Sun Sign Meaning in Astrology

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The Sun in astrology represents a person’s outward personality and energy, and their particular way of expressing the inner self. The Sun rules your personality, and the position of your Sun sign in your birth chart reveals your true nature.

The Sun is your ruler, your ego and the center of our solar system. It represents power, authority, energy, creativity and originality. The Sun in astrology affects a person’s health and well-being as well as their life experiences and opportunities.

The Sun in astrology rules your solar plexus and symbolizes your personal power, and what you are willing to put out there to get what you want out of life.

The Sun is the symbol for our individual destiny and our individual path. It speaks to self-confidence, ambition, and leadership qualities.

The Sun has long been recognized as a positive symbol of life, prosperity and abundance. Also the source of all light and life, it is associated with physical vitality, creativity, truth, honor and courage. The Sun is also associated with the heart and therefore with love, compassion and warmth.

The Sun is the star at the center of our solar system. It gives light and life to every living thing on Earth. The Sun sign, which is also known as the star sign, is your zodiac sign based on where the Sun was in relation to the stars when you were born.

If you are wondering what your sun sign means, then read on. Traditional astrology bases its predictions on the position of the sun in relation to the stars as seen from Earth. With the position of each star taken into account and the interaction of other planets one’s personality can then be calculated.

12 Zodiac Sun Signs:

Sun Aspects:

Aries Sun Sign

Aries is the first Sun sign of the zodiac. It is important that you know the Aries sun sign personality traits to understand yourself and those around you.

Aries people are full of vitality, energy, passion, excitement and enthusiasm. If your Sun sign is Aries, your character is defined by a flash in the pan personality that bursts with brightness and flamboyance. You are a person who likes to impress others with your expertise and success.

The Aries sun sign indicates that you crave power and a challenge, just like this great constellation. You are restless and impulsive, lacking in self-control. Yet there’s nothing your friends wouldn’t do for you.

Aries, the Ram, represents bold independence, self-confidence and creative flair. The Aries sun sign is known to be enthusiastic and energetic, and take pleasure in being first.

The Aries personality is outspoken, energetic and action oriented. Often very competitive, they have a tendency to be impatient. Born with great physical prowess, they can also be quite reckless.

Aries people can be quite temperamental at times. Aries is a cardinal zodiac sign, so they are always ready to get things moving. Thrive on change and variety!

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Taurus Sun Sign

If you have a Taurus sun sign personality, you share an affinity for routine as well as a born attraction to quality and the finer things in life. Security and stability are very important to you.

You’re not afraid to work hard, but you insist on doing it at a pace that allows for balance in your life. You are disciplined in your habits, be they health-related or financial.

When you are born under the sign of Taurus, your sun sign personality traits show you to be hardworking, reliable, and steadfast. You are very down-to-earth, appreciative of the pleasures in life, and loyal to your friends and family.

The Taurus sun sign represents the bull, an animal known for prudence and security. Most Taureans are hard-working, down-to-Earth, and practical.

The Taurus individual is patient, enduring, reliable, trustworthy and loyal. He/she is conservative in nature and will establish lasting friendships with the few people he/she permits to get close.

With a tendency toward excess appetite for food or drink, he/she can best be described as sensual, domestic and affectionate. Those born under this sun sign are usually adept in business but seldom do well as entrepreneurs because they tend to lack enthusiasm and initiative when required to take financial risks.

Like your sun sign, Taurus, you are loyal, grounded, and practical. Your steadfast nature and impeccable sense of style have helped you build a loyal group of friends. In groups you make an excellent listener because you really pay attention to what others say—and they know it.

You’re the one who can be counted on to follow through on promises—whether it’s keeping a secret or holding down the fort while everyone else is out having fun. The influence that surrounds you often bleeds into your own quiet life.

Taurus people are warm and generous, and will give a helping hand when needed, but they are also stubborn and like things their way.

