Leo Sun Virgo Moon Personality Traits

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Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun and it is often associated with royalty. They are dominant, logical and stubborn, but also fun-loving, warm and friendly.

Leos are characterized as energetic, creative, enthusiastic and passionate people. They are charismatic, extroverted and expressive, and possess great leadership qualities.

The Leo Sun Virgo Moon combination is one of the most regal and charismatic personalities of all the signs. They are known for their theatrical flare and dramatic flair, but take note - they can be quite shy too.

Leos are full of pride and loyalty, which means they don’t like to share the spotlight. In fact, they may have a hard time sharing anything at all; this sign is often referred to as “the King of the jungle.”

The Sun in Leo is the sign most associated with charisma, leadership & self-confidence. Those born with it are larger than life personalities who are aware of their intuitive abilities.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Description

This is often considered the sign of kings, leaders, and showmen. Sun in Leo natives love anything that will make them center stage. Their yearning for recognition and praise can be expressed through leadership abilities as well as acting skills.

The Sun in Leo is a fixed fire sign.The fixed quality of Leo means that they are deeply devoted to their principles and highly persistent and consistent in their actions.

Your organized personality and strong work ethic are well suited to occupations that require attention to detail and thorough knowledge. You approach everything you do with a critical mindset translating your passion for excellence into unique results.

In work situations, you’re able to recognize existing problems and create safe solutions for them. You don’t believe in cutting corners and never take on more than you can handle. The details of your work environment are important because you crave order and consistency. Events that disrupt small rituals or routines frustrate you. You tend to have a keen eye for the inconsistencies in others' behavior, and will

Because Leo is one of the largest constellations of the zodiac, this placement indicates a large, dramatic type of man or woman with dramatic flair – so try not to be taken in. These people need plenty of personal space and can be quite stubborn.

They may also be polite to a fault, but underneath that facade, these natives are quite self-centered. The Moon in Virgo person has a strong sense of duty and morality. They have a great need for order and like everything to be neat and tidy.

The Moon in Virgo is logical, detail orientated, and methodical. The traits of Virgo can be expressed on a more subtle level when the Moon is in Virgo.

There is little room for spontaneity with this individual. The Moon in Virgo requires preparation and organization in order to take action. They seek knowledge and self-betterment through study or the completion of tasks. These individuals are strong-willed, practical, and perfectionists.

Sun in Leo, Moon in Virgo is an extremely practical, matter-of-fact person. His thinking is based on logic and common sense. He is also a perfectionist and a very analytical thinker who goes about things in a no-nonsense manner.

The Moon in the practical Virgo sign adds a keen eye for detail, and an ability to detect and analyze every aspect of any situation. If you have the Moon in Virgo, you may be very critical and self-critical, yet hard-working and reliable.

They are a practical person who loves to shake up the status quo. These souls are well organized and tend to be perfectionists. They can be critical—of both others and themselves—and they have a knack for getting under people’s skin, so it’s best not to get on their bad side early in life.

The Sun in Leo Moon in Virgo is extremely analytical, especially when it comes to your relationships. You want to get as much information as possible in order to truly understand the people around you. On dates, you want a date who will patiently answer all of your questions and share as many facts with you as you ask for.

This combination shows the strength of being a typical Virgo, enjoying the finer things in life, but at the same time Virgos are often modest and shy. With Leo’s bravado and optimism, Virgo will be a master of courtesy and good manners.

The Sun and Moon in the sign of Leo and Virgo, respectively, create a confident, responsible, perfectionist personality. The chance to make your mark will be magnified in this lifetime. You’re a creative, flamboyant visionary who leads with charisma and a flair for the dramatic.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Woman

The Leo woman with a Virgo moon is quite attractive and magnetic. Vanity, flirtation, and attention getting are basic and she loves this stuff.

You can often see this in the manner in which she dresses; the way she presents herself. She has a natural affinity to beautiful surroundings and nice things.

A supportive and domestic partner, a Leo Sun Virgo Moon woman seeks a man who takes his place at the head of the family, brooks no mess from underlings and is determined to keep his universe in order. There’s nothing she likes more than a neat, tidy and organized home.

Nothing seems to relax her better than cleaning house for an afternoon or organizing her belongings. Her love of neatness and order translates into her love life.

She wants a companion who tries to be as neat and tidy as she is. Honesty and integrity are priceless values when it comes to love for the Sun in Leo Moon in Virgo woman.

