Saturn in Capricorn Meaning and Personality Traits

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Saturn in Capricorn people are known to be traditional and hard working. They have ambition and can plan long term.

They are determined, ambitious, patient and practical. Their goal is financial stability and they do not like change.

Saturn is the planet of serious responsibility, and Saturn in Capricorn will come through on all of his promises. As far as they are concerned, you have to earn it. He may be very loyal, but he doesn’t have a lot of real close friends.

He likes having a sense of control over his affairs and certainly over the people in his life. The problem with this is that Saturn in Capricorn can come across as being somewhat cold or distant. This is because when there are any problems or disagreements, there is no small talk: just resolution. This makes him a good leader or manager.

What Does Saturn in Capricorn Mean?

Symbolized by the goat, Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline, and control. Those born with Saturn in Capricorn are serious, methodical planners who are always on time.

They adore maintaining a clean orderly household and work space. Saturn rules public service careers such as law, government, police and fire departments as well as banking-related jobs.

The overall goal of their personality is to gain recognition and success within their given career field and reputable status in society.

This is a time in your life when you seek to create stability and control. You are ambitious and determined, and strive for success with determination.

Saturn in Capricorn can provide a serious focus on your career, and can help you gain power and authority over others, if you want it.

Saturn in Capricorn may change careers throughout his life, as though he is searching for the right niche that suits his strengths and interests. Some of these people are successful in all lines of work where structure and discipline are required.

They make terrific accountants, psychologists, doctors, lawyers or executives because these occupations require them to be able to think creatively, make appropriate judgments and keep meticulous records.

Saturn in Capricorn Woman

Sophisticated, responsible, and sensitive, the Saturn in Capricorn woman is one of the hardest to understand. Even though she seems detached and independent, she needs constant support from her partner and continuous reassurance that he loves only her, no one else.

Her partner should be strict with her, set rules and demands, but also give her the emotional support and romantic attention that she needs.

She is a no-nonsense kind of woman who will continue to work hard and stand by her principles. She takes charge of a situation, but can be quite stubborn at times.

Saturn in Capricorn women are daring, resourceful, and disciplined, with a tendency to be practical and focused. This Saturn sign is responsible for making sure things are running smoothly and efficiently.

These people are often taken serious by others because they seem sober or serious. While this may make them appear unapproachable at times, Saturn in Capricorn women are actually warm-hearted, articulate women who get the job done.

Saturn in Capricorn Man

The Saturn in Capricorn man is a strong and industrious man. This placement gives him poise and seriousness.

He can be adamant, unyielding or obstinate as shown by his Capricorn qualities. His tenacity in accomplishing the tasks that he sets for himself as well as his determination towards success comes from Saturn in Capricorn placement.

He is an extremely focused and structured man who has excellent potential in career or professional achievement.

They are the most ambitious and serious kind of guys, as these traits are already present at their early age. They know what they want and they stick to their plans. They like to keep their life organized, with a clear plan for the future.

These men are not the ones to take relationships lightly because they need commitment in their love life in order to find real happiness. They are often distant towards others because of their serious nature, but it does not mean that they don’t like people or socializing on some conditions.

The Saturn in Capricorn man is a no-nonsense, practical and responsible leader. He is self-motivated and driven to succeed in his chosen profession.

He does not like to be dishonest but at times he can be overly judgmental and has a pessimistic view of life.

A tall, dark and handsome man he takes pride in his appearance carrying it off with panache. Those born with this placement will have the responsibility of being part of a large family group, could this be a royal family or simply children from previous relationships.

Saturn in Capricorn men are serious, ambitious, responsible and organized. They can be reliable and seem stable to others.

They are hard working and have common sense. They tend to be a bit conservative and traditional.

He has an inherent perception about life. He is practical and disciplined. He has a long-term, serious approach to his career and is not much concerned with frivolous matters.

In love, he does not necessarily consider the aspect of beauty or physical appearance all that important.

Where others might perceive obstacles, Saturn in Capricorn sees opportunities. Where others might see political deadlock, this Saturn man sees a chance to build consensus.

If you have Saturn in Capricorn, you are steady, innovative, and likable – and you take your chores seriously.

Saturn in Capricorn Transit Meaning

Saturn’s transit through Capricorn is a time of big, slow-moving developments that are likely to affect you and the people around you.

Though serious and responsible this transit is also dignified, ambitious, sober and ambitious. This phase brings benefits if you can handle it!

This transit is a time of opportunity to practice boundaries. There will be increased responsibilities and sometimes, the weight of the world on your shoulders more than at other times.

Saturn in Capricorn is not an “it’s all about me” phase. It’s about taking care of those around you along with yourself. This transit brings an opportunity for personal responsibility that takes maturity and discipline to succeed.

Saturn is known as the planet of authority and responsibility. With Saturn in Capricorn, there will be an emphasis on this type of responsibility and building up your respect.

If you are born with Saturn in Capricorn, this transit could cause some delays or challenges that trigger lessons on responsibility and becoming a person who others can look to for leadership.

When Saturn goes into Capricorn we can experience a new beginning in our lives. This Saturn transit will help us to remove things that are not useful for us and create necessary transformation.

If you’ve been putting things off, now is the time to get it done! By having this transit go through Capricorn, we will have more discipline and dedication with what we set out to do.

Saturn in Capricorn may be a challenging transit for many of us, bringing obstacles and delays. For others, it may mean gaining structure, boundaries and responsibilities in our lives.

This is the time to face and work through our limitations and accept that there are things we simply can’t change.

But this will enable us to gain wisdom, stability, self-confidence and objectivity. Use this time wisely to get a better understanding of your life purpose and place in the world.

Saturn in Capricorn transitions us into a period when we learn how to be realistic, unsentimental, and responsible–in short, to put our lives on hold. This transit initiates us into the Saturnian qualities of discipline and structure.

It favors those who have taken responsibility for their personal growth and development, and brings rewards to focus on one’s goals.

Although Saturn functioned as a malefic planet in ancient astrology, bringing woe to mortals with its retrograde movements, modern astrologers consider it a fulfilling, positive influence.

This Saturn cycle will move slowly but surely and then the whole world will wake up. It is a good time to start new projects because they will be long-lasting.

It is a strong time to set boundaries because people will respect them. It is a time to teach others how to do things and feel good about it.

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