Venus Sign Meaning in Astrology

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Venus is a very important planet in astrology as it is associated with the female and love related concepts. Love, luck, and romantic chance is also what this zodiac has the greatest influence on.

Venus is primarily responsible for aspects between a man and woman. It determines the beautiful, attractive and charming nature of a person. It is associated with love, finance, family affairs and partnership.

If Venus is placed in a favorable house and sign then the native can expect great social success in his life. The person is also generally lucky with the opposite sex and can expect to have a beautiful wife or husband. When Venus is retrograde it usually portends problems in love affairs or separation from partner or spouse.

It is the planet of value, love, and relationships in astrology. Her placement on your solar return chart shows where and how you can attract more love into your life.

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the sixth largest in the Solar System. Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, it is often referred to as Earth’s “sister” planet due to their similar size, mass, proximity to the Sun, and bulk composition.

Explore Your Venus Sign:

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries can be very charming and has the ability to create deep, soulful relationships. Someone with Venus in Aries personalities likes to get to the point and is usually unable to hide their emotions.

They are mentally steady although on occasion might be prone to anger. It may take them a while to find out what they truly want but once they do, it’s hard for them to stop until they’ve accomplished that task.

Venus in Aries people love to be in charge. They are natural leaders: competitive, courageous, and willing to take risks. When they go after what they want, nothing gets in their way. Venus in Aries natives know what it feels like to have all eyes on them. And for all of their energy and charisma, they are easily noticeable wherever they go.

Venus in Aries people are energetic, impulsive, and competitive. Venus in Aries natives possess a daring attitude and a tendency to aggressively charge into new situations where they can assert themselves and their confidence. Though these natives face obstacles and obstacles during life, they react by shifting gears quickly and coming up with alternative plans to get what they want.

Venus in Aries signs are independent, fluid, and adventurous. They crave excitement, new ventures and taking charge of their life and surroundings. Their self-confidence is unshakable and they often feel as if they can achieve anything they want to.

When possible, they will seek control over all aspects of their life—how they look, how others perceive them, the situation of every relationship that surrounds them. Success in work or relationships also means success in any other endeavor that Venus in Aries tends to pursue.

Venus in Aries people are action-oriented and can get carried away with their desire for independence. They generate a lot of enthusiasm but have little restraint as impulsive tendencies push them to the forefront.

An Aries-Venus individual is a rather determined person with an inclination toward leadership. With this position, they want power and respect in relationships, and have a strong desire for attention. They enjoy being independent and like to be the center of attention, even though they don’t usually plan on being the focus of it.

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Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus individuals are renowned for being beautiful, sensual, warm-hearted, and seductive. These individuals are sensual, kind, loyal, tender, and sympathetic.

They love the arts; their creative nature makes them true aesthetes. They can be stubborn about sharing their affections (Venus) for anyone or anything they love.

Venus in Taurus natives often enjoy being of service to others and, in turn, find gratification in making those they care for happy. Their love life is usually not very tumultuous or fraught with great passion, but is enduring and devoted to the point of being smothering to their partners.

The Venus in Taurus woman is sensual and earthy, grounded and practical. She is a romantic who holds the ideal of love in her heart, but she is also realistic and practical enough not to get caught up in her dreams. She is proud of how hard she works for what she wants.

Venus in Taurus people are artistic, good-natured, and sensitive. Artists and musicians will appeal to this sign’s love of beauty. While Venus in Taurus are single-minded lovers, they make devoted friends and family members.

Venus in Taurus is beautiful, sensual, and loyal. Its natives can be stubborn and somewhat reserved, but this transit offers opportunities to focus on the important things in life that bring contentment.

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Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini loves variety and has a passion for change. Their lively wit and outgoing attitude makes them a joy to be around. They are high strung, witty, and oftentimes funny and sarcastic. Venus in Gemini likes constant entertainment, they thrive on social events, and are the first one to suggest a party at the drop of a hat.