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Gemini Sun Sign

The Gemini Sun sign is known for its versatility, its liveliness, and its wit and humor. It is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

Gemini is one of the most communicative signs of the zodiac. They are charming, witty and a lot of fun. As a Gemini, you are versatile, adaptable and sociable. And those are just a few of your many strengths!

The Gemini Sun sign placement means that you never stop learning. Always the intellectual, curious and observant, a Gemini’s entire day might revolve around their next opportunity for learning. Just like there is no such thing as one-stop shopping with the Twins, you will always be looking for your next big intellectual or emotional breakthrough.

With two distinct sides to your personality - your bright, high-minded side, and your flirtatious, curious side - it’s no wonder everybody loves you as much as you love everybody else. Your unique style and gift for communication makes you the person everyone turns to when a plan needs to be made or the fun needs to start.

The Gemini native is a curious and intelligent soul who enjoys his active mind and follows his curiosity to see what the world has to offer. He is full of questions, talkative, animated, energetic and loves to be surrounded by people. Gemini’s are very versatile and can work in various kinds of professions devoted to writing, speaking or acting.

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Cancer Sun Sign

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. People born between June 21 and July 22 fall under the Cancer Sun sign.

The Cancer sign is dependable, imaginative and dedicated. That means they have a lot of inventive energy and tender feelings.

They are parental and affectionate with loved ones, and have an urge to make a difference in the world. People who fall under this sign tend to be protective, resourceful, and fighters.

Cancers are known for their nurturing, protective, caregiving personalities. You’re a natural-born caregiver who makes a fantastic parent.

A Cancer sun sign is a very complex person. Carrying a powerful blend of sensitivity, emotion and intuition, they can easily slip into moodiness and melancholy.

The flip side of this is that they are also very loyal and nurturing people who will help out a friend or loved one in need.

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Leo Sun Sign

The sun rules your outward appearance and reveals how you reflect the world. If you were born between July 23 and August 22, your Sun sign is Leo.

Leos are ambitious, warm, outspoken and generous. You are strong-willed, independent, passionate and prideful.

A Leo Sun Sign is very romantic and possessive about their other half and they need a constant amount of public adoration. They are likely to have more than one partner during their lifetime and often the partners are famous and of a high social status.

The Leo is one of the most prominent signs of the zodiac. They often appear on TV, talk shows, and in movies. Leos are interested in everyone and everything around them. They love to be in the spotlight and love life to the fullest.

At the heart of every Leo is a very generous, warm and charismatic personality. Leos are born leaders with immense energy and creativity that knows no bounds. However, Leos might also spend too much time on one project and be guilty of spreading themselves too thin.

Even so, for many around the world, knowing their sun sign is a great way to get to know themselves better and connect even stronger with other people in their circle - even their best friends!

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Virgo Sun Sign

The Virgo sun sign personality traits all point to someone who is a perfectionist. This means that every task must be done to their highest possible standards, and they won’t rest until it meets their approval.

Virgos' astounding attention to detail may come as a result from their instinctive ability to notice even the smallest change.

Those born under the Sun sign of Virgo are perfectionists and ambitious people. They are analytical, practical, and like to do things in their own time. Virgos seek security in all that they do.

They are incredibly loyal, especially to those they love. This sun sign is reserved but has a knack for making others laugh.

Virgos are, above all else, perfectionists. The sign is ruled by Mercury, the fastest acting of the zodiacal influences, and people born under it have superb mental powers – their concentration can be total and they can turn their keen intellect on any subject.

Virgos don’t mince words, instead they speak directly from the heart. They know how to listen well and give advice in return.

Virgos are thrifty and practical – they have excellent taste and sense of proportion. Their greatest strength is their quiet, unassuming demeanor which belies a witty sense of humor many don’t realize exists.

They are often called “the thinker” or “the perfectionist” because of their tendency to analyze every aspect of a situation before deciding how to proceed. They are highly intelligent, but often don’t show it.

