Uranus Sign Meaning in Astrology

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Uranus is the planet of genius. It gives people who are born with it a social conscience, great independence of mind and originality in their thought. This astrological significator can make you creative, innovative and quick-witted or impulsive, erratic and irresponsible.

It is the planet of awakening, individuality and liberty. It represents invention, genius, and personal power, as well as such positive attributes of vibrant health and intuition.

Uranus is magnetic and erratic in its energies. Happy to break free from social order, it seeks to live on its own terms.

Uranus symbolizes originality and ingenuity, it’s also the awakener of consciousness and the breaker of conformity. It’s a unique energy that shakes things up and ultimately changes the world for the good, but not without going through a phase of chaos first.

It reflects your individuality, creativity, and leadership skills. The positioning of Uranus in your birth chart may give rise to inventiveness, rebelliousness, and ambition – both good traits that can spur success when harnessed properly.

Uranus in Aries

The typical Uranus in Aries personality is spontaneous, unpredictable, daring and adventurous. In fact, these people are energized by stress and rarely allow themselves to slow down.

This is a typical no-nonsense, rebellious type of person. This individual will never be satisfied with the status quo, and always feels the need to be in control and change a situation. A Uranus in Aries individual is not your average, run-of-the-mill, laid back kind of guy or gal.

Uranus in Aries people are energetic, quick to act, and often feel compelled to do the unexpected. They tend to be on the cutting edge of everything new and exciting. With their unique way of approaching life they can bring a fresh perspective that uplifts everyone around them.

These individuals are shrewd, bold, and independent. They are also arrogant and rebellious. Their minds are full of original ideas, which often lead them into trouble. Their stubbornness often prevents them from following the advice of others, and they rarely act in conformity with societal norms.

Ruled by fiery Mars, Uranus in Aries can often come across as impatient or impulsive, but if you get to know them, they are no less kind-hearted than the rest of the zodiac. Uranus in Aries is a leader, comfortable taking charge and following their gut instincts. They can be rather blunt and some may even find them tactless or insensitive at times.

Uranus in Aries has original, innovative, and unexpected ways of doing things. Originality and invention is characteristic of this Uranus position. They will break with the existing mold and seek new technologies to achieve its aims.

They can be impulsive individuals. They enjoy being the center of attention. Being eccentric is common in this profile, a characteristic that becomes decidedly more intense the closer Uranus gets to Aries.

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Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus people are powerful, intense, direct, and possess an insatiable appetite for life! These people work hard to achieve what they want in life by utilizing their incredible intuition, and talented ability to make connections with others.

They may look demanding at first glance because of their straight forwardness, but this is just how they communicate. They are fast learners and will become a master at anything you put them to.

Uranus in Taurus is ambitious, practical, and very sensual. They desire security, stability, and power. Uranus in Taurus likes to live for the present, have an appreciation of material wealth and possessions.

These individuals are certainly one of a kind. They seem to demand attention, and they achieve this by any means available to them. Uranus being much more self-centered than Venus allows outbursts of temper or complete lack of inhibition. They tend to be loners and often see other people as an encumbrance.

Uranus is the planet of innovation, change, and technology. It rules the sign of Taurus, the Bull. Uranus in Taurus individuals are radical and revolutionary. This combination of energies often gives these people an attitude of “why not?” about everything.

They have a great desire to experiment with new possibilities in relationships, lifestyle, and values. Often impulsive, these people push the envelope on what can be considered acceptable behavior by society’s standards.

At first glance, people with Uranus in Taurus appear to be exceptionally conventional. They are painfully shy and want to fit in, and have an almost fanatical desire for order, structure, and security.

They idolize stability and tend to scoff at anything new or different. But upon closer inspection, one can discover these people’s radical agendas - they just need a little push to get them started.

They may be possessive, suspicious, and jealous. However, they are also generous, loyal to family and friends, kind to domestic animals, and do not like to be alone. They have a keen memory and enjoy the company of older people. They are patient and honest.

With Uranus in Taurus, it is important to avoid impulsiveness. You need to move forward slowly and carefully in order to avoid making costly mistakes. The best way to handle this placement is to think before you do anything.

Once you know how you will act in a particular situation, stick to those plans no matter what. This placement is all about the past, though only in ways that are useful and constructive. Chances are you have learned some valuable things from past mistakes, and you will do well now by applying that knowledge.

