Leo Sun Libra Moon Personality Traits

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The Sun in Leo Moon in Libra is bright, exuberant and self assured. With an insatiable zest for life, you love to be the center of attention. You take great pleasure in presenting yourself in a colorful, dramatic manner.

They are extremely attractive both physically and emotionally. They are proud, charming, gracious and never at a loss for words. Leo’s are warm, enthusiastic and generous with their friends; but with strangers it is a different story.

The Sun in Leo person is possessed of indefatigable energy, optimism and pride. Generous, loyal and competitive, they can be brash or tactless but are never boring. They may not be foremost on the list of your soul mate candidates, but they could still make a big impact on your life through friendship, fun or business dealings.

A Leo Sun Libra Moon personality brings out the best in you, in all the areas of life. You are bold, artistic, and cheerful.

They crave praise from others and wishes to be the center of attention. The proud Lion loves to be adored and admired, and can even develop a swollen head. The Leo is a warmhearted, generous, and extremely loyal friend but also is highly demanding.

Leo Sun Libra Moon Description

Leos are born leaders and excellent team workers when they are on your side. Confident and courageous, Leos are never afraid to speak their mind or defend those they love.

They shine brightly in social settings and have a gift for drawing others out of their shell. They tend to be warm-hearted, generous souls who enjoy entertaining friends at

People born with the Sun in Leo can be confident, enthusiastic, and happy. But it is important for them to remember that sometimes it is okay to let someone else take the lead.

The Moon in Libra person is gentle, refined, and tries to maintain harmony. He is creative, energetic and needs a lot of freedom.

A wonderful conversationalist with a great sense of humor. She likes to live in style and is usually admired by others for her charm and good taste.

There may be a tendency to become emotionally indulgent when feeling especially satisfied. The Moon in Libra’s greatest challenge is laid-back living, which may lead to too much complacency and loss of focus if the Moon undergoes stressful aspects to Mars or Pluto during the course of her life.

The Moon in Libra person is dedicated to a higher purpose, they are fair and judicious in all things. They have high aspirations, and are usually involved in the arts or politics in some way.

They are influenced by Venus, the planet of harmony and balance. As a result, the Moon in Libra person exhibits traits such as fairness, need for beauty, amiability and diplomacy.

They have refined tastes and are often very charming, sociable and friendly. However, frustration may arise when others do not reciprocate their desire for peace.

Your emotional life is simple, heartfelt and enduring. A sensitive humanist who recoils from conflict and confrontation, you are drawn to style, beauty and harmony – the things that last! Social occasions and emotions elicit a kind of intuitive sympathy from you not unlike a mystic.

Your kindness, sincerity and enthusiasm for others' welfare make you a sympathetic friend, lover or parent. You have a way of looking at life through rose-colored glasses. Your dream is a stable home with someone you can trust and who is devoted to you.

Leo Sun Libra Moon individuals are one of the most joyous, happiest and enthusiastic among all the signs. They believe the world is a wonderful place and that everyone should be happy. They love to be around other people and are extremely popular.

They love to laugh and make others laugh as well. They cherish people that they hold dear to their heart as gold. Leo Sun Libra Moon individuals always strive to polish their assets so they can attract attention and compliments from others because of the natural love for attention and positive feedback.

They are destined to be a superstar. This person has the innate ability to light up any room that this person walks into with the natural charisma that this person exudes.

This charismatic individual is both an entertainer as well as a performer, which makes company awesomely fun to have around. This person brings positive energy into any interaction and because of your magnetic personality you get along with everybody you meet effortlessly.

Leo Sun people are known for being dynamic and full of life. They are happy-go-lucky, self-confident, and generous. There is no need to say more about them, they love life, with an enthusiasm that never fades away.

You’re a social creature and a magnanimous feline, and you are very demanding of your humans. Admired by everyone who knows you, you tend to think that life is a stage and you’re center stage.

Leo Sun Libra Moon’s with this placement also have an interest in home décor, fashion and food, and are often experts at balancing their checkbooks or balancing the household budget.

These people are the leaders. They know how to draw the attention of people to them and use it to achieve their goals. For this, they do not hesitate to do everything possible. They will go quite far for their ideals and always get the support from those who are in need.

Having a Sun in Leo with a Libra Moon makes you charming, warm, appreciative, affectionate personality who brings friends and family together over good food and wine. This combination brings a sense of humor to your life; always see the funny side of any situation, never a bad attitude.

