19 Best One Month Anniversary Gifts [2024]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on March 21, 2024 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

The first month anniversary gift should be romantic, thoughtful, and not over the top. After all it is only one month and if you go overboard on the one month anniversary what are you going to do for the first year anniversary?

When you’re buying a one month anniversary gift, it can often feel like you have to choose something over the top and completely out of the ordinary. This can feel like pressure especially since you are only one month into the relationship.

To make things easier on you, and your future self, I’ve put together an essential and thoughtful list of 1 month anniversary gifts for him and her. Enjoy!

What is the best one month anniversary gift?

1. Chocolate Gift Basket

A chocolate gift basket is a great one month anniversary gift for him or her. One way to liven up your relationship is to give a chocolate gift basket for your anniversary. By the one month mark, you are still getting to know each other and are not too familiar with each other’s likes and dislikes.

A chocolate gift basket is also an excellent choice because it does not require much preparation or thought on the part of the giver. It also does not cost much money, so you can easily afford it if you are financially limited at this point in your relationship.

2. Candle Gift Set

The reason why a candle gift set is a great one month anniversary gift is because it is a great way to let your girlfriend know that you are thinking about her. It is a great way to show your affection for your girlfriend and to let her know that you like her.

The best part about this kind of gift set is that it doesn’t cost you much money at all. The candles themselves are usually very inexpensive, especially if they are bought in a gift set.

3. Teddy Bear

One month into a relationship is a great time to give something personal and thoughtful. It’s not too soon to give something that feels like a big deal, but it’s just soon enough that you still know each other pretty well.

You’re not sure yet whether you’re going to marry this person, but you can see yourself buying them things for years to come.

So what should you get? Something personal. Something thoughtful. And if possible, something they’ll have around for years to come, so you can think of them every time they see it.

A teddy bear fits the bill perfectly. It’s both personal and something they’ll use for years: the ideal one month anniversary gift.

4. Trendy Board Game

Board games are an awesome gift, especially for a significant other. Not only does it say that you actually put some thought into the present but it also says that you want to do something together as a couple.

Not to mention, board games can be fun! If your relationship has been getting dull and you need something fun to enjoy together then this could be just what you need to bring the spark back.

5. Wearable Fitness Tracker

A Fitbit or wearable fitness tracker is a great one month anniversary gift for him or her for several reasons.

First, it’s a wearable that makes their life better. If they have no wearable devices, this gift will have a huge impact on their life.

It will also allow them to track their steps and sleep, which are two things that are very important for a healthy lifestyle. And if they’re competitive by nature, you can use it to challenge each other (and other people).

Finally, It’s not expensive nor extravagant. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry or fancy dinners when you could instead spend money on things that improve your lives day-to-day (like the Fitbit).

6. 100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster

What makes this one-month anniversary gift so special? There are a few things that make a poster like this unique: it’s personalized, it has suggestions for dates, and it includes free add-ons like extra stickers and the option to add a custom message.

The best part about a date idea poster is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving. It comes with over 100 date ideas, ranging from “make breakfast together” to “take a hot air balloon ride.”

You can give the poster as a gift to your girlfriend or boyfriend and then start planning your next adventure together.

7. Silk Pillowcase

Buying a silk pillowcase for your girlfriend is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for her. Silk pillowcases are great for many reasons, but most importantly because they’re good for your skin and hair.

Your girlfriend is beautiful, and you want to keep it that way. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help her do just that. Silk pillowcases are great for her hair because they don’t absorb moisture like cotton pillowcases do. If your girlfriend is trying to grow out her hair or keep it shiny and healthy, a silk pillowcase will definitely help her achieve that goal.

Also, if your girlfriend has acne-prone skin and is worried about getting wrinkles at the same time, then buying her a silk pillowcase is the perfect solution!

8. Home Spa Gift Set

It’s no secret that trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one isn’t always an easy task. For example, if you’re looking for a one-month anniversary gift for a girlfriend, you might be stumped as to what would make a good present.

