Mercury in Aquarius Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mercury in Aquarius people are friendly individuals, progressive and open-minded. They have a disinterested kind of impetuousness that helps them live each day to the fullest.

Their sense of humor and enjoyment of life is contagious to those around them, but there is also the streak of individuality and rebelliousness that makes some find it difficult to get along with these people.

People with this placement are inventive and progressive thinkers. A few keywords that describe them include being creative, intellectual, innovative, eccentric, and individualistic.

Being humanitarians at their core, they are excellent at coordinating large groups of people for joint action. They often have the potential to rise to great power but actually prefer a position of high influence over one that is more glamorous.

Mercury in Aquarius people have the ability to understand most situations or complex problems quickly, and take on tasks very willingly. They are enthusiastic and intelligent.

Probably one of their best abilities is to adapt to circumstances and new situations. They are versatile, intelligent, quick-witted and highly original.

These individuals are often self-sufficient and intellectually curious. They have an innovative approach to problem solving, and they are comfortable with abstract concepts and unconventional ideas.

Because they are progressive thinkers who enjoy the freedom associated with their individuality, they value personal freedom highly. Individuality is a hallmark of this sign, and they object to being told how to behave or what to think.

Mercury in Aquarius is the idealistic philosopher, highly intellectual and visionary. In the field of ideas they bring original thinking, humanitarianism, and freedom to communicate their message. They are inventive, always thinking up something new and different.

They are the ultimate visionaries! They believe that all of their ideas need to be shared with the world. These folks like to consider themselves enlightened and above the common masses. They are the type of people who will pass up a vacation to stay home and work on theories that they hope will change the world. When they are young, it can be quite entertaining to watch them run around like little children playing with their new discoveries. As time goes one this behavior becomes more insufferable, especially to those who they feel do not understand or appreciate their genius.

Mercury in Aquarius Woman

Mercury in Aquarius women are intellectual to the point of eccentricity. The interest she holds for her friends and family outlast most others, as do her passions and pursuits.

Outspoken, opinionated, and unconventional, she focuses on truth seeking at all times. She notices details others would miss, which is why she’s often the one in the group who can figure out how to get to a place or solve a problem.

The Mercury in Aquarius woman is quick, talented and entertaining. She’s incredibly inventive, original and multi-talented.

Her mind races almost as fast as her mouth. But she has a penchant for not finishing what she starts. She prefers the role of observer rather than that of the performer.

She is willful, independent and very well grounded. She is a strong believer in herself and confidence exudes her. The Aquarius woman has excellent ideas, and clever thoughts that make her a friend to all of the zodiac signs.

The Mercury in Aquarius woman is quite the free spirit. She is one who believes in non-conformity and wanting to be her own person even if it goes against the grain of what society expects.

She will speak her mind and she may have a tendency to want to shock others with what she has to say or by how she says it. She thinks for herself and most people can find her quite opinionated, outspoken, independent, courageous, intellectual, expressive, inventive, and intuitive.

This woman is the free-thinking, unconventional type. You’ll find her at parties talking to a group of friends instead of dancing, taking an art history class instead of playing on the volleyball team, or spending the night in with her favorite book and a glass of wine.

You can always tell when a Mercury in Aquarius woman is making her presence known, because she looks like she’s having so much fun that everyone else wants to get in on it. They may also project a sense of confidence more so than the rest and if you look at it closely, this is simply due to their belief in their ability to do things right.

The personality traits and character of a woman with natal Mercury in Aquarius are not that different from those of other Aquarians. What distinguishes these individuals from the rest is the fact that they are more likely to be loud and full of life.

Mercury in Aquarius Man

The Mercury in Aquarius man, like all of the Zodiac signs, is a unique blend of personality traits and qualities. For Mercury, this includes lucky, random and quick witted. Aquarius rules the head, making their great thinkers and scientists. This combination results in a man that is intelligent yet tactless, extremely outspoken and straightforward, and outgoing and lively in personality.

He is clever, intellectual, and progressive. He has a detached attitude towards things and people. He is a rationalist, who believes in thinking before speaking or making any decision.

Above all, he thinks that the right way is the only way that gives him happiness. He is straightforward and doesn’t believe in theories. He will only believe in facts as well as realities. The Mercury in Aquarius man is definitely quite different from other men in almost everything related to his personality traits and attitudes towards life.

He is an individualist, a liberty lover who likes to be on his own and doing his own thing. He is a very independent loner and gets annoyed when others interfere or distract his movement. He has unique personality traits and inventive mind that makes him fond of change.

The Mercury in Aquarius man is tolerant, eccentric, unconventional kind of guy. He is intelligent and adventurous, often preferring to go his own way while wearing his heart on his sleeve.

They have a very clever mind and their ability to think abstractly is unparalleled. The biggest reason why Mercury in Aquarius men succeed as artists, musicians, inventors, writers and more is because they are able to look into the future to see what others can’t. They are also very eccentric which can make it easier for them to stand out from the crowd.

He is fond of new experiences and ideas. He is also very independent, and a little eccentric. His beliefs are based on humanism, and he tends to think that every person is equal.

He dreams of one day owning his own home. He tends to indulge his passions, and has a variety of interests spanning many topics.

Mercury in Aquarius men have very fixed opinions and will be unwilling to compromise their beliefs no matter what. They can also seem aloof and detached, for they are not usually emotionally attached to things and tend to live more in their heads than anywhere else.

Transit Meaning

Mercury in Aquarius is an excellent transit if you need to regroup, recharge and get a fresh perspective on any current projects you are working on. It also highlights the need to value your relationships and have necessary communication with others.

The transit of Mercury through Aquarius lasts approximately three weeks, though it can take between 15 and 60 days depending on the year. People most influenced by this transit are known for their unique expressiveness and individuality. and is considered a fixed sign, meaning they are persistent and resistant to change.

The unique energy of Mercury transiting Aquarius is very much like a comet – it’s fast, it’s dramatic and it adds an extra element of zing to our lives. This transit can give us the answers to questions we didn’t even know we were asking.

It’s the perfect time to let our curiosity loose and explore new ways of thinking. We’re ready for change and this transit can bring some very exciting opportunities

This is a remarkable transit that happens every year when Mercury transits this sign. As he does, communications grow in importance creating a period of cooperation between people, general ideas and wide ranging thoughts. This is a time when you are enthusiastic about new ideas. These ideas can be put into action at a later time and people will be receptive to them.

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