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Uranus in Gemini

The Uranus in Gemini person is very communicative. This ultra unique personal has a sharp mind and they are interesting, talkative, and optimistic. They love to express themselves through writing, art, and basically any other type of expression that is out of the ordinary.

Flamboyant, unique, and on the edge. These people are ready to do their own thing instead of following the crowd. You will never find boredom with a Uranus in Gemini person. There is always an expression of the imagination going on one way or another.

The sky is the limit when you’re Uranus in Gemini. You are keen, clever, and playful. You think on your feet and love new experiences. Eager to make connections with others, you enjoy intellectual pursuits and thrive as part of a team, reaching your goals together.

The Uranus in Gemini person likes to learn and try new things all the time. They are quick-witted, curious, mischievous, energetic, and hyperactive.

This person will often do things just to see what happens or say outrageous things just for the shock factor. They will go out of their way to make sure they look good and put in the extra effort to get noticed.

Uranus in Gemini people have a keen intellect and inventive mind. They are intelligent, quick witted, and enjoy the company of intellectual peers, able to grasp complex ideas easily.

These individuals are often perceived as changeable or inconsistent people. Their ideas, thoughts, and opinions shift like the wind, and they may have a tendency to exaggerate from time to time.

They want to think of themselves as unique individuals who can accomplish great things – but in their quest for originality they sometimes offend the sensibilities of others.

Uranus in Gemini individuals are very imaginative and love intellectual stimulation. They are high-energy people with dynamic personalities as they tend to think fast with a lot of activity going on around them.

They are restless types that seem to always be doing something different. They like to experiment and prefer doing things their own way.

Uranus, planet of surprise, in your sign will make you a more innovative and progressive thinker. You will be constantly inventing new things, schemes and ideas. Uranus in Gemini turns your thinking process into a creative stream, touching on every possible subject.

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Uranus in Cancer

The Uranus in Cancer person is a little moody and unpredictable, but this energy also allows them to be creative and inventive.

Uranus in Cancer is a mixture of being a strong-willed and determined individual with a deep desire to stay emotionally connected to others. This can be seen in the general attitude and how that these people generally behave sometimes.

Their personality is highly attuned to subconscious stimuli. They are intuitive, perceptive, and sympathetic. They have a strong sixth sense that enables them to pick up on subtle vibrations.

The Uranus in Cancer person, as with most Uranus aspects to personal planets, tends to be innovative and is often original and inventive. Their perceptual impressions tend to go beyond the average person’s.

This person often comes up with new ideas on a whim. They tend to be bold and daring in their actions, as well as thinking outside of the box. Even when confronted with stressful situations, they seem able to keep their cool.

The Uranus in Cancer person is creative, intuitive, and uses their imagination in a variety of ways. They like to be involved in their community to help others, and enjoy the most “normal,” common activities with friends and family. They tend to avoid conflict, disliking environment changes or disruptions, but otherwise they’re pretty easy going.

These people are intensely emotional and passionate about their loved ones. Their belief is that home is where the heart is. But they do tend to forget that a house is still a house. For them, decor may seem more like an art installation than something meant to be functional. This may drive their family members crazy but they don’t care! They are their own kind of crazy and live deliberately so.

If you were born with Uranus in Cancer your personality is marked by independence, inspiration and a love of freedom but also by inconsistency and unbridled imagination. You have a lot of trouble with authority.

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Uranus in Leo

The Uranus in Leo personality is a dramatic and creative fire sign ruled by the planet of change, rebellion and freedom. These people are strong-willed people who are highly imaginative and enterprising with an original approach to life.

Uranus in Leo has an original and inventive approach to life, and their personality is laced with a strong sense of justice. They are unique and creative, taking down barriers and exploring new ways that they can connect with others.

Strongly opinionated and outspoken Uranus in Leo is never afraid to express themselves, even if it puts them at odds with others. Producing creative genius, they love the arts and are endowed with a rich fantasy life. This placement inclines the native toward idealistic causes, such as those for world peace or the environment.

The Uranus in Leo individual is lively, confident, and daring. This person will walk through life with a spring in his or her step and a twinkle in the eye. There is simply nothing this individual cannot accomplish, given enough time, effort, and perseverance.

Uranus in Leo is a spontaneous, creative, and interesting person. He is an original and accomplished individual who shares his inventive ideas with others. Some of his talent may have been inherited from past generations.