After all, you want it to say “I care about you,” but not “I’m totally getting attached.” Since many women enjoy pampering themselves with bath and body products, a home spa gift set is an excellent choice.

A home spa gift set can be a thoughtful present that shows you care while being useful at the same time. There are many different options available, so it should be pretty easy to find one that works well for your girlfriend.

If she likes things that smell good and make her feel relaxed, there are plenty of scented bath and body products that could be included in the gift basket. Look for items like shower gels, bubble baths, body lotions and massage oils in fragrances like lavender or vanilla. You can also include other products such as bath salts, sugar scrubs and facial masks to help her create a full spa experience at home.

9. Collectible Sports Cards

There are many ways to celebrate a one month anniversary. The best way is to give him something thoughtful and meaningful. You could also give him something practical or something fun and romantic.

I think that collectible sports cards would be an excellent gift for a few reasons. One reason is that they are often quite valuable, so he can treasure them forever. Another reason is that he can display them in his room or apartment, so he can always remember the special occasion.

You can get them in any sport you want, but basketball cards tend to be the most popular option since everyone loves Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

If you want to make it more personal, then go with something specific that relates to their favorite team or sport.

10. Cute Sculpture

Sculptures are great and women often love them!

Sculptures add that special touch of class to any room and really make for a great gift. Sculptures can be contemporary or traditional and come in many different materials from wood, metal or clay. You will have no problem finding a style that will please her.

Sculptures are also very unique gifts which most people don’t receive, so you know your gift will really stand out. A sculpture is something that can be kept forever and looked at every day as a reminder of the love you share together.

One of the best places to find amazing sculptures is online, where there is a huge selection to choose from. Many online stores offer amazing deals and discounts on sculptures, so you may even be able to get one for less than you expected!

11. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Strawberries are a wonderful one month anniversary gift idea because they are very romantic, and if you choose the right ones, they are also very inexpensive.

You can find some great gourmet strawberries at most grocery stores, and they can be a really nice one month anniversary gift for your girlfriend or wife.

You can also shop online for gourmet strawberries that are dipped in chocolate or just covered in chocolate sprinkles. These types of strawberries are much more expensive than the gourmet ones you will find locally, but if you choose to splurge a little on your one month anniversary gift for her, she will really appreciate it.

12. Bouquet of Flowers

A bouquet of flowers is a great one month anniversary gift for her because it is the perfect balance of sweet and creative. It’s simple enough that you aren’t overdoing it, but still romantic enough to make an impression.

A flower bouquet is a traditional anniversary gift idea, so you know she’ll love it. But not all flowers are created equal.

While some are more beautiful than others, you also have to be careful about what kind of flowers you choose. You don’t want to give her roses if you’re only celebrating your one month anniversary because that is way too much for that short amount of time.

Instead, go with a bouquet of tulips or lilies because those are more appropriate for how early in the relationship this is.

13. Streaming Device

If you’re looking for a gift she’ll love, without breaking the bank, look no further than a streaming device. While it might not be the most romantic gift, it shows you listen to her.

Your girlfriend might be dropping hints about what she wants all the time. For example, she might be talking about how much she loves movies or Netflix, or how she really wants to catch up on a TV show that everyone is talking about.

Don’t miss your chance to sweep in and make your girlfriend happy by getting her a streaming device that will give her access to all the TV shows and movies she wants to watch.

Plus, a streaming device is something that you can use together as a couple. Turn on Netflix and pick a movie that you’ll both enjoy watching together!

14. Toys for Pets

If your girlfriend is a pet owner, then you know how much she loves her dog or cat. And if you want to get her a gift that will make her smile, getting something for her furry friend is a great idea.

It’s a great gift because it’s thoughtful, and it shows that you care about your girlfriend and her dog. If she has a pet, that means she loves animals, so getting something for her pet would be a good idea. It also is something that will last a while, so she can enjoy the gift for a long time.

15. Car Wash Kit

A car wash kit is a great 1 month anniversary gift for him because it is something he will use often and will be reminded of you when he does.

