Moon Sign Meaning & Personality Traits

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Your Moon sign represents the position of the moon at the moment of your birth. The moon makes one rotation around the earth every 28 days and moves through a new zodiac sign every 2-3 days.

The Moon is a symbol of change, growth, emotions, instincts, and our deepest feminine nature. She is the goddess of fertility, and her cycles dictate the ebb and flow of the tide.

She rules over Earth. Our bodies are constantly reacting to her phases and rhythms; her effects on us are more powerful than we may realize.

It is thought that the position of the moon represents your emotions and inner self. Studying your moon sign can help you understand your emotions and why you feel they way you do.

Because each sign has its own distinct energy, you can use its qualities to your advantage in your quest for balance and happiness.

Ready to find out what the Moon signs tell you about your emotions?

Let’s get started!

Aries Moon

An Aries moon sign describes as a person who is full of energy, impulsive and assertive. Aries moon people are headstrong, hot-headed and ambitious.

This zodiac sign combines elements of fire and water which give an impression of someone who is passionate, emotional but also make them sympathetic and sensitive. You can easily find Aries moon in their family or at work place doing something that is bold and decisive.

They do not like to share their emotions with others or see anyone else’s emotion. They know how they feel but do not want to give a hint about it to others. Their impulsive nature makes

On a mundane level, your Moon sign reveals what kinds of foods you like and how sensitive you are to your surroundings. Underneath that layer is where things get really interesting.

Your life is driven by your emotions and enthusiasm. You are a person who enjoys life to the fullest, but you don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself from time to time.

The Aries moon sign is one of the most exciting, intense and passionate in the zodiac. They are ruled by Mars, planet of drive and ambition. Their desire to achieve is insatiable - even more so if there are emotional issues involved.

For those with an Aries moon sign who haven’t learned to deal with their emotions they can become easily frustrated, angry and impulsive. As a result they tend to be prone to mood swings and sudden bouts of anger that leave them exhausted when they finally calm down.

Aries Moon Sign may be known as the most headstrong of the moon signs, but you’re also very emotional. You prefer to wear your heart on your sleeve and even if it pains you to do so, you can’t help but share the intensity of your feelings with others.

If you have a dynamic temperament, if you like to be the first to take risks and plunge into any work that you begin, or of you think nothing’s impossible if you put your mind to it, chances are you’re an Aries moon or an Aries-born-in-heart.

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Taurus Moon

Taurus is associated with beauty, self-control, status, and the natural impulses. Taurus is ruled or influenced by the planet of Venus, and it can be very subtle. This means that Taureans have their own unique way of showing how they are feeling, making them much harder to read than Leo’s for example.

The Taurus Moon Sign describes people who tend to be affectionate, sensual, and devoted. They are reliable, loyal, and grounded.

A symbol of the dreamer, the idealist and the visionary, the Taurus Moon sign is a lover of beauty, a practical dreamer. The Taurus Moon sign will obsess about saving money for a rainy day and have a tendency to be thrifty in nature.

Due to their conservative nature, they can be indecisive at times. They are patient and determined and rarely go out of their way to impress or gain attention.

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Gemini Moon

The Gemini is certainly one of the most hard-to-read moon signs. On its surface, Gemini is an air sign that is known to be light-hearted and chatty; however, when you start looking at it from the perspective of three distinct personalities (think of the three sides of a triangle), then we have a whole new ball game.

Gemini symbolizes the twins, and is characterized by freedom, changeability, creativity, and intelligence. Geminis are very curious and always searching for new experiences.

One of the best allies of Gemini is communication, and every Gemini knows how to speak. Geminis are skillful in movements and handle with ease any situation that comes in their life path.

Because of this lively sign, you can always expect an interesting response from a Gemini whenever a problem arises. A born communicator and diplomat, Gemini can easily find the words to solve a delicate issue.

Your Gemini moon sign all about your feelings. You know that! But what many people don’t know is how romantic you can be.

You are very expressive in all things, including your emotions. This trait makes you extremely desirable in love.