As a Uranian in Leo, he is happiest when he is leading or surrounded by others so that he can share his ideas and make them popular to others such as musicians, dancers, entertainers or other talented individuals. He may be well endowed financially because he probably has inherited much wealth from the past generations, which he may have little interest in managing it himself. His creativity may inspire him to write books or screenplays.

Uranus in Leo is a challenging aspect to have in any natal chart. On the positive side, it indicates leadership and originality, as well as an attraction to entertainment and the arts.

These people are often prominent businessmen or businesswomen, and they frequently enjoy success in life. They also often attract good luck into their life, and so this placement can be very beneficial in how life turns out for them.

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Uranus in Virgo

Resourceful, innovative and practical are words that describe the Uranus in Virgo born personality. Uranus is the ruler of change and technology. This placement gives you a progressive and independent spirit along with a philanthropic side.

Uranus in Virgo has to be subtle and original. People born with this placement use their intuition to gain an insight into their surroundings. They are also revolutionary thinkers who wish to change the world. Uranus in Virgo people prefer to live simply but they can be quite eccentric.

Uranus in Virgo makes for an inquisitive and scholarly individual who values knowledge for its own sake. A natural born scientist, the Uranus in Virgo person is often found researching on obscure topics that others neglect. It is important for other people to know that they may ask you any question under the sun and you would do your best to give the most accurate answer possible.

These individuals are very practical and methodical. They are highly logical persons who, as a result of their analytical mind, are able to think clearly. They are orderly and practical, with a high regard for practical and useful things.

They can be expected to make excellent mathematicians, computer programmers or mechanics. But they can also make excellent gardeners or seamstresses, for they posses the ability to see into the workings of nature. When Uranus is in Virgo you may have difficulty finding time for romance since you are so into your projects.

These people are generally secretive, solitary and eccentric. There is a tendency to engage in science, astrology and mysticism. Others can find them very intriguing with hidden depths, but it is unlikely that those with Uranus in Virgo will discover these for themselves.

They tend to bring up subjects other people would rather ignore, which usually makes it difficult for them to find like-minded friends. When this happens they can turn inwards and develop an unsociable nature.

If you were born with Uranus in Virgo, you’re a rare breed. Everything about you is a natural high, from your brilliant ideas to your endless energy.

While others might find it strange to see you poised for genius one minute and rummaging around in the fridge for the world’s crunchiest carrots the next, they may try to put a label on you. Grasping to understand your multifaceted nature, they’ll come up with a few vague descriptors: shy but brilliant, or detached but exciting.

Uranus in Virgo can be extremely difficult if you have poor health, weak self-discipline or are obsessive about detail. Detailed records, planning ahead and a good knowledge of your capabilities are helpful.

A Virgo Uranus person needs structure and routine in the workplace in order to feel secure, but individuality and variation at home where they may impose their perfectionist tendencies on family and housekeeping.

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Uranus in Libra

Uranus in Libra individuals may be very fashionable, familiar with the trends and styles of their time. As a result, they may have a good sense of the newest things available and will be apt to introduce new ideas, concepts, merchandise even to those closest to them.

Uranus in Libra is an air sign and a Cardinal sign, so they are independent, lively and energetic. They like to make their own way in life and freedom is the most important thing. Uranus in Libra people can be creative, artistic and original with a special talent for arranging other people’s lives.

This placement gives them a special interest in human affairs and social work. They have a unique personal style and caring nature. This placement also indicates that you are attracted to the good life, beautiful surroundings and art objects.

Unexpected and unconventional, Uranus in Libra is an unconventional sign. With a repressed eccentricity that occasionally explodes, only those who know this sign can expect anything at all. More often, this is the zodiac’s master of disguise.

Though generous and polished with friends and family, each can also be a true individualist. Mr. or Ms. Libra would rather spend the afternoon in quiet contemplation than in socializing. Elegant but not flashy, intelligent but not brilliant, Uranus in Libra are gifted analysts on all matters relating to their interest or passion.

Uranus in Libra is assertive, and likes to get his way. He thinks logic is the only real mode of thought; he enjoys debating and reasoning with others. Uranus in Libra loves anything new and unusual, such as people or things.

If you have Uranus in Libra, you are likely to be keen on the aesthetic and detail oriented side of life. You could also present your unique talents competently and boldly.

Uranus is sometimes called the planet of revolution and change because it rules technology, innovation and invention. People who have Uranus in Libra are similar to this symbolism.

