Virgo Sun Taurus Moon Personality Traits

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The Virgo Sun Taurus Moon person is maverick and has a wild streak that makes him or her unpredictable and excitable. If you know a Virgo Sun Taurus Moon they are hard to place in any one category. You never know what they will do next and they can be a wild card in love.

The Sun in Virgo personality is very careful, precise, organized and orderly. They are perfectionists who strive to live perfectly.

These people desire to know everything about everything so that they can understand and manipulate their environment. People born with the Sun in Virgo often have special talents in mathematics, science and medicine.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon Description

Sun in Virgo Personality Traits

Sun in Virgo individuals are very analytical and inquisitive. This can make them appear snobby or self-involved at times, but they may have a very charming, funny side that everyone sees only once they get to know them better.

Because they are so careful with how they come across to others, Sun in Virgo people tend to be more critical of how others present themselves than the average person.

They have a great sense of organization and aesthetics. They love order and cleanliness, whether it applies to their personal belongings or to the work space that they occupy. They seek discipline and precision, with an eye for detail in their work. Virgos are practical, intelligent, analytical and critical.

Virgos are modest and shy, but lots of Virgos are happy to tell you that they’re honest and usually right. They’re perfectionists who are creative, refined, intelligent and funny, yet can be stubborn about things that matter to them.

They love to learn new skills and keep busy. They’re perfectionists who are concerned with their health, diet, and appearance. Virgos are strong-willed but analytical, practical, and sensible.

Since childhood, they’ve been detail-oriented and curious about the world around them. These individuals possess a strong sense of justice and responsibility that has its roots in their childhoods.

Individuals with their Moon in Taurus are patient, reliable, loyal and determined. They are conservative and care about quality, traditions and safety. They are also slow to move but once in gear, there is no stopping them.

Moon in Taurus persons are deep thinkers who enjoy spending time outdoors. They are sensual and have a tendency to feel burdened by the worries of life.

A quiet evening at home with close friends or a loved one is ideal for this person, who has an eye for beauty, art, and design. This is a hard worker who can be serious when necessary, but generally tends to be relaxed and laid-back.

The Moon in the Earth sign of Taurus is a homebody, loyal and devoted to those he or she cares for. Known as true lovers, people with the Moon in Taurus are faithful and practical.

This is one of the most grounded of the zodiac signs, and this practical placement gives Taureans a strong sense of self. Taureans can be stubborn, which is why they make great entrepreneurs. They are steady workers who pay intense attention to detail.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon personalities love to pamper themselves which means they are excellent at splurging, although they never let their spending keep them from saving for the future.

The Moon in Taurus is a dreamer, one who takes life slowly and makes the most of what he or she has. While perhaps at times too practical to reach for the stars, and too occupied with material necessities, this sign nevertheless appreciates serenity, comfort, stability, and safety. Life is best when it’s slow and uneventful, full of enjoying the simple things in life: food, shelter, family, love.

The Virgo Sun Taurus Moon person is eccentric, crazy, and funny. He or she will always be the life of the party. They are capable of great intellectual feats and often make excellent chefs, artists or craftsmen.

Virgo and Taurus are earth signs, which means they are all about having a positive, practical attitude as they work toward their goals. These individuals are also pragmatic, which means they prefer practical and concrete solutions, rather than abstract theories.

They are both known for their patience — more so in Virgo than Taurus — but the two signs balance each other out. Virgos look to find useful applications to every aspect of life. The sign is ruled by Mercury, which often makes them quick thinkers and communicators. The sign is known for being analytical and intuitive, with an ability to sort out facts from falsehood

Virgos are known for their ability to see the world in a rational way, but that’s not all there is. A Virgo personality goes much deeper, as they can be complex, analytical, and as creative as any earth sign in the zodiac. Not only do they have an incredible intellect about them, they also carry a high degree of wisdom and common sense.

The Virgo Sun Taurus Moon combination attracts people who are incredibly loyal and who work hard to demonstrate their consistency. It’s just these qualities that make them great colleagues, supportive friends, and intelligent lovers.

A person belonging to this rare type is characterized by great loyalty and endurance which makes him/her very dependable and an excellent friend and co-worker. They are usually extremely responsible and are liable to fulfill the duties that have been assigned to them with accuracy and utmost efficiency.

In summary, the Virgo Sun in your chart indicates that you are a meticulous perfectionist, an organized, humble worker and a hard worker with fine attention to detail. You appreciate having a clean, well-ordered environment. You’ve got high standards for yourself and others.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon Woman

A bit of a perfectionist and workaholic, the Virgo Sun Taurus Moon woman is organized, efficient, pragmatic, quiet, likes clean spaces and tidy surroundings. She likes working with her hands and she gets along well with others.

