Taurus Moon Sign Personality Traits

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The zodiac sign that the Moon is passing through at your birth is referred to as your Moon sign. Where the moon is positioned in your astrology chart indicates how you experience and express change, how your emotions are played out, and when you make important connections.

The moon changes each day as it waxes and wanes through all of its phases, thereby symbolizing the expansion and retraction of energy within you.

The Moon plays an essential role in your horoscope. It represents your emotional side, your imagination and how others perceive you.

The Moon represents all aspects of the Mother—the unconscious, our childhood and all our emotions. This sign reveals a person’s deep sense of feeling and family ties.

The Moon rules our feelings and emotions, affecting our everyday moods. It represents the feeling side of the personality, while the Sun represents the intellect, or more physical manifestations of personality traits.

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Taurus Moon Personality Traits

Moon in Taurus Zodiac Sign Description

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. It is an earth sign and stands for prosperity of material possessions. People born under this sign love good food and appreciate all the great things in life.

The bull symbolizes things like determination, persistence and willpower. People born under this moon sign are usually stubborn and hard-working, but they should also be very agreeable, since they have a tremendous creative energy and immense potential.

As a Taurus moon sign, you were born with the power to attract and magnetize others. On the positive side, yours is the sign of commitment in love and friendship. You are a gracious hostess and a loyal friend.

On the negative side, your vulnerability is an open target for abuse by those who would take advantage of you. People with moon in Taurus enjoy practical endeavors such as gardening and landscaping, interior design and real estate, banking, and self-employed careers such as writing or public relations.

The Taurus Moon person is a very determined and sensual sign. You have an excellent memory and intuitive perception, which helps you in your quest for the ideal. You are realistic, serious and stable but also scattered and restless.

Taurus, the earthy sign of stability and determination, likes to take things slowly and enjoy the big picture. When you slow down and breathe deeply in a meditative space, you’re giving yourself time to listen to your intuition and connect with the wise woman within.

The Moon in Taurus tends to be a very physical person, often having a large, solid frame. Lacking in energy, they need to watch their diet carefully. They are practical and like things just so.

The Moon in Taurus is methodical and orderly, with an appreciation for the sensual side of life. Other people naturally feel comfortable around them due to their quiet reserve and calm determination.

People with a Taurus Moon sign are typically highly sensitive, patient, loyal and stable. Due to their nature as a Fixed sign, they rely heavily on tradition, social or financial security.

Chaotic, moody, dynamic, and erratic, are words that describe the nature of Taurus Moon people.

The physical body is important to the Taurus Moon type in its ability to shape and change the environment by its sheer presence. The mind is used as an instrument for the achievement of goals and power in the outside world.

The personality of the Taurus Moon sign is often one who is very persistent, suave, and charming. They have a natural charisma that draws people to them. They are not usually grandstanders or attention-seekers, but rather subtle and quiet in their approach.

The Taurus Moon is often very caring, generous and the giving nature makes them feel great about themselves. Life is less about what they do and more about what they give.

Taurus Moon’s emphasize the need to be in control and to protect what is yours. Their energy is grounded, practical, and conservative. They can become restless when forced into a sudden change of routine.

They insist on having their own way and need to feel secure before they will share themselves with others. They make loyal friends, even-tempered mates, and steadfast parents; but if crossed, they never forgive and forget.

Moon in Taurus Woman

The Taurus Moon woman is deeply rooted in the natural world, but also enjoys the finer things in life. She believes in karma and seeks balance in her day-to-day life. She loves to meditate or hike and finds serenity by communing with nature.

Taurus moon women are pretty ordinary in the sense that they are down to earth and polite. This is a very hard worker at all times especially when it comes to doing things that matter.

She can be quite resentful if she finds herself with less than she deserves. The Taurus will settle for nothing less than the best on her wedding day, so expect some major expenses. She loves shopping for jewelry and accessories, as well as clothing and shoes.

Benevolently seductive, Taurus Moon women have a way of helping others. They are generous with their time and treasure, sympathetic toward the unfortunate, and extremely giving in nature.

