same time help my family members tq so much
I would certainly purchase a house without any hesitation.I have been trying for a long time to win some money but after many years I can't seem to find this luck when you turn sixty years old and still paying rent it's pretty scary.I hope the prayers work
I will invest part of my lottery winnings for our local church building under construction right now. Another portion will go to the needy. Amen.
I will play lotto Saturdays my wish when I get this money is to build my CHURCH ASSEMBLY OF GOD MLUNGISI QUEENSTOWN. I met my God in this Church and now I am a child of God.
I am from Trinidad ... we have Lotto Powerball Drawings every Wednesdays and Saturdays. I would like to win the lotto according to how much the Lord thinks I deserve so that I can pay off all my debts. I have quite a huge amount oweing and when I pay it off I will decide how to give some to charity and take care of my family. Pray with me for my success please. Thank you๐Ÿ™
Thandeka Siyoko
I will start with you because you help me how to pray and I will help the needy I will build the house of God no family that I will know will sleep hungry
Carla Moore
Heavenly father, if I won the lottery, I would donate to charity, pay my tithes of 10%. I would help those in need, and pay all my debts, then buy myself a rancher home, and a nice much needed vehicle. In Jesus name a pray Amen.
Am Declan Bour Afriyie
Am a Ghanaian woman is seriously in need of money to get my son's tonsillitis operate on. My husband and I are very broke. God please help us. Thank u.
Marilyn Resurreccion
I hope I can win๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™so that I can help peoples they loose their job for panademic
Marilyn Resurreccion
I hope I can win this Emirates lotto before my birthday--๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™so that I can help peoples they loose their job for panademic
Sue G
If I won the lottery any of them I would pay off all my debts I would pay my husband back all the money that I ever made him lose over my dumb mistakes I would also help the elderly children and animals and wherever I could without being stupid about it right now my husband is paying my rent and my cable billI have no car I have to depend on my sister to take me everywhere or my neighbors I would really rather that not happen I donโ€™t really feel that I need to have be returned anything and I donโ€™t expect anyone to give me a hand out or whatever but I would sure love to be able to pay anyone back Iโ€™ve owed money to for whatever reason and just clear up my whole life and start over and do it the right way
Marilyn Resurreccion
I hope I win today for lotto so I can help people that they loose their job and also my family thnks god bless me alwys and my family amen๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Im looking forward to God by winning emirate loto this Saturday. And I pledged to put smile into the faces of whoever come to me for help and also bless people with the 10% of it, including you pastor ryan.
I received maga power mega super jackpot thank you jesus and I'll give the tithe on my success
Grace Kaluba
Thanks for the Lottery Prayers . I play the Mega Millions and the Powerball Lottery. I come from a very poor family and so l hope to lift my family out of poverty with the Lottery winnings after paying the Tithe and Offering to a Ministry that God will show me . I hope to win at least $500 million. I also will pay off all my debts.
I like playing megamillion When I win truly speaking firstly I will buy everything God promised me through his prophets and I will create jobs and donate money to the church and then give to the people in need
Oh god I will help needy and poor , I will give them if I not win I ve to die I've live this world pls help me , I m having lot of debts they are killing me pls help me , In this situation also I m helping needy
I will.pay off my debt . Give my tithe to my church. Fix my car. Restore.my medical.aid. In Jesus mighty name Glory to Almighty God
When i win the lotto i will help my family and pay off all my debt i have
Winming the lotto will bring so much joy to the people close to me because life is going to change after so much struggle
Winming the lotto will bring so much joy to the people close to me because life is going to change after so much struggle and not having enough to pay for school and leaving in a good place, I am going to donate to charity in the Caribbean and helping good friends.
Rama Karaitiana
Firstly thank u for sharing your blessing amen ...I would buy my grandchildren and myself a beautiful home pay all my Bill's off and buy me a business it would be a shop ...and then give to charity especially children charity anything for our children..thank u for your blessing..AMEN
Hi I play the lotto and Euromillions in the UK, upon winning the euromillions or lottery, I want to own our home, have a child or children thru surrogacy, as I cannot carry a child due to medical reasons, have some investments for a secure future for us as a family, And I want to give back to the universe, help a needy child, and help save the animals I most care for. Please can you say a prayer for me?
Toyin Ojedoja
I will reach out to others especially in the household of faith.
When i win the lottery i will help my church orphan homes old age homes and give the needy
Della Phillips
I like to play scratch offs and if I win I would share my wealth with the Lord and my family even though they haven't been by my side but the Lord has always been there I've took care people for so long now can't get any help anywhere but the Lord in little bitty pieces Lord please help give me one chance I need this I can't be on the streets anymore in Jesus name amen
I play lucky for life. Maga MiLLions. Powerball. My wish is to help people in my life. And travel with my wife.
I help any one dat come my way I play no's
Hi I play the lottery regularly I will help my family and friends as much as I can, I will also help the surrounding churches in my area.
I am greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen. I play south african powerball lotto daily lotto sportstake 8 and sportstake 13 i am asking for a miracle for me in Jesus name to win all of them to donate and help 1st my mother with their new church make a tithe help the needy buy myself and family 2 lovely grandsons a new house for tonight send your Angels to Ithuba in south africa to Bless these numbers 16-17-19-24-25 powerball 9 in Jesus name Amen.
Godwin Paul mve
I play baba ijebu lotto, and i pray that if God bless me, i promise to help others too.
Norma Walker
I would love to hit the ohio Classic Lottery i have played the same numbers for 3 years i have came close by hitting 3 numbers. If i would win i would like to be able give the kids some kind of rec center. That way the kids would stay off the street and i would also help the homeless here in my town
Juliana Flavius
I want to win the lottery to help myself and families. I also would like to donate some to those less fortunate.
Marion Nieft Bruwer
When I win the lottery I will buy a property for myself where My son and his family and his mother in law can stay . I will buy a second property where friends who are battling can stay for free. Further to that I will donate monthly to organizations helping the less fortunate and I intend to start an upliftment centre to teach less fortunate skills to help then to create an income for themselves.
Gift Sika Somuah
If I win the power all in New York City or the mega millions, I will first get a place of mine own, help my Dad and take care of my siblings back home, help my friends indeed, donate some to church, feed the homeless people and simply do good with it so help me, Lord Amen!
Amber taipiha
I am playing lotto for Saturday,I would buy me and my babys a beautiful,clean secure house,we will be financially stable,I will put money in my children's savings and pay for all there schooling degrees.i will give to family who have been there for me when I needed them the most and help with my aunty who has cancer to make her happy.i wouldget private kickboxing trainer for me n my kids as well as other things such as pay for dancing school,music school etc for my children and me.i will gve my mum a house and car and make sure she is financially stable and get her a private health exercise trainer to make her healthy again.i will firstly get an advisor who can help me manage my money and pay my debts,I will physically support animals and people that have been treated unfairly. I am a giver and usually feel used when I give give give,peoe take advantage of my kindness and when I need something they are never there for me.so this big lottery win will change ours and so many peoples lives.thank you for the prayers.