She’s stable in relationships and very independent. She prefers a job that feels meaningful rather than one with just a big salary.

The Virgo Sun Taurus Moon woman is caring, kind, and compassionate. She is reliable and practical. She likes order and cleanliness in her surroundings. She usually has her own way of doing things, and she can often become irritated with those who don’t share her views.

She is a rational, analytical and carefully detailed woman. She is grounded, serving and passionate on the inside, yet on the outside she is traditional and well groomed from within out. She doesn’t let anyone dig too deep into her psyche, but she does like to impress others with how she looks outwardly.

Loyal and faithful, Virgo Sun Taurus Moon people make the best friends in the world, and lovers as well. They believe in the power of love, and they are also really good at demonstrating it.

The loyalty of a Virgo-Taurus is like none other. Once you have developed a relationship with them, that bond is for a lifetime!

The Virgo and Taurus combination represents a loyal, practical-minded partner who will always gracefully weather the ups and downs of a long-term relationship. You aren’t what you’d call an exciting person – but you’re dependable, solid as a rock, and ultra-reliable.

Though you’re not always the life of the social gathering, your friends know that they will need to rely on you in time of trouble. Coolheaded and pragmatic, you are an investor and a planner, which means money matters to you a great deal.

These women have an idea of what they want and how to get it. They are practical, earthy, and somewhat methodical about it.

The Virgo Sun Taurus Moon woman doesn’t really waste time even though she may not seem very active with so much on her plate. Some can be a little disorganized and this can be annoying to the other Sun signs.

A woman like you thinks about the long run. She’s focused, reverent, and she knows what she wants. Her affectionate nature puts others at ease, so she’s in a position to make sure that her relationship works out for years to come.

She is fun-seeking but can also be more low-key than her peers. She doesn’t need constant entertainment. Her calm and down-to-earth vibe gives others reason to listen; a Virgo Sun Taurus Moon woman’s words have meaning.

The Virgo Sun Taurus Moon woman is one who wants to be paid attention to, and in love, prefers a committed relationship. They are highly analytical to the point of being fussy and judgmental.

You are an intellectual snob who is happiest when surrounded by books, films, or music that you truly love. Your voracious curiosity draws you to investigate everything - anything that can be known, you want to know about.

The Virgo Sun woman is neat and orderly, reserved and practical. Her love is discriminating and she’s hardly easily satisfied. She’s ambitious, intelligent, but sometimes critical. She wants a steady, reliable mate who is a good provider and protector.

The Taurus Moon woman will expresses herself in calm, quiet ways. She can be shy, cautious on the surface as she gets to know people slowly.

At times she is jealous or possessive of her partner. She seeks a mate who is stable and dependable like herself - not flighty or wild or super-extravagant. She wants a lover with whom she feels safe.

The Moon in Taurus woman is a very understanding and tolerant partner. With her you feel like home, surrounded by love and tenderness. The Virgo Sun Taurus Moon woman gives you the feeling that she will be by your side forever. You’ll spend time at more luxurious restaurants, as well as at home enjoying a simple meal.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon Man

The Virgo Sun Taurus Moon man is reliable, trustworthy, and charming. He has a sense of value which he can easily maintain as long as he can earn money to support his lover.

This placement of the Sun and Moon reveals him to be conscientious, intelligent, modest, discreet and resourceful. He has a strong desire to produce good results rather than just make an impression with his appearance.

A Virgo man likes to maintain harmony and keep the peace wherever possible. He is very loyal and very generous, but he also can be very stubborn.

The Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Taurus makes this man committed and persistent. He provides safety for others so they can relax and set aside the responsibilities of life.

His optimism never wanes, which may make him appear naive to those who surround him. He is curious by nature, has a practical way of viewing things, strives for perfection in all he does and is able to maintain a balance between his practical and emotional sides.

You are serious and practical and are drawn to those who play by the rules. Dependable, reliable and responsible, you’re fond of lists and schedules and like making things run smoothly.

The Taurus Moon man is known to be the grounded and reliable one in a relationship. True to his Earth sign, he usually values financial security, comfort and stability above all else. He doesn’t want to dilly-dally around; instead he wants to get straight down to business, and enter into a mature, meaningful and lasting relationship.

This person is extremely determined both in work and relationships. When it comes to love or money matters, Virgo Sun Taurus Moon man knows how to stay calm in any situation that may come up. He is a practical individual, which means that he likes realistic things, not illusions. Hence, he loves what can he touch.

A man born under this star sign loves order, system, and routine. He is a perfectionist who always completes his work without any errors. He is ambitious, efficient, sensible, and practical.

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