Mercury in Pisces Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mercury in Pisces is a unique and independent blend of minds whose deep emotional connection to one another may not be obvious to the casual observer. Although these individuals can appear a little shy or reserved, they are able to form deep and intense friendships with those who are sensitive enough to understand their gentle needs.

This person will have a constant wanderlust and desire to be on the move. This placement accentuates their compassion, imagination, and intuition.

These individuals are sympathetic to the human condition. They have a unique perspective of the world and can often see beyond the mundane. Caring for others combined with an artistic flair is quintessentially Mercury in Pisces.

What Does Mercury in Pisces Mean?

Mercury is the planet of communication, thought, and wisdom. Mercury in Pisces is usually non-traditional and mystical.

The imagination of the people who have Mercury in Pisces is very vivid since the feelings are heightened due to the influence of Neptune on them. These natives are also usually quite compassionate and often live for others as a result. This placement can produce people who are extremely sensitive and intuitive to other’s emotions.

Mercury in Pisces is an introspective and imaginative individual who has the capacity to absorb a vast amount of knowledge effortlessly. These people are excellent communicators and have a vivid imagination.

Your Mercury in Pisces personality is one that takes imagination to new heights – you are extremely creative and can make use of your vivid inner movies to see things in the abstract. Imagining yourself as other people is natural for you, and this ability makes you an excellent interviewer or conversationalist.

Mercury in Pisces, symbolizes the vision and exploration of ideas. They are soft spoken, sensitive and compassionate. They are most comfortable in an environment that feels nurturing and accepting of their elusive, dreamlike qualities.

Sensitive, refined, and artistic, Mercury in Pisces is idealistic and empathic. They have a deep appreciation for the arts, and enjoy creative hobbies such as painting or writing. They have a strong desire to help those around them, or even strangers.

Mercury in Pisces Woman

The Mercury in Pisces placement refers to a woman’s empathy, artistic skill, caring, and support for others as being her strongest attributes.

This astrological placement indicates that she often feels a need to express herself creatively, and her sensitivity to the feelings of others can make her especially intuitive toward the ones she loves. Her fondness for staying in touch with family and friends makes it likely that she is popular among both groups.

They are very intuitive about other people’s intentions. They always know what is going on between the lines with their friends, but they rarely say anything.

The Mercury in Pisces woman has a kind of mental manipulation ability, but she only wants to help and never uses it to hurt someone else. When she knows you well enough, this lady will tell you exactly how it is, not holding back and hiding her mind games. She is very kindhearted and sympathetic.

They are sweet, clever, generous and intuitive. They make great friends to have on your side. Mercury in Pisces women love learning and are drawn to spiritual study.

Their beliefs are very important to them and they strive to encourage others, serving as some of the most encouraging and accepting advocates in any given field. Their compassionate nature allows them to radiate love to the world around them, making strangers feel like old friends.

The particular Mercury in Pisces woman is very emotional and playful. She’s willing to forgive because the sweetest spot in her heart is reserved for romantic relationships.

She loves children and animals, but she also loves nature and other human beings. As a lover, she’s looking for more than sex, but a deep connection with her partner, which she can achieve by exposing herself on a mental level.

Mercury is said to rule over travel and communication. Mercury in Pisces woman have as a common trait, the need to be with their partner, even in their dreams. This will make them very attached to their spouse, willing to do anything for them.

There are many confusing aspects to the Mercury in Pisces woman, but once you understand what kind of a man she is into, her behavior becomes easier to predict and explain. She is into men who have a creative, playful and intelligent personality, which she will try to get by being seduced by their charm and charisma.

Since she’s an impressionable sign that quite easily falls for someone she’s interested in, it’s understandable why she often finds herself getting into relationships with men that aren’t suited for her or are insincere.

Mercury in Pisces women are very full of compassion, more so than any other zodiac sign in their ability to feel sympathy or empathy for people. This is why they are often drawn to poetry, art, and psychology as the professions of choice for them.

They also prefer to have psychic spirituality in their lives. Whether this is through tarot readings, astrology readings, or consulting a life coach, they need to feel connection with some higher entity that gives them guidance and direction when it’s needed most.

Mercury in Pisces Man

Mercury in Pisces men are the wittiest and most charming among other astrology signs. But they can also be moody and closed-minded.

Mercury is planet of communication while Pisces is sign of imagination. This makes them incredibly creative and unique, but they can be indecisive too!

They have a soulful quality about them, with their philosophical nature and love of music. They like to think about profound issues and are very progressive thinkers. Mercury in Pisces men are also famous for their intuition and psychic abilities.

He is a deep, mysterious character. He is the type of person who will always be one step ahead of those around him. He can get bored with routine and familiarity.

A mercurial way of thinking makes him an artistic or philosophical soul; a writer, poet, musician, painter, or visionary. The special facet of Pisces rules dreaming and the subconscious, so there will always be a dreaminess about him.

Warm and passionate, Mercury in Pisces men also have an emotional depth that is surprising to those who don’t know them well. They are able to relate to what others are feeling, and they want nothing more than to be loved and cared for as well.

However, making the first move can be difficult for them - they are shy and not always the best at initiating a conversation. When they do meet someone special, though, they lose all of their shyness and spend all their time with that person.

Mercury in Pisces men have a keen artistic sense and a romantic outlook. The combination of Mercury in their sign gives their mentality an almost mystical quality, although naturally the Pisces influence means they can also be particularly dreamy and impractical.

They are intuitive and seek a spiritually oriented partner who is compatible with their emotional nature. This man is more of an intuitive than a thinker and so he especially needs someone who can take his imagination seriously and help him channel it constructively.

Mercury in Pisces is the sign of a person who loves to travel. A very mystical soul, you are attuned to all things spiritual. You are a more sensitive and fine-tuned character than most people, but you wrap this sensitivity in a manifestation of raw power.

You are very artistic and very much in tune with what the world around you is feeling and saying through nature. You are caring and compassionate, but also have special powers of insight, intuition, and prediction. With your communication skills and personal charm, you make great friends wherever you go.

Mercury in Pisces Transit Meaning

A Mercury in Pisces transit signifies a desire to discover the unknown, to work with people from diverse cultures, to have an open mind about controversial issues, and then set an example for others.

This transit reveals the auspicious circumstances surrounding our thinking and communication skills. This is a temporary influence that creates brain fog, abstract thinking and illusions.

It’s often an illusion that can’t be detected - even by ourselves - that may make us feel confident about lessons learned and knowledge gained, but may not be supported by actual events, or it may only be a matter of time until we realize new information was false.

A Mercury in Pisces transit can last several weeks, so you’ll need to communicate with patience and compassion, and understand that others may need some coaxing to break out of their shells.

During this time it’s likely that you’re feeling more talkative than usual, so take advantage of this transit to share your views or ideas. Words will flow more freely, and you have the potential to truly connect with others.

Rely on your imagination and intuition now for inspiration. This Mercury in Pisces transit has the potential to enhance your creative skills and talents, making it a perfect time to develop new ones, such as painting or music.

This is a transit that feels very dreamy, and it is a good time to reorient and do some damage control with your motivation and resources. You will be able to see things from a better perspective than you would have been able to before the transit began. It’s a good time to for long term thinking and planning, as well as reviewing ones resources.

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