Once I win the lottery I will support my local church with money towards building the priests house, then will ensure my family are supported then I can buy myself to get a break from expensive rentals
Once I win the lottery I will support my local church with money towards building the priests house, then will ensure my family are supported then I can buy myself to get a break from expensive rentals
Sikhangele Ndhlovu
I play Russia lotto, UK49, Singapore toto, Mega million, France lotto. When l win will help a lot of people who are in need. Help me Lord to win l have been trying for a long time.
Barbara Smith
If my lottery pray is answered I will give to my church and take care of my family and give to the sick and shut in In Jesus name amen and continually doing for you lord and praise your name I know that I havenโ€™t always been a faithful servant but I really try my best lord I love you and I am grateful for all you do for me even when I donโ€™t deserve it thank you Jesus for loving me through it all
I will share this great blessings first to my chosen churches, family, charities, friends and others.
Please save me from poorness,i just want to build a home warm and with happiness ,i never been happy even now idnt have anything ,my kids are hungry with no nothing and dnt have a cent,i play powerball and lotto but always i dnt win,i was checking my result ifeel like crying coz i lost,and just now i was playing lotto for today and waiting for result
I play the powerball and Mega millions. I will be giving all the glory to God because I know it was him. I have been praying now for change for over 8 years and I know my time is coming.
Abner Awaitey Wetseh
If I win the lottery today I will focus on the work of God and embark on missions.
Malgorzata Drozdz
Hi, when I will win the Lottery In USA I will share with my friends and family, donate to Church and some other organization!! I will share the winning, leaving security for myself!!!
Sarah Jonkers
Thank you for your encouraging words .I live in South Africa and is currently in a financial situation I hope and pray that the Lord will hear my prayer and answer me soon.
I would sincerely use my lottery jackpot winning to alleviate poverty in my community, I will give substantial amount to all the orphanages in my community,I will give to the Windows, because the Lord said he who give to the orphans and the widows lend to him almighty,I will buy buses for the local churches in my community for evangelism,I will establish an educational foundation to assist the less privilege ones in my community,I will establish a good free health centre in my community that will cater for pregnant women, infants and the old,I will assist my family members and my in Law with money that can make them to be independent in life.I will also establish lot of businesses and have a very good investment portfolios that can take care of me and my nuclear family.Thank you!Thank you!! Thank you !!! O Lord for my winning.Am grateful Ammmmen
Dave Clark
It I win the powerball I will give to the church and some to the poor and help people thatโ€™s in need because for God so love โค๏ธ the world ๐ŸŒŽ he gave is Forgotten son we must always share and thank God Amen
My first thought is the share my with my family and those in need..I will pay it forward because you can't lead without first knowing how to follow..I ask for your help in this..so other's will be blessed in return
Thank you for teaching us a way of praying for the lottery. This is awesome!
Abreham Geneti
I try to win Powerball and MegaMillion I praer Lord Please help me my God
I would buy a home where my mother and I use to take vacations together. Amazing memories. Then I will donate to whomever God guides me to help. I would write books about God Smile. How he smiles on all of us. I would donate proceeds to worthy charities.
I wish i could win the daily lotto jackpot today in the name of Jesus everything is done I thank u Amen
Put God 1st, pay off all my debts. Donate to charities and help all others.
Nokwanda Mpepe
I wish I can win lotto so that I can invest some in my business and pay back all my debts and buy myself some retirement property and live a debt free and happy life.
Marion Theresa Bruwer
I really need funds to pay rent that is why I would like to win 50000 in the daily lotto tonight and then win the powerball jackpot on friday to pay debts buy a house and to help the suffering. I have suffered enough to know what it is like and would go out of my way to help others. I will also make sure I tithe from the lump sum and every month from my income until the day I die
lb if l get the winning lottery tikes the 30 September for my birthday l promise to God l will help st Elizabeth child give church โ›ช and help people ou need my help and pay all my debt and finis build my place for my little business with my family thank that my wish
I lost my job last month it will help me out to pay my bills my life will changed i have faith in God for my blessings pray for me for miracle prayer
My Blessed Father I pray to you to take me out of my struggles. I will give back to the people in need. Please send me your Blessings
Anne Marie Etienne
I play the super 6 and daily 3 in Dominica wen I win am going to help the less fortunate children and build a house for my family and pay all my debts in jesus mighty name thank u father for blessing me wit winnings I also go to the gaming shop and play lucky seven but has never been so lucky so can u help please
Demetrius Oliver
Good evening. I'm in here in Atlanta. I will win the mega millions. Thanks.
I would help the poor children and the elderly and also give back to the community
Theophilus Adjetey
I normally play National on saturdays
Premmole Fisher
If I win I would settle my debits first. help our kids and family. I would like to start a charity foundation in Kerala to help people who really need help . Also start an orphanage for kids and adult. If money permits like to open up a hospital in Kerala to help poor people to get the best treatment. Hire staff who cares for the patients. The need is so great and I like to turn my life in to helping others with the money I win.
Gods humble servant
When I win the mega millions tonight, I will help my children secure housing, food, and any other necessity they need. I will help all the helpless animals I see being abused and provide them with love and families. I will help my friend who is struggling with her small child. I will help my parents feel secure in their retirement. Please lord my god help me. I am desperate and anxious over what will happen to my kids, this drawing is the answer.
Kwaku Duah
Lord if I win this euro million hot pick tonight, I will give one tenth to the poor.Amen.
Barbara Smith
Hi play the lottery each and every day when ever I have money to play I play powerball and mega million and I play pick 4 and pick 3 I pray that I will win so I can help my family pay my 10 percent to the church and help fix all the things that need to be fix in our church I pray that God will open the doors for me to win am not perfect but I trust in God Amen
Michale K. Boulton
I would do all the things that I requested in my prayer request. Plus work partime at the High School for Christians; write my book, travel and enjoy my retirement with my true soulmate, family, friends and associates; privately.
Beverly Elmore
Hi we play he ,mega millions and the Powerball, if I win one of these I will be able to help some if my family members financially and some of my husband's relatives. Then I'd give some to my church? Also give some to the animals shelters.
I play power ball Tuesday and Friday of south africa. I win I will help the church with the needy and pay all my debt and help other people
Charlotte Citizen
Hello .i play the Easy 5 and the lotto and Powerball. I wish I could win. The lottery .its hard to get by when u need money.
I pray God must transform my life so that I can help other people most especially the father that weak up in the morning and going to stand on the corners of the road for the whole day some without food ,they stand there with Faith that God will bring their it please help to strengthen my prayer of winning lottery and keep my promise to God i believe that I am a lotto winner when God time is right
I will help my siblings who are really struggling one of them is about to lose her house the bank wants to reposes it she's highly depressed & I'm also affected.
