Venus in Scorpio Meaning and Personality Traits

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Venus in Scorpio natives are deeply passionate, giving and committed. They thrive on emotional intensity and are determined to follow their heart to wherever it may lead them.

They are romantic, passionate, intense, secretive, and jealous. They are secretive because they are private about their personal lives.

Venus in Scorpio people love a challenge, people pleasing and can be quite seductive. In a relationship, they will put up with a lot from their partners but it will not take a lack of intimacy or quality time from them.

What Does Venus in Scorpio Mean?

Venus in Scorpio people are strong, intelligent, and sensual. They will win you over but be careful, they might just get under your skin.

These people are exceptionally loyal and keep friendships for life. They are charming, passionate, and honest with a wry sense of humor.

Venus in Scorpio people come across as mysterious and a bit aloof at first, but once you get to know them you will find they are also vulnerable and sensitive. They are passionate about mysteries, they can be psychologists, therapists or good investigators.

Although they don’t like conflicts, they won’t back down if somehow their loved ones are involved. They hate lies and hypocrisy, yet sometimes have a secret that makes them feel guilty.

Venus in Scorpio is a strong, vivacious personality whose sexuality is her greatest force. She is certain of her values and urges others to live by them. Adored by some, hated by others, she never backs down or gives up.

They are naturally mysterious and possess a magnetic charm. It’s no wonder they can be so elusive; it can take a long time to get to know them. If you’re lucky enough to score their trust though, you’ll never let them go.

Venus in Scorpio Woman

The Venus in Scorpio woman is mysterious, wise and mysterious. Interacting with her is never boring, as she is a very exciting partner for any man.

Although she often hides her emotions it does not mean she does not have any. Quite the contrary, this woman feels deeply and passionately about everything that happens in her life.

Once you understand the Venus in Scorpio woman, it is easy to cope with her uniqueness. She is strong and cheerful; she is extremely passionate and very intense in everything she does.

Venus in Scorpio women are known for their seductive charm and intensity that leaves men captivated. They are cherished by lovers because of their passion and devotion to their significant other.

This is a woman who will go the extra mile to please her man. Her intense sensuality and strong personality will wow any man she is with.

Venus in Scorpio women love fiercely and intensely. They are passionate, intense, competitive, possessive, jealous and temperamental. She will look forward to intimacy at the end of a long day – it’s like an essential vitamin!

They are sexy, passionate and highly magnetic. She is a mysterious woman who never gives too much away.

Her seductive Scorpio charm draws people in, before she reveals her underlying vulnerability and insecurity when they get to know her better. A complex woman with deep mood swings, unexpected twists and turns, she is slow to trust anyone other than herself, yet she once this trust has been earned makes an ideal partner for any man.

Venus in Scorpio women are loyal, loving, passionate and sensual. They have the potential to possess remarkable psychic sensitivity as they are very in touch with their emotions and feelings of others. These women can become deeply hurt though their intuition should be trusted.

They are often very hard to figure out. This has a lot to do with their being very complex and even opaque, not only on the personality level, but also on a psychological level. Despite their complexity, there are many things that they like and make them feel happy.

Venus in Scorpio Man

The Venus in Scorpio man is attractive, seductive, sensual, passionate and loving. He is charming, charismatic and enigmatic – indeed, his appeal can be very intoxicating.

Once this man has you in his sights, you are hooked. As well as being an amazing lover, he also has some deeply fascinating aspects to his personality.

He is a sportsman and a great worker. The Venus in Scorpio man is very determined and his prime aim in life is to work hard and earn as much money as he can.

The Venus in Scorpio man is one of the most charming guys on this planet. He knows how to treat a woman. But he is no pushover.

While he might be willing to wait for a dream woman, this Venus in Scorpio man doesn’t waste time on empty-headed girls. He’s not afraid to let his strong opinions be known, and he will probably tell you when you look nice, even if that makes your cheeks blush.

He is a complex figure indeed - a man of extremes, with a love of luxury and extravagance. He takes a delight in the finer things in life, which he tries to surround himself with.

In his search for perfection, his standards are very high indeed, indeed he may expect no less than perfection from others. It is important to him that he never falls short of his own expectations. He will remain calm under pressure, and slow to reveal any open signs of nervousness.

They are strong, passionate, and powerful. While they are great lovers and attentive partners, they also are tough on their partners.

The Venus in Scorpio man has a tendency to be possessive with relationships and their loved ones. They have a need to experience power, but can also get jealous if their partner isn’t faithful.

Venus in Scorpio Transit Meaning

Venus in Scorpio can be a shadowy transit that awakens your unconscious. You might not always know what it is that you want from relationships, but you will be drawn to people and situations that challenge you to get to the heart of the matter—the things that truly matter.

If you are single, this is a good time for brooding and questioning what it is that’s missing from your love life. Of course, much depends upon your own natal Venus position.

The influence of Venus transiting Scorpio is extremely intense and powerful. Change, innovation, and transformation characterized by intensity of feelings, strong passion, and coercion characterize the influence of Venus in Scorpio transit.

Venus in Scorpio can transform you, helping you to reclaim your feelings, unleash creative passion, and start to love yourself and the world again. This transit often indicates major transformations in relationships.

Impressions of sexual identity can radically shift. This transit is a chance to completely re-think your ideas about what it means to be intimate with someone. You may totally lose interest in sex for a time, or find that your preferences change depending on the partner. You may have an evolving definition of what sexuality means to you, rather than having settled into some permanent pattern.

Venus in Scorpio will rekindle your creativity and artistic pursuits. You’ll be ready to roll up your sleeves and work hard with a project or relationship that has been sitting on the back burner.

The end of the transit promises a boost to confidence, enabling you to reach higher heights in relationships than you might have imagined. With Venus moving through the sign of mystery and imagination, any creative endeavor is imbued with deeper meaning. This is an excellent time to delve into new areas of artistic expression that tend toward the darker realms.

Venus in Scorpio often gets a bad rap for being a difficult transit. People will say that it is a highly volatile transit causing all kinds of emotional and relationship discord.

This can be a very intense period in your life, that will reveal to you a deeper truth about yourself and the people around you. Scorpio is your ruler, and so you will experience this transit by feeling your emotions on a deeper level than normal.

This is a time when you may feel vulnerable, but it is also a time when you have more power than at any other period in your life. There could be dramas in relationships, as well as secret attractions drawing you toward someone new. You have the ability to influence others with your magnetism – but exert care, as this may be too much too handle for some.

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