Venus in Gemini is a person who is cerebral and enjoys interacting with others. This Venus in air sign will likely be found using the intellect to keep interactions fresh, so she will probably use conversation to engage with her partner.

This person knows how to win over listeners, as she is charming and intuitive about what is pleasing to them. S/he will be knowledgeable about a variety of topics, as this air sign could have a wide range of interests. It may, however, take a struggle for Venus in Gemini’s object of interest to become clear to her or him, especially at first.

Venus in Gemini is passionate and charming, with a thirst for knowledge. They are the stars of their social sphere, always entertaining and curious. Happy-go-lucky and unpredictable, you’ll never know what they’ll come up with next. They love to be surprised in return, so it’s important to maintain spontaneity in relationships. People with Venus in Gemini don’t like being relegated to one role for too long, so variety is essential for keeping things interesting.

They are witty, communicative and social. They like to be in love and they flirt with everyone, always. But when Venus is in Gemini, the romantic relationship is usually a distraction to other matters which seem more practical and are not diplomatic enough.

They tend to be flirtatious and fun. Those with Venus in Gemini are often curious, and love adventure. They love to learn new things, which can lead them into many different careers and professions over their lifetimes.

Those born under this influence tend to be inquiring, clever, versatile, curious and interested in variety - the more complicated things are the better. They like to travel and hate to be tied down. They also have an excellent sense of humor, which is often dry and satirical.

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Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer means that you have an intuitive understanding of what makes others tick. You are a natural at helping family and friends with emotional issues, and you generally attract positive people into your life.

They find you attractive, empathetic, and understanding. You also feel that it is more important to make your feelings known than to worry about what others think of your opinions. Venus in the water sign Cancer denotes a deep concern for family ties as well as for the appreciation from those who care about you.

Venus in Cancer gives a desire to nurture and support, an intuitive feeling for your partner’s emotional needs, and the flair for romance. Venus in Cancer is a “water sign” and represents the mother, romance, affection, and family ties.

There is an emotional intensity to the Venus in Cancer person – with a desire for close relationships and expressions of love. They are extremely sentimental, with an inner need for harmony and beauty.

Venus in Cancer people are extremely loyal and ‘clingy’, and their relationships are intense. They tend to be very controlling with their partners, and they can be quite jealous. Their greatest strength is compassion, but they can also seem slow on the uptake because of their tendency towards introspection.

Venus in Cancer is sympathetic and intuitive, with an artistic flair. They are charming and apt at expressing emotions. Venus in Cancer loves romance but also needs plenty of space. These people are strongly influenced by their domestic surroundings. Family means a great deal to them, as does the idea of having a good home and living in harmony with others.

Venus in Cancer is one of the most intriguing positions in astrology. A nurturing and sentimental person with a strong sense of love. The very meaning of this sign is family values, and attachments formed from childhood when building close relationships and bonds.

Venus in Cancer can be a homebody and a foodie, but also somewhat moody. Cancerians are extremely tender and sensitive, although they will act tough sometimes.

In love, Cancer is loyal and devoted to those they love and will not easily disclose their deep feelings. They are extremely creative, as well as resourceful and quick thinking. It is important for them to have a quiet place where they can retreat with their thoughts alone.

Venus in Cancer women are loyal and protective of their loved ones. They have a beautiful nurturing side that can be seen in the arts, music, fashion, dance, home design, and cooking. They love to make things beautiful for their friends and family. Venus in Cancer is a little bit of phlegmatic and a little bit of sanguine.

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Venus in Leo

The astrological effect of Venus in this position brings a warm, loving and affectionate nature to its native. It gives a great love of pleasure and entertainment, but at the same time the desire to create beautiful things. People with this position often have artistic ability and a great appreciation for all forms of beauty.

Venus in Leo individuals carry a powerful sense of pride and beauty about them. Their manner is self-assured, and they are experts at charming those around them. Flattery will get you everywhere with this sign, but they also tend to dole out bossiness for lack of appreciation from others.

