Neptune Sign Meaning in Astrology

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The planet Neptune governs spirituality, religion, compassion, mercy, and humility. It’s also associated with imagination, compassion, creativity, and mysticism. In astrology, Neptune is a feminine planet that represents self-sacrifice and devotion. Its negative side represents escapism and denial.

Neptune symbolizes compassion and spirituality, imagination and inspiration. It is the farthest planet from the sun in our solar system.

It represents the aspirations and idealistic urges of humankind. Freedom, artistic and spiritual expression, and faith are of great importance. These people are sensitive, thoughtful, and given to contemplation. They have a deep appreciation for beauty in all forms.

Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces and is best known for its karmic influence. It represents both spirituality and transcendentalism, and rules over unconscious forces, hidden influence, deception, confusion and delusion.

The meaning of Neptune in astrology symbolizes spiritual consciousness, especially for psychic awareness, as well as the desire to dream and long for perfection.

Neptune is the planet of illusionism and deception. It is the most subtle, imaginative, secretive and mysterious planet of all.

Its influence creates a dreamer, a visionary, someone who believes in the unbelievable. Neptune inspires artistry and religious feeling. It has an effect on the entire psychic temperament and creates fantasies that bring reality into question.

This is a secretive planet. It still has some of the mysticism and mystery that was present with Uranus. While Neptune is associated with spirituality, it can be difficult to determine where reality ends and imagination begins.

Neptune is the eighth and most distant planet from the Sun in the Solar System. Named for the Roman god of freshwater and the sea, it is also known as Planet Ocean. Neptune is 17 times the mass of Earth and lies about 2.8 billion km (1.7 billion miles) from the Sun.

Neptune in Aries

Neptune in Aries people are usually associated with fearless adventurers, avant-garde artists, and inventors. They are active, independent thinkers who have no problem exploring new terrains. Moving from one geographic location to another is also a common occurrence as they like to escape the confines of routine.

Neptune in Aries is a placement that is all about creativity. If you know a Neptune in Aries, you might find them writing fiction or poetry, or they might be involved in designs or drawings of some kind. At their most positive, they have the power to uplift and inspire others.

Neptune in Aries people are in some ways very similar to the Aries personality, but actually each sign Neptune occupies has its own particular energy and characteristics. In Aries, the desires and motivators are boldness, self-confidence (or vanity), independence, desire to fight and win.

Neptune tends to soften or exaggerate these traits, making the person a bit naive or idealistic and more vulnerable, without being aware that it is happening. A Neptune in Aries person will be motivated by strong career ambitions and high ideals about what is right for humankind.

Neptune in Aries is an excellent placement in the sign of the aggressive warrior. Their daring courage, fearlessness and their willingness to take big risks makes them successful pioneers and leaders in their lives. They are often courageous innovators.

The placement of Neptune governs our spirituality. Neptune represents the meaning of life and spirituality, but when this planet is situated in Aries, the Ram, it may encourage you to follow your ideas and to live a self-sufficient life on the edge. When Neptune is in Aries, you are more spiritual and mystical than other people around you.

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Neptune in Taurus

Neptune in Taurus people are, in a word, creative. They need space and they need a lighthearted atmosphere. They tend to be good at coming up with new ideas, and they get along well with almost everyone.

This is not the type of person who will be high-strung or nervous; Neptune in Taurus people have much more tolerance for tension and can put on a calm face in even the most difficult situations. Their specialty is finding the silver lining that will make any situation better.

The Neptune in Taurus man will be artistic, imaginative and creative. He will enjoy working with his hands and making things that he can touch, smell or feel. He will most likely not be fond of business dealings and anything that requires hard work.

They are incredibly sensual and his romantic nature will encompass a desire to be swept off his feet by a beautiful woman. He may not find her immediately but he has a mysterious side that can keep a woman intrigued for his entire life.

This is a very mysterious person to others and often misunderstood themselves. They are compassionate with a spiritual side. Neptune rules illusions and dreams so these individuals are skilled at creative visualizations and manifesting their dreams.