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Libra Sun Sign

In Astrology the sign of Libra ranges from September 23-October 22. The symbol for Libra is the Scales and those born under this sign are known as diplomat, negotiator, peacemaker & mediator.

All Librans possess a magnetic charm and great personal appeal. They are born with a rare blend of tact, sincerity and adaptability – they are peacekeepers with great finesse.

Libra people possess some incredible character traits; they are very generous and in tune with others' needs, but they also need to be at peace in their environment in order to thrive.

The Libra sun sign may be ruled by Venus, but there’s something very masculine about this air sign. Libras are strong-minded and have an independent streak, which spills out in their serious demeanor.

They don’t like wasting time on nonsense, but love having a good conversation. Confident and charming, Libra sun sign people actually care deeply for the people around them and are able to see everyone’s point of view.

With a sense of humor that’s both sly and self-deprecating, they can lighten up even the darkest situation; however, if you offend them, they will show you the error of your ways with a swiftness. They are not above manipulation and coercion to get what they want, and if they are caught, they’ll throw themselves on the mercy of the court.

Don’t let their lighthearted nature fool you; they are also very protective of their friends and family. An even-tempered, charming and diplomatic Libran is a refined individual who excels at relationships. They make an agreeable lover and partner.

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Scorpio Sun Sign

Scorpio is the eighth sign in the Zodiac. People born under this sign will have a range of personality traits, but overall the most dominant trait is a deep emotional nature.

Scorpio is a water sign and a fixed sign. Ruled by Pluto, this star sign is full of depth and intensity. The Scorpio personality is deeply intuitive, action-oriented, and passionate.

Scorpio can be a tough sign to understand. They can be steadfastly loyal, and generous to a fault, or quite vindictive and mean spirited if they feel they’ve been betrayed or wronged in some way. Scorpios are also an emotional bunch. Their passions are strong and powerful, and they tend to allow those emotions to rule their decisions through life.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising people most often see life as a battleground and are extremely forceful in pursuing their aims and desires. They do not shrink from sacrifice or defeat, and they may seek these out in order to soothe their sense of powerlessness.

Those born under this sun sign tend to be passionate, intense beings who will not back down from a fight, and will defend those closest to them until their dying breaths. Although easy to anger, Scorpios are loyal and protective friends who will go to great lengths to protect the people they love.

You are probably more vulnerable than most to the kinds of fears and insecurities that commonly affect human beings. The deep and mysterious Scorpion constellation has been a source of myth and superstition since ancient times. It’s this aura of fearfulness that those born under the Scorpio sun sign must overcome in order to achieve a balanced sense of self-worth.

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Sagittarius Sun Sign

Born between November 22 and December 21, a Sagittarius sun sign is witty, ambitious and loves adventure.

Optimistic and positive, you are an adventurous soul who will roam the world in search of new experiences and hidden treasures. Your love of travel and freedom makes you restless, and a little reckless at times. Information about your Sagittarius sun sign traits is found below.

Since their signature trait is thoughtfulness, Sagittarius-born people are especially sensitive. This impressionable and optimistic sign tends to feel hurt easily, as if those close to them could notice this weakness and exploit it.

Their direct manner of communicating often seems blunt because they’ll tell it like it is in a way that may upset others; but really, they just can’t help being honest.

The Sun sign of Sagittarius has a special capacity for instant rapport, as if they have known you all their lives. Giving them the trust and faith they need, you can then experience them as the most generous, loving and loyal of friends or the most dedicated ally. They are adventurous to a fault as they rush in where others may fear to tread.

Sagittariuses are known to be adventurous, idealistic, practical, open minded and intelligent. These individuals are straightforward and honest, but also impatient and passionate.

Sagittarius is the archer, forever curious and adventurous. The Sagittarius likes to explore the world, loves to talk to people, and can’t bear being bored. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so they tend to have tons of energy!

The Sagittarius sign is ruled by Jupiter who brings great fortune, hard work, and a sense of the bigger picture. They are generous with their time and money and believe in living life to the fullest.

