Uranus in Pisces Meaning and Personality Traits

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Uranus in Pisces people usually have a cool, calm and collected demeanor. They can separate feelings from facts more easily than other people.

Individuals born with this placement like to take their time in relationships and they are perfectly fine going solo or being single. These folks are very spiritual and are at ease in most situations.

The Uranus in Pisces individuals are characterized by their highly idealistic and humanitarian approach to life. They always want to be on the side of the weak and down-trodden.

They also have a strong inclination towards arts and culture, creativity and philosophy.

What Does Uranus in Pisces Mean?

Uranus, planet of originality and revolution, takes on countless guises, depending upon its sign position in a horoscope.

When found in Pisces, Uranus takes on many humanitarian leanings. These tender-hearted individuals are also free thinkers who find mass conformity boring; they have a hard time settling for the ho-hum existence of mainstream society.

Uranus in Pisces are sensitive, idealistic, and creative. They have the ability to concentrate on a particular artistic endeavor for a long period of time.

Their unconventional, unorthodox nature can make it difficult for them to fit into society at large however.

It is common for a Uranus in Pisces to live under a cloud of melancholy, or worry that they may never be happy. These negative feelings are often brought on by their own thoughts, not others.

If you were born with this Uranus placement, you are the ultimate romantic. You see love as a beautiful mystery; something that should be treated delicately and passionately.

Your life is about learning to understand yourself, your partner and the emotions that surround both of you.

If you have Uranus in Pisces, rather than remaining at a distance, you may experience things in a dreamlike, detached way. You’re able to remain open to what you feel, and take on responsibilities of your partner without becoming personally attached.

Fortunately, there is also the possibility that you’ll experience a heightened sense of intuition and psychic ability.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and represents imagination, fantasy, intuition, compassion, and understanding. Uranus in Pisces embodies intuition and sensitivity.

Uranus in Pisces Woman

The Uranus in Pisces woman is always making a person think. She’s restless and probing, asking all kinds of questions, trying to figure out what people are really thinking. She’s extremely intuitive, knowing what you’re feeling even though you haven’t said a word.

She is paradoxical, her combination of air and water makes her intuitive yet she can also be quite secretive. She doesn’t give much away of herself and she keeps feelings inside.

Uranus in Pisces women are dreamers and idealists. They are the artists of life and possess a creative vision that is unparalleled.

The Uranus in Pisces woman is born with a mystical and spiritual influence. She often notices hunches or gut feelings that change the course of her life.

No matter what she does for a living, she must follow her own path and do what makes her feel happy. All her inner knowing comes to the surface in your relationship, which can be both good and bad depending on how you handle these intense experiences.

She is someone who needs to reflect often on her personal values and ideas. She needs time alone to contemplate all that may have been left behind in order to embrace the life she will live moving forward.

Pisces is the sign of fantasy, dreams and spiritual connection. Those born under this placement may be quite psychic or intuitive and possess an interest in spirituality, religion, philosophy and teaching.

She will naturally be drawn toward humanitarian causes and wanting to serve others. She may also be artistic with good manual skills such as drawing or playing a musical instrument.

The Uranus in Pisces woman is the embodiment of magic. She was born with a magical wand – her intuition – and she uses it to make wishes come true.

Not wishing to live by societal norms, her clairvoyant power is the key to following her own dreams and desires.

Her romantic nature is strong and magnetic, disarming anyone who catches her eye. At times, she is so caught up in her thoughts she’s in danger of tripping over her fantasies.

Uranus in Pisces Man

Uranus is the planet of liberation, change and originality while Pisces represents intuition, sensitivity and compassion.

Uranus in Pisces men can be a bit eccentric, esoteric, and highly imaginative. This man is willing to take risks for the sake of love and are at their best when they are in a committed relationship.

He can be very creative and unique. His vision is different from the rest of those people around him. He’s a lover, a rebel as well as a man with talents in various spheres.

The Uranus in Pisces man is a romantic dreamer but his emotions don’t always match his actions. Intuition and vision are his strong suits, but he feels that he knows more than everyone else and may feel persecuted by others when this is not the case.

He is sensitive and will avoid sticky situations or confrontations. He is a non-confrontational person who lives in a daydream most of the time and has little regard for the value of money.

He will be a revolutionary sort, obsessed with the latest gadgets and technology because they can get a brilliant idea at any moment and it is too much bother to try to write it down.

Uranus in Pisces men are gentle, kind-hearted and romantic. They are drawn to all things creative and innovative and can also be highly eccentric.

There is a tendency for them to try to please everyone, but their sensitivity to other people’s feelings is also heightened, making it difficult for them to say ‘no’ or to resist others imposing their views on them.

They desire peace above all else, but they have a longstanding conflict with themselves about this which can result in conflicted relationships and internal difficulties with commitment.

Uranus in Pisces Transit Meaning

A Uranus in Pisces transit brings about a big change in your life. It is a powerful transit that will bring you disillusionment if it is not well-utilized.

This transit is a time of awakening for your spiritual identity. This is an excellent time to explore your spirituality and religion, as well as understand/experience visions, imagination, compassion, and intuition. You may have a radical change in consciousness and how you view the world.

The first thing to note about a Uranus in Pisces transit is that it is a very positive influence in your life in terms of unpredictable events and potential for major change.

After all, this influence means you are now entering a phase when you can detach from the past and have the courage to try something new.

It is during this transit that some of us will experience the abrupt end of a relationship and others will come into money unexpectedly. In any case, most of us will experience sudden events during this time that are so unusual that we will have no choice but to let them radically change our lives.

This transit represents a forward-thinking, ingenious, inventive, intuitive and original mind. Uranus represents the future.

This is a time of invention and creative genius. It is also a time of chaos and confusion as the established order breaks down.

The planet Uranus in long-term Pisces will enhance your creativity, exploratory spirit and compassionate nature. You will be inspired to think outside the box, to be more original and to explore new ideas that awaken the higher mind.

You are so much more imaginative than you ever realized. This could bring a late awakening, possibly after 36 years old. This brings suddenness to life events and an urge to break free from restraints that have held you back until now.

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