If i win the lottery first I will sow a seed into the church. Give a donation to a charity
Victoria Mulovhedzi
When I win the mega millions jackpot , I will take some of the money to renovate church and built a proper Children's church with all necessary equipment that will help kids to learn not only about the bible but the academics too. I will also purchase properties for each of my siblings and for their children including my step daughter and her biological mother. I will open a recreational center and an old age home that includes a children's home. Help renovate neighbors houses. Invest the rest offshore
Appiah Kennedy @05
I will be happy if God anwser my prayer .and i will give groly to his name and aiso anounce his good work done If i win Ghana lotto i will give part of it to widows
Appiah Kennedy @05
I will be happy if God anwser my prayer .and i will give groly to his name and aiso anounce his good work done If i win Ghana lotto i will give part of it to widows
I mostly played 6/58 Ultra Lotto here in the Philippines, And I am manifesting to win a huge amount of money for our future especially to build my own dream house, car, businesses I want to enter and for my child's education last but not the least for my parents medications and hospitalization cause they're not younger anymore I want to support them all. God let me win the lottery its not just for me but for my whole family.
I play South African lotto and powerball and sometimes UK lottery. If I win the lottery, I will continue to praise God, build a house for myself and my only son, pay off my debt and help in church finances and help the needy.
Shauntelle Lett
I Shauntelle is a steward over Gods money to help feed God's children and create job's so people can feed their family
I am one of those people that does help ALOT of people with food clothes and do what I can with Godspeed Ministry.Take to those after Hurricanes or Flooding food clothes toiletries.
Christopher burns
If I were to win a lot of money and would last me till the day I die , I will help my mom pay off whatever she needs to pay off buy her anything she wants I would spoil my mom !!!!โ€™give to the homeless shelters and to my church also I would buy a house for my friends that are house less so they could stay there rent free until they got back on their feet ! I would help anybody that needed help for anything that whey needed help for !!! Like I said I win big money Iโ€™ll help anyone no ifโ€™s no buts !!!!
I Believe in my Heart that I will win the lottery . and I will help people in need and also working one day a week in nursing home for helping the people.
Ds King
When I receive my successful wining game. I will been more a giver than ever I will been helping the poor More than before...
if i win the lottery i want to buy a house in ireland
M. M.
Hi, I play the South African Lotto and Powerball. On winning either jackpot I would do the following: 1 Thank God and Pay Tithe 2 Settle Debt 3 Build a Home 4 Invest in my current and start a new business 5 Invest in my community's education and development 6 Finally go on honeymoon I pray that this shall come to pass today, the 3rd of October 2020 at 21:00 when the Lotto draw takes place. Amen.
If I could win the lottery I will help those indeed and the homeless shelter and poor families as well
Monyeki Samuel
yes I believe that post I follow the post
Hi, i play winning number lottery. After winning i will obviously thank God with 10% , paying off my debts and help my loved ones with a shortage of money and as well as being a steward of money.
Rosemary Solomon
This is the numbers I'm going to play tomorrow so help me God. As soon as I will thank and praise God, I will pay my vow and I will also help the less privilege. Oh God help me to win this lotto 6.49 and any game that I play. Please pray for me to win the lottery game thanks ma/ sir
Thomas Lane
help unfortunate
My prayer for my husband karthigesu s/n Ponnapalam To win lottery number big money To solve all the Finncal probelam N help the family N those who need help Please pray for him I am from malaysia
Hey just won the lotto of $1,000,000.God is good indeed!!!!!!!!!
Mpako Dikeledi
I would buy my mom a house with a faniture. Renovate my two grandma's houses. Send my younger sister to beauty school. Pay for my younger sister's daughter early age school. Invest in property. Help my husband to be to pay his college fees. Pay all my Dept's. And also to save enough for the future in property, property.....Amen I receive in jesus name
I play all the powerball/ mega million/ Louisiana lottos I take my chances. If ever I win I pay of all my debts , help people in need which has always been my intention and donate part of the winnings.
If i win the 4digit lottery i will help people that in need most and pay my depts and donate to church and charities and have a small business to run
I'd use my money to pay off my debts,repair my home and take care of my family.
Jolene Hanekam
Should I win the powerball, surely I will share with the needy. I will plan a feast and get them groceries.... I' m looking forward to a well deserved Christmas 3 course feast for them with gifts even booking a place for them to stay for the festive season.....only want them to enjoy themselves without worrying about anything....amen
I would like to win the powerball or lottery. It will be a blessing to me and my family. Am the only Breadwinner, my brothers and my child depend on me and my salary does not cover everything. Please bless me so that I can be a blessing to others.
If god grants me this wish I would help rebuild a church and fix another. I would build me a house nothing fancy. I need a new car to get back and forth to work but if I get enough to stop working I would do something to help veterans, hungry, cancer and the elderly. God I leave this wish in your hands. Thank you god.
I will help a 1 or 2 church that is in need. Fix up the house am living in fed the poor, help people that's is in need, buy a house and a car, and start a businesses to flip the rest of the money that's left.
god help me im struggling with mykids and also my mum does not have ahouse she is sleeping alaround because no money noplace no food.please help.i promise togive god the glory.help me with south african powerbal numbers for friday .for go be the glory amen
I will pay my title. Help some children to pay school fees. Buy a house in my country and in Europe were I live. Thank you lord.
Megga million I just want 3 numbers plus bonus that would change so many lives and also my life too
I play all of the lottery games in California. If I won any of the jackpots I would help out family and other people in need, but me a house and start a business.
Rosemarie Rosales
If ever I won the lottery jackpot I will share it with the needy.
Merry Black
I will give a big ties pay my bills up by food and other tti help people in your name God thank you amen
Maxwell M. Kakwisa
Through the blessings God will give me by winning Zambian Lotto Jackpot and I believe with God it's possible I will use the procceds to helping poor people in their areas of need. God bless me
If i win lottery i will pay all my debts , buy a flat for me (me and my family) , buy an embrothery sewing machine and a second hand car. I will start a farm business. i will help children who are negleted by families and staying under social welfare homes. I will help others widows. I will donate some amount to church.
I play Philippine Lotto and the draw will be today. I will help those in need and save some for my family.
Shirin Shaikh
If god gives us abundant money first I vil give my husband proper treatment of paralysis as I love him alot because lack of money his treatment has been stop so plz give me lots of money
Malcolm Cecil
I am trying to buy the TOTO POOL 7 system roll number in Singapore the prize is 1 million dollars in prize, I hope I will srtike the 1 million.
I will be happy if I can win Powerball South Africa that I played for Friday 20th November to fill my dream cause me and my husband we are not working and have a1 month baby eho needs food, clothes ,medication etc I will Praise the Lord esch and everyday of my life Amen
Procopio joel gabutan
Lord jesus please help me to win lottery toto here in malaysia. If i win lottery i help poor people our country in philippines. I do start my own business i help some people need for help. I donated the money for church. Pray for lord and thanks god.