This combination of two of the cardinal signs suggests immense personal power: great self-confidence, considerable drive, and ability to stand up for your beliefs even when they are extremely unconventional. The Libra Moon will also lend an extra measure of creativity and courage.

They are expressive, balanced, make lasting partnerships and have a real strong sense of aesthetics. They also often dress well, have an interest in the arts and can be talented public performers.

Leo Sun Libra Moon Woman

The Leo Sun Libra Moon woman is ambitious, affectionate, charming, caring, determined, exciting, friendly, giving, loyal, romantic, social and sympathetic.

She is generally talkative, social and energetic. She’s an open and giving person with a desire to be around others.

If you’re a Leo Sun Libra Moon woman, you probably feel like you’re on the go all the time. For one thing, your job often takes you around the globe and that means moving with your family on a regular basis.

The Leo Sun Libra Moon woman is a total hottie. She has an incredible mix of beauty, intelligence and inner strength that makes her a natural leader and trendsetter in everything that she does.

More than anything else, Leos love to be at the center of attention and will do just about anything to be the showpiece attraction wherever they go. Most other signs are putty in her hands simply because she’s so charming, sweet-natured and truly lovable - not to mention drop dead gorgeous.

The Libra Moon woman can be described as the initiator of every activity. She has a great sense of leadership. She will be at the forefront of any endeavor because she believes that she is right.

She is an excellent role model and a superb teacher. She has lots of friends because of her to speak for her, and her influence over them.

A woman born under this sign is a perfectionist, someone who always wants the best for herself. She works hard to get to where she is today and still has that upwardly mobile energy about her — not satisfied with the status quo, she strives for more.

The free-spirited Leo Sun Libra Moon woman is often the life of any party. Wanting to be adored, she often flirts with multiple partners.

When her own needs are not being met, she may dally in other’s affairs just to make herself feel good. There is an undercurrent of insecurity running underneath the energy of this exquisite woman. A major part of herself, which she has cut off from others, is her need for attention and approval.

With their dutiful Sun in Leo, Libra Moon women have a strong personality and despite their calm exterior, they have lots of energy. They love beauty. They have good fashion sense and an eye for art.

The Sun in Leo, and the Moon in Libra create an ambitious and open-hearted woman with a great sense of style. She is drawn to entertainment and beauty, culture and the arts. She is quite emotional and easily moved by the arts or poetry.

Leo Sun Libra Moon Man

Leo Sun Libra Moon men are very interesting individuals. These men have good looks that make them fall in love very easily. They are lovers by nature. They like to enjoy the pleasures of life and love company of those who are interesting.

No other astrological sign possesses the unique blend of artistic expression, romanticism and realistic problem solving that only the Leo Sun Libra Moon man possesses. Combining dramatic flair with a deeply romantic personality, and a desire for fairness, this man is loved by few yet emulated by all.

Everything he does is in style; from his manner of dress to how he treats people. It can be difficult to get a rise out of this easy going guy. However, underneath the calm cool exterior he may harbor an unexpressed anger or frustration that may occasionally flare up with devastating results!

The Leo Sun Libra Moon man is often the type of guy who attracts women with his outgoing, fun loving, and friendly personality. Leo men are known for their love of attention and being the life of the party, both qualities that often lead to successful relationships with women. “The lion roars” as do the Leo men.

Laid-back and appealing, the Libra Sun/ Leo Moon man is charming, sophisticated and intelligent. As a child he’ll be social and friendly, cheerful and easygoing. He’ll also be stubborn, independent and self-willed.

This man is extremely outgoing and well-liked by others. He’s got a positive attitude that stays with him through thick and thin, making him an absolute joy to be around.

The Leo man is enthusiastic and exuberant. He is also very strong-willed and is likely have the best of intentions when it comes to his daily operations. He’s always interested in expanding, learning new things, and generally being efficient in his life.

He can be a charming charmer who is self-confident and looks for the finer things in life, and is someone who will make you feel good about yourself. He is an entertainer, like a knight in shining armor that will sweep you off your feet with his many talents and gifts.

You have a magnetic personality who draws people to you. People tend to be intimidated by your good looks, so they are quite eager for a chance to get to know the real you. In social situations, you display a kind and compassionate nature that is more natural than intellectual.

In summary, Leo Sun sign people are passionate, energetic, and like to be center stage. This sign rules the heart and that passion is why they’re so good at helping others in need.

On the other hand, the Moon in Libra man is the quintessential gent, confident and charming. He’s proud of his precise demeanor and can be a bit flighty at times.

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