3 Incredible Archangel Raphael Prayers for Healing

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In this post you’ll discover the most powerful Archangel Raphael prayers for healing.

In fact:

In Hebrew, Raphael means “God heals” and he is known as the “Divine Healer.” My hope is that these prayers will help heal those in need, both physically and spiritually.

Ready to learn my favorite prayers to St. Raphael the Archangel?

Let’s get started.

Prayer to Archangel Raphael

O Glorious Archangel St. Raphael, great prince of the heavenly court, you are illustrious for your gifts of wisdom and grace. You are a guide of those who journey by land or sea or air, consoler of the afflicted, and refuge of sinners. I beg you, assist me in all my needs and in all the sufferings of this life, as once you helped the young Tobias on his travels. Because you are the “medicine of God” I humbly pray you to heal the many infirmities of my soul and the ills that afflict my body. I especially ask of you the favor (here mention your special intention), and the great grace of purity to prepare me to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Short Prayer to St. Raphael the Archangel

St. Raphael, the Archangel, arrow and medicine of Divine Love, wound our hearts, we implore you, with the burning love of God and let this wound never heal, so that even in daily life we might always remain upon the path of love and overcome all things through love. Amen.

Consecration Prayer to St. Raphael

Holy Archangel Raphael, standing so close to the throne of God and offering Him our prayers, I venerate you as God’s special Friend and Messenger. I choose you as my Patron and wish to love and obey you as young Tobias did. I consecrate to you my body and soul, all my work, and my whole life. I want you to be my Guide and Counsellor in all the dangerous and difficult problems and decisions of my life. Remember, dearest Saint Raphael, that the grace of God preserved you with the good angels in heaven when the proud ones were cast into hell. I entreat you, therefore, to help me in my struggle against the world, the flesh, and the devil. Defend me from all dangers and every occasion of sin. Direct me always in the way of peace, safety, and salvation. Offer my prayers to God as you offered those of Tobias, so that through your intercession I may obtain the graces necessary for the salvation of my soul. Remember me and always entreat for me before the Face of the Son of God. Help me to love and serve my God faithfully, to die in His grace, and finally to merit to join you in seeing and praising God forever in heaven. Amen.

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Which of these Archangel Raphael prayers is your favorite?

How has St. Raphael the archangel touched your life?