If l win the UK 49s numbers l will return 10 percent tithe and pay my debts and give some of the money to childrens home
I would donate to st judes children hospital. I would love to help children in need. I have 2 children that doesnt get to celebrate their birthdays because I'm on a tight budget. I would give them the biggest Christmas ever. They deserve it. Their great kids. They understand the struggles of life. I just hope I wake up one day and know it's going to be ok. No more struggling. Kids will have their own bedrooms, big yard to play in. I can be home with them to enjoy life!
Monica Gcanga
Hi my name is Monica in South Africa. I have been generous with every little thing I had and God knows that. I have been playing lotto for years praying to win 1 day because I am very poor but no luck please pray for me win it and thought of sharing as I always do is always on my mind
I trust and believe that I will win lotto very soon as I can see it worked in many people. I will share the money to the families that cant affort.
Peter Khonyongwa
I am encouraged by these prayers and hope to publish this through Saint Jude and help the less privukegedy
I play grenada nationa lotto playway and pupersix
Procopio joel gabutan
Lord god today sunday here in malaysia. Please answer my pray that i win mega jackpot in toto. If won i help those people need help specially poor. My home philippines. Lord god thank you. Amen
Cristina Barragan
My husband has been working so hard for his family and wants to win to give his wife a home of there own and give her some money to spend for herself. Also he will give his tithe to his church.
Procopio joel gabutan
Today sunday this evening the result toto lottery in malaysia. Lord god please pick my nomber to win toto malaysia lottery. I promise that if i win the lottery toto i help the poor people . Lord god please help me and thanks . In jesus name..
Joyceline Guy
I play the Euro Million Lottery when i win i will be able to pay for my gran son operation to his spine that will help him walk again then i will sponcer 3 kids that is in need i will buy myself a house for me and my kids charity is a must for me i will give more charitis because God has blessed me with plenty please help me i am in a desperate position for finincial help God Bless
Procopio joel gabutan
Lord god please answer my prayer that this coming wenesday. We have draw toto lottery jackpot . I request lord that i am the one win malaysia toto lottery jackpot. If i won i help poor people abd also my relatives and my family in philippines. Some moneyni pay my house loan , car loan and i do business always help poor people. Thank you lord god. Amen
Barbara green
I would give to the church, build a home for homeless people and help with children in foster care and take care of seniors. I am 70 years old no children no parents God bless you all.
Procopio joel gabutan
Lord god please answer my prayer that tomorrow draw lucky lottery draw here in malaysia. Toto lottery. Hopefully i win im lucky win. So that i can help other people who need help specially for poor people. Please answer my prayer . Thanks lord jesus amen
First and so true I give praise to our Heavenly Father for another Day of Living. I hope and pray I can win a Big Lottery in California. I will give back to my Family and Friend and also help some people in need. And also pray for all the people through out this world for better way of living and all their hopes and dreams come true. I ask in Jesus Amen
T Smith
I'm gonna give all the glory to Jehovah in Jesus & help others to see & feel the GOODNESS of our Heavenly Father & bless many to also be a blessing. To spread as much love & kindness as God allows me too. Thank You in Advance Jesus Amen
Procopio joel gabutan
Lord today i hope i win malaysia lottery draw in toto. Please lord answer my prayer. I promise if i win help some peole need food. Thank you lord god amen.
Emily Rivens
I played Powerball, mega Million, cash for Life. Give to my church, get me a house and help my Families andthe one in need .
Procopio joel gabutan
Lord god please answer my prayer that this coming saturday. I win malaysia toto lottery draw . I want to pay my house loan, car loan and other . Also i help poor people need help. Again lord please answer my prayer. I want to go back home philippines. But i have no money but ticket. Thank you lord amen.
When I win the lottery be it lotto or Powerball I vowed to help myself, family, churches, communities and those that are destitute and truly need my help.
I will help poor people , will help people who need in hospital , will help people to improve their life , I will learn many things by educating me in stock , real estate , by build business, build empire to help more more people in the world and give them food , and works and place to stay , and I will help people teach them how to make money in good way ,, will open free college, free hospital , free hostel , open company to give poor people work , and any other god wish me to do I will do in jesus name amen
I would help build church in Morse and Lyons Point. I would help veterans. St Jude children. I want a home of my own I need new car to go back and forth to work. I would help my family. I would like to build a place for homeless, elderly and hungry could gather and get what they need and have friends they could visit with.
Well good Morning and I will be playing the mega million and the powerball it would be a blessing to win either one because I have seen family and friends struggle to make ends meet and I would bless who ever needs blessings
Thembisile Goniwe
1st i Will give 10percent to God,there is so much poverty in my family i Will help them,help the need,buy me kids a home and start a business that Will bring more money in my life
Vanessa Young
Gm, I pray that I win the lottery, I want to help so many family. Pay my bills, buy my mom a new house. I will take care of Gods house first by paying my tithes. Lord I thank you now. In Jesus Name I pray Amen ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ
I am to give each pastors in my church huge some of money and invest the rest
Francisca Abucejo
Yes Lord I adore and worship you as my salvation your are my strength you are my everything to me because I am nothing with out you Lord grant my prayers and give me your blessings abundantly to help me in needs especially my financial problems I know God that you know my problems about money please give me your blessings today now and forever AMEN. THANK YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST
Sigrid Vesters
Thanks for this opportunity and this direct call for financial help, i would help a lott of people with a financial relief and i would create a new business tocreate mybook of love, About my spiritual journey in this life time and from ancestors and family & friends, i would do nothing without your permision. I play euromillions in spain with The Numbers and star Numbers 5 and 7
Glazy Balayang
If I win the lottery,first I will share my blessing to those who are in need,and I will help my family too.
I am investing, paying off my debts, buying my first condo my first jeep wrangler custom made fully loaded. making a savings fund account for myself. I am securing my loved ones... life is good.
First I would be so grateful. Very very grateful. I would make provisions for myself my family and friends. Pay off mortgages for people. I would buy forclosures houses for people and fix them up and give the to people who have lost homes, lost jobs. I would build a shelter compound. I would offer free job training to help people become self sufficient. I would invest in farmland to grow vegetables to be a blessing to others. I would bless every person I come across that has a need. Money is a necessity. Few people care about others. People want to amass all the money in the world out of greed. Even though they have enough to set up their families for generations. Love motivates everyone, without out love the world is being destroyed with hate greed racism self serving self loving evil people... Where is the love??? The wealthieat families in the world are so selfish, so greedy. If they are so tired of the poor needy people and they don't care to help!!! Take your wealth and go buy an Island and live your life instead of trying to destroy others...I can't believe how this world has changed since I was a little girl...
