Virgo Sun Pisces Moon Personality Traits

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If you have a Virgo personality, you’re so efficient and organized that people often wonder if you’ve looked into becoming a robot. If there’s something broken in your house, you instinctively know where the instructions manual is and where to take it to be fixed - or at least how to get it fixed yourself.

You clean your room, fold your clothes with military precision and do your house work without being reminded, not because you want to live up to a set of high expectations but because of a deep-seated need for order. Virgos are detail-oriented perfectionists, though not necessarily driven to follow through on details.

The traits of a Virgo are those who are self aware, perfectionistic, multi-talented and analytical with an intellectual approach to life. Virgos have a need to serve the community and they take things personally that happen in the world.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon Description

Sun in Virgo Personality Traits

The Virgo personality is often defined by their reliability and practical nature. They are known for being hard-working, precise, inquisitive, and analytical.

They are humble, loyal and decisive. They are hard workers and incredibly reliable, offering clear-headed, pragmatic advice when needed.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon people take their responsibilities very seriously and they work hard to earn the respect of those around them. Although they remain calm and collected most of the time, Virgo does have a stubborn streak that surfaces when faced with an impossible situation or when his or her patience is tested.

Virgos are known for their perfectionist nature, work ethic and high intelligence. They’re hard workers with a flair for precision and attention to detail! There’s nowhere Virgo won’t go to find the answers they seek.

The Moon in Pisces native is one of the most compassionate and beautiful people you will ever meet. They are gentle, sensitive, creative and intuitive. The Pisces Moon individual feels deeply and loves unconditionally.

Professional, adaptable, and open-minded, these are individuals who like to be known for their ability to work with others. They are extremely loyal, compassionate, and are often perceived as being “too soft” by others.

They have a great sense of humor and bring a special wit and creativity to any situation they’re in because they are artists at heart. The Moon in Pisces person is extremely intuitive, empathetic, and responsive to people’s feelings. They do not like strict schedules or limitation in any form which may be why they often exhibit a bit of rebellion in their early years.

The Pisces Moon placement brings imagination and the willingness to reach out to those in need. Sensitive and gentle as a Piscean, you are an excellent listener and a sympathetic friend.

With your calming influence, you’re able to create a secure support system for yourself and others. The Moon in Pisces makes you compassionate and prone to idealistic dreams. You’ll stay sympathetic and sensitive for life.

The Sun in Virgo Moon in Pisces person is imaginative, creative, and able to dream with great intensity. They are also the most sensitive of the 12 zodiac signs, and when it comes to others they can feel emotions deeply.

People who have their Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces are very imaginative and creative. They are emotional, and loving individuals.

Regardless of their surroundings, they try to make the most of it. They love to travel, just to explore new places and meet new people. They are very sensitive and can get hurt very easily. They are compassionate and caring human beings.

As I have mentioned earlier, they love to fantasize. The best way for them to relieve their stress is by working with animals or being in the presence of water bodies.

The Moon in Pisces individual is often perceived as distant and out of touch. With their empathy and psychic abilities, they are able to feel other people’s pain and sense sadness in those around them.

They may be sensitive to criticism and thus harbor a lot of self-doubt—or they could become resentful or confused, resulting in self-pity. They tend to be very intuitive, feminine, dreamy and artistic.

These individuals are strongly influenced by dreams. If they are not sure what career path to take, they may need encouragement from others to find out what their true calling is.

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon person is highly sensitive, compassionate, and intuitive. They are often daydreamers, and therefore tend to be dreamy, imaginative, romantic, and creative. This may lead them to write poetry or compose music in their head.

They are gentle and kind with others, quick to forgive any slight against them. They try not to hurt the feelings of others, but can be very easily hurt by the unthinking words or actions of others.

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon person is a true perfectionist. No detail can be overlooked or disregarded. They do not rush around in a daily frenzy to get things done; instead they work methodically and patiently, allowing ample time for each task.

They are relatively easygoing and hard to offend, although at times they can appear cold or reserved to strangers. With those who are close or who know them well, they can open up quickly and show their kind-hearted side.

A gentle and romantic personality, Virgo Sun Pisces Moon people are often very tactful. They turn out to be very reliable friends and usually know the right thing to do in different situations.

They have an artistic side with a love for music, art and dance. They are good with money and investing. They love variety in their life so they enjoy having diverse interests.

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon combination is highly detail-oriented, inquisitive and insightful. You’re very aware of yourself, and you have high expectations for your own behavior.

You’re highly observant about others, and you do well as a counselor because you understand people so well. You have a gentle yet demanding nature, and you will make sure that everyone around you is aware of their responsibilities.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, logic, detailed work, and reasoning skills. They prefer to ask questions before leaping into action or making a choice. Pisces are ruled by Neptune and believe that love is the answer to everything, or that it can be an answer.

The Virgo personality is a perfectionist, rather critical of their own performance and that of other people. These people have high expectations about themselves and others.