Their creative genius lies in their ability to turn a situation on its head by awakening new perspectives or changing situations. This can be an excellent placement for anyone who aspires to preside over an organization, company or country with dignity and grace.

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Uranus in Scorpio

Uranus in Scorpio brings a powerful awakening of the unconscious mind. He does so using the element of surprise and sudden, unexpected events to bring unconscious contents into consciousness. This personality type is gifted with an incredible ability to penetrate the hearts and minds of others.

Uranus in Scorpio individuals are adept at intuitively understanding others and getting right to their core issue. These individuals have a tendency towards their own repression and may carry a false image of themselves. They can go about deflecting genuine questions or concerns to avoid being truly known by others.

Uranus in Scorpio is all about individuality. The unique perspective that Uranus in Scorpio brings to relationships is truly valuable, even if sometimes you don’t feel understood.

The ability to adapt is the common trait of those born with Uranus in Scorpio. The three planets involved with this sign provides an individual with extreme versatility of personality traits, and they are deeply multi-faceted individuals.

These individuals are mysterious, secretive, and intuitive. They are usually extremely tough-minded and opinionated, and sometimes brutally outspoken. They have a closeness to death and the occult unknown to most individuals. They may also be highly involved in political causes.

The planet Uranus symbolizes originality and independence. It is a very dynamic planet in astrology, and often there can be sudden life changes at this age. The Uranus in Scorpio children are always moving when they are younger. They prefer to play outdoors instead of indoors too, even if they are inside or at home.

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Uranus in Sagittarius

Uranus in Sagittarius people are intellectual and philosophical. They are idealistic and open minded, and have a strong desire to break free from the restrictions and conventions of society.

Although they always have new goals in mind, they tend to be restless, that is why they find it difficult to remain in one place for too long. Natives of this placement are very open minded, they never reject anything new without a thorough examination and yet they are always ready to try something new. It’s possible that somewhere during their childhood, they were introduced to meditation or some other form of spiritual training.

When Uranus in Sagittarius individuals have to get something done, they can focus with such intensity that it seems like they have the eyes of a hawk. They are extremely broad-minded and unconventional.

People with Uranus in Sagittarius make you aware of what’s wrong and right about the world. They will be endlessly questioning and experimenting, and not accepting mundane answers or the way things have always been done.

On the positive side, they are very independent, adventurous, progressive and optimistic individuals who want to change society for the better. When they fail to find an outlet for their humanitarian interests, they may engage in utopian politics or become cynical misanthropes.

Uranus in Sagittarius can be a bit of a rebel who is a free spirit, struggles with authority, and tends to value their own freedom above all else.

This person is restless and rebellious. One of the things about this placement is that the native tends to be very interested in new age and spiritual beliefs. He or she often becomes interested in occult religions such as the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Kabbalah and others.

Uranus in Sagittarius are the rebels of the world. They do not follow the traditional course of action and march to the tune of their own laws. They are a law unto themselves. They can be found constantly pushing boundaries and looking to go beyond what is considered possible.

When it comes to their relationships they may often feel as though they are tied down by social convention, or feel restricted by the obligations that supposedly ought to go along with commitment. When Uranus unites with your Sun, you will feel like you have no one controlling your life and it is up to you to break free.

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Uranus in Capricorn

The Uranus in Capricorn personality is very serious and upstanding. They are often referred to as “workaholics” due to their strong tendency to be ambitious and goal-oriented. Under this outer layer of seriousness, however, lies a character equipped with a good sense of humor and playful artistic qualities.

Uranus in Capricorn people are leaders, who like to take the initiative and keep their lives organized. Although they are quiet and reserved, they are bold and pioneering, with a vision for the future. They prefer a structured routine and would rather plan ahead than improvise. Uranus in Capricorn makes an excellent manager, a successful writer or inventor, or the supervisor of an important work project.

These individuals are known for having a very emotional nature which makes it necessary for them to have some sort of outlet to work out their issues. To that end, they express all of their emotions and try to resolve emotional difficulties through physical structure which involves helping others with various projects as well as changing the landscape of their lives.

From making sure that everyone in their family is comfortable to constantly improving their position in life, this group works hard to do whatever it takes.

They tend to hide their feelings and their true selves behind a sharp intelligence and steely emotions. Their determination to succeed makes them capable of hard work - the tenacious energy of Capricorn combined with the ability to dream big that comes from Uranus. It’s likely most Uranus in Capricorn have buried at least one childhood dream, though you wouldn’t realize it looking at them now.