Venus in Leo individuals love to live large, and their homes will reflect this glitzy personality. Pay attention to the details when planning your decorating scheme with this sign–they have fine taste.

People who are Venus in Leo can be incredibly charming, sometimes mischievous, and always loving. They’re kind to everyone and treat everyone fairly.

Venus in Leo natives are warm, faithful, compassionate, and expressive. Keenly interested in drama and spectacle, those born with Venus in Leo tend to be very creative and have a rich inner world that can inspire them to achieve fame or notoriety.

Venus in Leo is creative, charismatic, dramatic, sexy and highly sensual. They need to be adored. Venus in Leo will use their talents and skills to let us know when they want attention.

Venus in Leo is a combination of the Sun and the planet Venus. The character of Venus in this position is ruled by the heart as well as the mind. This person seeks security through love and beauty.

Venus in Leo helps you enjoy flattery and being the center of attention, which is part of why they have a flair for drama. Social situations are especially enjoyable to a Venus in Leo who thrives on the adoration other people can offer.

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Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo is a complicated variety of contrasts. She knows who she is, and while she may not be eager to share this fact with those around her, she is self-assured and sure of her own identity, no matter who disagrees with her. But though she is confident in who she is and what she wants out of life, she also finds herself longing for romance and beauty.

Venus in Virgo people are incredibly practical. They spend their time thinking about the most efficient way to get things done and they turn this intelligence into reliable systems.

Venus in Virgo is affectionate, intense, and discriminating. They crave love and attention, and lose all sense of self when in love. They are intense lovers, methodical, practical, and reserved about their emotions. They form a strong bond with partners and can be jealous at times.

Venus in Virgo people are generally sensible and logical beings, rational and analytical about the way they see the world. They are possessed of a keen intellect and their ability to think ahead helps them to plan for future events, to foresee things that could go wrong – which means they are usually better prepared than most!

They are highly efficient, and try to be of service. They are practical, tactful, and strong. They have very good manners and are neat and orderly. They want a lot of harmony in their relationships, but may be shy about expressing their affections openly. If Virgo elements are prominent in the chart they also may be fastidious to a fault.

They are discreet, private and self-contained. They carefully guard their independence, and resist manipulation or control. They have a way of not paying attention to others, giving the impression of not hearing what is being said. This quality gives them an advantage in social gatherings since they can store away so much information which they replay at chosen moments.

Venus in Virgo people are characteristically meticulous, methodical, orderly, practical and hard working. They are also typically constant and reliable, sometimes to a fault. Their life’s Karmic lesson is to grow self-confidence as well as learn to trust the people around them. They need to enjoy the beauty of life more and be less analytical.

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Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra personalities are sensual, self-aware and expressive. They love the finer things in life; beauty, art and culture. These people are all about balance and moderation and strive to achieve harmony in their relationships.

Venus in Libra individuals make good lovers and partners. Venus is the planet that represents love and beauty, so it is not surprising that this sign is known for pairing passion with culture. They are likely to be stylish, graceful, refined, and artistic.

Socializing and romance are very important to a Venus in Libra. This person enjoys having friends over for dinner or hosting gatherings at their home. Homes and apartments decorated tastefully with an attention to detail will bring out the best in a Venus in Libra. They have a strong sense of aesthetics and enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things.

Venus in Libra natives exhibit characteristics of charm, beauty, and social grace. Their magnetic attraction is refreshing to others who feel tired or burdened with care.

The Venus in Libra is a unique and interesting combination of a calm heart and soothing mind combined with thoughtfulness, sensitivity, tact, and the ability to see all sides of an issue. They are amiable, congenial, gentle people who are extremely willing to satisfy the desires of others.

Venus in Libra is a real charmer with a warm, open and friendly approach to her relationships with others. This Venus in the sign of Libra is likely to be popular with the opposite sex and well-liked within both romantic and social circles. You will be attracted to like-minded individuals, and relationships are probably long-lasting unless you go looking for trouble!

