Libra Sun Cancer Moon Personality Traits

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Libra, the sign of everything in balance, is represented by the Scales; and if you were born on September 23 – October 22, you’re probably a Libra.

They like to see all sides of an issue before they commit to something. Because of their agreeable nature, they are capable of understanding other people’s viewpoints and are able to adapt to almost any personality type.

The Moon in Cancer is a sensitive, moody and somewhat insecure individual. Their feelings are easily hurt and they need space to be on their own rather than be around others all of the time.

While they are generally quite sensitive, it isn’t that difficult to win them over. A soft approach will work wonders in this case, and make them more open to you later, when you really need them.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon people are naturally charming, have plenty of friends and acquaintances, love being surrounded by people and social activity. No matter what their position in life may be, they always want and need to be in the spotlight and at the center of attention.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon Description

You are honest, discreet, kindhearted and flirtatious. Your emotional need to feel close to others is your greatest strength and also your biggest personal challenge. You have a powerful imagination and desire for harmony, so anything that disturbs or upsets this delicate balance makes you unhappy.

Libras are smart, energetic, confident and curious. Those born under Libra sign are shrewd negotiators and always look to reach a win-win situation. They enjoy a peaceful home where she or he can pursue interests or hobbies without too much interference from his or her mate.

People with a Libra personality are self-confident and kind. They understand how to balance personal goals with their need to receive the approval of others.

Their greatest strength is their ability to make fair decisions using compromise and common ground. The Libra personality is prized for fairness, grace under pressure, and the ability to seek out the good in any situation.

The Sun in Libra Moon in Cancer is someone who is tender, nurturing and protective. They are typically very sentimental and need to feel secure in their relationships. The Cancer Moon person has a firm belief that the family unit is a strong unit and should remain so.

The Moon in Cancer gives us a sensitive and sentimental side. We can be moody, avoiding conflict or confrontation, but loving and loyal to friends and family.

They are sensitive, nurturing, and expressive. They dedicate their energy to the safety of home and family, often nurturing those they love with a homemade meal or by listening to their woes.

Sensitive and deeply emotional, they guard themselves from the pain of rejection by acting as if they don’t care. Like the crab, they retreat into their shell when confronted. However, Cancer’s genuine concern for family and friends is testimony to their devotion.

The Moon sign in your natal chart reveals someone who is warm, protective, and responsive to the needs of others. Like the Moon itself, people born with the Moon in Cancer are influenced by the tides of mood and emotion that flow around them. The Moon is like a magnet for emotions, for good or bad.

Your moods can vary, but often you are trying to get others on your own wavelength. For example, if you’re feeling ill and someone is cranky with you, you may be upset because you know the mood lasts longer than the sickness. When your life isn’t in tune with what you’re imagining or hoping for, it is upsetting and confusing.

The Sun in the sign of Libra denotes a very diplomatic person with a charming and sophisticated manner. Libras are idealistic, romantic, elegant, artistic and refined. They are not very conservative in their habits and are quick to divert attention towards themselves.

Their charm is mostly projected towards others especially to get appreciation or attention. The positive face of Libra is one of beauty, grace, happiness and harmony.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon people are sunny and pleasant. They always look on the bright side of life and meet a crisis with an easy, graceful manner.

People born under the sign of Libra are balanced, intuitive, and extremely responsive to beauty. They love art, music, rich food, and beautiful streetscapes.

They are shrewd negotiators who try to find common ground. Libra is concerned about harmony in their environment so they make an effort to balance the scales in business relationships and friendships when they sense conflicts. They want every side to be heard before drawing any conclusions or making a judgment call.

Libras are warm, charming, and delightful communicators. They make excellent friends because they reflect back to us what we want to hear.

Since they seek harmony in all things, they can be very stubborn about getting their way. A Libra may tell you what you want to hear in order to keep the peace, then do what he or she wants to do anyway.

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon personality is a gentle, confident and intelligent individual who likes to feel welcomed. Progressive, non-conventional, and artistic this person uses their abilities to bring out new qualities in those around them.

They are known for their resourcefulness, intuition, and feelings of empathy for others in need. They are great at taking care of those who mean the most to them but often get taken for granted because they tend to be humble about it.

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon is a Libra who, when they were growing up, loved indoor activities. They have an eye for beauty and a nostalgic sense of tradition. They like to have everyone entertain in their home, but are determined to make this happen.

The habitat of a Libra Sun Cancer Moon is generally fancy and filled with antiques, beautiful objects, and lots of craftsman built-ins. Their surroundings are comfortable and used with care.

They will seek balance in social situations; being a peace maker and love to be part of the in crowd. They value peace and harmony in relationships as much as they value the bounty of having many friends.

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon enjoys social gatherings and parties and revels in the attention they get with their good looks, talented acting or natural sense of leadership. Love is a special challenge for this combination since it includes two emotional zodiac signs as part of the makeup. You may find your partner needs reassurance that you really love him or her and not some other person.

They are a charming dreamer with big ambitions and a quiet, subtle charm. They have an unconventional nature, are natural born leaders, and have a tendency to live life by their own rules.

The Cancer Moon gives this personality the desire to go into the world and make it a better place through their actions. However, if there are unresolved issues they may be secretive.

