Leo Sun Cancer Moon Personality Traits

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The Leo Sun Cancer Moon person is loving, warm, considerate and nurturing. This kind of person loves social interaction and is very friendly and polite to others.

The Leo-Cancer person may have a strong need for nurturing from others and tends to be over sensitive to the feelings of others. They are also very sentimental and may keep mementos from past relationships as reminders of them.

Some of Leo’s most outstanding character traits are their courage, generosity, industriousness and outgoing personality . Being the great and magnanimous people that they are, Leos want their fellow human beings to share in the warmth and joy they feel in life.

They don’t want there to be any hard feelings and always try to smooth over conflict by either trying to persuade or convince others with their winning personalities. Leos love to surround themselves with friends and family, but can also be loners at times.

They are leaders with immense energy and originality, driven by their social life and passion for self-expression. Their personalities are larger than life.

Leo Sun Cancer Moon Description

They don’t usually give up easily in life and often succeed at becoming successful people. As they have lots of self-confidence, Leos tend to be good leaders and motivators of others. Honesty is important to the Leo and they try to avoid dishonesty whenever possible.

The Leo Sun Cancer Moon person is a natural leader, with a caring personality. They have strong family ties and like to be involved in their community.

They are homebodies who love the comfort of a cozy living room, surrounded by those they love. They are very loyal and usually faithful, but they can be moody and unreliable at times, and like to dominate decision making.

People born under this sign are highly sensitive and emotional. It thus really important to be aware of your moods and if something is troubling you, don’t wait and let it boil inside of you. Try to find a positive outlet for your emotions, talk to someone who can help you releasing the tension in a more harmonious way.

The Leo Sun Cancer Moon personality combines the leader, the performer and the magnet. This is a person who is responsible, energetic, capable and entertaining. This Sun-Moon pairing is one of the most passionate blends, combining a power-driven, strong, often brutal energy with a profound depth of feeling.

To summarize, Leo’s are natural born leaders who can exhibit spontaneity that could be perceived as eccentricity. They give out warmth and enjoy being the center of attention.

Leo Sun Cancer Moon Woman

The Leo Sun Cancer Moon woman’s unique personality make her someone who is quite sensitive, but strong and creative. She is an individualist with a deep inner intuition and conviction that she would do best to follow by listening to her emotions rather than logic.

They are proud of who they are. They enjoy success and their ability to bring together even the toughest of groups on a common cause. However, this personality type isn’t about being perfect, although they strive for excellence.

Almost always outgoing and sometimes dramatic, Leo Sun Cancer Moon women are most comfortable around family and people they love. Being warm and considerate, this zodiac sign likes to help those in need as much as possible, often at great personal risk to themselves. Their biggest challenge is with following through on responsibilities.

This Sun Moon combination can often result in a dramatic personality. Not surprisingly, this woman is as fond of drama as she is of fun. A Leo-Cancer woman needs to feel loved and cared for, even if she’s always the center of attention.

The Leo woman is super friendly, always wanting to make sure everyone feels loved and included. A Cancer Moon woman is never a pessimist (despite her reputation) – she will always have an encouraging word for the brokenhearted or someone who’s down in the dumps.

A Leo Sun Cancer Moon woman personality is brimming with powerful feelings that she needs a confidant and mate who won’t be threatened by them. She has the ability to feel very deeply and appreciates this quality in her man. She will often value a man who reveals his vulnerability quite readily, for she wishes to soothe, comfort, soothe him.

She possesses passion and loyalty, innate elegance and an attractive personality. She is a warm, caring and maternal woman, but easily hurt by criticism.

She gives her heart to a few people and expects the same in return. Her challenge is learning to accept love and not expect the person to live up to impossible expectations. She is very sincere, loves to care for others loved ones, will be generous and selfless. The Leo Sun, Cancer Moon woman has a lot of good traits including confidence, humor, and determination. At her best she is caring, organized and loyal. She is very passionate and affectionate, which is one of the traits that make them such sought-after partners.

Leo Sun Cancer Moon Man

The Sun in Leo Moon in Cancer man is known for being a bit moody, sensitive, and maybe a little elusive.

This Sun-Moon combination creates a person with a magnetic personality. You have good looks and an intelligent mind. A perfectionist, you are determined to reach your goals with amazing strength of character, making you unique even among the lionhearted.

This Leo Sun, Cancer Moon horoscope shows someone who is an extremely protective family man who will do anything to ensure the security of their loved ones. While they may have a domineering mother figure in their past, this doesn’t mean that they can’t show compassion for other less fortunate. They tend to be very talented and loyal people with a vivid imagination.

He is at the peak of his powers and in charge. He’s the showstopper who draws in the crowds with charisma oozing from every pore. If he decides to take what he wants, no one will stand in his way – neither friend nor foe.

Leo men are forceful and opinionated. When he starts talking about something, people listen because they know he has something important to say. They’re usually right, too, because Leo men have a good grasp of facts and logic, though they often speak before thinking things through.

Born with their Sun in Leo, people with this placement take pride in their creativity. They are very lively and are noted for their dramatic flare. The placement of the Moon in Cancer amplifies the sensitivity of the Leo personality, making them very perceptive to others' feelings.

Romance, charm, grace, passion, gentleness and friendship are all words that can easily be used to describe those born under this sign. It’s for this reason that the Leo man attracts women like magnets, however, he is usually wary of getting committed to just one gal.

The Leo Sun Cancer Moon man is strong, extremely protective, emotionally intense and passionate about whatever he’s doing. Stubborn but charming and witty, he can have a temper that comes out when things don’t go his way.

Fiercely loyal to those who are worthy of his trust and love, this Leo Sun Cancer Moon man has a magnetic personality that attracts others to him.

He possesses the ability to endure and be the last one standing in life. But that is not all; with their alertness, these individuals embody a trait of being confident that will lead them towards tremendous achievements. The strength that will stand firm against ugly situations of life will facilitate their strength to handle disappointment and miseries without breaking down.

The Leo Sun Cancer Moon man can be impetuous, flamboyant and even reckless. A charmer, he attracts others easily. Demanding in his affections, he needs love and comfort and will go out of his way to get it - he likes to be spoiled.

His approach to life may seem a little unstructured but overall he is charming and friendly. He is also very loyal and has an inherent dignity about him that commands respect from others.

You can be a little childish at times – you like to play. You know how to boost a person’s self- esteem, clearly and directly – but you don’t bother unless the person is worth your effort. You are honest and straightforward with yourself and with others.

There is no nonsense about you. You don’t pretend ignorance of things you understand only too well or pretend emotion where you really feel none. What you see in people, you say; often it will be what they need to hear most but won’t acknowledge.

Leo Sun Cancer Moon people have lots of energy, charisma and can easily attract others. They are keenly aware of others, a fact which makes them interesting conversationalists.

But the Sun/Moon combination they possess also has its dark side, one fraught with intense mood swings. They often cannot understand why they sometimes act out of control. People born under these signs tend to be sensitive, but they are also ambitious and tend to be bold when it comes to wining over people’s hearts.

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