Either way let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
May I pray for you? Please leave a comment and share your prayer request.
Dear Ryan, Assist me in praying and subduing the pains of the flesh and unhealthy thoughts. The afflictions of my life that I may overcome and be healed and victorious.
Nancy D'Arcy
Please pray for my husband Paul. He was admitted to hospital yesterday and he has diabetes and a serious heart problem and is very weak. Please pray that the doctors can bring him back to full health. Regards, Nancy
Nancy D'Arcy
Please pray for my husband Paul. He was admitted to hospital yesterday and he has diabetes and a serious heart problem and is very weak. Please pray that the doctors can bring him back to full health. Regards, Nancy
Pray for my anxiety & for relief. I feel I am being tortured. I have tried so many things to help. I feel helpless
Pray for me going through rough times liver cancer thank you
Pray for my anxiety & for relief. I feel I am being tortured. I have tried so many things to help. I feel helpless
Ryan, please help me pray to St. Raphael, to heal my tinnitus and someone i know named Paul. This is now my 4th day novena. Thank you so much and God bless!
I pray for protection and good health for my family. And also to help me pass my english exam.
Dolores Dubord
please pray for my husband Dick who is suffering from covid 19 with pneumonia.
Please pray for the pain in my leg to go as it is painfull and uncomfortable
Domenico Bono
He has a lot of severe health problems, heart, lungs, diabetes, etc. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIS RESTORATION, God Bless, Amen 🙏 Alleluia ❤🌞🌞🌞😇✝️💞💞💞
Netti Caruso
Please pray for my daughter, Renee who suffers from debilitating spinal and nerve disease. Please ask our Lord through St. Raphael to allow this next procedure to be successful in reducing Renee’s pain.
Melody Vasseghi
I struggle with addiction. And deep suicidal depression and anxiety. I also have lupus and other medical conditions. It’s as though the devil took hold of me. Please give me peace and joy in my life. Allow me to connect with others and feel God in my heart again. Melody
Please, help me to pray for my husband Wolfgang , he is fighting cancer and problems walking! Please, pray with me that he will recover soon and praise the lord , Love , Emmi
Please pray for my son Gio. He is going through some severe depression right now.
Catalina I Cordoba
Please pray for my son who had a car accident last July, he suffered TBI but thanks to God he woke up last November and he is able to talk and remember some things, pray for his willingness to be able to get up (he is bedridden) and also for his mind to be cure, he is sweet sometimes but very nasty other days, he curses and insults people including me his mother, please pray for him so that he will be in good health and most of all to get him up from the bed and that his brain can be cure, thank you
Dushyant Ponnanna
Please Pray for my traumatic brain injury and Some people might think im speaking rubbish,I too tried praying but nothing works my parents tell some people have done black magic on our land in which we are living and they have made like what prayers you do it should be nill worthy but i have no other choice Please Help Me!!Amin
Megan TG
Please pray for vision issues related to pressure on optic nerve I am having and prayer for healing both mind and body. Amen 🙏
Priscilla Parker
Please pray for my dear relative GLENN CHARLES OLIVER. He has had a double lung implant and is now suffering from infection in both of his implanted lungs. May GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU.
Dear Mr. Ryan, pray for me that the pains in my back may be healed by the intercession of St. Raphael, if it be in God's will.
Dear Ryan, Please pray for my son. About 5 months ago he had a blood test. The results are leaning towards Systemic Scleroderma. He is only 19. This is a life threatening disease. We have been praying everyday that his blood work gets better. He goes today for another blood test. Please let his numbers be better than they were. Please, please pray for his healing. We need a miracle. Thank you for your prayers, Kristine
Please Dear Ryan, pray for my mum who is struggling with cancer and severe back pains. For my sister who is struggling with a leg injury, and for me who has reinjured my knee, post surgery of 2 years. I ask you to please pray for my mental health and anxiety as I recently experienced scarring trauma (sexual assault) and I have not went to seek help. Since it happened, there has not been one day that I haven't thought about it. It is hard for me to even write about this, but I feel at ease knowing that this is somewhat anonymous. Many people around me unintentionally fail to support me through this as they constantly bring up the boy who did it along with his family (bringing back memories and sometimes bringing me into a depressive state). One of the few reasons I wish to cope alone. I experience many nightmares from this and feel that my anxiety has grown. I feel that this injury has heightened my emotions as I may not be able to walk properly for a while and will be stuck at home with my thoughts. I just pray that someone out there could pray for me as I do not wish to burden my family/fall into self pity about my circumstance. None of my parents know about this, only a handful of people who I told after some time. Please pray for my family as I am sure many of us do not wish to talk about our traumas
Thank you Ryan for your kind prayers for my health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.