She is a terrific gift to the world: strong, principled and determined, sharp-eyed and level-headed, all wrapped up in an earthy, wise package. Life is interesting when you haven’t been driven completely crazy and have retained your sense of humor.

You’re not a saint; you’re just someone who was born with a clear idea of who she is – or hopes she is – and what she wants to accomplish in this lifetime.

The Sun in Leo woman with the Moon in Virgo is blessed with the gift of charm and an alluring attractiveness that draws people to her. She’s a caring and considerate, loving person who becomes deeply involved in relationships. A woman with this natal aspect has a chance at marrying for love or falling in love at first sight.

She is magnetic and inspiring. She loves to learn, and takes pride in both her appearance and home, though she often neglects herself. Her fiery charisma makes her a natural leader, even if she doesn’t see herself this way.

This woman’s personality has an ingénue quality about it and a definite focus on getting the job done. She has a heart that tends to be on her sleeve, and unless she learns to be less of an open book, she can be taken advantage of by others.

She needs to learn to tolerate frustrations better and display more tact in her dealings with others.

The Leo-Virgo a combination that can make for a challenging yet truly rewarding union. Their sense of self-worth often relies on the approval of family members or parents.

As a child they may do anything to gain that approval, and certainly won’t feel as if they could ever be good enough to receive it. They seek that validation from others later in life and they may find themselves easily depressed when they don’t get the love or attention they require.

The Sun in Leo woman is a leader. Ahead of her time, she’s capable of creating sweeping change and will go about it using her natural intuition.

The Moon in Virgo woman is a perfectionist with a practical streak. She can see when something doesn’t make sense, or isn’t quite right, but that doesn’t mean she’ll change it; she’s happy to make do if it can be improved later by someone else.

She is on a quest for the highest self, and wants to feel empowered, respected, seen. She wants to be creative and take risks, but doesn’t want to be alone or lose her sense of self in the process. She desires love and admiration, but can appear proud and haughty when she feels insecure.

This woman is a gem of personal transformation, shining due to the unique way she blends personal strengths and feminine energy. She has powerful ability to adjust her viewpoint, analyze situations, and make appropriate changes.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon Man

Leo is ruled by the Sun and is part of the fire element. The strengths of Leo include resourcefulness, generosity, enhanced form and function, nobility, charisma, expressiveness of power, and motivation to be at the top.

The Sun in Leo Moon in Virgo man is a sweet and affectionate lover. He feels deeply and passionately toward his partner and he will love her faithfully.

But he can also be quite critical of his partner, especially when she does not live up to his expectations. If you want a loyal, devoted lover who will stand by you through thick and thin, this is the man for you.

This Leo/Virgo man has exquisite taste. He always looks well-groomed, speaks eloquently and precisely, and is an intellectually stimulating person.

He is known for his generosity, always looking for ways to help others. He never asks for anything in return because he believes in giving before receiving.

You can’t escape the spotlight in this unique and exciting position. While some would be knocked down by such a powerful position, your Sun/Moon pairing gives you the savvy and wherewithal to navigate it with grace. You have a unique way of problem solving that stuns all onlookers and makes even the toughest of tasks look easy.

It is a very strong personality and often wants things his way. This act the same way in an intimate relationship, and often will have trouble with intimacy on a deep level with someone he doesn’t feel needed by him.

He will be more assertive than average, but also meticulously neat. Their attention to detail, even on small things, makes them excellent at creating a soothing environment, yet they have a lot of pride and will be very careful about where they spend their money or who their friends are.

This Sun/Moon sign combination typically makes for a responsible, down-to-earth, genuine, and practical man. He is content in his own skin and isn’t afraid to show it, but he’s also a team player that likes to help out others. At the same time this man has a playful side and a sense of humor.

He is regal, outgoing, warm-hearted and passionate. He’s loyal, trustworthy, ebullient and ambitious.

The Sun in Leo tells us that he is a warm and loving individual. He is also likely to be opinionated and enthusiastic.

He likes to be around people and interested in what others are doing or saying. He adores being in the spotlight. He prefers quality over quantity and can be very critical.

With a Leo Sun, Virgo Moon person you’re emotionally reserved unless they feel comfortable in a situation. You are known for being a perfectionist who can be a bit of a workaholic. You strive for excellence and enjoy hard work and rewards.

Full of energy and passion, you’re the type to do things with gusto. Most likely the first home you purchase will be in an urban environment, modern in style, very functional, with little wasted space.

As an adult you will be lucky to have financially wonderful parents who support your needs. They might even expect you to contribute to their well-being in some

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