Susan Dyck
What I would do if I won the major jackpot in the lottery I would give to the needy on a monthly basis and give to charities also on a regular basis. That is one of my biggest dreams that I wanted to do if I win the major jackpot in the lottery
Kuivi Emefa Ama
Hi I play the Ghana lotto when I win the lotto I will give 10%titthe pay off my debt and donate some to the orphanage and give some to my mom to put in her business and I will keep the rest . So help me God ๐Ÿ™
Hi I would like to win a lottery that will change my life forever and work on doing good things archive a lot for me and many more people in need.... These prayers really touched me amen
Hi I would like to win a lottery that will change my life forever and work on doing good things archive a lot for me and many more people in need.... These prayers really touched me amen
Dinah Larmond
Bless my father for listening to me and loving me and being there for me always. Relieve his debts. Relieve my debts. Bless those I personally get called to bless. Be charitable. Invest in my dreams and give all the glory to god.
Am struggling with house debts with no job at the moment hope to share with people with disability if won I play Australian Tuesday Oz lotto Thursday Powerball n Saturday Xlotto
Debborah Orian
Things are really tuff i just survive through Gods grace i was a midwife with a good salary but became ill had 5 strokes which left me paralysed at my right side and a small amount of a monthly pension which just covered my house payment funeral burials insurrance and medical aid rates+electrical bills and hardly money for food what I am currently doing as a disable person is am trying to uplift my situation and at the age of 58 studying for my BA Degree in Psychology (child) it is my 2nd year and I have to pay the studies from my own pension as well because I don't qualify for a bursary but I have faith in God for a miracle what I wish for is just to win that big jackpot but my promise is also to first fullfill in the needs of others and then mine God knows my everything and know He gave me me a big heart full of compassion and love please do a heartful prayer for me many thanks and be blessed
Procopio joel gabutan
Lord god please answer my prayer that i won lottery jackpot in toto lottery here in sabah malaysia. Lord i promise that i help those people who need financial. Thank you please answer my prayer. Thank lord amen.
Eunice Australia
When I receive the large amount, I plan to help my Children/Grandchildren with a new home. Also help another beautiful struggling family. Pay off our Church debt & work with revelant organisations to provide accomodation for the homeless.Thanks.
Dian and Bill
First: if we win the big jackpot. Pay off our church mortgage. Next: to hire a limo. Take us to Toronto and look for the homeless people & hand out money
Sherraine Josephs Palmer
If I should ever win the lottery, I'm not healthy so I would seek medical care, would finish my house that have been started some 2 years ago, buy at least 4 house for each of my grandchildren future security to help with their schooling when the time comes. Improve on my business and employ a few to improve ones self and ideas. Lastly but not least, have a fixed deposit for future development.
Play Tx Lotto Mon and Wed and Cash Five Mon-Sat. When I win gone to help family members, associates, and feed the hunger donate too animal rescue and other feeding centers. At last move to the mountains.
Thobeka Zinyane
I stopped playing because I never win anything but I desire to win a large amount of money so I can be able to take care of my family and share my winnings with my siblings as we never have a fair life.my mother struggled and us we gruggling and never archive any thing that would put a smile on our faces.I will also send my children to school and invest some money for my grandchildren and gives back to God for he's the one who keeps his word.I will also start a business that will be my children and grandchildren legacy when time to pass come for me and I will be sure that they will never struggle the way I did.
If I win lottery I will empower orphans take them to school, help the need and help my family and friends.
Viola Gordon
If I win this lottery..I'm going to live the life of my dreams..buy a family house and a family vehicle..make sure all my extended family members are well taken off.
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Agnes Baraidogi
I want to play lottery so I want to buy a house car and my business on laundromat and donate money to my church and enjoy the rest on my life and with my poor families. Pls Sir Ryan help me and pray for me so that I win these amo unt of money.
In the eyes of many seeing my post. I request God to send me the Angels to put my number to win the prize of $25000 i promise to give 10% to church. I go back to school with my brothers and sister including my parents at all then helping other people as time goes on and i wil give atestimony. I will ask God to punish me the way he can if he gives that opportunity and i fail to fulfil my promise
Hi, I bought a lotto which is going to be drawn this Saturday. If I win I could pay off my debts and buy a house. I will also give a share to the charity. Amen
I play the Powerball and Mega millions and when its my time to shine i promised to give to churches,help families that need help,and help animals and give to different charities.
Cathy T.
I would help my family so they don't anymore. I would pay off debt. I would also send money to The Saint Jude Hospital to help the children. Give some money to a monastery that I visit.I have to start playing the. Lottery so I can give back.
Thank You for the opportunity, My name is Juliet, I play the lotto and Powerball in South Africa. If I win the jackpot I promise to be the good and faithful servant so help.me God to win the Jackpot.
Thank You for the opportunity, My name is Juliet, I play the lotto and Powerball in South Africa. If I win the jackpot I promise to be the good and faithful servant so help.me God to win the Jackpot.
Richard Spencer
I plan to keep a small portion for my family. The remaining money will be used to purchase truck loads of food and clothing for those who need it most. Help those who need work on their homes, vehicles among other things. A large portion will go to St. Jude's Children Hospital. Help the local schools and air a national TV commercial challenging anyone who is rich to do the very same thing. SIMPLY HELP OTHERS AND DON'T BE GREEDY.
God will give me a lucky to win a lotto here in the Philippines, I give to God 100% share..
Sylvia Sanchez
I would love to thank Jesus Christ first of all. then proved for my family and friends and help the blinds and handicaps Amen
Procopio joel gabutan
Lord god please answer my prayer. To won toto sabah malaysia lottery jackpot. Tonight If i won lottery jackpot toto here in sabah. I help some poor peaple need help. Specially my family and relatives there in philippines. Thank you lord. Answer my prayer..
I will help my self family and other people who need help
I would definitely help some people around me who have nothing...no food...that's struggling like me and worse.'I promise I will help as it's in my nature.Our poverty is extremely high .God bless...Amen
To win bet God plaese.
Shirley Johnson
I will give back to God help the needed
Diaria M Keller
I would give back to the homeless and take care of the people that helped me and pay my tithes to the church and enjoy my life and praise god for blessing me to win big
Clarissa Howell
I would get me and all 4 of my kids in a nice stable home...I'm away from 2 of them and I Pray each and everyday for us to be back in one home...I would pay my bills behind off and Sow My Seed To God..In Jesus Name Amen๐Ÿ™
Thank you GOD..If i win the South African lotto..i will help my family members who are struggling in life,poor of the poorest and i will pay all my debts and fix my house and take my daughter back to school and donate to charity Amazing grace children home
I would if winning the lottery give some to charity like the heart fund children's home also help people that are in need. Renovate my house.
