Libra Personality Traits (Dates: September 23 - October 22)

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The Libra zodiac sign is a symbol for balance. In Latin it means “scales.”

Born between September 23rd and October 22nd, this air sign is initially shy to reveal their true selves. But when it comes to close relationships, these charming and gregarious people are loyal, kind, and devoted partners.

  • Dates: September 23 - October 22
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Element: Air
  • Modality: Cardinal

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Libra Zodiac Sign Description

Libra Zodiac Sign Description

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, and those who are born under this sign are known for their idealistic approach to life.

The symbol associated with the sign is actually two scales: Justice and love must always be balanced when you’re born with a Libra sun sign. Libras are known for being gracious hosts who keep their cool and negotiate fairly. Libra is the sign of fairness, balance, harmony, and diplomatic prowess.

The typical Libra is a lover of art, beauty, and grace, and a seeker for peace and balance in their relationships. They enjoy spending time with friends and family, art, music, gracious dining, dreaming, romance, and deep conversations. They tend to be rather indecisive in their personalities and spend much of the time trying to see both sides of a problem.

The Libra Zodiac sign is ruled by Venus. The scales symbolise balance, with their equal parts of darkness and light. The Libra sign represents friendship, justice, and beauty.

Strong and graceful, the symbol of libra reflects balance, harmony and partnership. Since ancient times, this emblem has been representative of law and justice. The curved line between two straight lines represent a beam balance, which was used as a tool to measure the weight of goods to be traded in ancient Rome.

Personality Traits:

  • Libra personalities are well-balanced.
  • Their ruling planet, Venus, controls their inner sense of worth.
  • They are known for being graceful, artistic, and charming
  • Highly attuned to other's emotions.
  • Communicative and social butterfly

Libra Characteristics

Libra is the sign of the diplomat, the peacemaker, the consensus seeker. Those born under this sign are often idealistic and artistically inclined and can be great ambassadors of peace and harmony among all.

An Air sign, Libra seeks happiness in love, and is known as “The Romantic”.

Libra is the sign of balance. Blending the realism of honest Virgo and the idealism of optimistic Sagittarius, Librans are one of the most well-adjusted, practical and easy-to-live-with signs.

People born under this sign are artistic, diplomatic, charming and possess a fine sense of humor. They are cheerful, understanding and supportive of their friends in times of need or in difficult situations.

Libras prefer keeping to themselves in private and do not readily express their feelings to others unless they are comfortable with them. Freed from daily pressures, Libras live in the moment and take pleasure in what life has to offer.

The Libra zodiac sign is well known for being agreeable and diplomatic in any situation. They are honest, fair and peace makers. They are also tolerant and can mediate well between two people who disagree with each other because of their ability to see both sides of an argument.

Libra Qualities

The Libra is hard to resist. They’re charming people who see the positive in everything and everyone. A little dramatic sometimes - but with a keen eye to detail and an ability to resolve conflict, you can expect good things from this zodiac sign.

They make calm and balanced judgments and have a clear sense of right and wrong. They are very pleasant and even tempered. Tactful in all situations, the Libra tries to score points by being non-committal instead of by being at odds with people.

The Libra is the sign of the diplomat, and those under this sign are always working in teams to accomplish their goals. Libra nature is the ruler of idealism and equality, which sometimes gets them to push too hard for others to see eye to eye with them.

In order to gain others' approval, something that they seek very strongly, they play by many rules both internally and externally. Libra tends to be more analytical and looks before it leaps before making decisions.

Libra personalities are very gentle and friendly, with huge life abilities. They are very popular with people around them, and gather a lot of fans. Although they are easy to get along with, they have their own ideas, so sometimes it’s difficult to collaborate with others.

While a Libra sign person has a great sense of justice, it is their love for balance in all areas of life that shines most brightly. They are known to have some delicate needs for emotional structure and will do almost anything to avoid a serious conflict, even if it may not be the best choice.

They believe in a win-win situation and do what it takes to make others happy. More goal-oriented than other signs, they like to look at the big picture. Holistic in their thinking, Libras love social events and group gatherings.

Their charm and affability makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable to express their opinions and ideas freely. For this reason, they are not always taken seriously at work. Libras are in fact much more “mature” than many other signs.

However, on the darker side, they can be indecisive and will tend to over-analyze situations instead of reacting in a natural way. Libra individuals are emotionally stable and have a deep desire for partnership in life.

As an air sign, Libra is professional and polished, rather than dramatic or spontaneous. Their charming exterior is offset by a need for intimacy and security. They like to be popular.

Libra Woman Traits

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and their personality traits are more complicated than most. A Libra woman has a seductive nature that is easy to attract others with their sophisticated style and light-heartedness.

Libra women are dreamers and they have the ability to make both reality and their dreams come true. The need for financial security is very strong for any Libra female because she wants to ensure that her family (her partner, children, parents) will be taken care of and provided for.

However, it’s not money for the sake of just having it. Money is more of a tool that helps her dream build come to reality. This dream may include establishing a family business, or running her own shop in a small town. She may want to dedicate her life to creating orphanages in third world countries or building schools.

