Virgo Sun Cancer Moon Personality Traits

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Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgo Sun people possess the unique gifts of a clairvoyant and caretaker. Thoughtful, detail-oriented, patient, watchful and analytical, any endeavor will gain from your attention to detail. You are also emotionally cautious and private.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon people are practical, analytical, and ethical. Your first impression may be reserved, but once you get to know them they’re warm and friendly. You can rely on them to do the right thing in any situation.

With that said, Virgo are usually one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Virgos have trouble making decisions but once a decision has been made they stick to it. It’s important to listen to them and give them the space they need.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon Description

Sun in Virgo Personality Traits

Virgos did not earn their reputation as perfectionists for nothing. They are workaholics by nature and always strive to be the best they can possibly be.

They are analytical, industrious, and brilliant problem solvers; anyone who thinks that simple logic is the solution to every problem probably has a Virgo on his or her team.

The Moon in Cancer is keen to make a home, family and friends happy, as well as sensitivities about their emotions. The Moon in Cancer person tends to be fussy especially about food and will take extra care not to offend those around them.

They are warm and nurturing, their gentle touch never going unnoticed. They crave intimacy of all kinds, from physical touch to full bonding with another person.

They often enjoy activities that bring them closer to their loved ones - sharing meals, snuggling on the couch to watch a movie, or simply taking long walks together.

Their nurturing side makes them excellent caregivers, parents, or friends, and they are drawn to reminders of childhood such as toys, stuffed animals, candy - almost anything they can connect to their younger selves.

The Cancer Moon person can be emotional, intuitive, moody, sensitive and nurturing. They connect well with others and make friends easily. They may feel lost without a partner as they are very dependent on others for their well-being.

They are quiet, sensitive, reserved, possessive and sympathetic. They are also imaginative, moody, intuitive and protective of their intimate circle. These people are on a constant search for something that they can personally identify themselves with.

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon person wants to be perceived as the rational thinker, but there’s a wild side that shines brightly on occasion. Elegant and loyal, this person is a sensitive soul with a down-to-earth practicality.

As a Virgo Sun Cancer Moon person, you are practical, rational, and health conscious. This means you are obsessive about cleanliness, order, tidiness, and a healthy diet. You’re also highly sensitive to criticism, but able to reach most goals with hard work; if one route doesn’t work for you, you quickly find another.

The Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon person is shy and quite. She is subtle in her style of leadership, but she is a good leader. Her sensitivity helps her to get along with people. She loves security, home, family, etc.

They are often charming, intuitive, and talented. However there is a darker side to this sign through their mood swings and their tendency to be jealous, nervous and insecure.

You have a practical and logical approach to life. Once you commit to a task or project, you follow it through to completion rather than quitting or altering your plans unless absolutely necessary. The safest way for Virgos to experience life is through the written word; all outside influences can be analyzed intellectually first.

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon is usually a cerebral rock, but will express their reaction to the world through art and creative expression. Their tactfulness and awareness of others' feelings makes them beloved to those with whom they interact.

They are extremely humble and never brag about how much they are doing or the efforts that they make. The Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon individual has a tendency to be a workaholic and can work tirelessly on their job. These people work to improve their health, home environment and finances more than anything else.

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon person is a loyal friend, who will go to great lengths to help out a buddy. They are social and fun-loving individuals, with a keen sense of humor and the ability to make others laugh. They enjoy the company of others, and value fidelity and family ties very highly indeed.

This individual has a natural love and sympathy for the underprivileged. Vulnerable people win them over like a magnet. They are very efficient and are always on the lookout for ways of doing all that needs to be done in less time.

Their sense of duty is intensified during the Cancer Moon. They perform their duties with a sense of dedication as well as great perfectionism.

The Virgo Sun sign can be a little wary of change, but the Cancer Moon brings a natural instinct to respond to new experiences and situations. The Cancer influence means that you are sensitive and very intuitive towards those close to you.

You tend to think everything through before jumping in—you’re methodical, thorough, and careful. For the faint of heart who hide behind their own fears, the strong willed, confident Virgos out there will learn how to build up this intuition into something substantial.