What seems to scare off potential suitors is the fact that one minute you can seem like a firecracker and the next an Ice Princess – two completely different beings! The amazing thing is that both of these extremes are an expression of your feelings, yet from different perspectives.

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Cancer Moon

The zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon symbolizes change, and that makes Cancer people highly adaptable to new environments and circumstances. Water signs like Cancer are innate sensualists in every area of their lives.

A Cancer moon sign is all about strong feelings and deep connections to other people. Cancer moons are nurturing, passionate, emotional and feel things very keenly.

One the dark side, they can be clingy, moody and demanding. You feel things deeply, and you just can’t help but express what you’re feeling.

There is tenderness and compassion in the Cancer moon sign. Feelings are very strong and people born with this moon sign have a great sensitivity to the emotions of others.

People born with this moon sign tend to be dreamy and nostalgic and on a constant quest for something familiar. You love home, hearth, and family – yours or someone else’s.

When the Moon is in Cancer, you are easily moved to tears by the sight of a child or an animal. You may be especially moody, sensitive and affectionate one day and irritable and depressed the next.

The typical goal-focused personality often feels at loose ends when they are born under this sign, because their main challenge is changing their focus from practical matters to emotional ones.

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Leo Moon

The Leo moon sign’s emotional highs and lows give this sign a “my way or the highway” attitude. The Leo moon person is self-confident and sure of themselves.

They are expressive, good-humored, and usually have a lot of fun. The women tend to be dramatic and flirtatious while the men are often arrogant and bossy.

Leo is the crusader, the powerhouse who has the “I will do it” attitude. When this sign comes into play, no one can match its enthusiasm. When it comes to self-expression, Leos are champions.

Leo moon signs have great self-discipline and their emotional confidence flows from their success in life. They have a rare ability to earn and hold on to money even during times of struggle. They are known to be good leaders with a clear vision and are excellent at motivating others.

Loyalty is their compass and they always stand behind those they love. Their sense of humor and ability to love and be loved make them real charmers.

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Virgo Moon

Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac —a symbol of perfection, purity, and achievement. Virgo is the sign that represents the harvest and the autumn season.

Ruled to feel, they do not hold back and take their emotions to heart. Their emotions are real–touchy and easily hurt, though more forgiving than they may appear. The Virgo Moon is practical and analytical when it comes to feelings, but willing to give love when it means the most.

Virgo moon signs are hard-working, rational people who aim for perfection in everything they do. They’re practical and logical, which serves them well in the workplace. Their even-tempered nature shows their balanced approach to life which helps them overcome challenges calmly.

The Virgo moon sign is likely to show a thoughtful, calm and quite nature, while still having the ability to enjoy being with a partner or friend. The Virgo moon sign effects your everyday behavior, showing why you are likely to be reliable and responsible.

Born under the Virgo moon sign, you were hard-wired to be a perfectionist. As a result, you’re an organized person who likes things neat and tidy.

The only thing that drives you up the wall is when things don’t go according to plan, but your friends and relatives can count on you for being reliable and true. Creatively inclined and noticing both the big picture and fine details, your ways are both practical and appealing. Beneath it all, you have a good sense of humor that helps lighten any situation.

The best match for a Virgo´s vibrant personality is a supportive partner who cherishes their practical nature. Because Virgos are tender of heart yet tough in a crisis, they find that someone close by constantly.

The other qualities they want to find in a partner are great communication skills and empathy, making them an excellent supporter. They expect the same from their partners.

The Virgo Moon is reserved, perfectionistic, modest, practical and realistic. Their emotions are controlled and they are very sensitive to criticism. Virgo Moon will find it difficult to make public displays of affection and will be eager to please. They prefer private conversations.

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Libra Moon

Libra is the sign of relationships. Libra Moon people don’t just fall in love, they make love. When a Libra Moon makes a move, it’s to create something harmonious and lasting. They are excellent communicators and have a talent for language that borders on the poetic.

The Libra moon sign is the most diplomatic of the signs and is an excellent judge when it comes to assessing people’s moods. The Libra moon individual will not waste time with people who are having a bad hair day or are being passive aggressive.