Please help me with your thoughts and prayers to watch over my son as he goes under anesthesia and his spinal tap be successful. God bless his doctors to guide their hands in Gods name we pray.
Joan Okor
It’s a powerful prayer that l never know of it before now...
Thank you Ryan for your kind prayers for my health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.
Dear Ryan Please pray for my husband he had a hip replacement three months ago and hasn’t been able to walk since. The pain is excruciating in his ankle. He is still in hospital. They don’t know where the pain is coming from 🙏
I have been dreaming about eating in the dream for a very long time now. I have tried but nothing seems to be able to stop me from dreaming about food. I sincerely need your prayers.
Dear Ryan, please pray for healing in all areas of my life. I am diabetic, I have hair loss and skin condition and I am 36 years old. also pray for my husband who has many pain from his past and his alcoholic habits. thank you
Ryan Hart
I will pray for God's supernatural healing powers to appear in all areas of your life. May you receive God's grace and mercy.
Veronica Akanji
I just got to know about St. Raphael and I just started the novena today. I will be back with testimony shortly by God's grace. Amen
Ryan Hart
Thank you for sharing. God bless.
Janet Olivio
Please pray that my health is finally renewed. I have felt physically ill for over 3 yrs and my symptoms are always fluffed off as getting older etc and I am to the point of just pushing myself each day and feeling so weak and sick. Thank you.
Ryan Hart
I will pray for God to renew your health and give you strength each day. God bless.
Please pray my new total knee replacement heals I am having too much pain n not making progress. I just learned of St. Raphael n will continue to visualize him n St Michael with me at therapy.
Ryan Hart
I will pray for God's mercy and strength during your recovery. God bless.
Patricia McIsaac
my favorate is the first. I love all and say daily
Please pray for my mum who is suffering with cancer and needs healing xxxx thank you
Please help me pray for my whole family safety - away from all sickness in the world, specially this pandemic. I also request the total healing of my husband Miguel for he still recovering from open surgery.It has been 1 month but now he is having a fever.I hope and pray for St Raphael for complete healing.In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit.AMEN!
Pray for my mother. She's in the hospital she's also a servant of the most high God and she really sick. Please pray with me for her full restoration for her full healing mind body and soul on this side of plain. Pray God gives her a fresh annotating as she continue to work in God's vineyard. In Jesus Christ name. Amen.
Leigh Pitchford
A hard decision to make, I loved all three of them,but the situation I am in, I cannot be my own person, I am restricted as to what I can buy or subscribe to. I asked Archangel Raphael to let me win the Lottery so I can be my own person. I am a very spiritual person and I read all spiritual material, my favorite is Archangel Raphael I have asked for physical healing I know and I believe he will heal me. Thanks for letting me share me feelings.. Leigh Pitchford
sunday ucha
To God be the glory in His saint, Archangel RAPHAEL, for the deliverance, healing/cure i received when i beckoned on his angel to intercede for me. in the company of/with saint Michael, Gabriel, my guardian angel. i got my deliverance, healing/cure.
St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael chief among arch angels, thank you for protecting us, healing, guarding and guiding us for Jesus' sake when we face our daily battles on earth. We seek thou help together with your legion claiming Psalm 91along with the cherubim, serpahim and all angels and saints to go after every evil on earth, vanquish and destroy them forever. Let no evil tempt us or come near taking us even a moment away from our Father in heaven. Mother Mary, please crush the serpent's head permanently and set us free forever. May us enjoy your son's peace and calmness and on this day of the feast of Arch Angel's, I and Chris implore your help to grant us the permanent and perpetual help of the Arch Angels, All Saints and you Queen of Angels and Saints. In Jesus Christ's name we ask. Amen
I felt, and smelled 🐟 his presence with me before the first covid19 shutdown. And any severe ailment or illness did not overtake me.
Jeff czarny
#1. need St Raphael to answer my prayers for my wife Patricia .
Pray for peace and happiness and for work for me and my wife and my children and my family thanks God bless you
Mercedes Cabrera
It's a great prayer and I will continue to pray it.
Mercedes Cabrera
It's a great prayer and I will continue to pray it . Can you please pray for me I received positive results for the covid 19. Now I can't work. Also for my son Hector we haven't heard from him since his relapse.
Anil Cherian Jacob
Dear Ryan, When the apostles asked the Lord Jesus to teach them to pray, He taught, "When you pray, say, OUR FATHER in heaven"(Luke 11:1-2). What Christ is instructing and commanding us is that God the Father must be the object of our prayers and praises. He did not teach His disciples to pray to His mother or to angels or to dead saints. Jesus Himself is the only way and door to the Father (John 14:6). St Paul warned of the evil of "worship of angels" (Colossians 2:18). St John made the mistake of falling at the feet of an angel to worship him, but the angel stopped him by saying, "See that you do not do that! I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. WORSHIP GOD!" (Revelation 19:10). Angels are ministering spirits sent by God to serve true Christians (Hebrews 1:14). Consider what I say and may the Lord give you understanding. A well-wisher of your soul, in Christ, Anil.
