Mercury in Sagittarius Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mercury in Sagittarius individuals are optimistic, forward thinkers who have a way with words and love learning anything and everything. They love to travel, see new places and learn about other cultures.

They may often appear to be on the go or highly restless especially if they are not involved in some sort of philosophical pursuit that keeps them engaged and active. They are natural born healers because of their curiosity to know how things work plus their ability to communicate the findings effectively to others.

What Does Mercury in Sagittarius Mean?

Mercury in Sagittarius individuals are cheerful, energetic, and optimistic. They love to understand the secrets and mysteries of the universe and will work hard to become knowledgeable. Nevertheless, they also have the tendency to overindulge their intellectual curiosity and become too restless when things don’t go their way.

They are happy, enthusiastic, and always positive. Sagittarians love to share their enthusiasm with others and enjoy the spotlight. They are good at motivating other people to achieve success. They are also kind-hearted and generous with friends, family, or just a random stranger they’ve come across.

They are interested in exploring new places and learning about new cultures. They like to hear stories and enjoy the excitement of the big city, but when it comes to settling down they prefer a simpler lifestyle with less distractions.

Mercury in Sagittarius combines the mental energy of Mercury with the inspirational passion of Sagittarius. They are likely to have a passionate nature and an interest in philosophy and religions. Their higher mind is open, generous, and universal in its outlook; their lower mind is more practical, objective, and scientific.

Mercury in Sagittarius Woman

The Mercury in Sagittarius woman is full of life, happy, and spontaneous. She’s off to the races, up for any adventure!

She is different from other women because she is a genuine human being. That’s what makes her so interesting: no special effects are necessary for this gal. If you want to know what she thinks about something, just ask—no need to wait for the zodiacal revelations!

The Mercury in Sagittarius woman should not be undervalued or overlooked; she is gifted with critical mind and a sharp intellect. The smarty-pants among us, she is an extremely curious person with excellent debating skills and an ability to plan for future events. They are great linguists, they speak well and understand people, making them excellent psychics.

They are the intellectual in charge. Her mind is so powerful, she might not even realize how many people’s lives she runs by. She is interested in every possible thing out there which makes her an interesting girl to us. She loves challenges, and is in love with life.

These women love to learn. They are incredibly curious, and will often take classes or read books just for fun.

With their big picture view of the world, they look at things on a grand scale, but also like to delve into the smaller details. The only thing they love more than learning new things is sharing what they have learned with others.

Just as no two people are the same, so no two Sagittarius women are the same. This is because Mercury in Sagittarius women have diverse personalities, different values, beliefs and styles of communication. Their ability to articulate their thoughts and feelings can give them a charisma all their own.

Mercury in Sagittarius Man

The Mercury in Sagittarius man may have a sense of humor, but may not use it very often. He is more likely to have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and his use of it reveals a sharp wit.

His words are generally well chosen, and he has no trouble expressing thoughts eloquently. He is not afraid to speak out against others for what he believes is right.

The Mercury in Sagittarius man takes life to new heights with an optimistic outlook and a yearning for the next big adventure. Many of these men also have the Sun in Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn, which is a dynamic combination that keeps them moving. Their adventurous spirit also translates into their efforts when it comes to romance.

They are intellectually active people. They are attracted to science, technology and things that have to do with nature or the outdoors.

It is important to them to be involved in spiritual endeavors and acquire vast knowledge. Education is extremely important to this man. They like to read and they can take classes when they feel like it in order to bring them new information and knowledge.

The Mercury in Sagittarius man is more than just a joker with a quick wit and an arsenal of one-liners. He is intellectual, idealistic, and possesses a true love of life.

They have a firm belief in equality. They believe that all people are worth the same, and that they should be respected for their individuality and differences. These men will give women complete freedom, regardless of the kind of man they are to them.

A Mercury in Sagittarius man’s thoughts do turn to relationships, however. They have a need to express their romantic feelings toward the opposite sex, although it may take them some time to display it openly. Chivalry is in their blood!

These men are outsiders, with a vibrant imagination and an inquiring mind. Travel is an important part of their lives, and they have a strong connection to foreign cultures.

Mercury in Sagittarius Transit

Although this Mercury transit cycle is short, it marks the beginning of a significant period during which your thoughts will come to the forefront in your life.

Mercury transiting Sagittarius will add lots of energy, optimism and idealism to you during the coming weeks. You can finally realize your dreams and have the courage to follow your heart.

Your mind is finally set on achieving financial and professional success, everything you touch turns to gold. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your dreams come true!

This transit will be felt strongly by Sagittarians and passing planets through Sagittarius during this period will have an even greater effect.

Mercury in Sagittarius is a prime time to connect with friends, inspire groups and network for opportunities. The wisdom of Sagittarius is strong so sharing knowledge and ideas is easy and fun. Mercury in Sagittarius also signifies restlessness and a longing for adventure.

The Mercury transit through Sagittarius can be very different than its other transit placements. It can make you more optimistic and open to other people, dreams, or ideas.

This transit brings the intelligence of Mercury with expansive and positive thinking. Natives of this position may have a broad outlook on life and are open to new ideas and ways of thinking. They are enthusiastic about life and may be philosophical as well.

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