Pisces Sun Cancer Moon Personality Traits

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The Pisces Sun Cancer Moon person is affectionate, idealistic, sympathetic, gentle, and romantic. They are drawn to the arts and creative endeavors.

This Sun-Moon pairing makes them quite emotional and intuitive. Their intuition, although strong, isn’t always right. They may become obsessed with things. They can be a little too gullible and trusting of others.

They tend to be highly creative, imaginative and artistic. They love the finer things in life, including art, music and food. They are also often quite psychic or at least very sensitive to their surroundings.

Their unique outlooks and urge for self expression is quite strong making them different from others around them. It is very important for these individuals to have a lot of quiet time alone in order to get away from these overwhelming feelings that can sometimes make them feel lonesome, moody or depressed.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon people are creative and sensitive. They possess a keen sixth sense and a psychic gift. They are interested in the metaphysical and psychic world and often withdraw, preferring to live their own quiet lives.

They are very sensitive to the needs of others. They make thoughtful and loving parents, but they are also nurturing towards everyone in their circle of friends. They want to make sure that everyone feels secure, emotionally connected and “at home.”

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon Description

Pisces Personality Traits

The Pisces personality is caring, imaginative and sensitive. They are friendly, fun-loving and spiritual.

Their personality is like no other. Their greatest strength of all lies in their ability to help others and to put aside their desires in favor of helping the people they love—one of the most unselfish of the star signs.

Deeply spiritual and naturally psychic, Pisces is the type of person who has a hand for anyone in need, no matter the hour or day. They’re even likely to take care of someone who—at best—is rude to them, but at worst may actively try to bring them down

They are quiet and unpretentious. She cares about the people around her and will often go out of her way to help a friend or family member in need. She is creative and sentimental. She relies on her intuition and dreams for inspiration rather than facts.

Pisces are guided by their strong sensitivities and feelings. They are very creative, intuitive and sensitive to the world around them. They are big dreamers and visionaries.

They’re the sweetest, kindest, and most loyal people in the world, and they always have such interesting stories to tell. But sometimes, Pisces can be a bit too nice.

Cancer Moon Personality Traits

People with Moon in Cancer are known for being quite sensitive and protective of their loved ones, especially those who they consider to be under their care. Although they may at first seem reserved or skittish due to their suspicious nature, once you get past this exterior, you’ll find a person who is kind and generous.

They are generous, protective, nurturing, and deeply emotional. The Moon in Cancer is easily moved by the tides of emotion, and will protect those they care about at any cost.

They are dreamers, inventors and idealists. Cancer Moon people are likely to be empaths, too. They also have a very strong sense of loyalty. They tend to stay connected with family and friends for life. Life is about relationships for them; it’s all about connection.

They are emotional, sensitive and caring. They are a nurturer and will take responsibility if they have to start feeding the kids in the family when they were young. The Cancer Moon person will be very involved with family and friends in their life.

The Moon, which is an extremely important planet in any astrology chart, is known as the planet of feelings, emotions and instincts. Hence, why the Cancer Moon native is a bit moody at times. They are very sensitive and will feel hurt easily if others are not sensitive toward them.

This Moon sign is famously loyal to friends and family. Beneath a quiet, home-loving exterior lies a seething desire for emotional security. Cancer Moon people are generally soft spoken, sensitive, and moody.

Feelings are all this person knows. They show intense compassion for others, empathy and sympathy but they’re easily hurt, worried and anxious. They love romance and may put their partners needs before their own.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon Characteristics

Compassionate, imaginative, and generous, Pisces Sun Cancer Moon people are dreamers who often get lost in their dreams. They are sensitive, intuitive, and caring, drawn to the emotions of other people.

People with this Sun Moon combination may tend to worry more than other people, but they are also very empathetic and sympathetic to the worries of others.

They are devoted, sensitive, refined, introverted and charming. Once they are committed to a cause or a person, they will be fantastic supportive partners and family members: considerate, tactful and very kind.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon people are very sensitive and emotional. They have a vivid imagination and a strong affinity for the arts, music, and drama. They are also apt to indulge in escapist fantasies such as daydreaming or fantasizing while at school or work.

They are able to make sacrifices for people they love, and their desire to be liked makes them a natural diplomat. He has secret desires to be known for his talents rather than what he looks like, and will seek ways to develop creative ability. He can have vivid dreams that affect his moods, and often has a deep understanding of others emotions.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon people always look for security in their relationships. You want your lover to be dependable, and you’ll always go the extra mile to make them feel secure. In return, if your spouse is willing to do the same for you, this will be a wonderful, lifelong relationship.

The Pisces native is thoughtful and creative. They have a great personal imagination and they are very intuitive.

They are inquisitive, spiritual and sensitive. Their ability to understand the hidden side of things makes them feel that understanding the complexities of life is an exciting adventure.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon people are sensitive to other people’s feelings and needs. They have a strong need to express their own emotions and “feel the pain” of others. They might even “feel” the pain of someone they don’t know very well.

The Cancer Moon person doesn’t like criticism. No matter how constructive it might be, it hurts. This is a sign that feels things deeply and therefore doesn’t take criticism well at all.

The Sun in Pisces person has a strong need to help the less fortunate. They are very intuitive and willing to give of themselves. They have an inner sensitivity and awareness that allows them to understand others' feelings and emotional needs.

This Sun Moon pairing results in a sensitive, kind, and compassionate individual with a love of the arts. They are prone to psychic intuition and can find themselves easily tangled up in confusion over their feelings. This person is romantic and emotionally intense, a true artist of the heart.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon Woman

The Pisces Sun Cancer Moon woman is extremely sensitive, but this sensitivity puts a lot of pressure on her. The fact that she is highly intuitive doesn’t help either, as she inevitably picks up on other people’s feelings and takes them in emotionally.