These natives are notorious for their stubbornness and determination, which they’ve inherited from their Capricorn parent. These deep, insightful people are often considered part of the establishment because opportunities to climb the corporate ladder come easily to them. Uranus in Capricorn tends to be very good with money and finances, but rarely carries a lot of cash, preferring to invest or save instead.

Uranus in Capricorn is creative, intuitive and inventive. Those with Uranus in Capricorn crave freedom from the rules and bonds of traditional society, but have the ability to bring new ideas into reality.

Uranus is often called the planet of surprises because of the sudden and unexpected changes that people with this placement go through. People with Uranus in Capricorn tend to be very conservative in their ways and sharply independent.

They have a strong sense of individuality, preferring to forge their own path, rather than follow the crowd. Once Uranus is in Capricorn, the solid, dependable, traditional ethics of Capricorn are blended seamlessly with Uranus' visionary hopes and dreams.

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Uranus in Aquarius

Uranus in Aquarius people are different. They are born only once in a lifetime – with an amazing set of unique abilities. Aquarius is the sign of visionaries and inventors, all of which can be said about those born with Uranus in Aquarius. Uranus in Aquarius personality traits are out of this world, as eccentric as it gets.

Uranus moves very slowly in the zodiac. It is an erratic, sudden and disruptive planet. So, people with Uranus in Aquarius will prove to be weird, eccentric, independent, and unconcerned with tradition. Uranus in Aquarius individuals are great innovators who tend to be nonconformist.

They are unorganized, unpredictable and offbeat. These people become so engrossed in the pursuit of their goals that they tend to ignore everything else around them and others.

When Uranus is in Aquarius you are more likely to be the creative or innovative type, but you are also rather unpredictable. You have strong opinions about politics, religion and education and it’s not unusual to be attracted to alternative lifestyles.

Uranus is the planet of sudden change. In astrology, Uranus is a planet of freedom, originality and independence. Astrologers have associated Uranus with the shocking or unexpected breakthrough.

People with Uranus in Aquarius are open minded, unconventional and innovative. They want to find new ways of doing things. They are willing to go against conventional wisdom and this often surprises people who don’t know them well.

When Uranus occupies Aquarius, the individual is focused on being a humanitarian and caring for mankind. He is progressive, eccentric, and independent in thought and in action.

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Uranus in Pisces

Uranus is the planet of innovation, technology, and the future. In astrology, Uranus in Pisces people are eccentric and their actions seem random to others. Their temperament is gentle and flexible, yet they can be creative geniuses.

The Uranus in Pisces person is very mercurial and unpredictable. He is often a revolutionary, or has radical views. They can be rebellious and weird, yet very creative.

Uranus in Pisces people love to discover and experience new things. They have very little attachment to conventional values, and are naturally attracted to unconventional people and ideas.

They tend to be sensitive and compassionate, but can also call on a detached, cool energy that helps them get through painful situations. This combination of passion and detachment can make their lives complicated at times.

The Uranus in Pisces personality is often regarded as eccentric, especially when compared to the common personality types in Western culture. Although they are extremely independent, they often get lost in an obscure realm of mental awareness.

The inner thoughts and imaginations of this person can be considered far-fetched to some, and a complete reality to the individual. They are honest people who live with little regard for other people’s opinions.

Uranus in Pisces people are compassionate and inspirational, with a vivid imagination and strong mystical or spiritual tendencies. They have a deep concern for humanity and its place in the universe, but can often shy away from more mundane tasks in life. Clever and intuitive, their intuition can lead them to uncover truths that never even occur to others.

This is a unique placement that is more sensitive and romantic than most. You are an empathetic partner, and love to do special things for your sweetheart.

Uranus in Pisces people are often disconnected from their bodies and feelings. In order to get more grounded, you must slow down, breathe and allow yourself time. Meditation and yoga help with muting the daily noise so you can tune into yourself.

The Uranus in Pisces person is impressionable and creative. This person is open minded which can make them appear very naive or gullible, as they prefer to be exposed to many new ideas so they can learn about the world and become a better more understanding of it. Both an intellectual and spiritual, high-minded visionary, this individual has the power to inspire people with their creativity and expressiveness.

In addition, they have a natural compassion for others and are drawn to humanitarian causes. While many Uranians don’t feel comfortable conforming to society’s rules, the individual born under this placement recognizes that there are some boundaries that

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