They have good judgement and diplomatic skills, and it can be said that he is a very strong leader. The Cancer Moon adds to the personality of this person a vivid imagination and an inclination towards mysticism and fantasy, as well as sensuality and instinctive.

In summary, Libra sun people are considerate, gracious, and loyal to their loved ones. They have a strong need for balance and harmony. These people prefer to work with others as they prefer team work over independent projects.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon Woman

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon woman is known for her sensitivity, charm and grace. The Libra sun sign gives her a love of balance with social interaction. It also enables her to be a good mediator and relaxer.

The Cancer Moon sign provides a sensitive and caring nature that makes others feel comfortable and secure around this woman. She has a love of learning, especially about the world around her, which enhances her knowledge of things she can use to help solve problems.

You are complex and reserved with a lot of concern for others, especially family. Your sincerity is deep-seated which makes it easy for you to connect deeply with loved ones.

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon woman is a popular, charming, and coquettish woman with a lot of feminine charm. She is smart and forthright, but can also be overly sensitive.

She is an emotionally complex, highly intuitive and creative person. She is tender, sensitive, quiet, a dreamer and never really at home in the real world. Despite this she is ambitious and very focused upon her goals.

The Libra woman is imaginative, uniquely sexy and she can make anyone feel at ease. She’s got great social skills, a great sense of humor and she’s really creative and intelligent.

She makes a wonderful partner because she’s loyal, faithful and honest. She likes getting things done quickly to get onto the next phase of her life and doesn’t like to mope or wallow in past events.

The personality traits of a Libra Sun Cancer moon woman are both refined and mysterious. They can be likened to a well-developed blend of ice cream with its smooth and creamy exterior shell that conceals the hidden element of surprise within. With strong artistic tendencies, they are more than capable of flaunting their creative qualities, allowing them to become quite popular and loved by many.

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon woman is a true social butterfly with a touch of drama. She really likes to be the center of attention and at times can be overly sensitive. She loves being in romantic relationships and she can show sudden changes in her feelings towards people. She can also get jealous easily.

They are charming, sensitive, gracious, tolerant, and affectionate. They draw men to them like a magnet and like to feel needed by others. They are down-to-earth and never brag about being beautiful or successful.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon women are romantic dreamers who usually do not take life seriously. They are good partners and companions and they value harmony in their relationships.

They are the epitome of grace, strength and beauty. They are often gorgeous and always highly intelligent and intuitive. Their unforgivingly high standards are linked with fears of abandonment, leading them to seek out partners who reflect their own self-image.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon women can be flaky at times as they daydream about love and get carried away by their fantasies. They live in the moment and don’t really think about the future. You will never hear them say, “That’s good enough!”

The Libra Sun-Cancer Moon combination describes a woman who is generally seen as emotionally sensitive, serene, and charming. Although she may appear to have it all together on the outside, this person may be experiencing emotional turmoil on the inside.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon Man

The Libra Sun Cancer Moon man is idealistic, gentle, refined, and romantic. He appears calm and easy-going on the outside but is actually an intense and passionate partner who will deeply love someone once he has found true love. He’ll defend his family fiercely and always remain loyal to his spouse.

While he doesn’t like physical conflict, he’s never one to give up. They always come out swinging and try everything that might fix the situation to avoid a confrontation with anyone involved.

This man is a judicious, diplomatic and an ambitious soul by nature. He goes out of his way to avoid conflict or confrontation in any form. The Libra Sun Cancer Moon man believes that people are basically rational beings who like being treated with kindness, understanding, courtesy and reason.

He is a charming, compassionate, understanding and gentle soul, with a desire to create a small world of peace around himself. He deeply cares about how others feel and love to remain the peacemaker in the family or close social circle.

The Libra-Cancer man has much to offer. He wants love and attention and can be quite flirtatious, charming and seductive. He has a pleasant voice and often makes people laugh with his jokes and funny comments.

It may seem that he is totally self-confident, but in fact, he is afraid of losing those that are dear to him. He will defend those whom he loves to death, as well as those who need help. He fears being betrayed, or being hurt which pushes him to enjoy self-indulgence in the form of food, alcohol or drugs.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon man is a dangerous combination. Not only will he be arrogant about his love but might just end up sleeping around. Due to this, you will feel a great deal of insecurity from time to time.

These people are similar to airy water signs and artistic fire signs. They are less likely to pursue the arts, but they do enjoy performing. They have a magnetic personality that draws others to them at an emotional level.

They are gracious, graceful, gentle, charming, and may even at times have a touch of magic in them. They are graceful, tactful, and respected.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon people are caring and romantic. They are very compassionate and intuitive in their personalities.

These people are born to be nurturers. They understand the feelings of others very easily and they will often offer well-intentioned advice that really helps others to overcome difficult problems.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon men are attracted to small, neat and orderly places. They can be fussy with small details. For these people, a place is not just a place, it is how it makes them feel.

While these men are often naturally shy and retiring in company, they spring to life either at home, or someplace familiar to them. They also seem particularly comfortable talking about themselves and their emotions, be they poignant likes or dislikes, their health problems or the law of averages when it comes to picking stock in a bear market.

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