Veronica Huggins
I Wii pay to by titheing I will help my family and community in jesus name I pray amen
I would give too the. Children Hospital. Help my Family Then I would help my husband get the surgery he need for him knee. Then pay off all my bills. The put money away for me only grand child. For college. Then go on a trip somewhere! But I would still keep my Job. I work in the hospital ,
Joe Angeles
Would pay all my debts. And help my family. And any friend in real need of financial aid.
Carlos Salas
First and foremost I would thank the LORD above and I would give to my favorite charity and of course help out my family
Louise pennels
If i win the Lottery i would thank God. I would pay all my husband debts he is in debt because of me,get us a beautiful home a new car and i will help my family abd his family as well.
I will help the poor ill put my life in a way where by im blessed to help my self and others and buy my self a house and help more homes of sick and poor people
Herbert Murora
I would like to win the inter Bet soccer 13 and 10. I always try but nothing comes out pray for me so that I can win and change many people's lives
i pray for me to win and hwatevery gods gives me I have to go with it and think posive
i pray for me to win and hwatevery gods gives me I have to go with it and think posive
Rebecca J wyatt
Praise God Amen
Emily Rivens
I played the mega Million and the power ball and the fantasy five when I have extra money. But if i should win the power ball or the mega Million. First I would give some to my Church. Pay off all my debts and get me a house i would love to have and help my Children, Families. Give some to the Cancer foundation. And buy a house for a needed family. Amen
I play lotto max lottery, If I won the lotto jackpot for 55 million I will charity to church that me and my mom went every Sunday for 10million to the church
I play the mega millions plus the power ball I just wish that I could win something amen
I play the mega millions plus the power ball I just wish that I could win something amen if I win omg am going to be so happy plus then SSI could help my children's paid my bills and get me a house that will be my dream yes I do help people plus I help my family so much that this will be my gift my wish
Juliet Alquisola Mag-asin
If my request is answered, I will do have an acts of Mercy to the poor. I will finished to build my house. I will pay off all our debts and bills. I will help all my children financially and lastly I will do have a business....and save money of all...so please help me Lord God my plea to win a Grand Lotto Jackpot and Ultra Lotto jackpot....I will win, I will win, I will win in Jasus Name I claim.....Amen... I am Juliet from Cebu, philippines.....
Justin Mlotshwa
God is a provider ,nothing is impossible to him we must ask with a believing heart He will provide
Mildred Rivera
If I'm a winner of the Powerball Saturday January 23, 2021 the world would be a better place one day at a time.
Sue Zelaya
Hi Ryan..God Bless you my dear man and an Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! When I win the lottery I am going to help the unfortunate, the poor and all of the children who live in poverty I ask of this in Jesus Name AMEN
Rita Stevenson
Seek attorney advice, and continues to serve the Lord above ,10% in ties and offerings, Take care of myself, n my children n family. Buy me a home on Acres of land n invest. Help someone that's unfortunately then me. In jesus name amen
Father god if Iโ€™m a winner I will give my 10% of my tithes to my church I will give back to my community open up a homeless shelter to those are unfortunately Jesus name amen
Michael Nyandero Onyango Orimba
I will pay school fees,rent,feed my family, and also buy food and necessary supplies for those families struggling with food insecurity. Amen
Dennis Mackay
I will use the millions to pay all my debts and help my children and friends and those in need for I have and am going through difficult times so I know what it is like. I pray to God that he helps me financially with abundance Amen
Sheila Harris
I would first pay my tithes. Tgen i would make sure my mom has a house, then i would buy a house and rent to domestic violence survivors. Then i would get a high rise condo for myself and my children
If I won the lottery I would look after family and friends and the poor. And any body that needs it
I read all the comments and think these people are gratefulfor what God is going to do in their lives I am a new person on this side and do play lotteries quite often so when I buy my ticket in Kerala lottery I request you to please intercede and pray for me so that I could stay at home to look after my aged mother who is a dementia patient.
If I win I would definitely donate to different charities and take care of my immediate family. Start a few businesses and take a well needed family vacation.
I will give 10% to the church and I'll help anyone coming to me for help with a smile because I'm generous like that. Then I will pay off my debts, buy a house and car cash and I will invest in my education and my son's education. I will also invest for my money to grow and help my family members who've been with me every step of the way, not to forget to put a tombstone for my mother.
I will help people in need,pay all my dept, but my family a house and invest the rest.
Am playing mega millions when ฤฑ win will pay all my debts and help whose in need and donate to charity
I play a South African lotto. When I win a lotto I will start my own dream business, give back to the community also donate to an old age home which is suffering financially, take my daughter and my brother to school also invest.
I play daily lotto, lotto, lotto plus1, lotto plus 2, powerball and powerball plus
Mary Jean Bangcas
If I won jackpot lottery I will help my community.
Doris Holmes
If I would win the lottery, I would buy me and my two sons houses,and cars, try to help my other family members, my 10% to my church and I will donate to other charities, pay off all my debts and medical Bill's. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers it is done in the SCLottery.
Patricia Wuss
I pray for good health for me and my family, grandkids, and I pray that I will be given a lottery win as I have been playing my same numbers for 6 years now and when my mother passed i have continued to play hers.I ask every week that someway I will be blessed with this miracle of a financial blessing, I am struggling and have nothing for my retirement, I help my children and family all the time..pray for my retirement that I can buy a home so i dont have to rent and pay all my debts and have money in my bank to live. and to be able to help my family .I pray god hears my prayers . AMEN
I promise if i win ghana national lottory,I promise to give ten percent tithe to God and donate sum to the children homes.
Osunde joy
If I win the euromillions today I we give back to the poor and give 10% to the church's and help my poor families and friends and build school for poor children . My dreams is to help the poor I can't do it without money.
Lulu Gumede
I play South African powerball and lotto. If I win I will pay all my debts buy a house donate some to charity in my village, donate to my church. Invest the rest
Sherraine Josephs Palmer
I would pay off whatever debt i have. Get the right equipments for my office, finish my house. I would also buy other houses and rent them out. Bank some and give to my grandchildren some. Give some to those i am trying to help with food and clothes. Make sure my mom is okay and have my health is fixed however it can be done.
first of all I'll make sure that I renovate my grandmother's house payoff Almay outstanding debts, get marred to my lovely wife, buy my self a beautiful house . take my daughter a professional speech therapy seen she is been straggling with speech since the day she was born. take care of my niece. and donate 20% to the school my daughter is attending at this moment.
I will renovate my church National Baptist..at Hamanskral village
Linda Bimpomaah
If I win the Powerball jackpot I will donate some to the orphanage and help to build our church building.
Iโ€™ve never played the lottery Iโ€™ve always been scared too, however my spirit guides are guiding me to play all 3. When i win first thing i would do is give honor and praise to the man above , i would then help my family (especially my mom) she needs it the most and we are all we have, i am her only child. I would then build a home and pay off debt and multiply my winnings in building a 7 figure business. Help those in need be more generous and giving and be the great woman i am destined to be.