The Libra moon sign can be charming and sophisticated, but they also have a tendency to be moody and indecisive. They are tactful, refined, and have a strong sense of social awareness. They have natural elegance and go well with high-minded people. The negative is that they can appear as if they lack backbone, or don’t know what they want in life.

People with this combination are charming, romantic and sincere but they like to keep their private world just that, private!

Libra’s love a good balanced meal, something that is healthy and good looking at the same time. Libra is ruled by Venus so expect the Libra Moon to enjoy food for what it is, beautiful as well as delicious.

Libra Moon people are gifted with a keen insight into human nature. They are able to interpret the motivations and desires of other people, and know what words will stir them emotionally.

It’s easy for them to get along with others, because they’re interested in people – and other people respond to this interest by sharing thoughts and feelings that might not be revealed to just anyone. Libra Moon people love the human race in general, and all its variety.

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Scorpio Moon

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac and has a reputation for having strong passions and intense energy.

The Scorpio Moon Sign has an intense personality type. They’re loyal, committed and magnetic in nature. They’re also fierce and fiery like the unforgiving scorpion, yet soft at heart.

Scorpio Moon is a natural-born detective. Fiercely loyal and guarded, this sign has rocky, dark moods that can shift as quickly as their mind works. They take pride in their solitude and independence, but are terrified by being alone.

The Scorpio moon has an unspoken love language that is transmitted anonymously through the little surprises they leave for you. On occasion, they may put on a mask to escape their reality and temporarily indulge in a blissful fantasy until it wears off.

Scorpios are powerful, intense, passionate, and often quite secretive. They are great investigators; good at unearthing secrets without being detected.

Their secretive nature can be a source of conflict for some, because they’re notoriously hard to read. But those who can keep up with their pace will find themselves on an exciting journey through life with an intriguing new friend.

The Scorpion Moon is daring, ambitious and fearless individual. The vivid creativity of a Scorpio Moon blends Scorpio’s intuitive nature with an imaginative touch, creating a powerful psychic force.

The Scorpio moon is an intense, resilient and tenacious sign that possesses a fine sense of justice and a deep intuitive insight into hidden things. They are born with true intuition, which enables them to see through any situation.

They are usually very psychic and have great dreams that are very prophetic in nature. This sign has a savage nature, and can be really mean at times.

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Sagittarius Moon

For those born with the Moon in Sagittarius, it creates an intense effect in your personality. It makes you have an outgoing personality with a sunny outlook on life.

You are adventurous yet practical. You are skilled at communication and socializing. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sagittarius Moon sign people are revolutionary, opting to break the chains of your small-minded past and never stop fighting for total freedom. You’ve got a natural spirit of optimism, so even though you have the tendency to have a short temper, you quickly snap out of it thanks to your sunny spirit.

You are an individual, always striving to make yourself better than you are now, because you think you could become much more than what you’ve been so far. You appreciate other individuals who want freedom, too. That is one reason why there will always be a large group of friends following your lead!

The Sagittarius Moon Sign describes a person who is adventurous, curious and high spirited. Sagittarians like to explore and travel and they enjoy having new experiences. Sagittarians tend to be passionate and optimistic. They can also be self absorbed and stubborn.

Sagittarius Moon people are motivated by a search for meaning in world and are always looking to connect with others. The sign of Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy and religion, but for a Sagittarius Moon person, it can be a search for faith and meaning.

In addition, while many people enjoy spiritual serenity, it is important for a Sagittarius Moon that they find this wellspring in the affairs of the world and in interaction with others.

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, it’s like the world has woken up from a long winter. Everyone is out doing their own thing, enjoying the warm breeze and being social, while planning the season’s fun.

People with Sagittarius moon are extroverted and enjoy interacting with all kinds of people. They’re friendly, open, enthusiastic, and optimistic. They love going out and getting involved with events and causes that interest them. Their energy is infectious!

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Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon people will do anything to feel stable emotionally. They can become moody, pessimistic, or even paranoid if they don’t feel secure enough in their surroundings. Capricorn Moon people are very materialistic because of their emotional insecurity.