I have recently sought out the Blessed promises of Saint Rafael. I have received miraculous signs, yet not received the particulars of my prayers. I always want live more for others than myself, and I am lucky to be alive. Please hear and answer my prayer, Beloved Saint Rafael, so that I can complete God's Mission for Humanity. Thank you and God bless you all. - Blaise Francis
Beverly Fournier
my mother who is a very loving women, is suffering from Alzheimer's had a vision today of a green angel with beautiful green wings. She is in a home, and although I want her home with me to take care of her, she does not want me to do so. although I feel I not only owe her this but love her so dearly. it is breaking my heart to see what has become of her, we recently lost our father and she was married to him for 67 yrs, unfortunately do to covit she has been most in lock down and unable to come and visit her children and grandchildren and great grand children. she has been morning the loss of my father mostly by herself. and her health has been declining awfully. which brakes my heart. she pleads alot for the lord to come get her she has no desire to live anymore. so today when I was told of the beautiful Green Angel I felt the need to find out who this Angel was. now knowing he is the Angel of healing, I so hope that is why he has visited my Beautiful mother. I will pray.
Penina Wanjiku
I love all the prayers. They are very significant in every aspect of my life. St Raphael pray for us
Ann Thayre
My favourite is the first one prayer to Archangel Raphael
Monica Compton
Please pray for me as I am suffering nervous system pain (fibromyalgia) and severe mental illness. I have two children who need me to be healthy... Thank you. God bless.
RuelMal ang
I love all the prayers to St. Rafael
Leigh Pitchford
I have been curious of seeing numbers today I looked at my clock and there it was 555 I got so excited seeing numbers has something to do with being on the right track. I will keep praying to my beautiful Archangel Raphael. I claim my prayer is answered in the name of Jesus and Archangel Raphael. Thanks for allowing me to say what I believe in. My Name) Leigh Pitchford
Can everyone please say a prayer for my dad he is in the hospital he got covid from work and is in a induced coma and is doing dialysis as well my family and I would greatly appreciate the prayers
Ryan Hart
Hi Miranda, I am so sorry to hear that your father is in the hospital. I will keep your family in my prayers. May God bless your father with a full recovery.
Mary Smith
Dear Ryan, could you please help my. I'm in stage 5 kidney failure. My back and neck ,, are in great pain from dialysis. I also need a cleansing, so many people are jealous, of my positive Christian attitude. My hair , is starting to fall out. And my neck and back are very painful. Doctor's have tried everything to keep me out of pain. I choose not to take meds for it besides epidural. Nothing helps. I suffer from great pains. My mother suffered the same threw out her life. And passed in great pain. I don't want the same experience as her. I'm only 55.
Please pray for my husband and I as we have caught COVID and are trying to recover at home with 2 small children. I just had a double mastectomy in October followed by a hematoma that needed an operation a week later. Sure has been one thing after another. Thank you so much. I also have a question... I am a Christian. I was raised in the Lutheran church and attended baptist as a young adult. Do I need to be of the catholic religion for these prayers to be effective or are they effective for whomever recites them from their soul? Thanks for posting them. ❤️
Obi's family
Dear Ryan, please remember our dad in your prayers. He is going in for kidney surgery. He has been diagnosed of left kidney carcinoma. God bless you richly.
Damaris Karanja
I have just started the prayers and am hopeful for what am praying for. In the meantime kindly pray for my brother who is in the hospital waiting for head surgery anytime his name is Joel. God bless you.
Darlene Lopez
The Consecration payer to Arkangel Raphael
Henry Iyamulemye
Dear Ryan, you are a blessing providing us this wonderful opportunity to connect with the divine world. I need prayers to heal , am battling illnesses that are really not specific which is very worrying causing all sorts of discomfort in my life. I have sinned through my life and I repent for that. I want to learn how to connect with my lord . Henry D I.
Please pray for my Boy who is prison. For his unjust sentence and for the prison reform bills in Florida to pass so that these young people have another chance in life. In Jesus name I pray Amen
Ismael Torres
My brothers had finally had just a but of movement, After no movement the past couple of days! Please pray that St. Raphael the Archangel will touch and through his intercession our Lord Jesus Christ will cure my brother and get his heart pumping stronger than ever before .
Pls pray for my brother who contracted the civic virus. He needs urgent prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ for his full recovery
like all the prayers. I'm praying for my daughter she tested positive covid please St. Raphael heal her.
