Leo Personality Traits (Dates: July 23 - August 22)

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Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac and those born between July 23 and August 22 tend to be self-confident, generous, outgoing and ambitious. They’re leaders who see a vision and will do anything to make it a reality.

Leo is represented by the Lion. This sign is symbolized by the sun, which is life-giving and fosters growth. They are creative and resourceful, with a winning spirit that helps them achieve their goals. Leo’s are also leaders with great vision and charisma.

  • Dates: July 23 - August 22
  • Ruling planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Modality: Fixed

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Leo Zodiac Sign Description

Leo Zodiac Sign Description

The Leo Zodiac Sign is the fifth sign of the Zodiac and comes from the constellation of Leo which lies between Cancer and Virgo.

Those born from July 23rd to August 22nd are Leo personalities. Most Leos are confident, energetic, generous and lively people who love to be noticed.

The types of personalities that are born under the Leo sign include leaders, philanthropists, and tricksters.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, named after the second largest constellation in the sky. Some of their best features are their fun attitude, optimism, and creativity. They enjoy being surrounded by friends, and love to give big bear hugs. Individuals born under this sign have a strong sense of self-worth, and appreciate honest feedback.

Leos are bold and powerful, and never flinch from attention. They have a genuine zest for life.

The sign of the lion embodies the characteristics of a classic king – courageous, regal, and dignified. Leo people are very confident in social settings and loathe feeling inferior to others. They’re also extremely ambitious, possessed with incredible leadership abilities and a contagious sense of drive to make whatever they set their mind to a reality.

Personality Traits:

  • Leo's are ambitious, creative, kind, and generous.
  • They can be very choosy, especially about their partner and friends.
  • Love luxury goods and comfortable surroundings.
  • Have a big heart and give you their full attention when you talk to them.
  • They enjoy being the center of attention.

Leo Characteristics

Leo is the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Leo. These individuals are said to possess great willpower, passion and creative energies; they are fantastic performers in all aspects of life. Staying true to their nature, Leos have a truly amazing sense of themselves and are very ambitious individuals.

Intelligent, quick-witted, charming and self-assured, Leo’s have a regal air about them that is unmistakable. These generous people are confident and like to live life as if on a stage, where they are the principal actors.

Take them for a romantic evening of dining and dancing or an afternoon by the pool with a good book and cold drink. Their natural leadership qualities make them great mentors.

Leo is a fun, open-minded and generous cat with a magnanimous and outgoing personality.

Leo personalities are generous, have a love of money, like to help others, crave for recognition and spend lavishly on themselves.

These people love to be in the spotlight. They live for attention. Leo’s are ambitious, self-confident and like to work independently towards their goals. Leos are very creative, artistic and good with words but can also be very generous.

They have a great sense of humor but often spend time dreaming about the future rather than paying much attention to what is happening in the present. They tend to live life their own way which makes them both exciting and unpredictable!

The Leo Zodiac sign represents the lion, and people born under this master have lots of ambition, leadership skills, charm and a friendly charisma. They’re very loyal friends and family members, who love to express themselves and have a strong sense of pride.

While they can be reckless at times, Leos can use this instinctive behavior to their advantage – like with everything else they do.

The Leo has a larger personality than other signs, with leadership skills and the ability to take charge. The Leo sign has been named after the lion for a reason. They are talented at making their way in the world, and pride themselves on their ability to be noticed and heard.

Leo is optimistic, vibrant and energetic. Leos are happy to please, enthusiastic, over-confident and direct. They are socially magnetic, faithful leaders with charisma to spare.

Leo Qualities

The Leo zodiac sign is represented by a lion. They are generous, but sometimes aggressive, and most of the time, they are very brave.

They can fall in love very easily and once that happens they will do anything for their partner. They are very protective over everything that they think is theirs.

The Lion is sure to win any competition with its great strength. With ambition, courage and a strong sense of leadership, the lion is always at the front of the pack!

They enjoy being in love and have a strong passion for anything they are involved in. Leos are very honest, courageous, and confident.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. Their powerful, outgoing personality leads to success whether they are in business, politics, show business or humanitarian endeavors.

From a child Leo will be warmly enthusiastic with lots of self-confidence, somewhat bossy but surprisingly gentle and sensitive underneath. Happy and optimistic, they need a lot of praise and attention from everybody around them.

Leo Woman Traits

The Leo woman was born with the fearless personality to go after what she wants. Honorable and dignified, she always goes out of her way for others, offering generous support and encouragement.

Her keen intellect works well with her creative nature, often leading to superb artistic endeavors. Her ambitious spirit and sense of humor make her a dynamic friend who’s always up for an adventure.