When Neptune is in Taurus you’re smooth, calm and laid-back. You tend to be uncomplicated with a conservative nature. You are practical and methodical, focusing on the details and tending to look for hidden meaning. Enjoying comfort and luxury in life, you are well-mannered and fond of beautiful surroundings.

Taurus is a highly sensual sign that loves security. You appreciate all the finer things in life so you enjoy tastes of the finer things in life from food to fashion, from decorating your home to taking trips around the world, or better yet immersing yourself in your artwork.

The Neptune in Taurus person has all the traits of the Taurus Sun sign including loyalty, stability, commitment and a love of tradition. These individuals have many liberal or progressive ideas relating to religion and politics but they are not usually politically active – they tend to keep their own counsel regarding social causes. They normally have good business sense, strong creative abilities and a practical approach to life.

They are generally strong, full of Earthy drive, and chock full of material possessions. May get confused in life if over-exposed to the negative side of Neptune that can feel dark, destructive and corrupting.

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Neptune in Gemini

Neptune in Gemini personalities are creative, innovative and always ready to learn more. Because of their curiosity, they are always thinking up new ways to improve the lives of others and the world at large.

They are resourceful and open-minded with a keen sense of adventure. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, they can be detached, reserved or even one could say aloof. Capable of both intense friendship and romance, these Gemini natives have a penchant for finding love in unlikely places and often fall victim to affairs of the heart.

A master of words and language, anything involving communication interests you such as writing, performing stand-up comedy, telling jokes and stories. You have a silver tongue that can talk your way out of almost anything. The artistry of acting is fascinating to you.

You are a creative genius with arts - musical instruments, paintings or dance. Your imagination is a gift. As a spiritual person you’re intrigued by all things metaphysical and new age. Heaven help anyone who tries to tell you something isn’t possible when it comes to the realm of the mind.

Neptune in Gemini people tend to have a lively, bubbling spirit and upbeat way about them. They are on fire with new ideas and projects, and they are never afraid to get started.

Neptune in Gemini is well known for their imagination and intelligence. They are creative, imaginative and have a talent for sharpening the minds of others.

Intellectual genius can be an illusion, which you don’t realize until it’s too late. You can see what others don’t. You are motivated to study psychology and science. But you may not want to be there due to restlessness in your mind, avoiding real life situations by going into your mental cocoon of illusions.

This placement represents the idealistic and philosophical dreamer in you. This person thrives on the abstract and will often find a way to weave your ideas and dreams into reality.

If you were born lucky, this is because Neptune in Gemini has blessed you with boundless imagination and a lively, agile mind that combines knowledge and creativity. As a result, you’re naturally restless and enjoy learning new things in order to escape boredom.

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Neptune in Cancer

Neptune in Cancer individuals are highly intuitive, and can sense what is going on around them. They have a talent for understanding people’s motives, and tend to be very compassionate.

Neptune in Cancer people value close relationships, and foster these through their creativity. They are likely to attract others due to their good nature and high level of sensitivity to the needs of others.

They are sympathetic and compassionate towards others. They are artistically gifted, but their creativity may be expressed in ways that are different from their peers.

Their homes may have a distinct and eclectic style. Neptune rules the imagination and emotions so these people might spend more time in a world of fantasy, visions, and dreams than in reality.

Neptune in Cancer people are empathetic and compassionate. They want to do what is best for others, even if they have to sacrifice their own needs to do so.

They are creative and artistic and often seek careers that allow them to express the softer side of life such as counseling, art or music. They can be motherly and nurturing toward others, especially friends who are struggling with problems in their lives.

The Neptune in Cancer person is mystical, dreamy and impressionable. This type of person will read tarot cards and use astrology to answer questions, and this type can be very psychic.

This placement can bring artistic abilities, a vivid imagination, paranormal tendencies and sometimes psychic abilities or extrasensory perception. These people have psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and the ability to foretell the future.

They are also good mediums. They can easily tap into the collective unconsciousness of mankind, they are gifted at receiving knowledge from other realms of consciousness, and can be influenced by their dreams and visions.

Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions - you will find that you can dream big and all your efforts will be rewarded. The citizens of Cancer love to help other people, and will go out of their way to do so.