They are hard workers, neat and precise in their work habits, very meticulous and detailed. Their critical nature can make them intolerant of other people’s habits.

They can be prone to anxiety that leads to hypochondria. The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon person is not usually materialistic or extravagant; they tend to focus on intellectual pursuits rather than material things. They will analyze everything they own to determine if it has utility.

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon is a perfectionist in the truest sense of the word. They strive for excellence in every aspect of their life. They pride themselves on being virtuous, principled and worthy of respect.

They are a nurturer and peacemaker. Born to harmonize and heal, you can soothe hurt feelings like no one else. Sensitive and quiet, your good heart frequently gets you into trouble with friends and family who take advantage of your generosity.

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon is self-sufficient and might appear aloof, but you’re writing a novel or working on an art project (or twelve). You like to work at your own pace and can stay focused for long periods. Your love of order and intellect make you a terrific teacher, planner, manager, critic, healer, or computer or technical expert.

Virgo with a Pisces Moon are a dutiful, hardworking, compassionate and selfless, while at the same time shy and reserved. They try to help others, but are easily overwhelmed with responsibility and become inflexible if their efforts or motivations are ignored.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon Woman

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon woman is the earthy, practical woman who believes in her intuition. She also has many talents and can be an ambitious woman. The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon woman can have a desire to save and help other people achieve their goals.

She is often timid about asserting herself. She can be a worrier but she also has a deep soul and she feels things very deeply.

She is persevering and reliable. Her insecurity stems from deep insecurities at a soul level, and is tied to her desire for security, stability and ‘staying on the rails’.

The Virgo Sun woman has a natural desire to help others, and so is a born caregiver - and often a mother figure to younger siblings or friends. She may appear hard working and studious, but beneath her down-to-earth nature she is sensitive, romantic, and loyal.

Virgo-Pisces women are often the earth mother type. They are great traditional homemakers, and devoted wives and mothers.

She is smart and quick-witted. She can be thoughtful and reserved in her mannerism but has a truly outgoing personality.

She is able to effectively reach her goals by logically analyzing her options first then she makes her move. Though she may not say much, she communicates well with others as well as pets and animals.

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon is warm, friendly, encouraging, fervent, sensitive and compassionate. A grounded soul who loves to learn and read.

She is the kind of person who is inclined to arrive early, impeccably groomed, and ready to answer whatever anyone asks. You like to get to a party early because you like to be the first among your friends to personally know all of the newcomers.

The Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon woman combines two of the more sensitive signs on the zodiac wheel. The Virgo side makes her an excellent listener and nurturer. She is able to generate a strong sense of inner worth and security, and she is able to connect with people in order to help them heal or grow in some way.

The Virgo Pisces woman is a loyal friend who will stand by you through both the hard times and the good. However, she is also someone who is very likely to be misunderstood by many of her peers because she tends to be rather indecisive.

She doesn’t like conflict in any form, so she often hides her true feelings. Because she puts everyone else’s needs before her own, it can be difficult for her to take care of herself properly.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon Man

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon man is going to be pretty straight forward when it comes to having a relationship with you, and that is to never let you out of his sight. When he falls in love with you, it is a complete and total feeling that he will want to share his life with you.

He may not always seem like the type, and this may surprise you somewhat, but make sure not to push him away too quickly as he may be exactly what you need in your life. Known for working hard and playing even harder, there are times when this man gets caught up in his own ideal of success

Being a Virgo Sun Pisces Moon man means that you are introspective, idealistic, altruistic, and perfectionistic. You are likely to have a practical turn of mind, and your ability to concentrate may be considered a plus by employers.

The Sun and Moon in Virgo and Pisces make for some interesting traits. This man is all about balance, though he might not always realize it, and a woman’s opinions are very important to him.

He is a combination of the analytical, the mystical and the spiritual. This man can be quiet, thoughtful and sensitive toward others. He has a tendency to spend much of his time thinking about what others are thinking about him and this can leave him feeling insecure.

Because of his sensitivity he will put up walls to prevent being hurt by others. This man doesn’t like criticism or negative comments and tends to hold grudges. He needs a supportive, understanding partner who can encourage him to be more open.

The Virgo Sun Pisces Moon man has grace and charm. Strong and athletic, he is also graceful, entertaining, interesting to talk to. He is philosophical, affectionate and a true romantic at heart.

Contemplative, generous, funny and more sensitive than he lets on, he is deeply emotional and very sympathetic toward the needs of others. He is very loyal once he becomes attached and can also be somewhat possessive.

He is active, social, and task-oriented. He is known for being hardworking and timid but once he feels comfortable or confident, his true personality comes out.

In summary, the Virgo Sun Pisces Moon man is quiet, hard working, and very intelligent. He wants his life to be perfect and will work towards this aim until the end. He is ambitious, serious, analytical, observant, and a perfectionist.

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