The Leo woman is strong and independent. She wants to be in the spotlight, so attends as many social functions as possible, and she loves to host them! She is also a loyal friend who enjoys giving advice, but always needs her own counsel first. Her need for affection may cause problems with lovers.

The Leo woman is famous for being a leader, an impassioned supporter, and a benevolent guardian. She loves children, animals, and humanity. She’s also known for being generous to a fault, even if it brings unnecessary misery and suffering to her life.

Leo women can sometimes come off as bossy and domineering. They are very focused and determined about the path they want to take, and they have a tendency to be overly-critical of others that may jeopardize their plans.

At first glance, Leo women seem to have it all. They are warm and elegant, and have a certain “royal” look to them. However, Leo women also tend to be arrogant (naturally!) and somewhat impatient with others, because they expect a lot from themselves as well as from others.

Creative and imaginative – this is the perfect way to describe a Leo woman. She is full of life, and always will be. If she wakes up in the morning, she will have some sort of sparkle or fire to her that can’t be extinguished so easily.

You will see through her magnetic personality that she is truly alive. She won’t have anything to do with staying indoors watching TV all day, unless perhaps it’s a designer channel.

The Leo woman may be one of the most magnetic signs in all of astrology. Because she shines so bright, she tends to draw many admirers, and lovers. Leo women have a fierce sense of self, and it shows up immediately. We ask if you think you can handle a special sign like her.

Leo Man Traits

The Leo man is charming and ambitious with a magnetic personality that draws people towards him. But even strong magnets can have weak spots. Let’s take a look at some of these in detail:

The Leo man is symbolized by the Lion. He is loyal, strong, generous and confident. Leo men are typically flamboyant and proud of themselves. He likes to keep his personality quite extrovertive.

These guys love to go after what they want in life. They are very straightforward in a relationship and have no patience for deceit or gamesmanship with their partner.

On the outside he is charismatic, living life to the fullest and embracing opportunities with ease. Underneath, however, are thoughts that can be destructive. Leo men are prone to viewing women as conquests. They have a hard time committing to one woman.

There are a number of reasons why women fall in love with Leo men. For one, their charming, confident and subtle way of expressing themselves will make these signs feel comfortable around them. Whatever that Leo man is doing – they will always be the talk of the town since their accomplishments will be the most fascinating news.

Leo is loyal and fond of hierarchy. If you’re a Leo, you’re most likely brimming with pride in your own value system and the opportunities you have been afforded. Like royalty, Leos are brave and generous souls who tend to think about others first before acting on their personal needs.

The analytical and serious Leo man likes to point out the “obvious”, and may appear insensitive at times when he is anything but. He often misses the emotional subtext of a situation, diving right to the heart of the matter.

He is honest and forthright, and does not like to indulge in useless social convention. He wants full information before making a commitment, and once that occurs, he will stick with it until the end.

His sense of humor is sometimes dark, but usually leavened with intellect. He likes to bring people around to his point of view, and is proud of his logic and common sense.

Leo Zodiac Signs in Love

Renowned as the embodiment of love, beauty and kindness, the lion is symbolic of protector, courageous leadership and strength. Known for their strength and courage, Leo’s are ambitious leaders who enjoy setting goals and achieving them.

Leo is a fire sign. The zodiac element of Fire is defined as a creative, cheerful, assertive, purposeful, and strong willed.

They are the most sociable representatives of the Zodiac and do not like to crush. Their presence is warm and affable. They’re most compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius.

By nature they are very generous and sincere people who know how to take care of those who turned to them for help.

Leo rules the heart, which means you will be beaming from within about your new love. Because you may be ruled by the planet of love, Venus, you may find yourself romantic and in love deeply with someone for a long period of time.

What is a Leo Zodiac Sign?

Leo is a sign of the zodiac originating from the Latin name Leo, meaning lion. The lion is a symbol for this sign due to its characteristics of being brave and courageous. Also, for its majestic look and confidence.

The Leo Zodiac sign embodies the traits of a lion, the king of the jungle. Proud, courageous and confident; those born under this sign are known as leaders who are not afraid to live life to the fullest.

The Leo Zodiac sign is a fixed sign, which means that once a decision is made it is very difficult to change their mind.

Just like real Lions, Leos are known to be warmhearted, energetic and have a very strong sense of pride.

People born under the sign of Leo are serious and like to make an impression. They are also generous and loyal personalities. Because the figure of a lion is used to represent this zodiac sign, Leos love to live in style.

Leo has the power to attract others. This zodiac sign is known for their ability to take charge of a situation and challenge those in power. Outspoken and strong willed, people born under Leo love leadership roles and thrive when they are in control.

The bright stars that make up this constellation are arranged in a slightly curved line, forming the upper back of this regal animal. The brightest star is at the Lion’s head. You can find Leo by looking South during fall and winter evenings.

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