These people aren’t materialistic and have no intention of accumulating great amounts of wealth. Their main goal is to enjoy life and explore the world around them.

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Capricorn Sun Sign

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, which means that they’re born between December 22 and January 19. The Capricorn sun sign is known for being ambitious, disciplined, persistent and loyal.

Capricorns are self-disciplined, confident, and are blessed with patience. They control their moods well, making them easy to work with in the workplace, and efficient at managing their time to reach their goals.

Those who are born under this constellation possess a very determined personality, as well as a desire for opportunities to make money. These individuals do not like to be bothered with small details, but rather like to concentrate on what they believe will bring them to financial success.

Capricorns enjoy working with their hands and can be very proud of whatever they have achieved in life. Capricorns are also self-controlled and tend to think before they act.

Capricorns are loyal to their friends, and expect the same level of loyalty from them. If you have a Capricorn as a friend or lover, then you will have someone who will stand by you through thick and thin.

Capricorn is a steadfast sign that is unafraid to dive deep into life’s puzzle pieces. Self-reliant and ambitious, they always take on new challenges and expect to succeed. Hardworking but unambitious in making friendships, Capricorns are a very reasonable sort.

They are reliable, responsible and in control of their emotions, even when they feel nervous or anxious about work or love. Capricorns don’t always share their worries with others because they know everything will work out.

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Aquarius Sun Sign

Aquarius is the eleventh of the 12 sun signs in astrology. The Aquarius Sun Sign represents the Air Element, and those born under this sign are said to be progressive and independent, with their eye on the future. They are idealists who have a deep sense of truth and human values, combined with a great intellect and desire to help others.

The Aquarius Sun sign is one of the most eccentric sun signs in the zodiac. You are friendly, but aloof. On a first date you will prefer to talk about the latest breakthrough in science or the implications of the latest politico-economic trend for the long term, rather than discuss your favorite ice cream flavors or the best places to hang out in town.

People born under Aquarius tend to be intellectuals. They often possess a unique combination of attractive traits such as intelligence, articulateness, vivacity, and geniality.

Aquarians are passionate, idealistic and individualistic. This zodiac sun sign has a lot of energy—they’re humanitarians, full of vision and new ideas, making them great freedom fighters in society. An Aquarius will tell you they have no special talents; they just do whatever comes to mind—and they do it well!

These are the people who love to create and put into action new ideas to make the world a better place. It is also the sign of friendship, humanitarianism, and understanding.

The Aquarius sun sign belongs to the fixed air element and is ruled by Uranus, the planet of discovery and invention. Aquarians are unique and original thinkers who are also extremely friendly people. Their compassion, idealism, sense of humour, creativity, tolerance for change and differences and inventiveness all make them fascinating individuals.

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Pisces Sun Sign

Pisces is the twelfth astrological Sun sign in the zodiac, and people who are born between February 19 and March 20 are Pisceans. Pisces is considered a Mutable Water sign, which means you are sensitive, adaptable, and imaginative.

A person born under this Sun sign is empathetic, creative, and has a strong imagination. They are often introverted and like to spend their time alone. Pisces are compassionate individuals with a very strong sense of right and wrong.

The Pisces zodiac sign is an exacting, fastidious individual. Pisceans pay attention to details and have a natural talent for art and romance. The classic traits of Pisces are etherealness and sensitivity.

Truly one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, Pisceans constantly search for their identity. Leisurely and romantic, this suggestive liquid fish seeks to discover its place in the world via originality.

The Pisces Zodiac sun sign is ruled by Neptune, the god of dreams and illusions. They possess mystical gifts through which they often see things that others cannot. Pisces typically have many talents, especially with music and performing arts.

The Sun sign has awesome intuition. These people are empathetic and caring towards others. Pisces are the most likely to have psychic qualities or abilities, like clairvoyance and mediumship. They often feel an innate pull towards the ocean and water; the bigger the body of water, the more likely a Pisces will be drawn to it.

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