Uranus in Aquarius Meaning and Personality Traits

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The Uranus in Aquarius native will be original, unique and independent. They are creative thinkers and generally have a special aura or glow around them. They love to learn new things and gather knowledge often on topics which are out of the ordinary.

This placement makes you a revolutionary, a natural leader, a trailblazer. You enjoy being unique and are unconcerned with what others think of you or your ideas.

You have an innovative and inventive mind and are capable of producing cutting-edge solutions to the most complex problems.

Below is a brief overview of Uranus in Aquarius personality traits that will unlock the curious, original and inventive characteristics of this astrological sign.

What Does Uranus in Aquarius Mean?

The zodiac sign of Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by the planet Uranus. They are thought to be friendly and fun-loving with a quirky sense of humor.

Uranus in Aquarius people are idealists. They are people with a creative imagination, very independent and unaccommodating, honest and noble by nature, tactless sometimes, but sympathetic to those in need.

They are quirky, inventive and rebellious. Her originality makes her shine out from the crowd, particularly amongst her Aquarius cousins.

She thinks that life should be fun, adventurous and exciting and will always make an effort to see the funny side of things.

You are unconventional and original, constantly ahead of the game. You question the old way of doing things and feel that anything goes.

Uranus in Aquarius is innovative and cool, particularly when transgressing social norms. You bring an element of fun into any relationship.

Uranus in Aquarius Woman

The Uranus in Aquarius woman loves to be the center of attention. She is, courageous and independent.

Her unique style may startle some people, but her friends seem to encourage her. She is very eccentric and fancies herself as a bit crazy.

A typical female Aquarius, she loves having an audience while she demonstrates her individuality. The Uranus in Aquarius woman isn’t exactly one to conform to social norms.

They have very strong family ties and love is usually the most important aspect of their life. Uranus in Aquarius women are regarded sometimes as eccentric because they think outside of the box. They don’t like being confined or limited in any ways.

These women are often psychic. They are good with psychology and science, so they have a lot of career options.

Uranus in Aquarius women love to travel. They are open-minded and always have new ideas. They are original and inventive – not everyone understands them, but they stay true to themselves.

They’re a very special kind of woman both inside and out. They are unusually aware of the world around them, which gives their statements a really unique perspective from other people.

The Uranus in Aquarius woman possesses a personality that is very strong and independent. She always strives to make a difference in the world. She does not like to conform to the rules of society, and will likely be a trailblazer in her community.

She is almost the complete opposite of the average Aquarius woman. Where she is reasonable, you are impulsive; where she makes a clear headed evaluation before taking action, you are innovative; where she is mainstream, you are daring.

Although she may be well educated with straight A’s, you will find your good fortune comes from your ability to grab opportunity and ride the wave of change into uncharted territory.

Uranus in Aquarius Man

The Uranus in Aquarius man is one of the more eccentric types of men that you will meet.

He is not quite as eccentric as some of the other men with Uranus placements, but he does have a bit of a rebellious streak in him. This man is one that will be willing to fight for what he believes in.

He will fight for just about anything and everything that he believes in and holds dear. Of course, this also makes him a very bold kind of guy.

He has a quiet and reserved demeanor, but once you get to know him, you will find that he is one of the most generous men. This man rarely loses his temper as he finds compromise easy, but when he does, it is because of hoarding mentality and possessiveness.

As a result of these two traits, they may often try to manipulate those around him if he is in love with them, so as to control them and keep them within his reach.

The Uranus in Aquarius man is a progressive thinker and always willing to take risks. He is an individualist, independent, unconventional, unpredictable, unsteady, and restless.

Although in his childhood he may have been active and mischievous, as an adult he remains as imaginative as he was when young. He has a mind that can focus on anything for days at a time.

When he is not thinking, he prefers to spend his time participating in activities that interest him such as long distance running or triathlons. He may also prefer biking or hiking.

The Uranus in Aquarius man is bold, rebellious, and forward thinking. He is a born leader, impartial and impersonal in his dealings with others. His fascinating uniqueness attracts great admiration from men and women alike.

He has a great deal of energy and often acts impetuously. He is a liberal thinker who is always in search of some new quest.

His interest changes rapidly from one thing to another and he can be very unpredictable.

He is farsighted, inventive, progressive, practical, and individualistic. He has a free-spirit, intellectual side and can be eccentric. The Uranus in Aquarius placement makes a man unpredictable, can be overly detached and aloof.

Uranus in Aquarius Transit Meaning

The Uranus in Aquarius transit brings change, innovation and rebellion. This is a high energy transit, bringing an unexpected element to your everyday life. Aquarius is more cerebral and Uranus is more rash.

This period of time is one of rebellion as ideas don’t seem to fit with old traditions and establishments, which may result in breaking down barriers. It’s also a period of exposure as information comes forward and revelations are made public.

Uranus in Aquarius brings unique viewpoints, individuality, and originality of thinking to the world. The Uranus transit is often associated with genius or eccentricity.

This is the most liberating of all Uranus transits. This planetary alignment dispels any desire or necessity to conform to, or obey traditional constraints.

It is a time of unusual freedom from social structure or convention, and a heightened interest in revolution, reform and science. The social relationships are totally transformed by the influence of Uranus, managing to break the ties with one’s past life.

Uranus in Aquarius can be frustrating for those who suffer from of certain pathologies, such as a negative group orientation and/or unrealistic ideologies.

This is an excellent transit for those working with others in teams and in groups. Some actions regarding large scale political and social issues may come about during this transit.

During this transit every aspect of your life is going to be undergoing major changes. Sometimes this transit becomes so powerful and unleashes such a slow series of events that as you look back, the sequence could easily read like a movie script.

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