They are usually charming, diplomatic, and likes to be surrounded by beauty. They like to live in harmony, having a relationship with others and they have a positive attitude towards life.

Venus in Libra adds poise, polish, a cosmopolitan mindset and sociability to the individual’s personality. It gives individuals a clear sense of what they want – they know who they are and where they’re going – and the discipline to achieve their goals. They are very successful stepping into leadership roles.

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Venus in Scorpio

Everyone knows that Venus is the planet of love, and those born when Venus is in Scorpio are no exception. Passionate, sensitive, and unafraid to bare all emotionally – these men and women are drawn to deep friendships and relationships which can last a lifetime.

Venus in Scorpio is passionate, secretive, and magnetic. They show their love with passion and a fiery intensity. Venus in Scorpio people can be charming, sensual and loyal partners. They are emotionally complex with a yearning for inner world fulfillment.

The Venus in Scorpio personality is deep, mysterious, and irresistible. They are sensitive to what others think of them but their feelings are easily hurt.

They can be extremely jealous of others and often find themselves attracted to partners who are unavailable. There is a strong desire for emotional intensity, which may lead them to have obsessive or possessive feelings towards their partners.

Venus in Scorpio is an emotionally intense and magnetic person with a unique set of Scorpio traits. They are hard to resist because they have superhuman powers of persuasion.

Venus in Scorpio is one of those rare personality traits you’ll see on an INFJ. Venus is a goddess who represents physical beauty, enjoyments of the senses, and affectionate or romantic love. ​

Even though Venus itself has no power to see the future or make intuitive forecasts, all other planets in Scorpio are powers of foresight and intuition. Simply put, this means people with Venus in Scorpio are generally really good at predicting the outcome of any situation.

Venus in Scorpio is secretive and soft spoken, with a strong sense of desire. It is the strongest of all the Venus signs and can be both passionate and destructive. Strongly influenced by family roles and by the security of those roles, they are often seen as nurturing but have a possessive nature that can produce jealousy.

You can be secretive about the intensity and depth of your feelings, and at times your loved ones may have to wait for you to reveal yourself. So don’t try to hide under a rock. Let them see those intense eyes and rescue the wounded bird inside.

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Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius natives are flirtatious, charming, sincere, elegant, honest, independent and universal-minded. They are very attractive looking and attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Adaptability is an asset that facilitates the Venus in Sagittarius person’s social life.

Venus in Sagittarius is here to bring enlightenment to others. One of the most extroverted signs, Sagittarius loves teaching and spreading their knowledge.

Their need to understand other people can be why they veer towards the career of a Psychiatrist, or psychologist because it requires them to understand people’s mindsets.

Sagittarius also loves travelling and experiencing new and different things. They will always find a way to fit themselves into a group that welcomes them with open arms and doesn’t judge because no one should do that! They are extremely trustworthy of friends and in their relationships.

Venus in Sagittarius is one of those truly lucky astrological combinations. Venus being the planet of love, status and beauty glides with grace through the Sagittarius sign. That’s how great this relationship set up really is. Put to the test, you’ll never find a more generous, gregarious or warm hearted individual than Venus in Sagittarius!

Venus in Sagittarius is one of the most expansive signs of the zodiac. People with this placement appreciate freedom, both in their unconventional social relationships and their less conventional tastes in art, music and other creative outlets. These folks are a mix of new age spirit and old school formality.

This is an excellent placement for relationships, as Sagittarius is a natural lover, always on the lookout for their soulmate. Mature and independent, Sagittarius likes to partner with someone who can be a spiritual companion as well as someone with whom they can share life’s adventures.

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Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn is a no-nonsense sex goddess who doesn’t intend to put up with your mess. A practical lover and partner, she brings a love of home, hearth and family to her relationships. She is a romantic at heart who has a strong hand for parenting.

Capricorn people are focused and disciplined. They think before they act, and are careful with money. They can be faithful companions for life, steadfastly building and growing their partnerships. Together, you can construct an amazing business or marriage – a purposeful base from which to launch your dreams into the world.