They are experts at critical thinking, incredibly organized and detailed in their work approach, thoughtful in their speech and rather shy. Although they don’t like boasting about themselves or communicating much they do have a subtle sense of humor and like to point out mistakes others make. Virgos want all things to be fair and just, follow the rules and hate conflict or confrontation of any kind.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon Woman

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon woman is the embodiment of integrity and apt in moral standards. She knows who she is and what she is good at. The social butterfly in Virgo Sun Cancer Moon woman needs to surround herself with people whom she can inspire and add value to her life.

She is someone who is extremely empathetic and can relate to the feelings of others. She enjoys spending time alone but only when she knows that her family and friends are secure and happy.

The Virgo woman is methodical, precise and analytical. She appreciates cleanliness and order and is driven to succeed in everything she undertakes. All those qualities make her desirable, but also even more pleasant to be around.

The Virgo Sun is the most self-assured, practical, and down-to-earth sign. A Virgo has the much-needed ability to work with precision in whatever they do.

They are extremely organized and devoted to making their surroundings 100% clean and uncluttered. They are also known for adding creative touches to whatever they do.

Born between August 23 and September 22, the Virgo sun sign woman possesses traits that can be both unique and at times complex to decipher. Virgo Sun Cancer Moon woman personality traits center around a desire for order, details, and the need to make things function in a perfect way.

She is smart, analytical and strives for perfection. Like her earth sign, she is practical and logical but she also tends to be more emotional than intellectual.

The Virgo Sun Cancer Moon woman is seemingly shy and reserved on the outside; however her inner self is vivid, imaginative and artistic. She is good at self-effacement (putting aside one’s own personal desires and wishes in order to fully attend to another) as well as service to others. What she gives from this center motivates her in many ways.

Rather than gaining pleasure from material pleasures of creating sensual possessions for herself, music or art comes from within her. One of her remarkable gifts is the ability to focus on a natural object and derive inspiration from it, allowing her to achieve graciousness in

Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon females are blessed with sweet natures, keen aesthetic senses, and an intuitive gift for attracting positive attention. They tend to be cheerful, smart, and outgoing people.

She is quiet and easily observes as she pours her emotions into small home improvement projects, careful details, and things that must be done correctly. As a lover she’s likely to be practical, cautious, and self-protective. Perhaps she’ll be domestic with a preference for the homey over the luxurious.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon Man

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon man has a keen understanding of the human spirit and psyche. While this man has a gift to understand the complexities of the soul, he also suffers from dissatisfaction with himself on the one hand, and jealousy towards others or feelings of being inadequate on the other.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon individuals are perfection and neatness personified. They will go to any lengths to have cleanliness and order. Being in control is one of the most important components of their personalities.

An earth sign, Virgo Sun Cancer Moon natives are loyal and hardworking by nature. Their perfectionist tendencies make them excellent organizers who can get any job done on time and with great precision. They are natural caretakers, and make wonderful surgeons, housekeepers or gifted craftsmen.

Virgo men are very protective of themselves and their loved ones. Cancer Moon men are people persons because they are compassionate, sensitive, intuitive and caring.

Living life the Virgo way is living within the structure of time. The Virgo is a great organizer and craves order in his or her life. It is this need for order that provides a rhythm to each day as well as accountability to our actions.

The Virgo man is very analytical and takes his responsibilities seriously, but doesn’t leave much room for fun. Keeping track of details is the most important thing in life to the Virgo man, who can be somewhat predictable in his pursuit of perfection. Even though he tends to be a very practical individual, his sensitive side sometimes needs to come out.

This man is quiet, shy and reserved. He never talks too much; if he does speak, it will be about something that he thinks people will find interesting. Sometimes, the Virgo Sun Cancer Moon man has a problem expressing his emotions even to his partner or very close friends and family.

Due to this shyness, he may have problems making friends and creating a social network. Many times, the Virgo Sun Cancer Moon man is often interested in fashion. He loves everything about clothing; however, he may be very picky when it comes to what he wears.

He will want to refine and perfect their home environment, and especially their bedroom because they are very sensitive about it. They are in love with decorating their home a certain way, finding a piece of furniture that’s just right.

They like putting things in containers and storing them away into closets and drawers. They feel comfortable having everything all neat and organized.

Virgo Sun, Moon in Cancer is extremely well developed and adaptable.With their knack for details and love of perfection, they are sure to succeed.

The Virgo man will often come across as the Mr. Fixit of the zodiac. He likes to solve problems, and is practical with his approach to life.

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