Venus in Cancer Meaning and Personality Traits

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Venus in Cancer people often have artistic, musical or literary gifts that have not yet been discovered. They can be shy, preferring to express themselves in a more subtle way. They are warm, sensuous and affectionate. They will love deeply but cautiously.

Venus in Cancer is home to the Crab and their fiercely protective and nurturing persona. Colder temperatures do not bother them much, and they might even prefer rainy weather.

They are warm-hearted, loving people who care for their family above all else. In love, they are dedicated and loyal, but also moody and prone to holding onto hurt feelings for far too long.

What Does Venus in Cancer Mean?

Venus in Cancer signs are ruled by the placid Moon and are very sensitive, romantic, and sympathetic. They also happen to be very possessive, so even though they long for love, they will not be able to handle the more “casual” approach to relationships that other signs tend to adopt.

They are needy and crave security. However, being empathetic, they may be less likely to jump into a relationship just because someone is available.

Venus in Cancer is described as a person who likes to be at home and take pleasure from the ones who traverse their lives. He or she doesn’t struggle much amid life’s blows, but rather labors for financial certifications and takes pride in home pastimes. Venus in Cancer individuals are known to be sensitive, nurturing, and sweet.

This placement is an all-around amazing place to be. It’s the perfect spot for you to find security, comfort, and a cosy home. You’ll feel safe here and notice that the people around you are really trustworthy and loyal. Venus in Cancer people are incredibly warm, nurturing, and sentimental. She trusts her heart completely and longs for someone to love her with the same devotion she gives. They adore their children and show their love through doing everything they can to provide a comfortable life for their family.

This placement brings a desire to make the world a beautiful place; they’re affectionate yet can also be very shy. They love beautiful things, and enjoy doing things that make them see the world. They are often writers and poets, and may take an interest in music.

Venus in Cancer Woman

Venus in Cancer women tend to be feminine, sensitive, loving and sympathetic. They desire for other people’s comfort and happiness to be just like their own.

They are very caring and affectionate. Her relationship with others is very gentle. They are delicate and empathetic with other people’s feelings.

Venus in Cancer women are affectionate, loyal, tender and empathetic. They are sensual, sometimes even to a fault. They love nothing better than to surround themselves with beautiful things and home comforts to make them feel safe, secure and content.

These women are caring, nurturing, and romantic. Secretive and indecisive, they have a hard time saying no to their lovers and often experience some self-doubt about their attractiveness.

They insist on doing things their way and can be very finicky about the details. They love to create comfort at home, which means they can be quite domestic and enjoy sewing, crafting, and gardening.

The Venus in Cancer woman is a true romantic. She loves the idea of love and wants to be in a relationship, but she is easily overwhelmed by too much closeness.

She is quite sensitive herself and needs reassurance and stability. In relationships, she is quite loyal, honest, faithful and possessive.

Venus in Cancer is the sign of the security seeker. Her need for security is so intense that it’s often perceived as clingy and insecure by other signs.

This ultra-sensitive woman has a flair for all things homey and domestic. She’s an artistic housekeeper; her home is her sanctuary (and she feels most secure when she’s in it). The Venus in Cancer woman is usually soft-spoken, and enjoys spending quiet time with her loved ones, especially on weekends.

Venus in Cancer Man

The Venus in Cancer man is loving, sensitive, caring, protective and private – he is an artist, a poet and a philosopher at heart. He loves home comforts and spoils his partner as long as she respects his need for introversion. He is able to think clearly at times of crisis to support her by sharing ways of getting over stressful issues.

He is sensitive, gentle, caring and emotional. These men are romantic dreamers but sometime life can be too real for them and they will tend to become withdrawn and pessimistic. They can be very moody and when hurt their self-esteem takes a huge blow.

Venus in Cancer men are extremely passionate and romantic. In love, they are very passionate but may be a bit jealous as well. These men are intelligent and know how to talk things through, which is helpful if any arguments do occur.

They actually enjoy it when their lovers try to romance them. They like receiving gifts and words of love that they can cherish in their heart and then replay in their mind for days.

The Venus in Cancer man smiles easily, laughs often, and revels in pleasures – both physical and emotional. However, he is experienced enough at heart to know when to be serious, too.

These men are sensual guys. As with all Venus placements in the chart, this is the planet of love and relationships. These men have a lot of love to give the right girl and they also have a strong need for connection and security. It’s one of the hallmarks of their personality type-they don’t like to be alone, especially for very long.

Venus in Cancer is guarded and chooses their words carefully. They are loyal, persistent, and have a great love for home.

This man will also be very shy or reserved around strangers and will not like new situation easily. Their sensitivity makes them excellent listeners with a well known intuition.

Venus in Cancer Transit Meaning

A Venus in Cancer transit indicates a period of compromise, cooperation, and peace. You will be able to negotiate a delicate situation at work or at home without any problems because you will be able to understand both sides. This transit can bring a change in your financial situation, as well as with regards to your family circle.

If you find yourself experiencing a sudden strong desire to do something, a Venus in Cancer transit indicates that your instincts are on the right track. It’s an excellent time to pursue creative endeavors such as writing, painting, sculpture or even music.

Your taste buds may be more sensitive than usual and you’ll feel like doing just about anything pleasurable or fun. Don’t hold back too much, this transit will only last a few weeks.

A Venus in Cancer transit may feel a little emotionally unstable at times, but this influence is still very kind and loving. People born under this transit bring a sense of warmth and comfort to everyone within their family unit.

They have lots of friends and are usually kind to everyone around them. However, they need someone who is also very warm with an expressive face to show just how much they care.

Venus has a very intense emotional nature. When she’s transiting Cancer, expect some major changes in your love life. The good news is that these changes are likely to be exciting and satisfying ones.

This may also indicate some kind of inheritance or substantial gift from someone close to you. This transit has a tendency to bring anything that involves love into sharper focus for you.

It’s hard to fight the feeling that our hearts skip a beat when Venus enters Cancer, sign she rules. This is a time when we may rediscover old friendships and possibly fall in love with an old flame.

This planet and sign pair beautifully, as if they were meant for one another. Venus in Cancer people tend to be artistic and creative, while also sensitive and caring. They have a talent for nourishing bonds with others, making it easy to make just about anyone a friend.

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