They are quite sensitive, and can get very attached to the people in their lives. Although they are sometimes a bit shy, when they are in a group of people they are the center of attention. Although they act mature for their age, they may feel too young for their age group.

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Neptune in Leo

Your Neptune in Leo personality traits are those of a larger than life character, as you somehow always find yourself the centre of attention. You have a powerfully creative imagination that can make you a dreamer, and a romantic charmer.

Passionate. Creative. Expressive. Exciting. Influential. These are some of the words that describe the Neptune in Leo personality type, also known as the Inspirer. We never know how they’ll show up in our life but when a Neptune in Leo enters the room, we’re inspired to live more fully and imaginatively.

This person is creative, resourceful and has good taste. They want youthfulness and beauty in all they do. They desire excitement, variety and like to be around people. These attributes make them a bit tricky to get close to; they prefer to have a lot of friends because they want a wide range of experience.

This also means that Neptune in Leo people cannot concentrate on one thing for very long because they are always looking at new possibilities. This ability to see different viewpoints at the same time gives them an advantage as counselors and psychotherapists.

They seek to be the best in whatever they do. They are charismatic, intense people who know how to get others to follow them without being too forceful. They want to succeed and will stop at nothing until they are admired for what they do.

The Neptune in Leo person is creative and original, but can also come across as arrogant or narcissistic. The Leo traits are giving this person their own unique style which will often show up in the way they dress or the things they say such as “hello gorgeous.”

They are sensitive, kind and caring. They can be moody, artistic, flexible and romantic. They are drawn to fine arts, theater and may be involved in holistic medicine or other self-development activities. Neptune in Leo people tend to be laid back and easy going, but charming and dramatic with the capacity for both romance (if single) and domesticity (if married).

Neptune in Leo is the planet of mystery, magic and illusion. At its best it gives talents for self-expression and originality; at its worst, this Neptune placement can lead to despondency, confusion and even delusions.

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Neptune in Virgo

Neptune in Virgo is sensitive and compassionate, with a strong sense of justice. People with this placement stay in close contact with their friends, family, and associates, helping them to avoid unnecessary mistakes. With a practical mind and methodical approach to life, people with Neptune in Virgo are inherently conservative.

Closely attuned to the material world, Neptune in Virgo can be secretive. They are by nature idealistic and gifted at seeing what is possible. They live on a higher plane. These individuals tend to be hardworking and usually have an artistic side.

Neptune in Virgo people are known for their compassion, selflessness and charitable nature. Honesty and integrity are of utmost importance to them, they are reluctant to involve themselves in any deception or fraud. More often than not, these people comprise the crusading arm of society.

They have enormous zeal for improving social conditions and may be found working with charities or in other forms of altruistic work. They believe it is important to make a difference in the world, and they energetically try to do their part in making that happen.

Neptune is the planet of inner knowledge, inspiration and imagination. In Virgo, Neptune gives vision and the desire to improve things. The beauty of this transit comes from a sense of purpose and a commitment to figuring out how best we can use our talents to make the world a better place.

We’re motivated to work for something bigger than ourselves and inspired to focus on what’s needed in our local community. A defining trait of Neptune in Virgo people is compassion expressed in practical ways.

They have the ability to think outside the box. This position gives a deep sense of what makes each individual unique, and an intense desire to work toward self-fulfillment. This is a person who needs to feel independent and free. Values are very important, and one must work diligently in order to realize one’s goals.

The Neptune in Virgo person has a tremendous need for perfection. There is an element of idealism in this position which is why so many of them are involved with humanitarian and political causes. The person with Neptune in Virgo will have great ideas which are often more philosophical than practical.

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Neptune in Libra

Neptune in Libra individuals are gentle and kind, with a tender soul and loving nature. People with Neptune in Libra are more patient and accepting. They naturally like change, adaptability, fixed structures, and love making their own rules apart from conventional wisdom. Their personality is calm yet strong.

Neptune in Libra’s magnetic, sophisticated, and sensual nature draws others to this deeply perceptive person. This placement is insightful and emotionally sensitive.

