Aries Man Personality Traits (Dates: March 21-April 19)

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An Aries man is the most popular man in the zodiac. He has that thing which makes him different and attractive from others in his group.

He always succeeds with his various endeavors and remains motivated despite hurdles coming his way. He doesn’t feel insecure and disgusted with the situations, rather he feels inspired to go ahead and embrace it hoping for the best.

The Aries man is impulsive, arrogant, and daring. You can expect him to exhibit leadership tendencies no matter where he may be. He has a great deal of initiative, and will not wait for people to prompt him into action before jumping in feet first.

The Aries man can be impatient with those who do not share his energy level or way of thinking, which can cause conflicts of interest and issues in relationships. This is why it’s important for the Aries male to learn how to control his negative traits so he can improve his relationships with others and avoid complications in his life.

Bold, charismatic, romantic, and always showing interest in the latest technology. The Aries man is a true leader who feels that the greatest satisfaction comes from coming out on top. He’s also known to be slightly uptight and tends not to take no for an answer from anyone. He’s impatient which makes it hard for him to be flexible.

Always at the head of the pack, this zodiac sign typically starts conflicts rather than ends them. He’s a forceful personality with an agenda that moves at rapid speed. He’s independent and often loves to do things his own way.

The typical Aries man is competitive, short tempered, and has a fiery temper that can flare up on various occasions or for no apparent reason at all. He has little respect for authority figures unless he admires and respects them personally.

The Aries man is known as the Warrior for a reason. An Aries man is confident, assertive, and likes the limelight. He marches to his own drumbeat and is definitely not a follower. He will go after what he wants in life and let others chase after him.

He is a leader; he will claim his woman from those who might want her too, even if that means starting a fight. The Capricorn woman is a good fit for an Aries man because she understands where he’s coming from, she won’t back down when confronted by him (she just might fight with words),

Aries men take life by the horns, and live life to the fullest. They are optimistic, healthy, and determined people, not willing to let the word “impossible” enter their vocabulary.

An Aries man is animated, aggressive, and confrontational. He is expressive with his commands and needs, and he likes to take the lead in conversations. He expresses himself through words rather than actions.

If you have an Aries man in your life, you just might be dealing with a gladiator. Aries men will battle for you, protect you, and make sure that at the end of the day, you know that he loves you. Understanding all the little things that make a man an Aries is key to understanding what it might be like to date or be married to them.

The Aries man is always in a hurry and as such will not want to be bogged down with any unnecessary weight. He is also known for his spontaneity and thus his suitcase must not only be light but it must be able to pack smartly so he can go from the boardroom straight to the beach or ski slopes without having to carry a bag that makes him look like a tourist.

Aries is a masculine sign that often refers to masculine sexual roles. Aries individuals are emphatic, fiery, energetic and motivations. They like challenges and being adventurous which can be seen with their thirst for adventure in their careers, work and daily life, and also in one’s love life.

Aries people are full of vitality and enthusiasm. They’re natural leaders who have a passion for living their life by their own rules and they don’t believe in compromising their principles for the sake of being liked.

They are impatient and impulsive, hot-headed under provocation, and unpredictable in their reactions to others. While they may have a lot going for them, it’s difficult for them to be satisfied with familiar surroundings or situations because they always want something more from life.

Aries Man in Love

Some say the Aries man doesn’t know what love is, that he acts recklessly. Sun in Aries makes an impetuous lover who’s always on the precipice of an exciting relationship.

What does it take to intrigue him? How about a woman with a passionate nature? This is someone who won’t be a push-over. She’ll be able to challenge him and give as good as she gets. She’ll win his heart by showing him that she’s his perfect match—someone who shares his energy and sense of adventure.

When you meet an Aries man, you best be prepared to be swept off your feet. In love, they are affectionate and responsive. They lavish their partner with gifts and attention, making sure to make every moment memorable.

Aries men are instantly attracted to the most alpha of women. They can recognize a queen when they see one. And it’s no wonder, because this man knows what he wants in life.

