Uranus in Libra Meaning and Personality Traits

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Uranus in Libra people are primarily concerned with finding balance and harmony in all areas of their lives. They’re attracted to art, beauty, music, and the finer things in life, and they may frequently involve themselves in new and interesting activities or hobbies.

They have a natural need for change, and often go from one exciting project to another with little regard for practicality.

Calm, collaborative and diplomatic, Uranus in Libra is all about the art of compromise. These individuals love a harmonious environment and enjoy building relationships with others, whether this is through family ties or professional connections.

What Does Uranus in Libra Mean?

Uranus is the planet of electricity, technology, and progress. In Libra, it’s a force for balance and equality.

Uranus in Libra individuals are original and unique. They are passionate, independent, and progressive, with a need for order, symmetry and beauty. They are radically unique people-pleasers, who value their relationships over any obstacles.

You have a unique style that expresses who you are with flair and panache. Intelligent and imaginative, you’re always thinking of innovative ways to get the job done.

Determined and decisive, you tend to be a master planner, especially when it comes to romance. You certainly need a partner who can handle your unpredictable side.

Uranus in Libra is a very formal, stylish, and neat. Their appearance is always put together. Their wardrobe consists of well-tailored clothing.

Don’t let an extravagant lifestyle lead to extravagance in other areas of your life. This placement will help you develop social connections that can serve as great assets in all areas of your life.

Uranus in Libra is an interesting and sometimes puzzling combination. Uranus in this sign is always pushing the envelope, either testing limits or flooding you with all kinds of ideas.

You have a keen mind for computing and sharing data and information. Learning makes you feel incredibly alive, and it’s easy to see why: knowledge expands your freedom.

You can take charge of something pretty casual, but the biggest thrill comes from skillfully handling the big picture.

Uranus in Libra Woman

A woman with Uranus in the sign of Libra is a very original person.

She is different from others and is an individualist with a unique view on life. Her concepts are new and unconventional, sometimes bizarre, when other people are not ready for them.

She thinks differently and acts upon herself, she won’t wait for somebody else’s decision to take action when it comes to her goals and dreams.

The essence of the Uranus in Libra woman is individuality and independence. She is always aspiring to be more than she is, reinventing herself on every level.

She does not expect her partner to change the world to make her happy; she is content within herself and expects a love partner who can share her hopes for the future.

The Uranus in Libra woman derives her self-esteem through relationships. She definitely desires her own personal life that does not include the participation of men.

Such a woman focuses on her femininity and strength of mind, though she looks for those traits in others as well.

She can be quite sensitive and not everyone will know this about her until the person with whom she is communicating really tries to understand her deeper meaning.

The Uranus in Libra female will show herself out for a good time. She likes to be the center of attention and she cares a lot about her physical appearance as well. She is almost always well dressed with very expensive taste.

She loves beautiful things and enjoys going to parties, bars and upscale restaurants. This woman has a lot of friends from all walks of life and she gets along with nearly everyone.

She is a free spirit who loves fun more than comfort. She can feel stifled by the old-fashioned concepts of conventional relationships, the typical routine of the ordinary family and the soporific routine of staying home all the time.

She is an independent thinker who is not interested in just imitating what she is told to do by others. She has her own ideas, and she defies anyone with the audacity to try to tell her what to think or how to act.

Uranus in Libra Man

The Uranus in Libra man is not like any other. When Uranus is in Libra, there’s a definite shift in someone’s personality. He would rather be at “home” (any place where he feels secure and loved) than out on the town.

They are natural born leaders, charismatic and charming that enjoy taking charge, these men live for new beginnings and unexpected surprises. Uranus is the planet of revolution, so these men will be likely to introduce innovation into relationships.

They can also be selfish when a relationship becomes unsatisfying; although they possess a great deal of charm, they are often lazy and emotionally manipulative.

A man born with Uranus in Libra has a similar personality to that of a Capricorn and Pisces. This shows his ambition and drive for power that is fueled by practicality.

At times, this person may lose sight of who he really is, leading to distorted thinking patterns. He is one who may find himself focused on details but will not devote enough attention to his own personal needs.

Uranus in Libra Transit Meaning

A Uranus in Libra transit brings a sudden change in your personal life and the relationship between you and others. You are no longer willing to take part in a boring life. Instead, you seek a change of relation.

The Uranus in Libra transit brings about many changes to your personal life. It will have you feeling a tremendous about of excitement and hope.

Your relationships will be incredibly powerful and if they are already solid, then they will definitely strengthen even further.

This transit will encourage the development of your friendships, as you see everyone from a different and fresh perspective. You may find people coming into your life that you didn’t expect.

The Uranus in Libra transit will shake things up and mark the beginning of a new era. Understanding the theme fo this transit reveals what to expect during this rare astrological event, and how to best make use of these energies.

This transit is sure to be a defining moment in your life. The sudden changes, as well as the vibrant opportunities, that you will face during Uranus in Libra are an extremely positive time, but you need to be prepared for the influx of change.

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