With a strong need for harmony, peace and compassion in the world around them, Neptune in Libra has an artistic eye. Their passion for music, dance or fine arts is often expressed with their creative talents.

The Neptune in Libra person wants harmony, balance, and is in constant need for peace. If a rocky planet like Pluto is anchored to their sun sign, they could be highly emotional people who are hurt more easily by the pain of others. If Lilith is strongly linked to Neptune in Libra, they will spend much time fantasizing and daydreaming of what their ideal partner would look like.

Neptune in Libra can indicate people with a strong spiritual sense of the Universe, who often have a deep interest in metaphysics and higher philosophies. This aspect gives them a refined artistic sense, which they will use in their personal expression and creativity.

Often they are involved in music or some other arts. They have an eye for aesthetics, pursuing beauty for its own sake. They may be involved with creative pursuits for many years, but they also need to be practical about supporting themselves.

Neptune in Libra is a difficult placement to have, as you can see, because the self-image, such as it is, is likely to be all over the map and, as with all Neptunian placements, likely to be less than solidly grounded in reality. Direct and head-on confrontations are also problematic: they are unlikely to work for Neptune in Libra individuals (or companies) because of the use of subterfuge and the use of charm.

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Neptune in Scorpio

Neptune rules the sign of Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21), and is known as the planet of spirituality, deception, and illusion. Neptune in Scorpio may have a magnetic attraction to religious or spiritual pursuits, and can also be highly creative or deceptive in their dealings with others.

These individuals tend to be powerfully empathetic, yet may have a deeper agenda than caring about others' feelings. They are typically very resourceful and strong willed, but may be dependent on others for approval. They can sometimes be manipulative and secretive.

People with Neptune in Scorpio have a genuine interest in the mysteries of life and the supernatural. They can be very impressionable and may have experienced some past life connections. They feel a strong sense of compassion and have a tendency to worry about things.

Neptune in Scorpio individuals may experience times when they feel like they have nowhere to go in their life. They may feel pulled in many different directions so that their lives are full, but they are uncertain of how to use their lives.

These people are a complex lot. There is always a certain mystery, and they keep others guessing. This is not necessarily negative, as it stems from their inner drive to never give themselves away too easily, but those close to them will often have difficulty deciphering their behaviors.

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Neptune in Sagittarius

The Neptune in Sagittarius person is kind and wants to see the best in everyone. They are also dreamers who imagine what might be possible, and quite philosophical. Of course, because Neptune rules ideals, religion, spirituality and psychic abilities, their philosophy may relate to these topics.

The inhabitants of Neptune in Sagittarius are truly mysterious. They have a higher purpose and have the ability to see beyond the physical realm. They are intelligent, compassionate, kind and hidden from social norms.

The natives of this transit will rarely let you into their mind as they keep secrets. They will appear to be spontaneous and dreamy especially when it comes to romance.

There are visionary tendencies present and they are able to see beyond even the current reality as far as love or business is concerned. The natives can be eccentric and even reserved at times.

Neptune in Sagittarius is dreamy and idealistic. They have a strong desire for knowledge and to better the world around them

They are connected to the flow of the universe. They want to run with the energy of the universe and are not completely earthbound.

If there is no connection, they feel like there is nothing left to do. They love to travel to places that open their eyes in new ways. Experiences are what turns on this placement.

These folk are empathetic, idealistic, charitable, and downright altruistic. If you don’t like to be a sucker for a sob story, get away from these people. On the other hand, if you’re easily swayed by pity or can’t resist reaching for your wallet when someone’s down and out, you’ve found your tribe.

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Neptune in Capricorn

The Neptune in Capricorn individual is extremely hard working and has a masterful intelligence. They are able to exercise extreme patience while working towards their goals.

Their goal-oriented mentality leads them to be very successful in the business world, as they are extremely competitive. As one of the most versatile signs, Neptune in Capricorn individuals are prepared and ready for any future endeavor that may be presented to them.

If you are born with this placement you are a strong person and a leader but also you might not enjoy being a leader. Your friends know that you have Neptune in Capricorn and respect and appreciate you for who you really are. You love the routine and order. You love tradition, rituals and religion.