A car wash kit includes all the things needed for washing a car, including soap, wax and a sponge or cloth. The car wash kit can also include an air freshener and other small items that may be useful in cleaning the vehicle.

Since cars need to be washed frequently, this item will get used. When your man uses it, he will remember you gave him this gift and think of you.

16. New Release Video Games

Most guys can spend endless hours playing video games alone or with friends. Some guys are even addicted to video games. They can spend a whole day playing video games without eating or sleeping.

So, if your boyfriend is also a game lover, a new video game will be one of the very best gifts for him. It will absolutely make him excited when he sees it!

First, find out which console he owns, such as xbox, playstation, etc. Then, ask him what new games are coming out that he wants. Then, buy that exact game - no need to overcomplicate it. Avoid buying a duplicate game he already owns or an older game that he’s not interested in.

17. Essential Oils Gift Set

The gift of essential oils is a wonderful idea for any occasion, but especially for your first month anniversary. These oils are very popular and useful, so they will be a great addition to your partner’s collection.

Essential oils are derived from plants and flowers, and they can be used in a variety of ways. You can purchase these oils in small sample sets or large bottles. No matter how much money you want to spend, there will be an option that fits within your budget.

18. Best-Selling Book

Why is a best selling book such an amazing one month anniversary gift? Well, first of all, the fact that you remembered to get a gift for your loved one is already a great start.

A relationship is about give and take, and if you are able to show your love for them by giving them a gift on this special occasion, it will only make them feel better about being with you.

Another reason why this type of present is so popular is that it shows that you have been thinking about what they like to do in their spare time and have been looking into different things in order to find something they might enjoy. For example, if they enjoy reading books then getting them a book as an anniversary gift will be perfect.

If you don’t know their favorite author or genre, then you can’t go wrong with a popular best-seller that everyone else is currently reading.

19. Shave Set

A shave set includes a good quality shaving brush, a razor and some shaving cream or soap. You can choose from several different styles of razors and brushes available in the market.

You may also want to look for other accessories like aftershave lotion or cologne that you can use after using your razor and brush. These items will help keep his face smelling fresh and clean all day long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative ideas for one-month anniversary gifts?

Sure, here are a few ideas for one-month anniversary gifts! A thoughtful gift could be couple bracelets. They’re cool and show you’re a team. You can also go for a personalized gift like a mug set with your names or a special date on them. A cooking class can be a classic gift. It’s fun and you learn to make tasty food together. If you want meaningful gifts, try making a scrapbook of memories. Put in photos, ticket stubs, or anything else that reminds you of your time together. It’s all about showing you care!

Is it common to give a gift on the one-month anniversary?

Giving a gift on your one-month anniversary date can be such a thoughtful gift! It’s not a common tradition like yearly anniversaries, but it’s becoming more popular. The best gift doesn’t have to be big or expensive. For a month anniversary gift, consider something personal that shows you’ve been paying attention to their likes and interests.

You could choose a book by their favorite author, a box of gourmet chocolates, or even a handwritten note expressing your feelings. Remember, the most important thing is that the gift shows your love and appreciation

Should I write a love letter for our one-month anniversary?

There is no doubt that writing a love letter for your one-month anniversary can be a very touching and personal gesture, and a amazing gift. It gives you the chance to express your feelings, share memories from the past month, and convey your hopes for the future. Your partner will likely appreciate the time, thought, and emotion that went into creating such a heartfelt gift. Plus, it’s a keepsake they can cherish long after the anniversary has passed. Just remember, the most important thing is to be sincere and speak from your heart.

Bottom Line

The way I see it, there are four keys to finding a meaningful present for your partner.

First you have to consider their interests and personality. This is what defines the uniqueness of the gift and sets it apart from others like it.

Next, make sure you are getting them something that fits with their lifestyle. This could mean practical or something more indulgent based on their current needs. The third factor to consider is the amount of money you want to spend on your gift.

Finally, make sure your gift will be thoughtful. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it should show you put some thought into it!

Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of what to look for in the perfect one month gift. Try to distill your partner’s interests and personality into something that will mean something to them, and you can’t go wrong.

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