Saturn in Leo Meaning and Personality Traits

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The Saturn in Leo individual is serious when it comes to relationships. They seek value in everything, and are not averse to choosing their friends/partners wisely.

As an intelligent and charming partner, they prefer deep conversations with the people they care about most.

They are fortunate, hard-working and stable. They know what they want for the future, and they’re on a straight course toward their goals. The worst thing they can do is give up.

When Saturn is in Leo, you’ll be motivated by the desire to succeed and with your proud and majestic self-image, plus your zest for high living, you can make the most of whatever opportunities come your way.

What Does Saturn in Leo Mean?

If you have Saturn in Leo, you have a natural tendency to dominate people, which may have caused you to run into some difficult relationships. Nevertheless, these individuals are well-known for their perseverance and outstanding leadership skills.

They can be very controlling or independent, especially if the Sun is placed favorably in the natal chart of these individuals. In addition, they are excellent mentors and businesspersons, as they will rarely stop at nothing until they achieve their goals.

You possess the discipline and stamina to lead but you’ll also be a fine follower when a really superior person assumes leadership because they deserve it.

On a personal level, your Saturn in Leo will be one who takes pride in being a leader and often reaches for the top; an astute person who takes control of his or her emotions and destiny.

Saturn in Leo Woman

The Saturn in Leo woman is likely cold and detached, yet also warm and affectionate. She can be the most confident of women on her good days, while also fearing humiliation.

She can have the best taste in all that is luxurious, as well as being willing to settle for the cheesy or cheap on occasion.

She often tends to hide her generous nature from those who do not know her very well. Instead she will focus her energies on being right before making others feel comfortable around her.

The first thing we notice when looking at a Saturn in Leo woman is how accomplished and mature she appears. She also enjoys being the center of any conversation; you might call her the natural entertainer.

She is calm, kind, compassionate. Deeply loyal to her loved ones. She takes her social responsibilities seriously and puts others' needs first.

She is a natural leader who is confident in her abilities and dominates those around her. Saturn in Leo women are not afraid to admit that they know what they’re doing, and tend to lend a helping hand to those who need it without hesitation.

Saturn in Leo Man

Confidence, a sense of refined taste and style, self-awareness, a desire to dominate, and creative energies are all some of the many Saturn in Leo man traits. While many may perceive these men as shallow or materialistic, they tend to have an independent side and ultimately want to be themselves.

This placement gives a man ambition, leadership qualities, and the willingness to work hard to get what he wants.

They have a lot of pride, and expect others to treat them with the same dignity they show themselves. Saturn in Leo men are charismatic, and their positive energy often attracts people to them.

The practicality of Saturn in Leo makes Leo men hardworking, reliable and loyal. These guys take great pride in their image and reputation.

He is certain of himself and his positions. He expects the same level of commitment from others, so he makes a good leader.

With his sense of responsibility and morality, he prefers to work in an organization that he can actively influence the direction of.

Saturn in Leo men are serious and hard working. They love power and influence and see themselves as future leaders in their professions.

They are stubborn, focused and driven more by reality than illusion. Their life force is related to stability and they prefer a calm, controlled environment with plenty of creature comforts.

He will be competitive with peers and is inclined towards leadership, expectations of himself are often high.

Saturn in Leo is often the most practical of the Saturn placements. He is usually an authoritative, confident leader, a hard worker who knows how to get things done.

He aims for a career position and likes to be in charge, he is the authority figure at work that everyone turns to for help.

Saturn in Leo Transit Meaning

Just as Saturn, the King of the Planets, symbolizes a strong mind and will in astrology, so too does the element of Fire. Thus a Saturn in Leo transit has a strong potential to lead to a courageous determination in how you face life’s challenges.

Saturn’s transit through Leo will have a powerful effect on everyone, but particularly on those born with Saturn in Leo.

You may feel more comfortable in the limelight than at any other time of the year; you are able to bring yourself out into the open and show your creative talents and make your inner light shine.

You can take advantage of this time to be successful or achieve your goals, but you still need to avoid being either proud or arrogant.

This transit gives an individual a great intellect and imagination. These individuals are very creative and artistic. They have a vivid imagination that makes them dreamers of unique ideas.

Saturn in Leo is a time of restrictions and boundaries. You may feel more isolated and lonely, as you withdraw into yourself to refresh and renew.

Your desire for self-expression expands, giving voice to your power and creativity. Saturn respects what it finds inside you, and its lessons are well suited to this atmosphere of introspection.

Suffering on the planet Saturn in the zodiac sign of Leo can arise from failure to complete a project. You appear to be passive and inactive, yet you may be deeply involved in some activity.

Your power is within you to create, but you are not sure of your abilities. This period can cause much inner struggling because you feel like nothing has been accomplished.

Now It's Your Turn

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