He does not ask anyone for help, and he usually doesn’t count on other people. Instead, he relies mostly on his talent and intuition to get him through difficult situations. Despite not being extremely emotional at the first glance, Aries man is very passionate and enthusiastic about his passions when he finally finds someone he is willing to trust with his heart.

Aries believes that the best way to endure a bad relationship is to leave it, but strangely enough he is willing to live this bad relationship for as long as he can.

His commitment phobia is his main issue. He will not commit himself until he’s sure that it will last forever. What an Aries man loves about his lover are her eyes and her ears, because she has always got something very interesting to say.

The Aries man in love is a fire sign and has been taken over by desire. He will shower you with gifts and compliments at first, giving him the nickname of “The Giver”, when he is in love.

He is so distracted by his feelings, that he may say things without thinking. He doesn’t intend to be rude or hurtful, but we are only human and make mistakes! His bull headed stubbornness makes him hard to get along with sometimes.

If there’s one thing about the Aries guy, it’s that he’s always on the go – whether it’s wandering around new and exciting places, or meeting and chatting up strangers.

If you happen to be a woman getting ready for a date with an Aries, then consider a sexy smoky eye makeup, but don’t overdo the eyeshadow. He needs to notice your lips – red or matte is preferable. If it’s a night when the moon is in Libra, go all out and pair your red lips with black eyeliner and mascara. Be sure to apply something fresh on the lips, while keeping the rest of your face natural looking.

Best Match for Aries Man

At some point in every Aries man’s life, he wonders what kind of woman he should marry. The question is a hard one to answer and depends on many things. Aries men are known to be the most self-confident, ambitious and independent of all the signs of the zodiac.

These men are only happy when they feel that they have their life under control and are at the top of their game. Although the characteristics of an Aries man make them seem rather intimidating and career oriented, a good wife can help balance these aspects out.

If you are an Aries man, you’ve got your pick of women but you will likely be attracted to another Aries. An Aries woman will be everything that a man wants in a woman.

She will be strong and independent while also being soft and feminine. But when it comes to marriage, she’ll need to strike a balance between being supportive and romantic to keep things exciting for your relationship.

The Aries man is attracted to women who have a keen eye for detail. If you are able to notice details in the world around you, you will be able to connect with your Aries man.

Aries men are leaders, so any woman who wants an ear in the crowd should marry an Aries man. He’s ambitious, competitive and usually successful in business. When married to a Pisces woman, he will try to be more caring and less headstrong. He will be more romantic and probably happier.

Aries men are ruthlessly energetic, full of passion, and lovers of life. They’re also discerning and committed to success, so they tend to seek out strong-willed, confident women. When you find your ideal match, you’ll create one exciting team. An Aries man and his best friend for life, the woman he marries, combined have a lust for adventure, desire for success, and a grand love for life.

From their boisterous personalities to their straightforward approach to love, Aries men tend to be incredibly easy to fall for. If you’re interested in this “point and shoot” sign, there are a few natural ways to get his attention.

The star sign of Arians is well known as they are open-minded, passionate and energetic. They will usually be “all or nothing”, being logical in their thoughts and preferring to remain practical if possible.

Arians have a lot going on inside their head so they need constant stimulation from life, and love to feel involved in new experiences of all sorts. Their high level of energy is one of the most recognizable characteristics of this sign. This definitely seems to be the case with Arians when they find a partner that catches their attention for the first time.

This charming aries man male likes to be in charge, he’s highly independent and is looking for his best match. He’s interested in action and adventure, his career is very important to him and he’s very protective of those he loves.

Aries is a fire sign whose positive traits include ambition, fire and energy. It’s a very masculine, gender-oriented and aggressive sign. A male Aries is quite charming, but he can be bossy, forceful and proud. Since the Ram is a fast mover, you need to keep up at all times.

Aries man and Scorpio woman make for a fiery, passionate and intense relationship, which has the potential to endure a long time if both partners are ready to commit to each other wholly.

The Aries man is known for being an ebullient, excitable personality who loves making his presence felt in his circle of friends. He likes to be surrounded by his family members. However, he will not hesitate to reprimand them if they step out of line.

The Scorpio woman can make out that her Aries man is highly ambitious and hard working. However, she may find him insensitive and even macho at times.

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