Neptune in Capricorn is to seek stability and sense of self through their art, music, poetry, movies or literature. They tend to have a keen sense of what could be expressed and sometimes push the limits of creativity to the point where they may lose touch with reality.

These people have an inner drive for perfection and can express the desire for it in a variety of ways. They are sensitive but can turn their feelings inward, projecting them elsewhere. Conflicts within oneself can be the key to obstacles in life that they may face in this position.

The Neptune in Capricorn person is highly intuitive and creative. This person attracts opportunity, good luck, and even a bit of magic to one’s life.

However, this powerful individual may hold back for fear of being overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities. There is a fine line between having an open mind and being overwhelmed by so many options that one can never act on any of them.

Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusion. While in Capricorn, this combination creates an intense sensualist, able to create make-believe worlds for themselves and others. Neptune is the imagination or the “daydreamer” of the zodiac.

Frequently fantasizing success, Neptune in Capricorn can be unrealistic about their own and other’s abilities. It can also lead them to live a life of total avoidance until they are forced to confront reality.

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Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius people are caring, creative and can be found riding the wave of innovation. They are often artists, musicians, or dreamers who love to explore new concepts and ideas. However, they can also be shy or awkward around new people because they are interested in their own thoughts and not those of others most of the time.

Neptune in Aquarius people are those who have a very imaginative side. Such people will be able to imagine things no one else can, they have an ability to really see the future and how things might turn out in certain situations. They are good at giving away advice and helping others.

They are usually highly original and inventive, with strong humanitarian ideals. They want to be part of a group or movement that is working for the betterment of humanity.

Neptune in Aquarius is a dreamy, idealistic, sensitive, and a person whose imagination and creativity are in high gear. You gain great pleasure from films, music, art, or nature; you are a good listener and possess a gift of compassion. Idealistic and romantic, you are drawn to all things that inspire the imagination.

These personalities often has an easy way with words. They are original and inventive. Whether writing a book, making music, or thinking of a new scheme to get out of work, they are a creative force to be reckoned with.

They tend to be idealistic, seeing life through rose colored glasses. Although they have good intentions, sometimes this can get them into trouble due to their tendency to follow hunches that sometimes lead them astray.

The Neptune in Aquarius person is highly intelligent, but his main interest lies in abstract ideas rather than practical matters. He loves to join a movement or a group that supports his ideals.

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Neptune in Pisces

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Neptune’s influence creates an idealistic longing to escape the limitations of the physical world. The need for escapism dominates this Neptune in Pisces person’s personality traits, but can also lead to a strange and contradictory worldview where the desire for self-improvement and spiritual growth is somehow linked with a flight from reality.

When the planet of illusion and dreams moves into the sign of fish, everyone will be deceived by illusions. Neptune in Pisces people love to live in a dream world, so they like to escape from reality.

They are the kind of person you love to be around. While they may not be the talkative type, this individual always makes a positive impact on your day. You may find that you’re incredibly emotional and sensitive when it comes to this placement.

Neptune in Pisces individuals are extremely intuitive. They tend to be very sensitive, and prone to being overwhelmed by the needs of others. In many cases these folks choose a profession where they can help people on a one to one basis.

They have very creative imaginations, along with a tendency to see things from many different perspectives. Neptune in Pisces are very impressionable, as well. If you speak ill of certain persons these folks will tend to agree with you, or at least consider what you say.

Those with Neptune in Pisces are often artistic and spiritual people, yet they may also be incredibly shy and withdrawn. You love to live life from the imagination and you have an intuitive sense of what will happen next. Your dreamy nature makes it difficult for others to get close, but this is something that you don’t realize at all.

It’s been said there are no small roles, only small actors. If that is true then the Neptune in Pisces role is one of the most important in the zodiac. There is no sign that does more with less.

Neptune in Pisces can create a masterpiece out of nothing or turn a piece of chalk on a blackboard into an audience mesmerized by an oration. In fact, this placement frequently leaves onlookers wondering if what they just saw was real or imagined.

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