The Pisces woman is a natural nurturer. There is a strong maternal streak there, and she tends to be the type of woman who organizes the other women in her family.

She is sensitive, loyal and warm, caring for others before herself. Her determination to be of use is often apparent in her career or job. She is also a psychic creature that can sense when danger is present as well as when there is a crisis brewing deep within her family.

She will likely have psychic abilities that alert her to these situations and alert her to the behavior of her children and friends. They must be careful not to let their intuition get the best of them. This could lead to a bad choice or decision if they are not careful.

Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon people are soft-hearted, sensitive, and purely idealistic. They often possess a spiritual sense and are attracted to religious, psychic or occult interests. They may possess psychic abilities—perhaps they have had clairvoyant dreams or experiences.

Sun in Pisces Moon in Cancer women are often dreamy, imaginative, and nostalgic. They tend to live in a world of fantasy and beauty and prefer solitude over company.

These women are more into ideas than facts, but their imagination is real enough to bring these ideas into reality. Their spiritualism and desire for truth makes them a popular counselor or teacher.

Pisces individuals feel a strong connection with the world at large. They have many friends and acquaintances from all walks of life; their ability to blend in makes them natural chameleons.

The woman born with the Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer is gentle, sensuous and adaptable. She seeks a good life through a great romance. She charms others with her sensitivity and sympathy, and pampers others out of self-interest. She’s dreamy and creative, but uncertain how to use her imagination in practical ways.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon women are dreamy, instinctual, intuitive. They want a partner who is strong enough to protect and provide for them—and sensitive enough to provide the care they need at the same time.

She is beautiful, sensitive and kind. She has a vibrant personality despite her tendency to be quite shy. She is very nurturing and will work hard to fill the needs of others.

Her true nature is loving and she will make a great mother. She has a kind heart and vulnerability which are reflected in her soulful eyes.

The Pisces Cancer woman is idealistic and will retreat emotionally from experiences which fail to match up with their dreams, without ever being able to explain why.

She is sensitive to the needs of others and enjoys giving compliments and receiving them. She has been known to be very good at editing and proofreading papers or documents, and loves to help people sort out their problems.

A Pisces/Cancer woman is very sensual, spiritual, charming, unique, and educated. They are alluring and make great lovers. They often have a secret desire to be self-destructive.

She is known to be very sensitive and has deep emotions. Her caring nature and kindness always seem to catch people unawares because she so often keeps a low profile. Most women with this placement are not willing to take too much risk in life, preferring to work with what’s familiar and what works for them.

The Sun in Pisces, Moon in Cancer woman is beautiful, kind, loyal, sensitive, as well as a hopeless romantic. It’s typically hard to attract her because she looks for long lasting, deep relationships. Sometimes such woman can feel bored with everything.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon Man

The Pisces Sun Cancer Moon man is a compassionate soul who strives for perfection in his passions. He goes above and beyond the call of duty, and strives to meet lofty goals.

He can be a multi-tasker, juggling many different responsibilities, but he doesn’t mind all the extra work, for he also enjoys helping out those in need. The Pisces Sun Cancer Moon man can be very much attached to his family members and many friends, as he has an abundance of love to give.

The Pisces man offers many unique insights into the world around him. He is highly intuitive, and may make a great psychologist or psychiatrist because of his ability to understand what makes others tick. He will always do his best to help acquaintances, friends, and loved ones, even if there is little that he can do for them.

The imagination of this man is his strongest feature, and he may be quite dramatic. He is a sentimental person by nature, and an emotional partner. He is likely to want to please others, or to serve in some way. You might see him working as a singer, actor, or musician.

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon is the last of the sun moon combinations to be master thinkers. This analytical researcher will be the one to think up new ideas, research possible outcomes and things they believe only they can find fault with. This analytical thinking function is also very useful for something that affects them on a deeper level than most when it comes to romantic connections and partners for life.

This Sun Moon combination describes the deep emotions felt by this man. He is sensitive but often finds it hard to display his feelings.

His self-esteem is very low because he has a tendency to feel that he is different and an outsider. He tries to please everyone yet at the same time he feels persecuted.

The Pisces Cancer Moon man is one of the most mysterious and least understood of all the moon signs. Coming across as friendly, shy and sensitive these men are difficult to understand but easy to admire. They possess a truly rare combination of sensitivity, creativity and an instinctive ability to empathize with others

He tends to be something of an enigma. Attraction from women is never a problem and he has a knack with the opposite sex.

The Pisces Cancer man is warm, sympathetic, and generous. He is romantic and emotional and wants to make everyone around him happy and feel loved. He can be moody at times.

He doesn’t like to share his emotions with others, but if he’s in love with someone or cares for them deeply, they will surely never have any doubts about how he feels.

The Pisces Moon Cancer man can be gentle and sensitive but also stubborn, hypersensitive and moody. He is never a pushover and his jealous streak often causes him to react unappreciatively when he thinks he’s been taken for granted.

The Moon is the planet of moods and emotions so Pisces Moon natives have big emotional responses to things that happen in their lives. This can be both a blessing and a curse.

They are very sensitive and can be hurt easily, but don’t worry they will forgive easily too. But they do hold grudges once they feel deeply betrayed by someone or something.

Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon natives have a strong emotional and family orientation. They are generally peaceful, gentle individuals with a caring nature. They are known for their selfless acts of kindness and emotional empathy.

They are drawn to people who need a helping hand but their romantic partners must be considerate of and responsive to their sensitive souls. These folks need to maintain a balance between feeling needed by others and feeling misunderstood by others.

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