The Libra woman is born with the ability to have a great sense of fashion, she likes beautiful clothes and accessories. She is also very sensual and loves everything that is related to beauty.

She is one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac and she loves to look at life, seeing only its best sides. But life reveals other facets as well, and Libras must learn to be tolerant of shortcomings in others while accepting similar weaknesses within themselves.

Libra women are trendsetters in their own fashionable way, often dressing in a manner that reflects an ethereal otherworldliness. Their keen sense of judgement is balanced by their cool, thoughtful and amenable nature and they make wonderful life partners.

Libras are known to be very helpful individuals. Libras do not judge people and go out of their way to be kind to others. Above all, Libras are caring and understand the power of emotions; they may give advice to others in this area.

Oftentimes, though, you will find that Libra’s want to make others feel better, but neglects their own feelings. Libra women tend to put everyone else before themselves at times.

Libra Man Traits

The Libra man is an emotionally mature and strong partner who puts his all into the relationship. He is a loyal friend as well as a loving husband. He is good at juggling between professional and personal life, which comes as a result of his optimistic nature and open-mindedness.

The Libra man likes parties and social gatherings to unwind and meet new friends. His leadership abilities make him an exceptional businessperson or politician, but he lacks the necessary ambition.

Often drawn to leadership roles, the Libra man is a natural diplomat and peacemaker. His analytical skills offer a logical approach to problem solving, while his good humor melts disagreements. A Libra man is charming, often surrounded by friends who appreciate his commitment to fairness and balance.

He is constantly seeking to maintain good relationships and be able to compromise well with others when they need it. He will also have a balanced outlook on life. He may possibly do a lot of things for his partner but as long as she doesn’t ask him to do it all the time, he’ll be just happy to be around her.

Libra Men are the most romantic of all men, especially if you are a Libra woman. You can count on being surprised with chocolates, roses and perhaps a gift. They love to “fix” problems (you never have to worry about car repairs) and they truly believe in making dreams come true.

Ask any Libra man and he will surely tell you “Keep it simple.” His idea of a good date is dinner at a very mellow restaurant where the music is soft enough to allow him and his date to talk.

There will be no athletic or macho types here. On the contrary, he will likely prefer an intelligent, courteous female with a quick wit to whom he can show off his good manners ― hovering over to hold her chair, opening doors for her, etc. While these gestures may be old hat to a woman who has dated him for some time, she’ll know that their relationship is built on trust.

Libra, the sign of balance and partnerships, is ruled by Venus. The Libran personality is considered to be refined, diplomatic, urbane, and pleasant. Libras tend to be very good at social interactions because they are attuned to the needs of others.

They are very good at seeing both sides of an argument or situation because this boosts their self-esteem. They value harmony in relationships more than most other signs.

Libra Zodiac Signs in Love

The Libra horoscope sign is born between September 23 and October 22. Libra people are very attractive and know how to charm not only anyone, but also those who respect the laws of justice and equality.

The symbol of this Zodiac sign is a pair of Scales. Libras are smart, charming, tactful, sensitive to the opinion of others, they long for peace and harmony in their family and friendship relations.

The Libra zodiac sign is blessed with the beautiful quality of fairness. The scales are always perfectly balanced and these people balance all things in their lives exceptionally well. Often a good judge of character, the Libra will weigh all available facts before reaching a decision.

The Libra seeks balance in all aspects of life and that does not exclude their love lives. They are tolerant, kind, and affectionate with the people they care about but may also be indecisive and passive aggressive.

Libras are always looking for a balanced life. For this reason they get along with others very easily. Libras love to work with other people, especially on projects where they can make a difference.

The Libra is that person who is often caught between two lovers or fighting the attraction of two very different people. Libra’s like to have everything in balance. They strive for it in their everyday life, and every decision they have to make.

What is a Libra Zodiac Sign?

The Libra Zodiac Sign is the symbol of the scales, which indicates a person’s sense of both beauty and justice. It may indicate some interest in money or art. Due to balanced characteristics, this sign is associated with harmony and diplomatic ability.

Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, and the law. Its natural element is Air, its ruling planet is Venus and Cardinal Color is Bright Blue. Individuals born under Libra sign are often referred to as the archer or the diplomat.

This sign can get along with everyone without looking for an enemy. Libra is a sign of justice, fairness and equilibrium, so this person can be described as shrewd about other people.

Libras are positive people who value fairness, balance and justice above all else. They like peace and harmony and are happy to compromise so that everyone gets what they want.

In ancient times, it was said that the scales of justice were held high by the goddess Astraea. When she was exiled from Earth, she took her scales with her and they appeared as Libra in the night sky. Since then, Libra has been associated with fairness, equity and balance.

The Libra is the peaceable sign of the zodiac. Their strength comes from being fair to those around them and themselves. Because they are in touch with their feelings, they can balance their emotions with outside forces. The Libra understands that the key to success is peace, tranquility, and harmony and will do what it takes to achieve it.

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