Venus in Capricorn shows desire for a mate with characteristics of the same sign and symbolizes longevity. The Venus sign in any position indicates general trends and overall perspectives.

This placement gives you a highly practical nature. You thoroughly plan out each move, no matter how small or big. As a Venus in Capricorn, your taste and quality are second to none.

You’ll gladly pay the price for things that are made well and last no matter what. Originality has no place in the plans of a Venus in Capricorn; what makes an item of style stand out to you is if it’s classic with a twist.

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Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius people are different. They have an independent and rebellious approach to life that can sometimes clash with their partner’s desire for stability and security.

Being original and unique, there is no one like them in the world. Venus in Aquarius people have a strong sense of personality; they make eye catching friends, thanks to their eccentricity and creativity.

Not only do they attract attention, but they live life on their own terms. Never traditional or conformist, they are often ahead of their time because of this quality.

Venus in Aquarius people are eager to embark on new and exciting adventures. With their friendly, outgoing disposition, they are often the ones making plans for an impromptu gathering or meeting up with friends at a coffee shop. These individuals enjoy learning about their friends' interests and may even be willing to try out new hobbies themselves.

The Venus in Aquarius person is very social, quite intelligent, sympathetic and friendly with strangers.They are charming conversationalists and interesting company.

Venus in Aquarius people are honest, open-minded and humanitarian. The planet of love and beauty is often associated with glamour and creative arts and aesthetics. Aquarius certainly lives up to its reputation as a star sign that is unconventional, individual and independent.

They are friendly people who love the company of friends. Although they do best when they spend time with others, they often find themselves feeling a bit lonely, which is why staying connected to old friends is important to them.

They have a great deal of optimism and see only the good in others. Like a typical Aquarius, this Venus sign has ideas that are always changing and evolving.

Most people with Venus in Aquarius tend to be lovers of music, art, nature and intellectual discussion. They are at times rebellious and enjoy taking the road less traveled - unless of course they are teaching their beloved art of rebellion to the younger generation as many do. They may not be on your list as prospective suitors but they could be if you think outside the box.

Venus in Aquarius people are ever-changing and original. This coupled with their prescient sense of the future makes it hard to know who they really are. These folks will not be pigeonholed, and like to reinvent themselves over time. Infamous for lacking morals, Aquarian Venuses are also idealistic visionaries without much regard for any laws or traditions that get in the way of their dreams.

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Venus in Pisces

If you have Venus in Pisces, you have a sensitive and artistic personality that tends to be in tune with the feelings of others. Truth and beauty are top priorities for you, so it’s important that your lover is someone who is honest enough to speak the truth but also has a good sense of humor and knows how to bring out your lighter side. You are an idealistic lover who likes to think about romance and beauty all day long.

Venus in Pisces is an inspirational, imaginative, romantic and passionate individual. You are a quick thinker, but not necessarily a deep thinker.

Venus in Pisces is a dreamer. They share a love of beauty, an artistic sensibility, tactful diplomacy and a gentle manner. The ability to self soothe and comfort themselves is something they are born with.

Although this may not be the easiest placement for relationship goals – or even their main life goal – they’ll often attract people who share the same nature. Even if that’s not the case, Venus in Pisces takes relationships seriously regardless and treats everyone with devotion and understanding.

Venus in Pisces is inclined to follow spirituality, including the belief in astrology. The innocent, sensitive nature may not be able to stand aggressive behaviour or assertive exploitation. Yet Venus in Pisces has a great talent for music and artistic creativity.

Venus in Pisces is sensitive, sympathetic, and compassionate. The Venus in Pisces man or woman has a particularly strong need to be loved and cared for. Their principal driving force is the need to be appreciated.

Venus in Pisces wants to make a relationship better by adding elements of romance and fantasy to it. They are strongly influenced by their environment.

They are a sensitive soul who is idealistic, romantic and relationship oriented. She wants someone to love her, take care of her and shower her with affection. Her tenderness and generosity extends to all she meets.

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