Saturn in Aquarius Meaning and Personality Traits

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Saturn in Aquarius is known for their honest and factual behavior. They have a mysterious aura around them and they can get impatient at times.

They are wonderful friends, they will stand by you when things are good and bad. They have the tendency to be loners but this does not mean that they do not like company, it is just because they can do things on their own.

Their love for the home and family is known as one of the strongest out of all the zodiac signs. They enjoy long-term projects and will most likely finish what they started.

What Does Saturn in Aquarius Mean?

Understanding the Saturn in Aquarius placement is the key to success in your life. You are not alone when you feel that no one understands your personality.

The cosmos designed your character for a special purpose and situation. This interpretation of Saturn in Aquarius may help you recognize the positive aspects of your Saturn influences and allow you to fully support your unique attributes.

They are known for their uniqueness, innovation and humanitarian efforts. Though the Saturn in Aquarius people are often highly independent, they also have a strong desire to be in love.

They want a very close emotional connection that is both deep and enduring. Sometimes it is challenging for them to find a person who is able to keep up with all of their progressive ideas.

This aspect can also make it difficult for this Saturn position to commit to an intimate relationship.

This placement makes you a unique individual who doesn’t easily fit into a box. You’re an original thinker and a trendsetter who likes to question things.

You have humanitarian, altruistic, and humanitarian qualities that make you an interesting conversationalist and expert. However, as Saturn works its lessons on you, you’ll become more likely to follow the status quo.

Saturn in Aquarius can be described as having a long-term vision and goal orientation. He or she is highly motivated by personal freedom and autonomy.

He will feel pressure to take care of others, including people not directly tied to him or her, but on the flip side, he is equally resistant to conformity.

Those born under the influence of Saturn in Aquarius typically are visionaries who enjoy working with people with like-minded or unconventional views.

They’re unconcerned with tradition, social convention, or the status quo and show a general disdain for anything that restricts their independence. While generally loners, they make loyal friends and supporters.

Saturn in Aquarius Woman

The Saturn in Aquarius woman personality is one of strength and independence. She is not someone to be trifled with; she knows what she wants and will fight for it if necessary.

Her key motivating factors are freedom, equality, and fairness for everyone. She has a strong sense of social justice and will take a stand on just about any issue that involves the betterment of society.

It is not an exaggeration to say that she can be eccentric but she is never boring. She makes her presence felt in either a good or bad way and it will be impossible for you to be indifferent toward her.

The Saturn in Aquarius woman is all about freedom and the future. She is always striving for greatness, no matter what she does.

She wants to change the world, to make it a better place and sometimes her passion and ambition can be overwhelming. But more often than not she will surprise you with her exceptional intelligence.

She might be one of those women who looks very serious and intense on first sight, but once you get to know her properly you’ll soon discover that she is an intelligent, unique woman who can offer a great deal of love and happiness to the right man.

Aquarius is the sign of friends and groups, organizations and clubs. Its natives must be involved in groups and movements, because they are poised to revolutionize all social organizations for granted better them.

The Aquarius Saturn woman possess a unique variety of skills that will attract the attention to the cosmos: invention, computer science, astrology, genealogy, occult etc.

Saturn in Aquarius Man

The Saturn in Aquarius man is a unique individual. His talents are of the kind that are generally looked upon as strange or eccentric.

He has the ability to see things in an original manner and, often, the ability to think ahead and predict trends in society.

The Saturn in Aquarius man, with his studious and serious nature, is extremely attractive to women. If you’re dating one, or have ever dated one, then you know that they can be eerily charming.

He is a master in making money. He has a tendency to overwork. Being an inventor, he is very creative.

He maintains his old values and at the same time he is always ready to embrace the new ones. The way of building relationships is what makes him different from other zodiac signs. Aquarius is all about friendship, but he tends to have his own ways of making it work.

Honesty, freedom, wisdom, altruism, the pursuit of reason and knowledge, are all qualities that you will find in a man with Saturn in the sign of Aquarius. He is known as the humanitarian or the man of social ideals.

Saturn in Aquarius Transit Meaning

A Saturn in Aquarius transit will be hard work for everyone but not without hope. The general atmosphere is tense and serious. People are affected by others negative energy, they walk on egg shells.

Saturn’s in Aquarius' transit is considered to be the most challenging transit for Saturn. In Aquarius, Saturn’s task is to break down structures and old concepts of all kinds. Social, economic, and political change takes on big proportions during this transit.

This transit is one of the best times to make your dreams a reality. You are keenly aware of the possibilities that exist in this transit.

You have a need to be creative and to express yourself. You see things and situations from new or different perspectives.

You are able to communicate your vision of the future to others and bring them along on your enthusiastic journey toward it. Life seems simpler now and you are able to relax more than usual. You feel positive about your life and optimistic about the future.

This transit will increase your humanitarian, charitable, open-minded, altruistic and humanitarian endeavors. There will be more acceptance of and reverence for the elderly and you have a tendency to help the underdog, minorities and women.

You are an activist who takes on difficult causes and long-term projects that deal with human or social improvement. Your charm will attract many supporters to your cause and you can make progress if you do not get bogged down by red tape.

A feeling of dissatisfaction can arise resulting in a self-righteous attitude but if you let this frustration out there is always something positive.

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius may bring extra work and responsibility, and to be willing to take on extra duties to help out those around you. You may feel like you are coming out of your shell during this transit, feeling compelled to speak up and participate in group activities.

Saturn in Aquarius is a time in your life to find your truth. Your need to be different and chart your own path can be an exciting time of self-discovery, but it can also leave you isolated from those you love.

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