Alwin Villaruel
All the prayers are good
Marilou B.Garbes
Please pray for my nephew, Romeo Bong Lim who is very ill at present, in ICU and life support that he may be completely healed in Jesus' name, Amen. Thank you very much.
Graeme Rosewarne
Dearest Ryan, my partner is never sick but the beginning of this year he is sick with infections. He usually does not say anything but he has this time. I have asked Arc Angel Raphael for his help, which I truely believe he will. Thank you and God Blessings on you always Graeme
Jacob Weiss
Please help me pray for my dad, Phillip Weiss, he has cancer. It's a very aggressive one. This is the second time around. Please need all of God's help with this. I'm beg him for mercy and healing. Amen
I have alway believed in prayer but I'm finding this is difficult my husband has luekemia and been into hospital with double pneumonia and covid lungs his weight has dropped dramatically and he has lost hope and belief and I am now finding it hard to cope on a daily basis please pray for him to return to full health thank you so much his name is derek
Melinda J Gunn
I liked the first one a prayer to st Raphael, although I am ill,I'd like to call on him to heal those who need healing
My nephew recently was confirmed & I was his confirmation sponsor. I later discovered he is not a beliver. He went through confirmation to "go through the motions. He chose St. Raphael as his confirmation saint. I have been praying for Raphael's intercession for the conversion of my nephew. Please join me in my prayers for my nephew, Christopher.These prayers will help me. Thank you!
Ryan Hart Please pray with me for my daugher and her social anxiety.I know ST.RAPHEL is near i have seen things moved from where i put them.Gives me faith.GOD BLESS.
pray that I will have understanding of the knowledge of God words and Healings power to overcome.flesh
Dear Ryan, please pray for my dad, he has been diagnosed of kidney cancer and needs to go in for surgery. Pls pray for his divine healing. Let God and his host of angels take over this case and restore him back to full health. Pray that my dad will be of good courage.
Dear Ryan, pls pray for my dad. He is going in for kidney surgery this weekend. The name of the Lord must be glorified in Jesus name I pray. Thank you Jesus.
I pray for divine healing of God upon my liver and whatever it is that gives me pain in my tummy. Through the intercession of archangel Raphael and as we journey in this 40days of lent with Jesus that my healing may be permanent and forever in Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus.
how can I connect to Raphael are you a Christian
Betsy shaw
I ask humbly for prayer. I have cried and sat in fear . My kidneys have bacteria in them . I pray for god relive me sickness and pain in my back. Please pray for me. I know so many need prayer worse than me . I ask humbly for prayer .
Dear Ryan, please and Thank you pray for me. I had some very serious health tests done. My anxiety has taking the best of me. Please prayer that all comes back negative and suffering inside goes away and I will soon return to myself again.
My prayer request is healing from a new diagnosis of breast cancer.
30 years ago after making solemn prayer to Almighty God, His Angels, Saints and begging intercession of Our Blessed Mother, I was cured of Crohn’s disease. Blessed be God forever!
30 years ago after making solemn prayer to Almighty God, His Angels, Saints and begging intercession of Our Blessed Mother, I was cured of Crohn’s disease. Blessed be God forever!
Please pray for me. I`m battling sarcoma tumor...St.Raphael pray for us !!!
Archangel Raphael
God most favoured angel, the healer all infirmities please heal me from my head to toe. I need a complete body healing.
Thank you for this, I have been searching for prayers to my Archangel Raphael. What I need in prayer to be answered is for the condo that my separated husband (still living under the same roof to save money) and I bought together to be sold by April 24, as the mortgage renewal is on May 24. So that he and I can be on our separate ways. For me, it would be the best thing ever to be out of this verbal and mentally abusive marriage, it is like living on a roller coaster. I am grateful and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Amen!
I was lead to searching for info on Raphael because of a message sent to me on Facebook. Just so happens I couldn't get my energy focused on reaching for guidance today as I usually do. The tug won to search to find put what this was leading too. So I researched 5 minutes only to find prayers I have yet to put into words. I'm at a point on my journey that I need to know what is going to be my future. Becoming restless for me is no good. I'm searching for direction a purpose of my own. I know, I feel there is something I have to build make a design which will be mine to share with anyone that is searching too but don't believe as I or that like me just aren't capable of being nothing more than a wounded problem. I on the other hand just would rather leave my life here and go far to build so when I fell in a way fr those that knew I wouldn't or was not capable. My mind needs to be rebuilt first. That will take a lifetime. I could've been wonderful person and achieved. Most of all I wish I could have had all I wasted on failure go share to something that would have helped everyone that struggles with this poison of world like me.
Lisette Cupidon
Good evening..please pray for my mother Jenny Cupidon (Seychelles)who is in hospital, according to doctor she is very critical, and cannot breath on her own...
