Venus in Virgo Meaning and Personality Traits

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Venus in Virgo people are often successful, thanks to their fantastic organizational skills. They have a natural talent for finding the right people to do the job in the fastest and most economical way.

These natives can be surprisingly flexible where it counts. Even though they thrive on putting together strong systems, they are also happy to deal with changing circumstances and take the pragmatic route rather than rail against an unchangeable situation.

Venus in Virgo is ingenious at saving money and will use inside knowledge of how things work to do so whenever possible.

What Does Venus in Virgo Mean?

Venus in Virgo is known for being bold, independent, and talkative. She often gets mad at her husband or boyfriend if he doesn’t do what she wants.

She also has a sharper tongue than most people and loves being controversial. Venus in Virgo does have some good qualities though such as tenacity in getting what she wants, and a need to be trusted. In addition, they are known to be loyal to family and friends.

Venus in Virgo represents communication, imagination, initiative, independence and originality. This placement is for those who are persistent, disciplined and self-motivated.

Venus in Virgo is known for her strong interest in personal relationships, charity work, education, and the sciences. She is also known to be stubborn, decisive, and enthusiastic, often leading people towards her without giving much thought beforehand.

However, despite her bold nature, Venus in Virgo is highly cooperative and peaceful above all else, always working towards achieving an overall goal.

They are magnanimous, kind and considerate. Their native language is eloquent and they are full of warm feelings. They appreciate beauty of all kinds and are delighted by the intricate works of art created by masters.

Venus in Virgo traits can include showing, explaining and talking in detail about feelings, ideas or topics. Someone with this placement may be neat, orderly, and concerned about cleanliness and can also be critical of others.

The person with this placement is a unique blend of the tastes and aesthetic of Venus and the practicality and attention to detail of Virgo.

They are attentive to detail, and very particular with their environment. These people will love a spotless house, but they will not be able to live in it if it’s too messy.

Venus in Virgo Woman

Venus in Virgo women are known for their organized and efficient personalities. They like everything just so, and tend to have well thought out plans for everything.

A Virgo woman in love is organized, caring and distant all at the same time. She can seem a little bit hard to get to know because she’s methodical in her approach to getting to know someone.

She is gentle, fragile, and a bit shy. She adores order and tidiness. She loves flowers, but she loves to arrange them even more.

She is very beautiful, she knows it and uses this knowledge to get what she wants. Her gestures are delicate and full of charm. Venus in Virgo woman has the ability to make her man happy and she knows that the best gift for a man is love.

They are the ultimate romantic. She is the ideal of perfection, the incarnation of love. She raises her man to be her soul mate and faithful life partner, her best friend, her intellectual equal or greater, and something of a mentor.

She expects perfection in her relationships and she is extremely sensitive when things go wrong. Her charming manner can win over anyone, and she is not only popular at work but also with her neighbors and other family members. She likes to keep up with the latest fashions and enjoys a good time appreciating artistic entertainment, good food, fine wine, fancy lingerie

They are great at what they do, but may often feel unappreciated. The Venus in Virgo woman is strong, reliable and organized. She puts her loved ones first and can be very delicate and tenderhearted.

The Venus in Virgo woman is an analytical, thorough, discriminating perfectionist who is self-critical but also playful. She exhibits a peculiar frugality and precise habits.

She has great affection for her home and family, adores the pleasures of the table, and is fastidious in dress and grooming. She loves to keep the peace, can place a high premium on health and fitness, and enjoys new experiences.

Venus in Virgo Man

Venus in Virgo men are concerned with the aesthetics of their life. They make great artists, interior decorators, fashion designers, and chefs. Their self-doubts keep them from reaching their full potential in life.

Venus in Virgo men are often so attached to their material possessions that they cannot bear to part with any of them. As a result, they often have too many things crowding their space, making cleanliness and order difficult to maintain.

Even if they have the money for a big house and a large property in which to place it, this person may still be unable to relax because his items are competing for his attention. Venus in Virgo men may even carry this preference for order into the area of their relationships.

At the core of a Venus in Virgo man is loyalty. He likes to have people around him who inspire him and give his life meaning. He needs someone who respects his intelligence and will allow him to be himself. Once he finds this person, he’ll never let them go.

He is driven by a desire to learn, cooperate with dedication, take great care of his appearance, he has a good eye for detail and accuracy. This placement gives men of this sign a gift for intellect and culture, so that they successfully can fulfill the profession of teacher, physician, scientist or other intellectual occupation.

Venus in Virgo men are practical, neat, fussy, and hard working. They are serious minded and spend a lot of time devising ways to better themselves.

Their principles are firm and they dislike things that are showy or ostentatious. Thus they don’t wear jewelry or other fancy articles of clothing.

Venus in Virgo men are reserved and a bit shy. Their manners are impeccable, and they take pride in their appearance. They’re meticulous, quiet, and practical. When it comes to what they love best – you guessed it – they appreciate order.

Venus in Virgo Transit Meaning

A Venus in Virgo transit indicates that people will have the urge to focus on small details, and be critical about abstract matters. This transit is favorable for those who are looking for perfection in their work, in the field of research or science, as well as for those who can support creative ideas and bring the best out of them.

This transit is the most important and beneficial Venus transit. This is because, Venus in Virgo, on every level, means a deep inner work on the personality. One of the most difficult yet rewarding aspects of this Venus transit is the chance to dig deep into our psyche and examine all that is there—good and bad.

As a result of the Venus in Virgo transit, you will find it easy to express your feelings. You are sensitive, modest, and well mannered. You like to get into the details and can sometimes become too fussy about insignificant issues.

There is a likelihood of an increase the desire for love and affection during this period. You will look for opportunities to truly express your affection for another.

Venus in Virgo is often misunderstood as feeling critical or unloving, but it has a deeper meaning of finding blended satisfaction from the things that you do.

Those born with Venus in Virgo are often analytical and perfectionist. They have an appreciation for aesthetics and beauty, and may find themselves drawn to art or science.

Those with a strong sense of morality may find themselves pursuing careers where they can help others. This transit is a good time to turn to self-improvement, romance, or exploring the world around you.

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