Venus in Aries Meaning and Personality Traits

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Venus in Aries individuals are self-confident and direct, they captivate their partner with charming, care free behavior. They enjoy the thrill of new adventure or activity. You can often find Venus in Aries individuals at partying all night long, or traveling in faraway lands.

They are determined, unyielding, ambitious, self-motivated and ready to take action. If you have Venus in Aries, love is an exciting roller coaster ride.

Your signs desire to merge with another is expressed in many ways: the need to be their equal or to dominate them in a relationship, the refusal to let go when a relationship ends and the willingness to take big risks for it, and a passionate idealism in love that makes you an alluring lover.

What Does Venus in Aries Mean?

Venus in Aries personalities are active, energetic, and very passionate. They’re not afraid to take on new challenges or to get things done. If you’re looking for a partner who is as headstrong as you are impulsive, they’re the one for you.

They are creative, playful and innovative, with a passionate desire to be the first to experience and share new ideas. An evolving influence on their emotional expressions, Venus in Aries people are often eager to try out something new. It’s a social placement for fun-loving people who rarely take themselves too seriously.

They tend to exude a rock star exterior, with their lusty, passionate nature. They are brave, adventurous, and bold and could easily be described as a lone wolf.

Venus in Aries people are the consummate risk-taker. They seek out adventure wherever they can find it and turn it into an unforgettable experience.

They are known for their sharp wit and strong will. Their intellectual abilities exceed those of men, which is partly why they’re able to think independently, yet cooperate with the opposite sex.

Venus in Aries Woman

The Venus in Aries woman is the definition of a true, free-spirited individual. When choosing what to wear, they like to be equal parts free-spirit and fashion forward.

They value individuality, so clean lines and simple pieces are their go-to. They’re adventurous and effortlessly chic, making each of them a style star in their own right every time they walk the red carpet.

She is a mover and a shaker, if she sees something that needs to be done she goes ahead and does it, without being asked. She is sometimes called the “dynamo of the zodiac” because she generates so much energy.

A Venus in Aries woman will be a strong, independent and forceful individual. She will most likely show herself to be an ambitious leader, with lots of fire energy.

Some women who have this Venus placement want to be the center of attention. They are energetic and fearless, and they enjoy challenges and competition. These women usually have lots of energy so they do not like to waste it.

They are direct and decisive. They know what they want and go after it, making them very successful at most careers. They are self-confident, passionate and driven to achieve their goals.

Venus in Aries women possess charm, strength, energy and great leadership abilities. They are likely to wield powerful influence over their male associates. Physically, they possess magnetism and make very attractive partners in love.

These women are known for their toughness, competitiveness and intensity. Confident, feisty, courageous, ambitious, daring, adventurous and impulsive, these women possess an innate drive that propels them forward.

Venus in Aries Man

Venus in Aries men are typically leaders. They are attractive and charming. Hardworking, energetic, competitive and enthusiastic man who is always looking to take the lead.

They are obsessed with success & achievement. Passion-driven and courageous, these men love to win and/or compete, especially against a worthy rival.

Venus in Aries men are aggressive and outspoken. They desire evidence of respect and will not be undervalued for long.

This man has the strength to prove that he is the best but doesn’t want to “win” all the time; thus, the need to interact with you. Once you have won his loyalty, the Venus in Aries man wants nothing more than to show affection and make you feel great about yourself.

Witty, popular and charming, this man makes friends easily. If you ever want to capture this man’s heart, expect a battle of words!

Venus in Aries men are known for their fiery tempers. Their charming and romantic nature is a magnet to the opposite sex. They are openly affectionate to those they are in a relationship with.

These men love attention and show off their good looks by wearing fashionable clothing and accessories. They aspire for achievement in a career that allows them to be their own boss, often attracted to the world of art, music or entertainment. They aren’t afraid to take on physical challenges such as sports, outdoor activities or even working out at the gym.

He is a very loving, passionate and independent man who has strong leadership qualities. He is always in the quest for adventure and likes new discoveries. The man with Venus in Aries is very attractive to women. They are attracted to your spark of life, energy, and ambition.

He is flirtatious and charming and cannot help but attract the attention of the opposite sex. He is naturally attracted to mystery and intrigue. The Venus in Aries man can’t be tied down for too long though. He must have freedom.

They are driven by their passions, often flitting from interest into interest. They’re impulsive and creative and like all self-respecting Aries men have a strong sense of self-worth and are unwilling to settle for less than they feel they deserve. These guys know exactly what they want and they are willing to fight to get it.

Venus in Aries men are passionate and fiery. This is reflected in their love life, their work life and even in the way they dress. Although this star sign is well-liked by women, you probably won’t find them being particularly polite towards them or towards anyone for that matter!

He can be your typical male diva. He likes to be the center of attention, and he certainly doesn’t appreciate losing that attention to another male. The good news is that Venus in Aries can also be very charming, loving, loyal, and generous.

Venus in Aries Transit Meaning

A Venus in Aries transit occurs when the planet Venus passes through the sign of Aries. It occurs once every few weeks and is a great time to plan a trip, socialize, and explore new areas.

During this time, Venus will move through the Aries constellation at an approximate speed of one degree every two days. The transition will be slow enough for you to more clearly notice the changes in your feelings about love and romance throughout this four-month period.

This transit inspires us to be more bold and creative when it comes to love. She beckons us to be more vocal about wanting a relationship. If we are romantically involved with someone, she encourages us to quickly make up after any small squabble or misunderstanding so that trust will grow and last a lifetime.

When Venus is in Aries, it means she’s in a fiery and passionate mood. This combination is perfect for starting new creative projects, not to mention igniting the flames in your current love life.

Waking up with Venus in Aries can bring passion and courage to those who have been living a life without purpose. You may feel as though today you are stepping into your soul’s destiny.

Today is the day, right now. It is the moment to be what you love, do what you love, go where you love. Do not delay. The universe has opened up today. It is waiting for you to assume your divine role in the celestial play.

Venus in Aries transit is a period during which an individual’s Venus energy conflicts with the Martian energy. During this time a person’s Venus is suppressed by Mars, causing some of his/her Venus traits to also be suppressed. The main areas affected are love, money, general happiness and enjoyment of life, the arts, and spirituality.

This transit can be a blessing or a curse. Often times it is the latter, with Venus in Aries men being more dramatic then they truly are. This type of energy is often possessive, jealous and obsessive.

Venus in Aries is a very exciting transit. It describes a time where passion and adventure are alive. Travel, communication, new innovative projects are at the top of your list, and all can be accomplished with ease under this transit. Aries is all about “action” and this transit gives you the confidence you need to take action on your quest to create happiness

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