Procopio joel gabutan
Lord god please help my situation now i have no work coz pademic corana virus Please answer my prayer that i win mega jackpot tonight at toto in sabah malaysia. I help some people need help specially to our relatives there in philippines. Lord god thank you for you help. In jesus name amen..
Mr Feroze Rossan
I play the Mauritius lotto every wednesdays and saturdays
Iโ€™m 62 I not smart I spent 9 years in primary school So I have to be careful. Honestly help my children help A few friends depends on how much I was to win And travel got church more Enjoy life Thank you And god bless you and your family
joy crisostomo
I will make sure that I will do the things that can change my life for the better and pay it forward to those who can change their life the way I did. I will honour God for all the changes that I made because he granted my wished.
joy crisostomo
I will make sure that I will do the things that can change my life for the better and pay it forward to those who can change their life the way I did. I will honour God for all the changes that I made because he granted my wished.
If I win the euro million to night I will help family and friends and dosed who are in need
Procopio joel gabutan
Lord god please answer my prayer to my nomber toto jackpot mega lottery tonight. If i won mega lottery jackpot. I help other poor people specially to my relatives in the phil. And my family. Thanks god.
Hi I play Powerball and Lottery. Since I am no longer working and the pandemic affected my business seriously, I would like to pay my debts and help my brother's kids who is not working and the mother passed on.
Darlene Ester
If GOD, Bless me to win I'll donate to lots of charities, And the people who have no where to go, I'll buy a building so they can have their own apartments.
Hi Ryan If I win the power all, I will pray for Godโ€™s guidance on how to wisely use the money and donate some in a way that God will guide me
If God answered my prayer and win lottery I will bless all the charity cases in my township neighbours charity cases like me.people who are struggling without family support without โœ‹ outs poeple who don't know what you will eat tomorrow.Jesus help me to get over this struggle ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
If I could win South Africa Powerball Lotto or Hollywood bets I would fast for 3days and thank God first.Pay off my debts and invest so it can grow and starting giving back to community from old age home orphans food parcels schools bursary and create youth competitions such as cooking dance sport singing etc just to keep them busy and for them to stay focus motivated and positive in life..May God bless my wish.Amen
Kale Samuel
Dear Lord am happy to be blessed with whatever I have an I want to help people in need. so Lord pls make me win a huge jackpot
Thank you for your pray hope it works for me l am desperately in need of money just to pay my rent and bills. I will help all my friend's who are in the same situation. Gliry be to God. I play lotto max and 649 in Canada
I play thunderball, lotto hot pick, set for life and euromillion and I am opportune to win big, I will give 20% to my God almighty and I will help people around me that needs help and also enjoy my life. Amen
When I win I will start a food business. And make sure I give my 10%
I will began using the prayer since I played the lottery. I have never seen a prayer for wining lottery.
Mary jean Bangcas
If I won the lottery jackpot I want to help my community.
I would pay off all my bills give my family some money ,help the homeless and people suffering with Aids,I would also help people that don't have food or alot of food Amen.
Mariya Zelke
Hello how are you sir indeed miracle pls pray to me I play many time lottry I'm not win indeed to changed my life pls pray for me in Jesus name god bless you more thankyou
Temperance Smangele
Hi. It will be my first time playing Power ball in South Africa. I will build my mom a house, help my siblings to get their drivers license so they can find Jobs. I'd run 5 Businesses in different countries so that I can make more money. And I will help those who are in need of funding their business and those who are homeless help them find jobs or I'll create Job opportunities. Thank you๐Ÿ•ฏ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ
Good day Sir Ryan, I'm from the Phillipines and i play all the lottery draw that we have here. My priority If i win the jackpot of any of the 5 lottery games is the education of my 2 children and to secure our future. Our life are full of struggle specially in our financial. I don't have an stable work Sir, I'm always afraid to lose my job because I know my family will supper. Please help me pray to win the lottery. I will help other people in need if i win. Tnx in advance Sir
If I will the lottery, Firstly I will thanks God for showering his blessing on me and my husband , I will help the stray dogs in my country to a have shelter and food, then I will pay off my debts, my husband and I will do our fertility treatment to be parent, then we will build our dream house and a business, and stay happy family ever.
Maggie lorenzo
Hi im here in bharain i play thailand lotery or lulu lotery..if i won i will go home in my country to spend my tym to.my family.and make little bussiness..
Zodwa Kambule
Thank you Ryan please pray for me to win Lotto jackpot in South Africa first of all pay tithes buy houses for my family and give back to the children who don't have money for education so that they can have a better life
Zodwa Kambule
Thank you Ryan please pray for me to win Lotto jackpot in South Africa first of all pay tithes buy houses for my family and give back to the children who don't have money for education so that they can have a better life
ill bet evey monday,and everynight draw.im hoping and waiting for god's will.i ever i will be lucky enough ill give some for charity.and for the homeless.for beggars and to the less fortunate.and to our church..i claim it.
I like to play power Ball in South Africa if i win the lottery i will pay my dept and help others in need
Chesa Ido
If i win big for lottory jackpot i donate some to the church i always prayed.and to the people need my help.
Hi Iike to play France lotto if I happened that I win lots of money I will give my tith at church and also buy a house for my kids
Isn't it against God's rules as Christians to gamble as Christians or play the lottery.
I play South African Powerball and Lotto every week. I would like to win an abundance amount of money for self, family, friends and those in need. I pray that God will answer my Prayers Amen.
If I won the lottery the first thing I would do is thank Almighty God, give my Church 10% of my winnings, and be a blessing to others...In Jesusโ€™ Name!
Lucia Palomino
I pray for my lord to great me to win the Lottery so I can a lot people . Please hear my prayer .Thank you Jesus Christ
Hi I play Mega Million and Texas Lotto in Texas. If I win. I will give my tithe offering first, sow into the kingdom. Help the Elderly, homeless, orphans and widows. My family and those who are less fortunate. In Jesus name. Amen.
Mary West
I would love to win the mega million and win on the slots machine also I want me a house and 2 brand new vehicle in my life and I want to bless some one else out the mega million
Joel U. Gabutan
Lord god please answer my prayer that i won mega jackpot in toto in sabah malaysia. I promise that if i win toto . I help poor people specially my family and relatives there in philipines. Thanks almighty god.
Pamela Mazomba
I wish to win powerball I've been living a difficult life to lose both parents at age of 7 both same year 1978 we lost everything because we were minor please God help me
Lucia Palomino
Please pray for my Joe to win Lottery so can all debt he has and also he can help other too
Lucia Palomino
Please answer my reply
If I win the lottery I will those in need and my family. I try and those in need including my cousins who freewheel chair bound and some struggling members of the community.