Please help pray for my daughter who is suffering from severe nerve pain for several months and she is so young. Please pray for her to be pain free and be healthy soon.
Chinedu innocent Daniel
I chinedu innocent Daniel,I want to thank God for his marvelous work in my life by using his archangel Raphael to heal me through his energy green Ray light,I love all all the prayers, please pray for my little cousin ngozi she has been sick for the past 3 month,we have taken her to the hospital but all seems to be in vain, I need your prayers
Thnx for being there. Fear is secret. I believe I get some sort of pleasure from pain. Because prayer has worked for me but, have been afraid to ask, cause dualist idea I would have to give up something to gain my wishes. I guess grow-up. Thnx
Please heal my spouse from terrible headaches/migraines. We do not knos the cause, we are afraid. Help us find peace. Help us to be paired with the perfect doctor for this problem. We dont have health insurance until next month and money is a problem right now. Pray for our health and peace. Our rest and our comfort. Thank you.
Derick Kundu
Help me with the prayers for healing with anointing oil of St Raphael
Anish Mathew John
We are Catholics. May I seek your help to pray for the urgent conversion, healing and deliverance of my wife Jessy Jacob born on 11th November 1980. She left me and our only son on 13-Dec-2016 and filed for divorce against which I've been fighting for, standing in and holding my ground as a single parent but wounded. Let God's providence prevail! As one last time, I am seeking your help in prayers through St. Raphael's intercession to heal our family and for my wife to return to the sacraments and withdraw the divorce petition. I am asking heaven for a sign. With God, everything is possible! In Jesus I trust,
Please pray for my daughter Leesha,that she answers well and clears her CA exams.
Bamikole Timileyin temidayo
I need you man of God to pray for me I'm in this pains for the past 4 years now I have pains at where my kidneys are and many serious stomach pains. Pains all over me and I keep praying to God to heal me and I believe that my God will heal me. Please I want you to pray for me sir for sound healings in my body
I have said the prayers, they are relevant for me. As I go for a complete visualization of the spinal cord today, may any damage be reversed, may my healing be swift and may I never experience it in my life again. I pray this through Christ my Lord. Amen.
Honestly I was instructed to pray angel Raphael prayer in my dream against infection( it was called ralphelic prayer) for 12nights I taught it was just a dream now the date I was told the infection will start was the same date and I remember it and quickly browsed now I'm healed it didn't reach the extent I was warned about Glory be to God and thanks to angel Raphael I'm grateful for this prayer
Ryan please pray with me as I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and Gallstones. I am very weak. Please help me pray for complete recovery, and healing. Thank You
weight loss
Dear Ryan, Please pray for my daddy Mr. Matute, he has been in the hospital for 15days and now he is in ICU, he has parafluenza virus, lung infection. In Jesus name amen.
Please keep my friend G Wright in your prayers. He fell off building site whilst working and has sustained serious injuries , including head injury. He's currently in a coma. I will also keep you all in my prayers. Thank you.
The two prayers are wonderful, am a devotee of archangel RAPHEAL, pray for me that God will bless me with a God fearing life partner
Duru Chidimma 2
I got healed immediately when i prayed the prayer on the hospital because the attack was much on me .Indeed st Raphael intercedes amen
Womoga Steven
Ryan, I understood the 1st & 3rd. Kindly pray to heal me from diabetes and I jury of my left top shoulder and have free motions.Let St Raphael the Archangel heal me and as LSO get me a lucrative job and business.Amen.
Jenifer R
Please pray for my partner Mikko He has spinal cord injury and he is sick right now. I pray for his recovery and healing may God remove all the pain that he is feeling right now.
Karma Storm
I prayed to Archangel Raphael and he got my mom off Life Support. He is the Almighty Healer of Illness. Find him!
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Please pray for my family keep them safe in mind body and soul please heal my husband and daughter and keep me healthy to take care of my family, thank you
Ed Long
Please pray for my nephew Jake Trevino who is on a respirator at this moment fighting Covid, pneumonia and an infection. Bring his lungs back to life and heal him from head to toe. Please help ! Pray please
A few weeks ago, while falling into sleep, my spirit traveled to a temple and a guide described the place and spirits there. The Angel Raphael was one. I saw a fuzzy green light. The guide said it was Raphael’s spirit that would enter my body and help me and to spread his message and that I would go forth and heal others in my presence and work. I was terrified and feared that I had died. But I was told no and another white spirit entered me. The guide described the temple and the Angels and spirits that were there. I have been transformed into a better version of myself and returning to my youthful optimism and have been more patient with others. Thanks for helping people like me understand better the Angels and their place in our lives and faith.
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