Venus in Taurus Meaning and Personality Traits

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Venus in Taurus people tend to have an earthy and sensual appeal. They are grounded, practical, affectionate, and hard workers who possess a great deal of common sense when it comes to handling their finances.

Usually reliable and trustworthy, they would rather be with a partner than out partying on their own, and prefer an intimate dinner at home than a night out at the show.

Venus in Taurus individuals are very loyal, sensual and forgiving. They like to be at home because of their attachment to material goods and a love of comfortable furnishings.

Their desire for beauty makes them artistic and they are often successful as artists, dress designers, interior decorators or landscape designers.

What Does Venus in Taurus Mean?

Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus, is a planet of art, luxury, and pleasure. Being in Taurus means that you are devoted to sensual indulgences and possess a sense of taste for beauty.

Venus in Taurus people are sensual, practical, and loyal to the core. They are the mates who will happily cook you dinner at home every night after a long day of work if you let them.

They make great parents and spouses. Their greatest talent is their gift for taking care of those around them.

They are often artists, as they are naturally creative and observant. Venus in Taurus people are very intelligent but they also love to spend time reading fashion magazines and watching reality television.

Venus in Taurus natives are easygoing and affectionate. They are patient, dependable and faithful partners who value emotional closeness and security.

Their gentleness and tolerance makes them excellent companions, but also good managers of others' emotions. They are creative thinkers with a sincere appreciation for the arts. Venus in Taurus people want to be in a relationship with someone who thinks like them and shares the same values. They have an easy-going personality that meshes well with others, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Venus in Taurus Woman

The Venus in Taurus woman is the most loving, sweet and strong woman that ever existed. She is charming, elegant and warm-hearted.

She’s the queen of seduction and she has a variety of interests. Her beauty is not only skin deep but she has got great body and soul.

They are very passionate about life and they are dedicated to their love life. They are sensual, attractive, affectionate, and faithful.

Venus in Taurus woman are stubborn but patient. They are determined not to allow anything or anyone to come between them and what they want and they will patiently stick it out.

They will go through anything for those who matter the most to them in their lives. Venus in Taurus woman are very possessive too and want to keep what is theirs.

She is stable, self confident, and steadfastly focused on her goals. She has the sensual energy of a woman who was born under the sign of Taurus as well as the take-charge attitude that you’d expect from a Venus placement.

The Venus in Taurus lady is all about beauty and perfection; her appearance is immaculate and elegant. When she says she loves you, it is forever.

When she gives advice, she will tell you how it is and what your next move should be. Always organized and mindful of details, she lives by a schedule.

She is outstandingly feminine, strong-willed and capable of eternally patient endurance. She is a very kind, reliable, sensual and calm person.

Venus in Taurus women reflect what they find appealing in men. Handsome and charming, they demand a partner with physical prowess, stamina, and sexual skills.

They like to be indulged and pampered. While they demonstrate love through caretaking, they expect their adoration to be fulfilled in specific ways.

She loves to enjoy herself. She is tender and kind, never selfish or grasping. Her smile is a delight!

She likes to have her own way and can be stubbornly set in her ways. She is a delightful hostess who lavishes her friends with comfort and munificence.

Her powers of attraction are legendary, making men weak in the knees (even literally), while women are drawn to her sweet nature. Venus in Taurus is an earthy kind of girl, down to earth and sensual. She enjoys wine and good food, loving to cook for and feed others.

She is a woman who can carefully and artfully use her inherent “femininity” to get what she wants, usually a man. In the past, Venus in Taurus was the definition of a “vamp,” where a woman would use her sensuality as the primary means to secure or keep that which she desired or needed (typically, wealth or status).

Venus in Taurus Man

The Venus in Taurus man is faithful and reliable – and will stick by you through thick and thin. He’s earthy, sweet, sensual, genuine, and warm.

He loves being with his family and friends but doesn’t mind being alone if you need some time to yourself. You’ll rarely see him without a smile on his face as he goes about his daily routine.

The Venus in Taurus man is a natural giver and is a one-man gift-giving department. His creative, artistic, and sensitive nature makes him the perfect partner for any woman.

He respects his women and her thoughts and emotions above most everything else. He is sentimental, even sappy at times but he always comes off as sincere.

The Venus in Taurus man is passionate, loyal, and extremely sensual. He is also slow to express his feelings and sensitive. This may cause him to appear distant at times.

He is driven by emotions and feeling. He loves stability and security and he needs a calm, peaceful environment to feel comfortable in. He is also very sensual, caring, faithful, protective and honorable.

They are very patient and want a partner who exhibit these traits too. They love comfort and security which means that financial stability is very important in their eyes.

Venus in Taurus men are affectionate, loyal, devoted and kind. They’re attracted to women who take good care of themselves, and don’t put up with nonsense.

They will always be ready to lend a helping hand. They love the finer things in life - wine, dancing or just time at their home together.

Venus in Taurus men are usually very loyal and sincere. They can be super loyal and will always be faithful to the one they love.

They want to be with their significant other all the time though, which can sometimes leave them stifling. They do have a possessive side which can make for strong ties down the road in a relationship, or even a marriage.

Venus in Taurus Transit Meaning

The Venus in Taurus transit is all about compatibility and commitment and love lasting forever. It signals a settle down time with your most important relationships and is often the perfect chance to feel good about what you already have and prepare for the future.

This period is an important astrological event. Watch as your partner evolves into a more humble, romantic, and relationship-focused individual. This selfless transformation will reinforce your love for each other, and help make the relationship more intimate, stable and long lasting.

Venus in Taurus brings out the most sensual and loving feelings in you, your partner, and your relationship. It should feel like a warm, all-encompassing embrace of love which is rejuvenating and revitalizing.

If you are in a relationship then this transit brings out the romantic lover in you. You are more aware of the needs of your partner, less critical of others' faults, more patient with others' wrongdoing and more willing to listen to the little things that your partner says or does.

This influences your relationships, how you relate with your spouse, your mate or lover. Venus in Taurus is a time for security and stability in your relations, money and material wellbeing.

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