The Capricorn Moon is a combination of the depths of the water sign with that intuition and sensitivity of the earth sign. The result is an individual who can experience emotions in their fullest depth yet still hold fast to their practical senses.

Once they discover a talent or passion, they can pursue it with single-minded, passionate drive. And once committed to something, they are true to their word.

Capricorn Moon has long been recognized as an excellent astrological influence for artists, actors, and other professionals working in the public eye.

Capricorns are practical, solid, and reliable. When something makes sense to Capricorn, they’ll follow through on it.

The Capricorn Moon sign is all about responsibility, rules and structures. Those born under this sign are efficient organizers who make the most of every situation and work with great determination toward achieving their goals. They have a strong sense of duty and have a selfless nature.

Capricorn Moon represents the home and feelings and is very sensitive. Self-doubt and anxiety are often not their strong suits, and they sometimes find it difficult to believe in themselves. Once they have learnt to be happy within themselves, however, they can be a positive force in their world.

Capricorn Moon people are very capable, ambitious and have a self-confidence that shines through. They are often seen as stubborn and cold when they’re really just shy. They also have strong leadership qualities and are very resourceful in solving problems.

Being born with the Moon in Capricorn endows you with a sense of responsibility that helps you find the strength to complete whatever tasks lie ahead. Yet it can also make you quite uncomfortable with any sort of socializing or contact with large groups.

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Aquarius Moon

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Aquarians are humanitarians, altruists, and visionaries who have a passion for social justice and progressive values.

This air sign is often witty, independent and intellectual. A free spirit with a deep need for friendship, Aquarius moon sign people tend to be eccentric and original in their thoughts and actions.

The Aquarius Moon reveals your emotional side, your deep intuition and complex feelings. You are sensitive and caring and have an ability to reach out to others with your gifts in a way that is uniquely yours.

The Moon sign of Aquarius has a mind of its own, always seeking knowledge and new inspiration. You are friendly and open to people in general. Your humanitarian interests are reflected in humanitarian causes.

You have a quick wit and a keen inventiveness that sometimes manifests as scientific or inventive genius, or both.

For the Aquarius moon sign, emotions are at the center of their universe. They love getting into all the soap opera details and making connections between people and events. They have much warmth, but often lose it trying to please others (it’s hard for them to say “no”).

Aquarius moon’s are quick to anger and tend to hold grudges. People born under this moon symbol are often described as aloof and eccentric, while maintaining the ability to be compassionate.

The Aquarius moon person is said to be quiet, but when they do speak they’re often blunt and critical. They are philosophical, original, and innovative. Ideal careers include science, education, art, and research. Their personality traits revolve around the emotions of anger, depression, anxiety, jealousy and sensitive feelings.

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Pisces Moon

The zodiac sign Pisces is represented by two fish. The Western idea of Pisces includes a mix of imagination, kindness and intuition in addition to moodiness and shyness.

Most particularly though, it’s all about the merging of consciousness, dreams and enlightenments as well as the unconscious (and often ignored) side of the mind with reality.

Pisces is a water sign, which means your emotions are powerful and deep. Your connections to other people run strong, and you’re sensitive, compassionate, and tend to rescue others.

You’re intuitive and can pick up on people’s feelings before they even express them out loud. And because Pisces rules your moon, you may have great visions or psychic abilities.

The Pisces moon sign is watery and emotional, so it’s not surprising that this moon placement can cause sensitive areas of the body.

The beautiful Pisces moon sign indicates that you have a naturally emotional soul, which is always seeking to make connections with other people. You thrive on harmony and a calm, compassionate atmosphere - the more peaceful and dynamic your surroundings, the happier you are.

The emotional side of a Pisces is not easy to understand. Pisces people are unpredictable and can be fickle, but they are always sincere and interested in others. They have intense emotions and vivid imagination.

Pisces Moon detests structure and responsibility, so they may need to feel threatened or trapped in order to commit to something. This aspect encourages vivid dreams and escapist fantasies that can help build the foundation for a spiritual life.

They have an ability to focus their intentions on the future, and to achieve what seems like impossible dreams into reality.

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