Mooko malefu
When I win lotto jackpot, I'm going to take 10percent thithe to God,and take on other money to the orphen,i will pay my debts and give my son to s
Hi Ryan I'm Going Through The Most I Know God Knows My Desires I Live In South Africa I Play Powerball Lately I've Been Not Winnig I Was Asking For The Lucky Numbers Please So I Can Win Today
Procopio Joel U. Gabutan
Lord god i hope that answer my prayer please i won mega jackpot lottery in toto at the sabah malaysia. Please answer my prayer. It i win the lottery mega jackpot toto i help those poor people need help. Thank you lord
Harriet Wodede
When I win I will set up a place for widows and hurriedly purchase a land that is sloping off my hands and pay mumsd depts
When i win the 6/45 jackpot lotto in the philippines. I will build a home for my family, buy a car and invest the money right and wisely. I will help the needy and donate to the church and charities.
Sharon Peterson
Fantasy 5 and Cash 4 and today brought four lottery tickets. And I'm looking to buy a house a car and to open up a catering business
Hello Ryan, How are you? I came across your article and itโ€™s so amazing . I believe there are no coindences, I have been answering your questions all day, I have rehearsal my speech. I like to play instant winner games, and I decided to play Powerball game. I know my winnings are coming, I am BLESSED to be a BLESSING to so many, people I know and donโ€™t know. Due to certain circumstances I got myself into a serious financial situation , I am living off of SSDI check once a month. I havenโ€™t been able to pay my bills, buy food, I took out a Title Loan and it takes over half my check, barely enough to pay my rent. These Title Loan Companies are the worse ever to deal with, but I got into a situation, had no help and went there, at one time I was paying $824 a month my income is $1200. I was able to find another title place that took the payment to$620. My rent is $675. I have to pay this off, I am already dealing with health issues, this is so overwhelming, I have other expenses that have been neglected. I have asked people to help, who are in a position , but they will not. Itโ€™s okay because I will pay off all my debt, I will help others who are in debt with these people. I have so many plans to help others, I desire to give, help others be happy, free them of finance burdens , help people start business. Ryan itโ€™s going to happen. I believe , I know God has heard my prayers and seen my tears. I been through a lot, I know I am the on the way for better things. I sure let you know when my blessing arrives. If any suggestion reach out
Procopio Joel U. Gabutan
Lord god please answer my prayer that tonight i win lottery jackpot in toto sabah malaysia. If i won i help those poor people need help. Thank you lord god..
Baby Payton
If I win a lottery I will buy a house, car, pay my debts. I will go back to the family court to get more time with my two boys. I will help my family circle. I will help the homeless needy people. I will donate to some charities and churches. God of Universe please answer my prayer. I trust you almighty in Jesus name I praise. Amen 1111afirmed
when i win the lottery i will help family members, help people who needs help, share with people around me, donate at the church. open my business. pay school for kids in need.
Firstly I would thank God....in been praying for a miracle. If I had to win I would give to the churches in need. And buy a house of my own. Which iv been dreaming off for years. And lastly help the single mothers out there.
Firstly I would thank God....in been praying for a miracle. If I had to win I would give to the churches in need. And buy a house of my own. Which iv been dreaming off for years. And lastly help the single mothers out there.
John Daniel Zarate
When the Lord answer my prayer to win the lottery any of them. I don't ask for unusually large amounts , but what I am looking for is to pay off some debt I have and not have companies come after me for collection of worse. Pray that I win soon or today. I am going to play the Texas lottery today. Please pray for me. I really need to fix some things and I will use the winnings to help others and not abuse it. Thank you again .
T Cee
I would take care of my family because I could not help someone else without helping my family first. As I believe that's what God would have me do. Then I would give and help the less fortunate.
i want to thank you Ryan Hart for your prayers it really is so meaningful to me iam very spiritual and i know Jesus died for my since
phemelo mopu
If won any amount from the lottery games, i would clear my debts, clear my families debts and improve the lives of my closet friends. give some to my local church as an offering, help my parents get a new house. start my property business and a family business so that my parents dont have to work their 9-5 jobs anymore, get myself a house or two. and my dream cars. invest some of it for a long term and live off my property business until my investment has matured.
Sending Blessings to everyone's who comments, wishing you're prayers given you hope. Praying for every souls that are presently in, financial difficulties for a positive break true. I'm not riche in money's but I'm riche in prayers, in hope love willing sharing and simplicity being bless. For just living loving accepting appropriate what I already owned, even with little I'm still able to give. Just given my time for helping others or simply, taking time to listening to someone who really need to empty himself out. Blessings to you all's
hello my name is Charmaine , thank you very much for the prayers. I always play South African Lotto and powerball, i really pray to win . I will take some of the money to charity and pay for my fees also help my mother to pay off her debts, please pray for me as i really need this. Amen
Jacques Jacobs
Hi,thank you for this opportunity.My name Jacques from SouthAfrica.If I win the lotto,I will buy a new house and a car.Starting businesses to help many people who are struggling.A place where some homeless kids can stay
I can do so much especially with our economy, some are homeless, street vendors, family who are suffering from not enough supply of water, no food, and especially for our new house of God needs to pay debt help others who are seeking for help but no one to turn to. This will change my Life and people around me especially those who I've seen suffering. Last but not least is to be debt free no pressure no struggling but to able to be with my kids 24/7 that's all I need because you can only live once and being able to have money will Change so much for me and my family. Tc and God Bless you.
Ojeifo austine olakunle
I play 9jabet I promise to give God 10% of my wins plus iwill forever be gr8ful and faithful to him! Amen
This article is very informative and I reread every time. Thank you for the article. Kind regards, Dijo
This article is very informative and I reread every time. Thank you for the article.I live in South Africa and I play Lottery there. If I win, I will help charity organizations, and start business in order to create jobs for the jobless. Kind regards, Dijo
If tonight I win big first I will pay my debts, get my dental work ,give to to charity and help my relatives back home and my children
Thanks to God this morning,I thank him this morning for the message I got from you,I have a dream to open up a small factory in my hometown,but facing financial problems to carry on,I am in Italy and used to play lotto, please help me in prayers to realise my lucky numbers,I know with GOD all things are possible, thank you
Lindy R
I will give thanks to the most high first and foremost. Take care of my family and remove the struggles we all has gone through to better ourself. Whichever lottery I am blessed with I just pray god will guide me to do right with it and help those that are in need to make their time on this earth a beautiful and happy one, especially my family, clear our debts and live happily
If I won,I would first thank God and give my tithes. I would get my debts paid and get with an accountant, to help me source out my business. Then I will help my son and future wife with their wedding and opened up my two grand kids a saving account. Help my family and some of my closed friends. Buy me a house and a new car or truck and put the rest in a saving for my son and grand kids..
Aida Santoni
I would give to cancer research im a survival of breast cancer and my father had colon cancer that took his life and I love all kinds of animals so also I would give for them if I'm blessed ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ™
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