Very protective of themselves and others, these women instinctively know what to say to diffuse a volatile situation. Taurus Moon women make excellent friends because of their loyalty and their generosity with others.

The Taurus moon woman is known to be an excellent cook and housekeeper. She loves her creature comforts - plush beds, abundant food, antiques and collectibles, and soft lighting.

Taurus moon women tend to be stubborn and independent. They don’t like the crowd and often need their own space to think things through. Keeping the Sun as their ruling planet, these strong-willed women have a reputation for being dependable, reliable, stable and loyal.

They are blessed with a strong sense of humor and love to laugh, but can also be temperamental at times. Even though they appreciate peace and quiet, there is always something going on in their heads.

Taurus women are strong and persistent, which is only one of the reasons why they make wonderful friends. They love to pamper their friends with food and gifts.

They love all living things but do have a tendency to be bossy at times. If you do not stand up to a Taurus moon woman she will bestow upon you her fierce nature. As well as natural intuition, they are also highly creative. They love the outdoors, gardening, flower arranging, cooking, dancing and singing.

The Taurus Moon woman’s life is ruled by her feelings. She sees the world through a rose-colored lens, and prefers to hide behind a wall of comfort and security. She’ll always put her children first, even if she has to sacrifice her own needs for theirs.

She also has a tendency to worry when times are tough, so she tends to believe that everything will work out if she just waits it out long enough.

Taurus woman is a sensual, seductive and stylish woman. She is a go-getter who does her best to do everything right. She has incredible willpower and determination to do the work and get what she wants. She is highly creative and makes sure that she gets things done in her own unique way.

The Taurus woman is practical, quiet and strong, but may be stubborn and possessive. Inspired by relaxation and calmness The Taurus woman loves to have things just right with love and beauty in her life. She is loyal, sensual and caring with a practical outlook on life and will work hard for the people or things she believes in.

Taurus is the most reliable woman in the world. She can be relied on to keep any secrets that are confided to her, since she is as discreet as she is loyal. Her ‘dear heart’ personality endears her to everyone who knows her.

Moon in Taurus Man

The man born under this sign is hard to describe. He has many different and complex facets that make the Taurus moon man such a mystery.

A good sense of humor is an attractive quality, but the native of this sign puts it to productive use in his life. He has a lot of determination as well as patience, and always makes for a solid friend or partner.

The Taurus Moon Man is practical and down-to-earth. He values trust and stability in his relationships. He has a love of comfort and likes to live in the here and now.

Taurus is the sign of wealth and financial security, of luxury, of comfort. It is the most materialistic sign of the zodiac. A Taurus man is like a fine wine. He can be a little difficult to read at first and can come across as serious and aloof, but once you get to know him you’ll see what women love about him.

He is loyal, dependable and he cares deeply about the people around him. While he possesses an air of mystery, investigate below the surface and you’ll find a generous and romantic guy who will always be there for you.

One thing that can be said for Taurus men, is that they are confident. When a Taurus man has set his mind to something, he will go through hell and high water to accomplish it. Taurus men are attached to their physical possessions and will defend them if needed. They act as the family protector and take their roles seriously.

Taurus moon men are serious, persistent and disciplined. They are also calm, dependable, self-assured and practical.

The Taurus moon man is a strong-willed person who is confident and caring. He loves his home and family. He also expects loyalty from his loved ones. This makes him an excellent friend, but a tough enemy to have! He can be quite stubborn at times.

Taurus moon men are capable of remaining calm in almost any situation. A tool that helps them to do so is their stubborn streak, which is known for encouraging patience. Taureans are also more prone than most to reject the advice of others, trusting their own judgment more often than not.

Famous for their charm, balance, and diplomacy, Taurus people have a natural sense of what makes each person they encounter tick. Understanding the motivations behind other people’s actions is not only how they anticipate what behavior to expect from others, but also how they adjust their own behavior in response.

Although calm on first appearance, Taurus moon natives are extremely driven individuals who rise to the occasion when needed and won’t hesitate to make bold decisions.

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